A/N : Roughly around season 6; but AU since mid-season 5. Follows on the events of Glad You Came.

About the warnings : Roughly 1/3rd into this story, several chapters will have mentions of past sexual abuse; one chapter will have graphic descriptions of violence and rape of a minor. It will not be the main focus / theme of this fic. However, we decided to put the rating and warnings on the entire story right from the beginning so readers who wish to avoid this kind of content entirely can chose to do so. Separate warnings will be put on the specific chapters so you may also opt out of these and still read the rest of the fic. If you have questions or concerns about how we handle these themes, please feel free to contact us (anonymously or not) via tumblr.

"Alex...are you okay?" Steph asked, looking at her boyfriend curiously.

He was staring at Kurt, who was finishing his third plate of ribs at Marc and Paul's table. They were sitting out on the private terrace under a glorious summer sun. Their whole group had been invited to celebrate the Fourth of July and the end of summer finals, Kurt's summer showcase and Brody's graduation. Everyone had finished eating by now except Kurt.

"Where does he put it all?" Alex mumbled in awe.

Steph frowned. "Like you didn't have three plates yourself," she chided him.

Alex shrugged. "Yeah, but I'm..." he gestured at himself, making a round motion with his hand. "And he's...!" He waved his hand down vertically.

Kurt looked up and blushed. "I can't help it," he mumbled. "It's all so delicious! I haven't had anything that wasn't soy or steamed in weeks, and with all of these side dishes and sauces, I am pretty much in heaven."

Alice smiled fondly. "You sound like Seb."

"I'm glad you're all liking it. I can't take credit unfortunately," Marc said. "It's all Paul's. He won't even let me in the kitchen when he's cooking."

"You're right, I don't," Paul commented, crossing his arms over his chest. "Because you always try to eat everything before it's done. You're worse than the dogs." He moved the last of the garlic bread towards Kurt. "Help yourself, Kurt."

"I think I will, thank you," Kurt replied eagerly.

"Don't forget that Kurt puts in more hours than the rest of us put together at the gym," Sebastian said, slipping Lola a piece of bread off his plate.

"That's true!" Alice said.

"Mmm!" Kurt protested, putting a finger up, because he still had food in his mouth. He quickly finished chewing and added: "Right, I was gonna tell you, Alex. The NYADA gym opens for the public in summer because so many students are off on vacation. Their rates are pretty good and if you want to stay on when the semester starts you could get a discount through me..."

Alex smirked. "Is that a hint?"

Kurt licked his fingers. "If you want it to be," he replied. "The way I see it, the more calories you burn, the more pizza you can eat. That's really whyI work out." He winked.

Alex grinned at him. "Thanks for the offer, but I try to avoid any kind of physical activity that resembles fitness..."

Steph rolled her eyes. "I might take you up on that Kurt...if the offer is extended?"

"Yes! Yes, of course, it's a mixed gym. I can send you the info," Kurt said, smiling happily. "The trainers aren't there in summer but I can help you get started if you like. I just told Alex because he said he wanted to, a few weeks ago."

Steph beamed at him.

Alex gave him a sheepish grin. "Ye-eah...saying something and doing it…worlds apart," he confessed.

Kurt smiled and helped himself to the rest of the garlic bread. One of Marc and Paul's dogs noticed he was the only one with food left on his plate and she came to nudge his knee. Kurt leaned down and gave her a stern look. "Lola, this is my food. I'm not such a pushover as uncle Bas."

Lola barked once and went over to Sebastian, putting her head in his lap and whining plaintively.

Sebastian chuckled and ruffled her head. "Did uncle Kurt refuse you food, baby girl?" He asked her, in a voice akin to one used when talking to toddlers.

He took a new potato from the dish in the centre of the table and held it up to her. She sat up straight and barked.

"Catch," he said, throwing it in air for her. Lola jumped up and caught the potato in her mouth.

"That's enough Seb," Marc said. "Or you can be on poop duty."

Sebastian grinned at him.

"Kurt," Alice called to him. "How was Ohio? We were all so busy with exams after that weekend, I feel like I've not seen you in forever."

Kurt smiled softly. "It was good. Mostly." He exchanged a glance with Sebastian. "My dad had a few...misconceptions about me and Bas, and Satire..." He offered Marc an apologetic look. "We cleared it up!" He added quickly. "It turned out Blaine had come to see him, filling his head with lies about us."

"And your dad believed him?" Alice let out, shocked.

Kurt shrugged awkwardly. "There was a lot he didn't know about Blaine. I hadn't exactly been honest with him." He reached for Sebastian's hand. "But we cleared the air between us, and Bas bribed my dad with crêpes and steak and pretzels-" He winked.

