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Still…practice, practice and practice can hopefully improve my writing over time.

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"…so your saying not only are YOU from another Universe, but also Gary comes from there and you used Gary to be anchor or connection to this Universe with your weird Magical powers… I call bullshit." That all Drury Walker had to say to that, as he ate breakfast at the kitchen table with his daughter and this stranger who calls himself Dr. Henry Killinger.

Sure, he would have wanted shoot and kill this guy, but what could Drury to do?

Bullets went through the guy and did his weird power to float three people and objects. What the fuck could he do.

Just sit down and eating pancake that this Doctor made.

In his defense, the pancakes that Doctor Killinger made are awesome!

Drury just couldn't figure out how his Magic Murder bag brought out cooked breakfast that tasted so awesome. Nothing lethal or anything messed up from being pulled out of nowhere.

It was amazing to just watch…

"…Does that mean Gary is old man, with some weird disease that keeps him a teenager, until he dies?" Kitten said, biting into her blueberry pancake.

"No. I just reduce his age to childhood form for him to grow-up again, which lead to surprising results of re-training his body into something more superior. Dieting and exercise are the key to powerful body. Gary still needs growth and experience, but he growing up to be a more excellent Henchmen than what he was beforehand." The Doctor replied and it just baffled Drury sometimes. Doctor Killinger sounded like Henry Killinger, the same guy that worked with President Nickson.

Do all eccentric wealthy or powerful people find interest in the Cape and Cowl life-style?

That seems kind of cool when Drury thinks about. Maybe his favorite bands or singers actually is some weird villain or hero.

Some secret Society shit of some kind.

"If you like to play catch up with Gary Fischer adventures in other Universe, I have a solution." With that the Doctor left the Kitchen table and made a bee-line to anther room. Drury got up to follow, with his daughter trailing behind. They finished they're breakfast anymore.

Doctor Killinger got to the big TV and found their VHS/DVD player. What the hell is DVD? Apparently, Drury Walker was rich enough to find out what the next latest technology was. Some Japanese company developing them along with other Companies, but Drury had the money and was getting connections with his growing fortune to find out more interesting technology.

Bing-bam-boom! He got himself VHS/DVD player, thought Drury thinks the world will come to regret letting go of VHS, just as they did with Beta and Cosset Tapes.

"What the hell are you doing?" Drury said, standing in front of his couch. Kitten just a few feet away from with standing with the couch behind her as well.

What the Doctor Killinger brings out was some DVD boxes with the name of the Venture Brothers on the side.

"Giving a glimpse of Gary and my Universe, so you might as well get comfortable." Killingers says, as breaks over one the DVD and puts a DVD into the DVD player. The Doctor then seem to know where the Walker Family placed the remotes were. Gary placed the Remotes under the cabinets of the Large TV.

"What the hell is this? Why don't you explain your Universe to me?!" He was raising his voice, but Drury didn't care. All they did was eat breakfast that came of the Magic Murder Bag. Sure, the Pancakes were great, and Drury kind was still shell shock from earlier.

Most of the time it was Kitten, asking questions about Gary and Doctor Killinger given short and simple answers.

Gary had to still be here and Drury wanted to ask him questions for Gary, believe him! Still, Gary seem shocked and was probably pissed that Drury almost shot at Gary while shooting at Doctor Killinger…a lot.

Give the kid some space, for now.

"Your companion for your side-commentary is here, he just been trying to get my attention for some time." Doctor Killinger said, as large screen TV show the Menu options of Venture Brothers being played with some pretty good Music in the background. It looks some spin of The Adventures of Johnny Quest talked about as kids or teenagers, but not so much. It was some Hannah Barbara shit nerds watch and he heard commented, after he beaten them up and took their money for protection or were late on some payments.

Then Doctor Henry Killinger raise his left hand, glowing ominously red and right next the Doctor seem to be outline of a man. A skinny guy and was filling out into existence…

"….You Douche! What am I?! Am I dead or imaginary?! What the fuck is my meaning for my existences?! DON'T IGNORE ME!? What type of Doctor are you, anyway?! I totally take back the idea you were like Mr. Belvadeer when I talked with 21…" replied this yellow jerkin Butterfly man who sounded like Rey Remano..

"Who the fuck is that?! What are you, god or something now?!" Kitten starting to freak out and fall back onto the couch, backing up.

"To answer your questions 24, you are everything and nothing at the same time. Also, your just convenience for this plot and for me to go have a talk with Mr. Fischer. Gentlemen and Lady, I leave you to discuss with yourself and some tasty Pop-corn." Just as Doctor Killinger said that, out his Magic Murder Bag came a bowl of Pop-corn complete with plastic bowl and handed to Drury Walker.

The Doctor handed Pop-corn with a slight shove and Drury feel back on the Couch, as the Doctor went to look for Gary.

Drury was tired already and now had to deal with Doctor Killinger causing a Man dressed as Butterfly into existence. The man-butterfly looked like lamer version of Gary Blue Morpho costume, and he supposed give Drury and his daughter some answer

"…What the hell does that mean?! You know what, fuck it. I rather watch whatever movie you pop into the Big TV, along with Drury and his daughter for bit. Maybe they'll do something embarrassing I can tell 21-"The yellow jerkin Butterfly man stopped talking when his Kitten spoke up.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!? YEAH, YOU! THE GUY IN THE YELLOW BUTTERFLY COSTUME!?" Thank god for teenagers and their energy, because Kitten voiced his concern well enough.

The yellow butterfly man seems shocked and mouth a bit dropped at his daughter yelling at him.

