Chapter 4: Doctor's Appointment

Rachel arrived about five minutes before Mike did. They sat down in the waiting room filling out paperwork for about ten minutes before the nurse told them the doctor was ready. Mike took a second to breathe before heading to the doctor's office.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Ross and Ms. Zane," the doctor greeted.

"My name is Dr. Macht and I'm the head of oncology. First off, I would like to talk to you about your diagnosis. You have a medulloblastoma, which rarely occurs in adults, but it does happen. It starts in the lower part of your brain and can spread around your spinal cord. I had a second opinion from a different hospital and they concur that your MRI gives you about 18 months."

Mike's eyes widen and saw Rachel take his hand. Rachel noticed Mike was still absorbing the information so she spoke for him. "What's the next step? Do we start with chemotherapy and radiation?"

"For now, yes. We are going to run some more tests and start Mike on chemotherapy. I must warn you that chemo can have severe side effects and cause alarm for unnecessary reasons. Some common side effects are fatigue, hair loss, nausea, vomiting, mood changes, etc... Do the either of you have any more questions?"

"No, I don't think so. Mike?" Rachel looked over to her side. He was still staring off into space so she shook his shoulder gently. He looked back to the doctor and abruptly said no. They shortly left after scheduling his first day of chemotherapy next week. On the way back to the office, he didn't say a word to her.

Mike couldn't help, but feel so angry and sad at the same time. He had less than two years to live and it was so unfair. Why did it have to be him? Why did he have to have a brain tumor? He was finally living his life being a kickass lawyer and being with the woman he loved. He knew Rachel wanted him to open up and tell her how he felt, but he couldn't do it. He could barely handle how he felt.

He walked to Harvey's office and expected him to give him a lecture about hard work. Apparently, Harvey had an emergency board meeting he had to attend to so Mike was left waiting in his office for the next half hour. When Harvey finally walked in, Mike immediately stood up from the coach.

"Finished playing hooky?" Harvey said with a hint of annoyance.

"I wasn't playing hooky, Harvey, and you know it."

"Look, I don't care. Just go find me some evidence to get Dennis to back off."

"Okay," Mike simply said. He turned around to Harvey before leaving, wondering if he should have told Harvey right then and there.

Rachel assumed that Mike went back to Harvey's office to tell him about the cancer. She was near his office and glanced at Mike talking to Harvey. The door was shut and she couldn't really make out what either of them was saying. Harvey had this serious expression and Mike's face told a different story. He looked upset and shocked. She thought he must have left to give Harvey some time to also process this.

She stepped inside Harvey's office and he looked up at her.

"Rachel, what do you need? I'm very busy."

"How is he doing?"

"What do you mean? He's seemed fine. A little out of it, but what do you expect when you skip work for an hour?"

"God, Harvey. I knew you were a dick, but can't you at least sympathize for him? He's barely had time to deal with this because of your case. Give him a break!"

"I will when he gives a way to fix this."

"What if it was Donna who had cancer? Or Jessica?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Wait, you don't know?"

Harvey paused for a minute before he said, "Are you telling me Mike has cancer?"

"I thought you knew. I thought that's why you guys had a serious look when I saw you through the glass."

"We were talking about he skipped work for an hour doing God knows what!"

"We were at the doctor's office for his appointment. Okay, please don't tell him that you know. He wanted to tell you himself, but he thought you should be more focused on the case and things have been really hectic lately."

"Rachel, he'll tell me when he tells me. I won't try to confront him about it since it's his business."

"Thank you, Harvey."

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