Author's note this is my first fanfic and i hope you reader's enjoy the story all rights reserved for Disney and tomb raider creators.

Prologue Russia-2017

"Keep running!" a voice said as an explosion echoed through the hidden base in the snowy mountains of Moscow as screaming and gunfire also echoed in the base. And the voice belonged to no other than legendary explorer Laura Croft as she blindfired her assault rifle and toke cover behind a jeep as she turned around and saw her best friend and secret lover Sam hiding behind a crate covering her ears with one hand and clutching her favorite video camera in the other hand. Sam quickly turned to lura and shouted "DID YOU HAVE TO USE THAT FLAMING ARROW!" Laura quickly ran to sam's position and said "How should I know that the was explosive gas in this cave,but it doesn't matter know all we need to focus on is getting out of here alive." Laura said as more explosions erupted from nearby fuel tanks that had burst from the high pressure. Sam quickly noded in agreement and poked her head out to see if there was anyone nearby as a bullet zoomed near her and hit the floor. "Damit were trapped in here." she said as Laura quickly returned fire on the attackers who were unharmed due to the heavy armor they had as continued shooting at them. Laura quickly looked aroundaround for an exit as she spotted a metal door just a few feet away from them "On the count of three we make a quick run for the door you ready?" Sam once again nodded. "Ready One,Two,THREE!" Both Laura and Sam quickly turned to the door and opened it as they both fell to the ground and Sam quickly shut the door behind them. "Sam i think were safe for now." Laura said but Sam didn't answer. "Sam are you alright?" Laura saw that Sam was starring at something but she couldn't see it. "Sam what is it?" Laura quickly found a light switch and turned it on and understood why Sam wasn't responding,in the front of the two women was something that looked like a broken window with a small bright light coming out from the crack in it. Sam who was very close to it toke a step forward when Laura said "Sam get away it could be dangerous for all we know!" But sam didn't listen instead she toke her pinkie finger and was to touch the crack when Laura quickly grabbed her arm. "Laura let me go! Sam shouted as she struggled to free herself from Laura's grip,but Laura who was much stronger than her pinned Sam to the ground and a small fight started between the two friends as they both rolled closer and closer to the crack. Laura quickly noticed and tried to move her and sam away but it was to late as sam's foot touched the crack and then small fizzle noise followed by a small Pop as both Laura and Sam later found themselves falling out of the sky and into a river. Laura quickly grabbed Sam who was unconscious and swam to a nearby river bank and rapidly started giving her friend CPR "Come on sam you tough bastard!" as sam started coughing out water and woke up. Laura quickly hugged her "Thank God" Sam's first words when woke was "Laura did you just call me a bastard?" "Sam I'm sorry for that but we to have to get home!" Sam quickly looked around and said "Laura I think it might a long time before we get home." "Huh what do you mean? Sam pointed at what looked like a city in the background as walked closer to it and saw a sign that said "Welcome to Zootopia" "What the Hell?"

And that ladies and gentlemen is the prologue hope you reader's enjoyed it and stay tuned for the next chapter.