Because of Rin

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The clouds gathered overhead, looming over the village in which Sango and Miroku occupied. The air felt thick and dense and Sango wiped a hand over her forehead to rid herself of the perspiration. She bent over, plucking weeds around the azaleas in the garden. Sadly, she remembered a fond memory of her brother. Then quickly, she pushed the thought away from her mind.

'There would be happy things to think about, things that I don't have to relive should stay that way.' She silently told herself.

Lifting her face, she caught a glance of Miroku coming up the road to their house. He carried some vegetables in a bag in one hand, and a dead chicken in the other. Grinning, he approached her and held the items in front.

"We'll have a good dinner today Sango my love." He approached closer and a hand automatically went to her bum.


"But my love, we're married!" He cried pitifully.


Rin shifted quietly, yet still rustling the soft grass. She had fallen asleep after talking with Kohaku a while on the field. Kohaku lay somewhere near her to her left, sleeping soundly as well. They lay peacefully, the night cloaking them like a blanket. No demons would disturb them tonight as both were granted a sense of happiness and tranquility.

The clouds were clustered tight overhead; pushing down towards the ground as a few drops of rain was squeezed. They landed lightly, like threads of string onto Rin's face and body. The contact gently woke her as she squinted her eyes open. Her eyes did not have to adjust to any light as she sat up, opening her eyes widely. They she caught the silhouette of Kohaku..

Grinning to herself, she propped herself onto her elbows and rested her face onto her hands as she stared intently into his childlike sleeping form.

"He's much more better looking now." She whispered silently to herself, and then nodded as if she was agreeing with her own conscious. As she reached over to touch his face, his hand suddenly shot up from his side and curled his fingers over hers.

"Who's good looking?" He asked sleepily.

Rin extracted her hand from his and blushed.

"It, its raining Kohaku." She stated the obvious, and began to get up.

Kohaku rolled over, trapping his arm over her form, pulling her forcefully downward.

"I think it feels nice." He replied, letting the rain wash over his face. It was not pouring, just drizzling lightly over his face and body, cooling him down.

He opened his eyes and looked right into Rin's large dark orbs. He suddenly had the urge to kiss her again.

"Mm." Rin, seeing his intentions, muffled her lips with her hand, then rolled away in a fast motion, before Kohaku could react.

She jumped up with energy, not tired at all, since they had been sleeping most of the afternoon. She broke into a slow jog than gradually began to speed up as she raced towards the river.

"Hey come back!" Kohaku shouted as he sprinted towards her in that direction.

It wasn't hard to catch up to her, as he tackled her to the ground Rin giggled and did not put up much fight. They were now under a large tree that sheltered them from the slight rain.

Kohaku didn't do anything, just stared at her for a while, then he put on a mischievous grin and just pecked her lightly on her cheek. He rolled off, stretching his arms out and then putting his hands behind his head staring at the sky.

"Blah." Rin squinted her eyes at him and stuck her tongue out. She then followed his motion and sat on the ground near him.

There was a moment of silence.

"So," Kohaku began, "Want to tell me anything interesting?"

"Like what?" Rin inquired.

Kohaku turned his head over, facing Rin.

"Oh I don't know, like how many guys have been chasing after you, how many butts you've rejected." He grinned. "Stuff like that."

Rin looked at his curiously.

"Rin never kicks butt for no reason. Fluffy does that sometimes, and Rin is very confused."

"Oh?" Kohaku's eyebrows shot up. "Name an instance."

Rin looked upwards thoughtful.

"Like that one time when a boy was kindly wiping a stain away on my butt." She responded innocently.

"What?!" Kohaku shouted.

"Hehe." Rin smiled. "Just kidding."

"Well make sure there's no more boys like that from now on," Kohaku warned as he inched closer to her, turning his body over and resting one of his hands in her lap. Rin picked up his hand and held it within hers.

Suddenly, his voice turned soft and gentle.

"Because I've spent too much time looking and waiting for you Rin." He nearly whispered as he looked sincerely into her eyes. Rin stared back, her gaze gentle and sweet. She picked up his hand that he held and moved it towards her face. She placed a kiss on the back of his hand and then held it against her face.

"Rin knows. Rin knows who she wants to be with from now on."

Kohaku closed his eyes, letting the feeling set in. He could not believe his luck! Finally, something was going to pull him out of his cycle of misery. He didn't have to live those days of loneliness any longer; he could step out into his family and friends and become accepted. After all, if Rin accepted him, surely the others would? Naraku was long history; no one would question him about his past. The possibilities of a future for him were endless.