"…Can..can you guys see me?" the yellow-butterfly man asked, confused and slightly excited in his Ray Ramano voice.

"Dude, we can totally see you. Now get the hell out the way of the Big Screen, sit down next to me and you can fill us in what the hell going on; okay. I feel like I age into my golden years already with this shit…" That summarized what Drury felt.

He was glad it was the weekend and he had NOTHING to do.

Hell, it seems almost worth the idea they didn't change from their PJ and bathroom robes. Screw training and exercising for today.

He felt like shit already…

"…kay…The name is Henchmen 24 and I was the empty space that Gary looked at and seem to mumble/talk too; whenever guys wonder if 21 or Gary as you guys knew was possible losing his mind…" The yellow butterfly now called Henchmen 24 spoke up.

Fascinated and oh! Doctor Killinger put the remote control in the Pop-corn bowl, fucking wonderful! Who wants a remote control with salt and butter on it.

Forget, just watch the video.

DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN! Some theme music played as he clicked the button to play the video…

Maybe something will explain this insanity that he witness this morning? Maybe…


"God! Cleaning up experiments are not cool! All them failures…" Gary complain as he put some dead creatures. The dead creature looks to be worm like creatures, that were grey-pale white looking giants worms with limbs or faces of human. Some of them have rashes that seem to look like tumors.

Again, science is like mostly failure with experiments and few gold nuggets you can actually produce as successes.

Right now, experiment on the clones from the Terrible Trio and splicing them with Moth DNA is still work. Right now, the current count is 99, 100 and 101 failed experiments. Still, a lot more clones and splicing to do.

Man, it sort of depressing going through the process…

At least, the part to turn the clones into worms is going well. None have survived long enough to the Cocoon Phase, yet. I got few ideas to change formula slightly…

As Wade got to warning signs and bright lights to make sure that this part of the Cave, he went past them and floor lead to cliff of the cave floor that lead to empty pit of darkness. Right were Wade could dispose of his failures and dead bodies.

"Alright, let get this over with." Gary let go of the bodies he dragged, but had a gun holstered to his hip and then proceed to shoot the dead creatures' bodies.

About six shots for three bodies.

Follow the rules of the double tap.

What? Better safe than sorry. I don't want some weir potential weird failed experiments to bite Walker family and I, back in the ass.

That when Gary just threw the bodies down the empty dark pit where the bodies disappeared.

Gary then walked back to the light areas of the cave to the Cave to Elevator to take him to his next experiment.

A few floors later and exit the Elevator to actual part of the cave that look like laboratory setting.

My eyes hurt when walking in dark cave for so long. I have no idea how the Batman, Alfred or his apprentices do it. I get paranoid and jumpy when nothing but darkness surrounding me.

He went to work table where could continue to work on G-Bot on metal slab. Parts of G-Bot were looking more and more like a robot, but again not like helper. G-Bot look like metal plating need to cover the wire spots.

Anything to distract Gary from this morning and dealing with Dr. Killinger appearing in life again.

It didn't help that he was in Comic or Cartoon Universe of DC Superheroes.

That was already a let down in his life.

The only thing he wants to from Dr. Killinger is to take him back to his old life or fuck off.

Already he felt like he was down the labs for couple hours working on ideas of Splicing and now working on other projects.

Right now, it sucked, because he was working on Computer test out G-Bot programing and how the robot interacted with humans.

Which happen to be Gary at the moment.

"Alright, let turn you on and see what we get with your programing" Gary talking to no one but himself.

A few clicks of the key board and flip of couple switch's to G-Bot.

"….Be-be?…" G-Bot, sadly, sounded a lot like Helper and that sort of pissed off Gary. Still, thanks to all his years arching the Venture Family, Gary could understand their quirky robot.

"No, I'm not you father. Trust me, you don't want to put me on that pedestal. You can call me your creator." Gary couldn't help and shake his head, as G-Bot eyes were lighting up. Gary was looking laptop, the program of what represented of G-Bot coding.

It was like looking at the Matrix, and I'm the character name Tank looking green and black computer screen.

Hacking was mostly typing anyway and programing a Robot brain was sort of lot of typing that was boring…

I need some tunes.

"You want some music, G-Bot?" Gary asked, while just fishing out his W-Phone and already getting his music ready to play. It didn't matter if G-Bot said no, because its kind a weird to just listen to silence and typing on computer.

"Be-bepo…? Be-be-bop…" G-Bot saying his beeps-boops sounds, with his glass mouth lighting on and off.

"Right, you don't know what music is… Let me introduce you to some." Gary went to look as his W-Phone of his play list and David Bowie song Under Pressure. The music played and David Bowie worked his magic. It felt like appropriate song at the time given the series events.

Such as Dr. Killinger just coming back into his life.

Basically, the Doctor was puppet master and Gary were puppet in the situation.

As of right now, Gary couldn't say he had control of his life, so he felt a little control in his experiments and testing out G-Bot interactions.

"Bop." Was innocent response that Gary couldn't help but agree with.

"Yeah, it is a good song…"

After a while, G-Bot and I just sort exchange dialogue. Sort like talking to a child new to the world and skipping the whole baby phase. It really kind of easy at first, then it slowly lost interest and became boring. Some of what G-Bot asked were simple:

What was his name?

Why was he created?

What was his purpose?

Why was Gary pink and soft?

All fair answers to some being who gained consciousness and watching G-Bot programing to make sure I didn't have Terminator episode on my hands. Some of the programs pop-up that I thought were dangerous I deleted, but otherwise it was okay. Not like G-Bot noticed.

