Izuku Midoriya was a small boy with a big dream he dreamed of becoming a hero like his idol All Might you see Izuku lived in a strange world unlike ours in this world people started manifesting strange powers some decided to use them for bad and became villains, and some decided to use them for good, and became heroes those powers were named as quirks by the scientists of this world the quirk phenomenon started when a newborn baby in the city of Qingqing in China was born with the ability to manifest light after that a lot of other people started developing abilities so thats how this new era of heroism started now lets get back to our main character now shall we?

Izuku was turning 4 today he was really happy because after his birthday he would be taken by his mother to visit his doctor to see when he would get his quirk, he was supposed to visit the doctor much earlier but there were some problems at the hospital so he couldnt go, right now he was at home watching a video of All Might saving people on his computer , Izuku was emulating his hero by having a big smile on his face and muttering "Im here" his mother was coming down from the hallway with a tall stranger behind her he was tanned broad-chested muscular old man he has a beard and scar over his left eye his eyes are blue, this man is a realatively well known hero by the name of Midoriya D. Garp the father of Izuku's father and Izuku's grandpa he is most of the time out of the country resolving villains attacks or terrorist attacks he would from time to time come to visit Izuku and give him some presents such as toys or candy today was a special day for Izuku so he had taken off a day or two so he could be at his grandchild birthday party ,His mother was a suple lady with green hair just like Izuku.

Opening Izuku's door slowly Izuku's mother Inko came before him before covering his eyes and asking "Guess who came back with me from shopping?" Izuku was already knowing that his grandpa would come home for his birthday so immediatly he rotated from his chair and jumped on Garp yelling "Yay grandpa is back , can you tell me more storys about your job?" Garp slowly put down Izuku and ruffled his hair with a big shit eating smile on his face he said "Sure you brat, you havent changed at all still wanting to be a hero so hard huh? You really love All Might more than your old granpda?" Izuku rotated his head left and right really fast and said "No no i just admire All Might really much but i love grandpa the most" actually he once said he loved All Might a lot and he got hit on his head by his grandpa and it hurt hard as hell he didnt want to feel that again any time soon Garp laughed and ruffled his hair again "Okay brat you know why i came today here so happy birthday!" Garp said before pushing a plain box in his grandsons arms.

Izuku happily opened the box finding inside a notebook a few pens and some other writing utilities confused he asked his grandpa "What are those things for grandpa? i want to become a hero not a writer!" Garp looked again at him before laughing

"You brat those are for analizing your enemies and alies i always hear you muttering interseting things such as how cool is this new hero present mic you always talk about and how you want to know more about his powers , so everytime you see him on internet or on tv write stuff about him in the notebook" Izuku's eyes glittered like a star finally knowing why his grandpa gave him those things he wanted to learn more about heroes and how to become one.

It seemed like his grandpa approved of him trying to become a hero he was really happy immediatly he jumped up at his grandpa and gave him a big hug saying "Thank you grandpa this is a great present!" Garp laughed even more and told him "Haha you could give me a big present by awakening my quirk you brat i know that you want to be like that fool All Might so awakening my quirk would make you similar to him"

Izuku knew about his grandfathers quirk it was actually a pretty strong transformation quirk it was called Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki) with this quirk he could harden any part of his body till it turned black or purpleish making it very hard and strong it required the user to have a strong physical body thats why his grandfather looked like a bodybuilder somewhat a tamer bodybuilder but nonetheless a bodybuilder.

Izuku's eyes glistened thnking about getting his grandfathers quirk but they dimmed remebering that there was a very low chance for him to inherit it from his grandfather both his father and mother got mutated quirks different from their familys his mother could use a weak telekinesis so she could only use it on small objects and his father could breath fire both quirks were pretty weak in his oppinion but he never said that because it would maybe hurt his mother and he didnt want, she was always so good to him

And she always did whatever he asked her to after he got to eat his cake with his grandfather and his mom his grandfather played with him for a while before leaving abruptly saying there was a villain attack Garp cursed under his own breath "Damn i cant even play with my grandson even on his birthday damn villains always making trouble even on my off days"

Garp left, leaving Izuku and his mother at home Izuku was kinda sad seeing his grandfather leaving but he couldn't do anything since the villain attack was nearby and Garp was one of the heroes nearby he was duty bound to do his work even on off days if there were villains nearby one of the jobs problems but kids overlooked these things thinking about the glamorous hero life just like Izuku as a kid right now he felt sad but he also felt that his grandfather was doing a great thing.

It was starting to get late so his mother ushered him in his All Might otaku room which was full of All Might merchendaise All Might posters All Might bed sheets All Might pillows you name them there were in Izuku's room. Izuku yawned before his mother came and tucked him better in the All Might themed bed before kissing him on the forehead and saying "Izuku-kun tommorow we will go to the doctor to see when you will get your quirk so you better sleep well tonight." Izuku immediatly closed his eyes trying very hard to go to sleep so time would go faster since tommorow would be the day he would know when he will get his quirk he was really excited.

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