He had known about the little deal between Sebastian and his dad from the moment the lady at the bakery asked if his dad wanted 'another one', but had kept his mouth shut to let them have their little secret.

"...and it was smooth sailing from there. Well, until Blaine showed up..."

Kurt and Sebastian braved the shocked faces of their friends and took turns talking, telling them about the confrontation between Blaine and Carole in the mall.

Paul shook his head. "That boy seems very disturbed," he mumbled.

"He's fucked up, that's what he is," Marc added angrily. "I'd like to take that little punk and shove a broken bottle right up-"


Marc looked at his husband's 'not-in-front-of-the-children' look and held up his hands in resignation.

"Where does his family stand in all of this?" Paul asked, looking at Kurt.

"Well," Kurt started, "I think he's been twisting the narrative to his parents from the start, but...the day after we saw Blaine, his brother came to see us..."

[Ohio, a week earlier]

The doorbell rang. Kurt was still upstairs, folding clothes into his suitcase. Burt and Sebastian were in the living room, talking about Sebastian's new car. Kurt was taking his time deliberately, giving them some time to bond.

Carole went to the door, giving them a fond look on the way. As she opened, she stared a little.

"We...uh...don't need any credit?" she said, feeling flustered at the extremely handsome man standing in the doorway holding a bouquet of flowers. She sounded like she was secretly sorry she was turning him down.

"Oh!" Cooper let out, beaming a bright smile at her. "Namaste! I'm not selling anything today, Mrs. Hummel. I'm here to see Kurt."

Carole blinked. "Too late," she said. "He already has a boyfriend."

Cooper chuckled. "I know. I'm sorry, please let me introduce myself. I am Cooper Anderson. I'm Blaine's brother."

Despite his charming smile, Carole's face hardened. "What do you want?" she asked, blocking the doorway.

"To apologise," Cooper said, holding up the flowers. "Blaine doesn't know I'm here," he added, sensing Carole's discomfort.

Carole stared at him and made a low noise in the back of her throat.

"Please Mrs H...I just want to talk to him."

Carole looked at him and sighed. "Kurt!" she called, turning towards the stairs. "Can you come down here for a minute? You have a visitor." She grudgingly let him in through the door, but shot a glance at Burt and Sebastian in the living room.

Kurt frowned. Who knew he was here? Apart from...Blaine. But surely he wouldn't dare to come by - and Kurt was certain Carole would not let him in the house.

He ran a hand through his hair and straightened his shirt. Whoever it was, it would have to do. He made his way downstairs and froze on the last step.


"Kurt!" Cooper let out. "You - look great!" he said, with his theatrical enthusiasm, briefly pointing at Kurt. "Wow. You look so grown-up. And you work out, I can tell. Good job!"

"Thanks. Um...you too."

Cooper always looked great. He was extremely gorgeous and definitely got help from a stylist when he picked his outfits. But Kurt knew Blaine's brother was not here to pay him compliments.

Kurt sucked in a breath and stepped down from the staircase. Sebastian, who had seen the look on Carole's face when Cooper entered, appeared at his side and took his hand.

Burt had also risen from his seat, and joined Carole by the door, looking ready to throw Cooper out the minute he bothered Kurt.

"What are you doing here, Coop?" Kurt asked warily.

Cooper's smile faded a little as he saw the look on Kurt's face. Blaine really had a lot to answer for. Nerves swirled in his stomach and he felt something a bit like stage-fright. He really wanted to do this right.

He held up the flowers. "I've come to apologise on my brother's behalf," he said, hoping his timing was right to convey how serious he was about this. He glanced at Kurt's family. They were a tough audience, glaring at him like that. "Do you - Could we maybe…talk alone?" he asked Kurt.

"I don't think so kid," Burt said gruffly, folding his arms over his chest.

Sebastian pressed his lips together and shook his head as well, keeping a tight hold of Kurt's hand.

Carole put a subtle hand on the door.

Cooper cleared his throat and straightened his back. "Alright. Um. Kurt. Like I said, I've come to apologise…"

"I'm not taking him back, Cooper." Kurt decided to cut straight to the chase, his voice devoid of emotion.

"What? Oh god, no," Cooper let out, looking amazed. "I understand that. My little brother has serious issues, you know."

"We know," Burt growled.

"Did he tell you what happened?" Kurt asked, a little wearily. He wasn't sure if he wanted to find out whatever fictional version of events Blaine had told his brother.

"Ha!" Cooper let out. "He tried to tell me that you'd become a gigolo or a gogo dancer or something, and that he got hurt trying to save your innocence... it was ridiculous! Who'd believe that story?"

"Yeah..." Kurt replied, side-eying his dad.