He pushed himself up into a sitting position, pulling his hand away from hers and placing it on her face. He cupped her face gently and moved his face towards hers until their nose were practically touching.

He could feel Rin suck in a breath as his lips lightly grazed hers. It was a sweet chaste kiss and passed over quickly. Soon he leaned in further, passing his tongue over her lips and then meeting her own tongue with his. They he pulled away and began the motion again, letting his lips lightly touch hers, teasing her.

"Kohaku..." She began, leaning closer as Kohaku pulled away purposely, leading her with that motion towards the ground. "Stop making Rin.." She couldn't finish her sentence, as Kohaku tasted her lips once more, swallowing her bottom lip with his own, sucking on it tenderly.

That feeling made Rin shiver. Fluffy had never taught her it could feel so good, so right. He had always warned boys were bad and would lie to her. She wanted to taste more, and experimentally, tried to repeat this action on Kohaku. She sucked on his lips while letting him guide her to the ground. She lay on top of him, her hands placed on his chest, her lips on his.

"Rin your.." Kohaku pulled away from a brief second letting the scene before him settle in as he watched her delicate features in the moonlight. "Your beautiful Rin." He finished then held her close to his chest, letting her head rest on his shoulder.

Rin exhaled, closing her eyes. She was wrapped up in Kohaku's arms, reliving the moment inside her head. This is a much better sleeping position..


In the distance, Sesshoumaru took in the picture in front of him. That insolent boy, how dare he, taking Rin away, and making her act in such a... a unlady like way. His innocent Rin was not like that.

"Don't be too smug with yourself boy. You haven't passed me yet." He snarled as his hands curled to a fist.

Then thinking rationally, he knew one day he'd have to let Rin go. But the time wasn't now, and certainly not with him.

"Sesshoumaru-sama?" Jaken piped out carefully, taking notice of the look of vehement in his eyes.

"Yes Jaken, I'm thinking that." He replied irritably. "And I want the job done well." He added.


"Stop it Inuyasha. Stop moving." Kagome spoke gently, knowing that these things always irritated Inuyasha. But she was tired of his squirming.

"Stop moving and stand still now!" She then suddenly commanded. Inuyasha's ears flattened against his head as he stood completely still, letting the pregnant Kagome measure him for the new clothes she was going to attempt to make.

"Never mess with women who are in this stage Inuyasha, or else, your not going to get to name them." She warned with a playful tone in her eyes.

"Aww Kagome, don't threaten me with that again." Inuyasha complained. "By the way Kagome, how much longer?" He indicated what he meant by shifting his eyes around meaning the measuring thing.

"Just a little while longer honey." Kagome chirped, suddenly in a good mood again.

Inuyasha watched her confused.

"Oh guess what?" Kagome looked up, reminded of something.

"It's Sesshoumaru isn't it?" Inuyasha replied, knowing that look on Kagome's face. "What does he want this time?"

"Something to do with Rin. He wanted to discuss it over with us." She tilted her head to one side, clearly a little confused as well. "Well at least that's all the info Jaken would disclose."

Inuyasha mimicked her motion as well as a twitch of the eyebrow.

"Well what do you think? Should we be prepared?" He suddenly had a protective tone in his voice.

"Oh come on Inuyasha, I doubt he's planning to slaughter us. I think he's actually quite excited about the whole uncle thing."

Inuyasha snorted.

"Oh please." Then he pictured Sesshoumaru walking with a few more kids attached to his arms and legs. He let out a grin.

"I know you think Rin was kind of a .. once in a lifetime thing. But maybe not. What if he was actually fond of children?" Kagome questioned the possibility.

"Eh, he's a little overprotective of her if you ask me." Inuyasha replied.

Kagome lifted her eyebrow. Was Inuyasha talking about Sesshoumaru being overprotective?

"Look who's talking. Your still jealous of Kouga after so long."

"What?!" Clearly, a touchy subject had been prodded.

"Nothing, never mind." Kagome waved her hand, dismissing the subject. "Back to the Rin thing. I think, it may have something to do with the issue of her becoming you know, a woman. That's why Jaken asked me to come, instead of you."

"What? Come? Where?" Inuyasha pinched his eyebrows together, not happy with the idea of his mate leaving his protection.

"Just to the outskirts of the village. I can handle it Inuyasha." She took the measuring take away and placed them on the table nearby.

"All done Inuyasha." She announced. Inuyasha let out a sigh of ease. At least that was over with.

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