Hello there and welcome back to my Zootopia/Tomb raider crossover hope you enjoy and give me some suggestions for the next chapter.


"What the Hell?!" Was what Laura Croft had just said when she saw the sign. "Look on the bright side at least there's civilization." "I must be dreaming." "Are you sure because we did land in real Water and we als.." A horn was heard and they both hid in a bush and saw a large truck park at a gas station and saw what looked like a rabbit leave the driver's seat and went inside. "What we must be dreaming about this." "I don't know about you but im starving and i think there's food in the back of it." Sam then slowly walked towards the truck and went into the back of it as Laura followed her. "What are you doing?!" "Finding something to eat." Sam looked around and saw small crate of fruits and vegetables. "Bingo!" "We're going to get caught!" Then they heard a door open and sam quickly pulled Laura inside and covered themselves in a tarp. "Laura you said you wanted an adventure and this is it.!" "We don't even know where were going!" "Oh." An engine started and then the truck started moving and the two friends were now stuck inside. A few hours later the truck stopped and the driver then grabbed the tarp and pulled it revealing them and the rabbit looked in horror at them. "AHHH!!!" "Oh no" "Run!" The two friends ran off before they noticed there surroundings. "Woah." They were now in a large city with strange buildings and saw lots of animals walking of two legs. "I need to record this!" Sam then took out her video camera and was to start filming when an elephant bumped into her "Oh sorry about that please for.. AHHH!!!" The elephant then fainted to the floor with a loud Crash!" A large number of animals turned around and saw what happened. "What are those things!!!" "I think they just killed that elephant over there!" "Someone call the police" "Don't let them escape!!!" And soon a lot of animals had surrounded them.

And that is another chapter complete hope you enjoy.