"So I told him," Cooper continued, "'little bro, cut the act. I know acting, and you suck at it. I don't know why because you went to all my master classes,' but anyway-" He cut himself off as he noticed Kurt and his family were giving him stoney looks.

Cooper swallowed and added quietly: "I made him tell me the truth."

He paused. "I heard about what happened in LA last summer. In my own house! I had no idea! I mean, I noticed he was acting weird when he came over after New Year's, but we don't see each other that often and I just thought he was in one of his sulky moods. And then he told me some other things…" He trailed off.

"I'm really sorry for the way he treated you, Kurt," Cooper said honestly. "For the way he treated both of you." He acknowledged Sebastian as well.

Sebastian stuck his tongue into the side of his cheek and ran a finger along his jaw, the bruise was almost gone now but there was enough residue that Cooper would see.

"I feel responsible." Cooper gave Kurt an intense look. "I should have noticed it sooner. I blame myself for not being around for him, you know? I didn't think he'd ever hurt anyone, except maybe himself with his wardrobe."

"Ha!" Burt let out, then schooled his expression into a more serious one again.

Kurt frowned. "Cooper, you're not his dad."

Cooper shrugged. "You know what my parents are like, though, Kurt. They are enablers. They'd give Blaine anything. He can do no wrong with them. And me? I had to do everything on my own. That's parenting for you. Typical second child complex." He paused and shook his head. "If I don't look out for him, who else has he got? He's a troubled soul, but he's my baby brother, and I love him. I want to help him." He held up the flowers again.

Kurt sighed. He wasn't ready to forgive Blaine. Flowers, and an apology from the most handsome man in North America (apart from Sebastian, obviously) could not change his mind on that. Hesitantly, he took the bouquet and looked down on it for a moment.

"Did he tell you I told him I never want to see him again?" he asked softly.

"Yes," Cooper replied, sounding unusually subdued.

"I meant it," Kurt said. "He has crossed the line too many times. Not just with me, Coop. He punched Sebastian in the face. He told my mom-" Kurt shook his head. "This-" he held up the flowers, "does not give me back the three years of my life that I spent taking his abuse."

He heard his dad breathe in sharply, but no one said anything. Cooper gave him a look so crestfallen that it was clear he had finally understood this was not a scene in a play.

"I'm sorry," he said, this time without pointing his finger or using extra emphasis. "I really am. But he won't bother you anymore. I convinced my parents to let him quit NYADA. He was flunking anyway, and I think the place didn't do him any good. I'm taking him to Los Angeles with me. I'm gonna find him some help."

He offered Kurt a small smile, and a little flicker of his upbeat persona came through again.

"If there's anything LA has more of than aspiring starlets, it's psychiatrists! Everyone has them! My next door neighbour's dog even has one! Did you know a dog's life could actually be traumatic? They're full of depression! Yah, I know, right?"

Kurt pressed his lips tightly together, not sure if he should laugh or cry.

Cooper misinterpreted his stunned silence for captivation and continued, leaning forward.

"I see a psychiatrist too, you know. Crazy, right? But it really helps when I have character bleed, you know, it happens when you're Method , like me. And like, what if my next part is a sociopath and I suddenly go around killing people? It's best to be in touch with your inner self."

Cooper put a hand over his heart and gave them a solemn look.

Kurt tried to wrap his head around it. Blaine leaving NYADA. Leaving New York! It meant he could stop looking over his shoulder everywhere he went. He glanced at Sebastian.

Sebastian looked back at him, pulling up the corner of his mouth briefly.

Kurt turned back to Cooper. "I'm glad you'll be helping him," he said earnestly. "Someone should make sure Blaine doesn't do this to anyone else."

Cooper nodded. "I will," he said, sounding genuinely contrite. Then, he forced on a Hollywood smile and made a show of looking at his watch. "Okay, I have to run. I have a skype call with New Zealand about a possible part in a fantasy franchise. Can't keep them waiting! Take care of yourself, Kurt. And of this handsome man here." He pointed at Sebastian. "He's not an actor, is he? Because is casting for next year's commercial and I can kinda see him as my successor-" He stopped himself. "Well. We'll be in touch. We're mutuals on Twitter, right?"

Kurt let out a deep breath. "Yeah," he replied. "See you, Cooper."

Cooper clasped his hands together and gave him a little bow, pulling a face that he probably thought made him look spiritual. Then, he turned towards the door. Carole had already opened it for him, and he walked out.

"So that's the brother?" Burt asked gruffly, as Carole closed the door.

Kurt shook his head, a little perplexed. "Yes...that's the brother."

"Well, at least he's pretty," Carole remarked drily, "because he's not all there upstairs."

Burt snorted. "Yeah, they're definitely related alright." He paused. "What do you mean, he's pretty?"