It must have been hour, but Gary was conversation with G-Bot.

"Look, G-Bot is a good name. It simple and it your name. Also, at least you known your purpose of being created and have purpose. Half us biological life forms use religion, philosophy or some bullshit reason to keep meaning in our empty lives. Even when we meet higher beings that are kind of like deities, biological life forms either will want to destroy the higher being or brown nose there way to get on the high being good side." Gary felt like drinking. Something strong or maybe getting high. Probably wanting unwind from this morning stress and work. Possible go for a works out.

"Bebbe boop bee bee booooop, bep boop, bee bebe bebebebe, booop. Beep?" G-bot was making a good point, agreeing with Gary to some points. Still, G-Bot wanted one thing from Gary.

"…okay. Your name is Rusty Venture. Before you wonder what the origin to your name. It simple. I name you after a person I kind of hate and admire that gave me sense of purpose in life. Good news! You are better than that person is already, because you don't have kids and you're not complete asshole, yet." Gary knew that it was true. Dr. Venture was shitty person, but really, he was someone fun to Arch as enemy and in strange way was sort of like family.

Gary was sitting on chair for the computer, but also most of G-Bot programing was fine. Still, it was very boring watching a program for couple hours watching on his laptop and wanted something to catch his interest.

He went around to one the cabinets in room and there was small safe, that Gary started to go through combinate lock and finger print scanner.

Once open, in the safe contain a small sphere object that almost looked artistic in way. Like a gem or fine sculpture made metal. Still, it was more than that and Gary wonder if this was what Dr. Killinger wanted him to create or did Gary create his own reason.

Wait? Why did he want to create the ORB?

God Damnit! Did Dr. Killinger really put M. Night Shyamalan to me? Oh god…

Wait, if this the DC Universe, then what gods really exist? Do I count Dr. Manhattan in the Patheon of gods?

"Be-boop?" Rusty was asking either Gary or whoever the room a question.

"…Just ignore the man dressed in black with part of human skull as a Mask. He will go away…" Gary said as he leaned back in the chair looking at the ORB that he created in his hand. Pacing the ORB from his left to right hand, fidgeting with object that had so much power and potential for humanity.

The ORB was something that really pushed Gary to make something that generated a lot energy. It could be the next great A-Bomb or it could give free form of energy without worrying about too much Radiation and causing environmental damage.

"Is this what our relationship really come down to, Henchmen 21?" An annoying voice that Gary didn't want here.

"What relationship is that? We barely knew each other in our old Universe and then you basically abduct me, then de-age me in a Universe that I thought was fantasy, that is now my own new reality. I should web your face with my Spider-Man silly string when I had the chance back then..." Gary said, holding the ORB in his left hand. Gary just went to laptop to turn off and made his way to the newly name Rusty Venture.

"Bop?" Rusty just had add final word into conversation between Gary and Dr. Killinger.

"Don't worry. This doesn't involve you. Time for nap-nap time, okay Rusty. Let me know if dream of Electric Sheep or whatever the hell robots with Artificial Intelligence that I program do while dreaming." With that, Gary watch Rusty slowly shut down and all his focus went to Dr. Killinger.

"Rusty Venture. Do you really miss your old universe that much?" Dr. Killinger question, but Gary could never really get read on this person emotions or facial expression. That if Dr. Killinger had any.

"Here. The ORB. Is this what you wanted me to create. I have to admit; I love the nights of waking up in a cold sweat and writing designs and notes with hundreds of pages was fun. Not to mention the painful two years putting this damn thing together. Nobody knows about ORB and why I created, but now I know. You wanted me to create this, right?" Gary just wanted to get to point, even if sarcasm and venom.

Seriously, I hated that. It was almost like I was possessed. It was like having nightmares of numbers, physics and a whole lot of knowledge that I didn't know half the time.

Just putting together, this ball of madness and knowledge that came from those dreams was almost as fucked up as re-curing dreams that I had of killing people.

I need some weed. That and beer.

"No, though the ORB is in a sense my way of giving you and your new family a way to live wealthy lifestyles. Please make sure to patient ORB under your creation. I will bring the paper work for you to go through. No, I have purpose for you. You are just piece of the puzzle to help guide the Antagonist to the promise land and haven for protection against the Protagonist." Dr. Killinger with a somewhat cryptic word play, but Gary got the idea of what Dr. Killinger wanted him to do.

"…fine. I'm putting the ORB away. I got errand to run and some alcohol to drink. Come along or not. I really have no power to stop you…" That was bitter truth Gary admitted without much care anymore.

Once Gary put away ORB in his vault, he just felt like he was in trance. With Dr. Killinger probably following behind like shadow and like some possible menacing powerful being that could destroy Gary if he wanted to.

That didn't matter.

What mattered?

Going to Michael 'Shrubby' Johnson place to get Thorne money and place to grab a beer to listen to Karaoke from some amateurs and surprising talent... or as Gary like to think of the place-

Shrubby Place.


Dr. Henry Killinger was not a mortal being of this plain of existences…

In many ways, Dr. Killinger was a guardian for Villainy. An Arch Angel to protect and guide villains on they're proper path. No real choice of choosing his purpose, but Dr. Killinger love his job enough to continue doing since time in memorial.

Wherever there was good, evil was created to balance out and challenge each other.

A continuous arms-race to push the strongest and fittest creatures to the point of forcing evolution upon themselves.

Human beings…so selfish and yet so interesting to observe.

Still, Dr. Killinger is in unfamiliar territory or really a new universe.

