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Author's Notes: Hello, everyone. This is a story about Mike having cancer. I hope you enjoy and if you have any ideas for the next few chapters, please PM me or write in the reviews. Thanks!


Life was so fleeting. He just couldn't understand how this could have happened. It shouldn't have happened. To think, it all started with a simple headache.

Mike was working on the Philipson case last night when he woke up with a killer headache. His head was pounding and the entire room was spinning around. He tried to stand up but his legs buckled and he ended back up on the bed. Mike looked over to his side and saw that Rachel had already left for law school. She had finals in this morning and had to get up early. He waited another five minutes before standing up again and getting an aspirin from the medicine cabinet.

It had been four hours since his headache started and has yet ended. Every time he stood up from his cubicle, he had to hold on to his desk for a minute before he could even take a step. Mike didn't know what was wrong with him, but he had to brush it off. This was not the time to call in sick. He was heading to Harvey's office when he had to stop to catch his breath. His legs couldn't take it anymore and his vision started blurring. Soon he collapsed in the middle of the hallway and luckily a few of the associates saw him lying on the floor. They called 911 and the paramedics took him to Adams Medical Center.

Rachel just finished finals when she noticed two missed calls from Adams Medical Center. She was immediately worried about her parents. Did they get into an accident? Were they okay? Her worries were calmed and then intensified after she called the hospital back.

"Hi, my name is Rachel Zane. I noticed that I missed a few calls from the hospital."

"Uh, yes. I'm Nurse Meghan and I have it on record that you are a Michael Ross' emergency contact."

"Yes, I am. Is he alright? What happened?"

"He collapsed at work and was brought in about half an hour ago. He's now being treated by the doctors."

"Okay, I'm on my way."

Rachel quickly hailed a cab to the hospital and prayed that she wasn't too late. Mike was her life and she couldn't lose him. She ran to the front desk and frantically asked for Mike Ross. There were tears coming down her cheek and she was about to lose it any second if the nurses wouldn't hurry the hell up.

Mike woke up alone in a hospital room connected to multiple monitors and an IV inserted in his arm. He felt so tired that he just wanted to sleep. But then his eyes open wide and he realized what was happening. He had to get out of there. Harvey was expecting the results in an hour. Mike ripped out the IV and the monitors attached to his body. The monitors started beeping loudly and a nurse and doctor came in.

"Mr. Ross, please calm down."

"I'm sorry, but I have to go."

"Mr. Ross, we have something very important to tell you."

"Whatever it is, you can tell me later. You know what? Email me. That's better. I have to get back to work."

Mike was grabbing his clothes and heading out to the door before he was stopped by the doctor. The next three words he said was going to change Mike's life whether he wanted it or not.

"Mr. Ross, you have cancer. "

Mike turned around and immediately went into denial.

"What? That's impossible!"

"I'm sorry, but it's true. You have a medulloblastoma, which is a tumor in the lower part of your brain."

"Check again. There's no way! I am 29-year-old. I'm too young to have cancer."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Ross."

Mike sat down on the hospital bed and took in the life-changing news. His eyes were watering and he just wanted his grandmother to comfort him. This was too much for him. In that moment, he wanted to run out of the room and leave. He just wanted to ignore that ever happened, but, how could he?

The nurse told Rachel that he was on the third floor and she repeatedly kept pressing the same number over and over again, knowing that it wasn't going to go any faster. The elevator doors opened and she ran to his room. Rachel saw the doctor standing in front of Mike and he was just sitting on the bed.

"Mike, are you alright?"

Mike looked up and saw Rachel in the room. "Yeah, it's all good."

"Doctor, what happened to him?"

"Miss, I-" the doctor said before Mike interrupted him.

"The doctor said that I just had low blood sugar and that I should eat more. I'm fine," Mike said trying to keep Rachel from worrying.

The doctor gave them a minute and Rachel's facial expression then flipped.

"Mike, that's not fine! You need to eat healthier and stop eating junk food."

"Rachel, it's okay. I'm still here."

"I know. You just scared me."

"It's okay. We're both okay," Mike said holding her hands.

Mike felt bad lying to Rachel, but it was for the best. He didn't want to make her any more worried. He hadn't even thought about Rachel before she came in. He didn't know how or even when to tell her. This was just too much for him. His thoughts somehow led to Harvey and Donna and they were family. Those three were his only family left and it crushed him to even think about telling them.

While Rachel was in the bathroom, Mike quickly spoke to the doctor and he told Mike to take it easy for the rest of the day and they'll schedule an appointment for him with his oncologist. The doctor also suggested that he should tell Rachel everything.

"You shouldn't be alone during this."

Mike only nodded and took his advice. Rachel came out of the bathroom and walked arm in arm with Mike as they decided to head home.