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By Rage



Nineteen year-old Hermione Granger never wanted anything more than a boyfriend. She wanted a sweet, sensitive, caring, romantic boyfriend who would always spoil her, take her out on dates and simply… love her.

But who would actually be attracted to a bookish, shy girl like her? Sure, she was pretty enough to catch any guy's attention, but she wasn't exactly the type who would just go over to a guy and flirt with him! Even her job matched her! She was working part time at the Ministry of Magic as the lobbyist of the building, and no one actually wasted a minute to get to know her, except ask a question or two about where the office of a certain wizard would be.

Ah, yes… no one would actually believe that the lobbyist was the top of her batch during her years as a Hogwarts student. Well, there was no reason to believe that she was because they would think that she would have been very successful in any career that she picked, being, after all, the smartest.

Oh, how life could get unfair for the teenager… Hermione never thought that she would meet the man of her dreams in her life… until he walked in.

It was love at first sight. The moment he had walked in, she had fallen head over heels for him. His golden hair, his pale blue eyes, his charming smile, he, indeed, looked like the perfect guy.

"Excuse me, miss," he had said to Hermione, "do you know where Filius Hopdeck's office is?"

Hermione was in a reverie for she could not take her eyes off him. Luckily, she snapped out of her trance and asked rather shyly, "May I ask your name, sir?"

"Derek Malfoy." He replied. "I have an appointment with him."

Derek Malfoy… Hermione truly believed that he was the one… her soul mate. Hermione answered his question, directed him to the Ministry Wizard's office and bid him goodbye. Derek thanked her and left the lobby. Hermione watched him as he retreated, a dreamy look present on her face. She bit her lip and turned to her friend, Ginny Weasley.

"He's the one, Ginny," she told the red-haired girl, "He's the one."

"What do you mean?"

Hermione smiled dreamily and replied, "He's the one I'm going to marry someday."


It turned out that Derek worked for Filius Hopdeck at the Department of Magical Culture and Tradition. Hermione anticipated his arrival every morning and hoped that he would actually spare a few minutes just to talk to her. She had already memorized his daily schedule:

7:30- Arrival

7:30-12:00- work

12:00-1:00- lunch break

1:00-6:00- work

6:00- go home

Every time it was 6:00 in the evening, Hermione would rush out to the exit and eagerly wait for Derek to come down so that she would accidentally bump into him. It worked every time, and Hermione was glad that it did.


One day, Hermione was asked to work overtime, which meant that she wouldn't be able to wait for Derek by the entrance and that she wouldn't be able to bump into him. Hermione sighed sadly and rested her chin on the hand. "At least I'll still get to see him." She muttered, smiling.

And sure enough, she did. Derek came down at exactly 6:02 in the evening, still looking handsome and charming. Hermione watched him as he glided into the lobby gracefully and she sighed dreamily. She expected him to exit the building already, which was the other way, but he instead took the other. He was going to the front desk. To Hermione.

Hermione blinked several times before believing that he was actually going to her desk, so she straightened up and pretended to be busy with paperwork.

"Excuse me," he said politely, leaning in. "Do you have a piece of paper and a quill?"

Hermione looked up and blushed. She was staring straight at his beautiful pale blue eyes. "Er—yeah." She opened a drawer and took out a piece of parchment, then grabbed her feather quill and a bottle of ink. "Here."

Derek took it and smiled. "Thank you." He laid the parchment down, opened the inkbottle, dipped the quill in it and started writing. As he wrote, Hermione watched him from the corner of her eye and giggled slightly. Finally, after five minutes or so, Derek folded the paper, thanked Hermione and left. Hermione giggled loudly this time and, since the entrance door was transparent, she watched the handsome boy wait for the Knight Bus which he always took going home.


Hermione was still watching Derek. He was still alone and every other minute, he would stretch out his left hand (which was his wand hand) to make the Knight Bus appear. However, it looked like the Bus was late tonight. It was already 7:15 in the evening, and most of the wizards had already left. Hermione was eating a bar of Muggle chocolate as she checked some papers and every other second, she would look back up to see if Derek was still there. Fortunately, he was… and so were two other strangers.

"Who are those?" Hermione stood up to take a better look of the two guys. Both had shabby robes and scrawny beards, and from her point of view, they looked quite dangerous. They flanked Derek on each side and at first, talked to him casually. But instantly, they punched Derek on the face, grabbed his bag, his pouch of money and ran hurriedly so as not to get caught. Hermione gasped and ran to Derek. She took out her wand and kneeled beside him.

"Mr. Malfoy! Mister—Derek!" She said frantically, slapping him on the face. He was unconscious and he had a wound on his forehead. "Oh, no—why did this happen to me! Mr.—Derek! Oh, no! My wand!"

Her wand had fallen beside the curb and was threatening to fall inside the gutter. Hermione stretched out her right hand and tried reaching for it while holding the unconscious man. She failed to grab her wand and tried again. Finally, she had been able to get her wand. But at the same time, a bus had appeared in front of them, moving at great speed.

"Bloody hell! Did I stretch out my wand hand?!" She had forgotten that magic existed and that she had her wand, so she rolled with Derek to the building and didn't stop until they were finally inside the lobby. Fortunately, they were already safe. Hermione was panting heavily and she was on top of Derek.

"This is not my day…" she murmured, breathing heavily. At that instant, Derek's eyes fluttered open. Hermione, wide-eyed, smiled and bit her lip. "Hello…" she whispered gently, stroking his hair. Derek, looked around, and fell unconscious once again.


Hermione was at the wizarding hospital, and she was sitting by the waiting area. She was waiting for Derek to arrive, who was being brought to the hospital by a wizarding ambulance. "Ohnoohnoohno…" she said frantically, gripping the end of her robes tightly. "What am I going to do?"

At that moment, Derek had just arrived, with some mediwizards beside him. Hermione stood up and followed them. However, one of them blocked her way.

"You can't enter, miss, unless you're family." He said strictly, putting his hands on his hips.

"But you see—"

"Are you family?"

"No, but—"

"Family only." With that, he closed the door and followed the rest. Hermione sighed hopelessly and scowled.

"But I was going to marry him someday…" she muttered to herself, groaning afterwards. She made her way to the waiting area and sat down once again.

Meanwhile, a nearby nurse had overheard her and gasped silently.


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