More powerful beings' existence than him and he already had to get in contact with some of them in order for them not to get involved with his plans and in summarize terms of blessings from various pantheons and cosmic forces.

To Gary Fischer or the Blue Morpho, it was decade before Dr. Killinger could come into contact with him.

For Dr. Killinger, time in separate Dimensions moved faster or slower, but was extremely slow and process of getting his paper work/deals together felt like eternity.

Not that Dr. Killinger mind at all. In his heart or being, he knew he was making the right decision.

Other dimensions did not have much protection or an organization that could properly help and motivate Villains to better themselves. At most, it was usually one villain that had power and control over the lesser powerful villains or had something to use against their rivals. That was all well and good, but that form structure of power and control was easily defeated by Heroes and Government organization.

Villains, for all their potential and greatness they had individual, would never truly realize what they could do and have their own personal happiness.

In this Universe and the many various of the Multiverse that ripple showing similar, but different versions Heroes and Villains; had something painfully in common.

Villains were always divided and squabble with each other like children, weakening themselves for their true enemies to take them down and cripple the Villains power.

Dr. Henry Killinger could not accept that. Villains were living beings as well, with purpose and live existence that was just as important as Heroes were.

It took time to think of who Dr. Henry Killinger whom could establish a bridge to this dimension from his own.

His purpose was fulfilled in his old Universe, but he needs someone who had potential to organize and become something more than what they thought possible; yet stay true to who they were.

Phantom Limb wanted power and personal pleasures in his life, becoming too corrupted to save Villains.

Red Death would have grown to powerful and kill any of whom could satisfy his urges to kill, bring new form chaos and Armageddon onto the world as third horsemen- War.

Wide Wale was simple man and would not of change much, sort falling into the norm and trying to be his own crime boss.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, had potential and yet she felt more fulfilled in her life being Council Women of the Guild of Calamities Intent, never speaking out loud that her feelings and life was truly satisfied than she thought possible.

…The Monarch fate was deeply connected with Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture…enough said.

It took Dr. Killinger a while before coming to the realization that he didn't need Villain for this job, but Henchmen. A Henchmen who could change and want to serve Villains out of earnest desire. Someone that was not too powerful or self-destructive to crave power by destroying others. A person whom Dr. Henry Killinger could give small sample of power to help this Henchmen to survive and later rebuild the Guild of Calamities Intent.

…Someone that was also satisfied with their existence back in their dimension on some level, but at some point died with sadness to no longer serve his masters.

Whether Gary Fischer or Henchmen 21 knew it, one of various counterparts of his existence died for one reason or another:

Being killed by the Monarch

Sacrificing himself for the Villains

Death by Brock Sampson, earning a worthy Henchmen death

The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch being assassinated/framed, with Henchmen 21 being the last links that could cause some minor problems.

The list went on. Infinite number of Universes and good number of them did end with Gary Fischer/Henchmen 21 dying. Dr. Killinger just borrowed soul and gave his body new life in different Universe.

That was taxing alone, along with stimulating super intelligence within the man-child.

Still, all was falling into place and the plan was in motion…

…Dr. Killinger just had to wait, until Gary got over his hatred of him and let him explain the plan to the newly villainous Blue Morpho. As of right now, Dr. Killinger waited a hour for Gary to get Rupert Thorne payment and few beers to numb negative emotions to listen to what Dr. Killinger said.

Shrubby Place- the out of town bar said in Green Neon lights of plain wooden-rustic building.

A far-off place that was slowly becoming popular with minions of various Super Villains in Gotham City, but also a place outside of Gotham City limits that criminals could pick up various payments for job well done.

Even a karaoke machine was heard by Dr. Killinger playing in the background, random singers enjoying good time and hooking-up with random people in the night.

Out of the doors, Dr. Killinger saw man wearing large rain coat and fedora, with a scarf covering his face heading towards Dr. Killinger in Gary car. A suit case in one hand and the other hand taking out car keys to unlock the door.

The door unlocked and the unknown sat in the driver seat, then lock the door. The suit case went in the back, while Dr. Killinger just stared ahead waiting for the man in the driver seat to take off fedora and scarf covering his face.

It was Gary Fischer. Gary reach in a coat pocket to pull out a joint and light it up in the car in silence, not caring about the other person. Dr. Killinger could tell Gary had drink, but only two beers and just enjoyed the company of various criminals in the bar.

The Car was turned on and Gary began driving home with Dr. Killinger.

this is awkward as hell…

What do I do? Kill him or serve him...

How about talking?

A drag was taken from Gary joint before speaking out with some smoke coming out of his mouth, "Don't do that. That my inner-monologue. Don't just invade my privacy. Still, now we can add Telepathy to your list of bull shit powers." Parts of him was annoyed, but he was glad he had buzz going on to keep him positive and nice for now.

"I was not meant to be rude. I thought the tension needed to be broken. Plus, you don't really want to kill or serve me Gary." Dr. Killinger replied, as the car driving around the lone road with random car passing them by.

"That is true, but your going to use me in some form."

"Yes, but you and others will be instrumental with establishing a Guild of Calamities Intent in this Universe."

"Wow! No riddles or cryptic message. Your going straight to the point."

"Yes. It best to be honest with you for future cooperation…"

Silence passed a few moments before Gary spoke up again.

"Are Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and the Monarch… okay?"

"Yes, and lived full lives, but they do miss you. Even had child together and gave the name Gary, after you."

Sniff~…Don't cry… I'm all warm and fuzzy inside, but still so sad to not see the would-be little Gary…Sniff~.

"…so when you picked me, I died. Why don't I remember that?"

"Death is just like snake shedding it old skin. You leave parts of yourself behind, so that the new you can live. The trauma of death is not something most people can remember, yourself include."

"Since we both are from different Universe and we hop to this one, so I can only guess Multiverse theory is true. Are we talking Comic Book Multiverse or a Rick and Morty style of Multiverse?"

"A bit of both. You are part of the DC Universe that exist in Cartoon form, but is not exactly child-friendly. Other that, it possible you going to other forms of various DC Universes; but it is unknown if we can get back to our own."

"…so you don't know if you can get back to your Universe. Did you do everything you need before taking us both here?"

"Yes. My purpose was complete and I choose to come here. I'm sorry for taking you here, but I need help and I only had enough strength for one person along with the various other changes I did to you."

"…I did not want to go through puberty again…"

"I apologize, but at least your time and preparation didn't go to waste."


A moment of silence passes again.

"Ground rules than." Gary spoke abruptly

Dr. Killinger turned and listen.

"One, I'm Killer Moth Henchmen, okay. Nobody else. I'm comfortable where I am and I don't want serve any other villains."

A nod from Dr. Killinger just signal agreement, so Gary continued.

"Two, you help make sure that Drury Walker and Walker Industries become so successful we can compete with Wayne Company and Lex Corporation. Anyone embezzling or screwing over my family, dies.

Another nod of confirmation.

"When we establish the Guild of Calamities of Intent, we agree on the Council of Thirteen. No Sovereign! The Council members has to be more diverse with female members, people of color and people of COLOR. You get that right? Other than diverse ethnicities, aliens or demons of various colors of rainbow can join. The Guild needs to show stronger and diverse front, when introducing this idea…"

A nod and smile came from Dr. Killinger. It was right call to pick Gary Fischer, given all his experience he dealt with as Henchmen in hid old Universe.

"Okay, then I got nothing. Do you have anything to add?" Gary said as he kept on driving, and seem more relax and cannabis smoke left out the window of his car.

Dr. Killinger had just reply.

"…Less destructive and selfish Villains. The new Guild of Calamities Intent can't afford selfish members. We also need to keep our organization in the shadows and secret. We have to watch out for the Government and Superheroes…these people don't play by our rules, Gary."

Gary nodded and took a drag before speaking again.

"Good. Oh, and it's the Blue Morpho when we talk Guild of Calamities Intent business, alright."

A silence passed between before Gary spoke up again.

"Is this how Dr. Ms. The Monarch felt, working on the Council?"

"Yes, Gary. The wonderful and dangerous responsibility is in our hands to guide this Universe Villains to true happiness…" Dr. Killinger replied, with Gary wondering what the hell Happiness was to Villain and DC version of Villains at that.


Okay, there was not a big show down or anything.

It was mostly me establishing what was going happen with Dr. Killinger and that was it. Just like in true Dr. Henry Killinger fashion, somehow this guy found a way for me not be violent with him, not like I could. The guy a Mystic, Meta-Human or some for 5th Dimension higher being that has interest with Villains…

The aftermath of Dr. Killinger appearing had various different reactions.

With Kitten..


"-I still can't believe how fat and nerdy you looked. Not to mention that you seem even more creepy back at your old Universe." Kitten talked as Gary focused on messaging her feet.

"Uh-huh…" Gary dealing with that.

"Not to mention that Dr. Girlfiend or Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. God, watching your life was boring TV series that I could not get into."

Oww!...That hurt.

"Hmm…" Gary began to focus on the arch of the foot, pumice stone to smooth out the rough parts of Kitten foot. Letting the skin flakes go down into a water bucket to soak her feet.

They were in Kitten bathroom, where Gary was servicing to help Kitty foot care.

I don't know why I'm doing this, but whatever. I've dealt with worse situation as Henchmen.

"mmm~…that nice Gary. Also, she was not that pretty. She was okay, but that voice was strange and all the women in your Universe seem to be like weird. You sure she not a guy?" Kitten said, enjoying the treatment she was getting.

It was so empowering having a killer such as Gary working her feet. She felt like royalty!

"I'm going with female. If she was guy, it wouldn't stop me. I get mix feelings, but that about it." Gary replied working on getting the cream for Kitty feet, cold stuff in Gary hands soon went on Kitten feet.

"Ah! That cold…whatever. Thanks for this Gary. You should get certificated for working spa-treatments for this." Kitten said, seem to adjust to the cream to her feet.

"I'll add it to the list…you are not too weirded out me being actual older than I am, from another dimension?"

I was weirded out, but I got over it given my strange life style.

"At first, but I have to admit that I like this Gary compared to how you were in your old Universe. You're somewhat the same, but you are easy to look at physically Though, I could total tell you were mimicking that Brock Sampson guy. He was cool, but a messed-up guy. That Brock guy love to kill and screw as many ladies as much as possible, not caring that he might have kid with random lady he was banging… Seriously, how did you survive him all those times?" Kitten replied as Garry smooth on cream to her other foot.

"Luck. A lot of luck and reading the situation of the dangerous threat. Dr. Killinger not causing you any problem, is he?" Gary was bit worried about that, given Dr. Killinger agree to help the Walker family Financial and establish the Guild of Calamities Intent in this Universe.

"He's cool! Dr. Killinger helping me with my studying. He says I have the potential to skip a few grades, if I follow his methods. Not to mention help me with my Gymnastic Training." Kitten said as she grabs a magazine and put her feet up to wait for the skin cream to dry for thirty-minutes on the bath tub edges.

"I could help with your Gymnastic Training…" Gary was beginning to say.

"Don't worry Gary. Dr. Henry Killinger just helping find personal trainers and watch videos of Olympic Gymnasts to notice their techniques and take notes." Kitten said as she was reading her magazine article.


Okay, I felt a little threaten by that, but Kitten showing improvement and she knows when to say no.

I hope Dr. Killinger does replace me…

Would I be like Sargant Hatred, being temporary guardian that Brock would come back and be the rightful guardian?

oh god…

As for Drury Walker, Dr. Killinger was helping to establish business partners that wouldn't screw him over. Business's that would need Walker Industries for support and buying land rich with minerals over in various African and South American countries. Walker Industries would be set up to help make second or third-world countries rise up, being grateful for business to continue wanting Walker Industries to work with their countries.

Still, Drury made some mistakes and had some business partners that were stealing and planning on screwing him over, which Dr. Henry Killinger made Drury aware of.

Good news, they were Gothamites wealthy elite CEO board members, so it was not from different country screwing them over.

Bad new, Drury didn't know what to do and just wanted to use Killer Moth and Blue Morpho to get rid of them.

Dr. Henry Killinger decide it was best if he showed his commitment and decide to help with their…problem.

With Drury and I being witness that event…


"Ladies and Gentlemen of the CEO's of Board of Walker Industries, I'm sad to inform you have been found guilty embezzlement and potentially selling Company secrets to rival Companies." Dr. Killinger said at the heads of long business table.

They were in Walker Industries building, top floor and with less people at the very top of the building. Only the Secretary in the entrance Lounge of the building would know and the computer log about who enter the build and who had opponent. Not to mention the surveillance Cameras.

All of which I had to mess with. The computer hacking was easy, because hacking is just typing in and remove information. The surveillance Camera required me to develop hologram or computer simulation of the board members with us currently, because…

There four people. Three ladies and one gentlemen of Gotham wealthy elite. Did they live in Gotham? Well, they had houses here and anywhere else in the country. Do they really matter or can they be replaced by new hungry wealthy elite? Yes. Yes, they can be replaced.

They were dressed in business suits, latest and expensive fashion.

Of course, they're reactions were the following:

"You have no proof. Better be careful with the next words you use."

"I don't have to take this slander, from hot-shot upstart underling."

"…who the hell is the old fat guy and what with the outfit?"

"Who hell are you and what your purpose here? Do you even work for our Company?"

Silence before Dr. Killinger spoke again, "My name is Doctor Henry Killinger and I'm advisor/consultant for Mr. Drury Walker business affairs. Right now, I'm in the business of settling these issues that I have against all of you and as for my proof." Dr. Killinger pulled out of Magic Murder Bag and passed what look like files.

The ladies and gentlemen open up the files to look. Their faces grim, startled or unreadable expressions.

"Before we have anymore dialogue, I like to point out a solution to our problems. Your families and personal business will be set in order. Most the embezzlement of finance have already returned back to the company. The information on Walker Technology or leaks have been stopped. We won't need to bring this to Court or bring unwanted public attention." Dr. Killinger continued is Magic Murder Bag now sitting on top of the edge of the conference table.

Drury Walker and Gary Fischer behind Dr. Killinger, with Drury becoming more restless and upset. Gary looked to Drury and could see the man turning red in the face.

"…this will be under the table? No lawsuits?" The gentlemen spoke, looking a bit paler more than normal.

"What the hell is this bullshit!..." Drury muttered angerly and quietly, with Drury having hand place on his shoulder by Gary to calm the man down.

"Hey. Calm down. Trust me, Dr. Killinger won't screw you over." Gary replied, though Gary felt cynical about the idea given how Dr. Killinger kind of screwed Gary over already.

"Yes.." Dr. Killinger replied, "…All in my Magic Murder Bag, the solution to our problems will be found." With that, Dr. Killinger grab the clamps to open his Magic Murder Bag.

The four wealthy board members, wonder if they just heard was right or the good Doctor muttering caused them to hear differently.

"The Murder what now?" One the ladies spoke up, then everyone got their answer.

The good Doctor open his Magic Murder Bag, revealing blinding light came out the bag and the wind howled with energy.

Drury Walker and Gary Fischer had to look away from the sudden bright light, but they heard screams.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" Three separate screams were heard, before light died down and howling wind in the conference room died down.

Gary and Drury open their eyes, blinking out the spots from looking at the light to see what happen.

Three of the four occupants were pretty much deceased. The gentlemen had no head on his body anymore, and seem to have parts of brain splattered around. Same could be said of the two ladies being dead, but each death was different. One lady face melted off and had nothing, but a skull. The other lady whole body was nothing, but ashes.

Surprisingly, one remains four occupants was alive, but had her eyes closed before she slowly open her eyes.

Someone actually a fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark and had sense to look away from the blinding light of death and ghosts. I don't know about ghost, but that light was wicked bright and I couldn't look at for that long. How long was it? Thirty Seconds or something? I don't know…

The last remaining survivor bolted and ran to conference door, the only exit and tried to open the door.

It wouldn't budge.

"HELP! THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL ME AND KILLED THREE OTHER PEOPLE! HELP MEEEE!" The surviving women was hysterical, feeling and knowing death was right behind here.

"Nobody will hear you. This floor and the four floors up and down are not occupied for today. Let me fix my mistake, gentlemen." Just as Dr. Killinger spoke, a giant Japanese crimson Oni head came out his is Magic Murder Bag. The head of the Oni looked at Dr. Killinger, with Dr. Killinger pointing to the girl.

The wealthy Gothamite women turned around only to see the Crimson Demon Oni head coming towards here, licking his fanged mouth in hunger.

"No! Please! I'll do anythingGGG-!" The demon only silences the last one with proceeding to bite her upper body. CRUNCH! The horror show continues as the Oni head ate put the lady lower body into his mouth, cheeks poof out filled with body of the remains of the dead women. CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, and CRUNCH! The Oni Demon had audible gulps, but the two mortal supervillains wonder where the Oni Demon did with the remains, because it didn't have body or stomach for digestion.

okay, there was a lot of crunching sounds. Like Snap, Crackly and POP sound going on….

Well, I got to see ghost kill living person. It was like watching a horrifying Japanese Movie and seeing the graphic death sentence happen before my own eyes…

I don't know why an Oni Demon Head would get hungry and where the bodily remains go. Do demons' poop or does that Oni Demon have pocket Dimension that digest his food? So many good damn questions…

Damn it Doctor Killinger, you are a villain and I have to admit that this was a new one on me.

The door and carpet had blood of now eaten women, with licking at the blood a bit like a animal.

Drury was standing their few moments. Trying to process what just happen. People who were apart of his CEO Board of Walker Industries that betrayed him, were dead. Not that he minds the idea at all! It just that Drury didn't know what to expect from this this Creepy guy or the methods of how he killed them

"A little over kill, don't think?" that was all Drury could say.

The Giant Crimson Oni head licked his lips before floating back into Dr. Killinger own Magic Murder Bag, with a nod and pat on its head by Dr. Killinger for job well done.

"I guess, I'll deal with the bodies." Gary sighed, before the doors open in the conference, startling Gary and Drury.

A few Men in through the door. Instead of being startled, going into action or accusations; the men just went to the dead bodies on the conference table. One the men even had a vacuum cleaner and begin to suck up what remains of the formerly living lady ashes. The other man inspected the other bodies and even got a cleaning cloth and began to wipe the conference table of brain matter and melted face. The last man brought out vacuum cleaner and examine the blood splatter carpet and blood stain doors, the quickly got to work.

All three of these men were cover with hazmat suits, with goggles and surgical masks.

Okay, somewhat impressed by these cleaners. Even got Breaking Bad vibe from them.

"Who the hell are these assholes?" Drury was again stunned, wondering if they had to kill these men.

"Inters and immigrants who are working in your latest program to gain position of employment, seeking to better themselves and help their families. If they accomplish two years of this program, they will be able to gain their green cards and work under your Security Division that involves more hush-hush business endeavors." Dr. Killinger spoke up, having an answer for everything.

"When did I sign for their employment and contracts?" Drury said.

"The paperwork I had you sign with your signature in the morning. You really need to read carefully what I give to you to sign and listen to when I'm speaking to you, instead of having plan affairs with on Rebecca Fallbrook. Have you taken necessary protection with Ms. Fallbrook?" Dr. Killinger stare at Drury more intently.

"Okay. Okay! Geez, Mom! I'll pay more attention in the morning. Usually I don't bring my work home with me…" Drury spoke up and looked away.

"…I'll just handle the computers and get rid of the video evidence…." Gary said, walking out the way as two men began working on wrapping the remaining two bodies in tarps and possible some carpet.


Dr. Killinger even help me set up in moving forward paper work with ORB, for future powering of Walker Industries buildings and helping taking even Walker Manson off the grid. In the future, select Cities in the United States could have cities power by the new green energy that is ORB.

Likely candidates interested in Walker Industries plans are strongly in the West Coast, given the Environmental issues and going Green being the States on the West Coast desire. Just powering cities to get off Coal and Fossil Fuel, which could reduce Carbon emissions.

Right now, the Walker Family was in the newly refurbished Den. The books were replacing with less weapons and some actual books of academic encyclopedias, dictionaries, and the highlight being a computer for them to use.

The lights were on and Den was full of activity.

What stood out more was large dining table deck out with the finest things wealthy individuals that Drury Walker got- from candelabra and silverware. Fine table cloth cover the long table and with place mats of fine food. Dr. Killinger help Gary prepared, along with fine selection of wine from red to white. Everyone was dressed as their best, except for Dr. Killinger in his usual outfit. The food smelt fine and as far as Gary was concerned, Five-Star restaurant material.

Even Kitten was involved.

"Okay, normally I don't fight you too hard, but why did you and I make so much food tonight and for whom?" Gary said, adjusting his tie. Black and white suit scheme.

"Also, why am I here?" Kitten dressed in a lovely pink dress, said with frown and hands crossed. She casually darted her eyes to Gary in suit and then at Dr. Killinger wondering what is going on.

"Yeah, what the big idea?" Drury Walker siting at the end of the table, tired and wanting to relax at the end of the day. Then comes his weird guardian angel/demon advisor telling Drury and his family to dress up nicely for the occasion. Drury shouldn't complain, given the inside stocks and investment that Dr. Killinger advise to invest in would make Drury more money in the future. Gary even took notice of some and agree some of Dr. Killinger advice.

The quirks of knowing potential future on what too invest in and taking advantage of certain scientific advancements. At least with Killer Moth, we will have money to continue to feed our Arching and not blow all the money on a Mansion.

Still, we are very wealthy. My hope for Walker Industry to be right up with the most powerful companies such as LexCorp and Wayne Company.

"Now, I know kept you all in the dark, which is my bad. Still, our guest is someone we must break bread with and talk diplomacy with this, our future dinner guest. They are a bit late, but it is understandable with protagonist and antagonist meetings. It would have help if we had something valuable to them, but this meeting is important for my existence in this Universe." Dr. Killinger said, seemly a bit nervous and pacing. This must have been nerve wracking for the guy, which mad Gary nervous. They were in the DC Universe, Cartoon version, but still that existed dangers of Deity level threats.

"What, did you piss of Dr. Manhattan, Lucifer, God, Greek Pantheons, or the Endless Siblings?" Gary asked, getting nervous as well.

"Who?" Kitten and Drury now were a bit nervous.

"No, Gary. Still, this more active player in the game between Good and Evil. I filled in role when I came to this Universe. I fill in the role of Evil and Chaos. My counterpart or protagonist and I made given, this Dinner could possible cause problems for the future for us. Oh, here they come! Oh, I'm nervous Nelly…" Dr. Killinger said, twisting a pocket handkerchief and then folding it over, as nervous habit.

Suddenly, a light of yellow and purple filled the room in the symbol of a Ankh symbol.

Oh, shit! It couldn't be-!

When the light died down, the mortals in the room saw two people.

A man dressed in elaborate suit of Blue and Gold, a helmet being the most distinct on his person along with a golden cape. He seem to hover from the ground, like mystical beings that most lower mortals would consider a god.

The companion of the man was attractive, but humble women. The women were dressed in fine yellow dress that sparkle from light, looking like gold. She seem to be close to floating man, but not dress for combat of any kind.

"What the hell?" Drury said, standing up and looking on guard for the people who appeared in his Den/Dining Room.

"Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Kent. Walker family, this man is Doctor Fate and his lovely wife/advisor Inza." Dr. Killinger announced, nervousness gone and pocket handkerchiefs away.

"You brought Dr. Fate here?! Are you crazy?! This guy is built to keep order and help heroes. Were bad guys! We cause disorder and chaos!?" Gary spoke, looking at the silver ware on weapons to use, but knew it was hopeless.

We are sooo fucked! Game over! All those body counts and horrible nights of sleep for nothing?! Man, I actually achieve my fitness goal, just to get banished to another dimension by Doctor Fate…

Suddenly the costume theme Doctor Fate took his helmet off, with a light of mystical energy flashing to reveal a stern man in black and white tuxedo.

"Dr. Killinger. It seems you have not informed your wards." Kent Nelson, no longer in his Doctor Fate form, said in serious tone.

"You could say that again." Kitten said, wondering why the hell she here, but also checking out the Inza Nelson fashion sense.

"I thought a surprise would be positive reaction for them, given this dinner is business transaction between us, Dr. Fate." Dr. Killinger said, straight face as anyone could figure out with his half-skull face theme.

"Seriously?! I'm about crap myself when Doctor Fate got here. Why not just bring in other Deities that could wipe us out from existence?" Gary sounded so tired and nervous, but starting to get into his element.

"Expect the unexpected, Gary." Dr. Killinger merely replied, as he shook hands with Kent Nelson and kissed Inza Nelson had.

"Okay, why the hell is Nabu not kicking our asses and banishing us to another realm?" Gary had so many questions.

"Nabu and Dr. Killinger come to agreement of Order between Good and Evil. While Doctor Fate will be guardian of Heroes and grey character, Dr. Killinger would be in charge of balancing Villains and those of that association. This dinner and meeting are formal affair to let you all know what deal Dr. Killinger and Nabu had with each other. This is just a sign of good will." Kent Nelson explain straight face, escorting his wife to the table and pulling her seat out. His wife was pleased and sat in the long dining room table.

Possible out instinct of being Henchmen or being used as servant by Walker Family, Gary got to work with bottle of whine and glasses for their newly arrive guest.

Everyone sat down, with Kitten being somewhat stunned and working in daze to treat this as normal as possible. Not that two people didn't appear out of thin air and how mind blowing that took time to process.

"This is my life now…" Kitten just muttered and was thankful Gary pulled out a seat at the dining table, while thinking of sneaking a drink of whine to help deal with the crazy bullshit that Gary and her daddy bring to their house.

The only one standing to side looking confused and trying to work out something to say.

"You coming to sit down Mr. Walker." Dr. Killinger called out, helping Gary prepare the meal for the plates for their guest. Breaking bread with one's enemy and having diplomacy was key to respect for one existence and reason for existing.

Finally, Drury shook his head and spoke up loudly to voice his own thoughts

"Why the hell did he get to show off his Costume? That was so cool! Grrr?! I pick the wrong suit for this event…Also, what the hell is a Nabu and all the other junk you guys mouthing off earlier about?" Drury Walker spoke up and got to the table, excited as kid having Christmas and his birthday all on the same day. He had no clue what was going on, but there just something strange awesome to witness a couple strangers appear so dramatically in his den of his Mansion. Living is so great!

Don't look at me, I'm just shock as you anyone is. I would think Dr. Killinger would bring someone more affiliated with antagonist relations…

"I trust your meeting with Hades turned out well." Kent Nelson said, unfolding a napkin and receiving bread slice from Dr. Killinger, then eating it.

"Yes. Of course, he wanted something in exchange and I gave Hades the proper contact to help him, but don't worry. It only momentary chaos that will be solve by protagonists in the future. You will like them and hopefully they bring back inspiration for you to continue in your protagonist duties, Doctor Fate." Dr. Killinger replied, before sprinkling some salt on the bread and eating it.

what?...Hades?! What are you planning Doctor Henry Killinger?!


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