Carole rolled her eyes.

[New York, July 4th]

The group of friends looked at Kurt as he finished his story. "Well um..." Alex started. "At least now you know that asshole has gone, you guys can relax?"

Kurt nodded. "It definitely helps to know he won't be stalking me at NYADA anymore next semester."

"And neither will Rachel," Brody added. "I heard Madame Tibideaux told her not to come back after summer."

Alice grinned. "Good riddance to them. The only one who ever deserved to be there was you all along, Kurt."

Kurt ducked his head a little, feeling flattered. He did not try to deflect the compliment, but he still had a hard time looking his friends in the eyes when they switched on fangirl-mode.

"Just one more year," he reminded them, "and then I have to try and make it in the real world."

"You'll be great, Kurt! Mark my words, you're not going to know what to do with yourself! The amount of offers you'll get." Brody said smiling at him. "You'd better take that award acceptance protocol class…"

"And there's Vogue, I think Isabelle would do anything to keep you on staff." Sebastian added.

Kurt cocked his head and grinned. "That's true. I'm the only one who can handle Tristan." He looked at Marc and Paul to explain. "He's from the San Francisco office. His boss works under Isabelle, but because he's a man he thinks he runs the joint…" Kurt rolled his eyes. "He's very demanding. He makes Tristan call me several times a day for something or other, and it's always a life or death situation."

Marc shook his head. "I don't get it," he admitted. "I mean, I'm sure you do a great job, Kurt, but how can fashion be a life or death situation?"

"I think the answer to that is to be found in your 80s wardrobe," Paul replied, smirking. He ran a hand down his own multicoloured American eagle shirt. When he wasn't working, Paul wore bold prints and stylish accessories. Kurt admired his eccentric taste.

"And yet, you still married me," Marc teased.

"Yeah, you turned out to be pretty fine underneath those oversized shirts and shoulderpads," Paul replied, then chuckled. "Hold up, you guys need to see this..."

He got up and walked inside, returning a moment later carrying a large photo album.

Marc rolled his eyes. "Come on, Paul, you're not gonna-"

"Oh, I am," Paul said gleefully. "Look at this."

He held up the album and showed them a picture of Marc in round, wire-rimmed glasses and a big billowy coat that reached nearly to his ankles. Underneath, he wore a checkered shirt and loose slacks, the cuffs rolled up to his ankles. His arm was around a pretty girl with big eyes, poofy hair, a midriff baring shirt and waist-high jeans.

"WHAAAAAAAT...!" Alex let out, laughing. "Oh dude! Even I dress better, and I'm straight!"

Marc chuckled. "That was very in at the time."

"No sweetheart, it wasn't," Paul said sweetly.

"Who's the chick?" Alex asked, looking at the picture again. "She's hot!"

Steph raised her eyebrows at him and he blushed.

Marc smirked. "That's Isa, my ex-wife. And you're right, she was very hot. Still is, actually." He looked at Alex and waited for what he knew was coming.

"Wait..." Alex let out. "our ex-wife? But aren't you...like..." He looked at Paul for help. Paul was just grinning.

"I am," Marc confirmed. "I just didn't know it until I met Paul."

"She looks really nice," Steph said, hoping that Alex would get over the first shock without saying anything rude. Her fear was ungrounded.

Alex took her hand. "Well," he started, and everyone at the table braced themselves. "Rest assured, Steph. If hanging out with the best-looking guys on campus hasn't made me gay yet, I doubt anything will."

Steph rolled her eyes and patted his arm. "Good to know."

"Alex...do you ever think before you speak? Or do you just say the first thing that pops into your head?" Alice asked.

Kurt looked at Alex' puzzled expression, feeling his heart going a little soft. It was moments like these when he really, sorely missed Finn. He wished he could have been there with them. He would have liked Alex - and he would have gone crazy about Marc and Paul's pool. They had told them to bring their bathing gear so they might take a dip later.

"It's okay, Alex," he said. "We can all use some unfiltered truths now and then."

Alex smiled bashfully. "Just tell me if it's too much. I can try to keep it down, you know."

"Just relax. It's a party. Everyone here should be able to be themselves," Kurt said.

Alex nodded gratefully. "Speaking of parties," he said, "is there any ice cream? I'm not sure the Fourth of July is complete without ice cream."

"You just had 3 plates of-" Steph started, then shook her head. "Yeah. You're right. I want some too."

Marc smiled. "Finally, my moment has come," he said. "I'll be right back."

Paul rolled his eyes fondly at his husband. "He's bought himself a new ice-cream maker," he explained to the group. "And he's been trying out new flavours...I recommend the peanut butter one...though the kiwi isn't half bad either."

Marc walked back out carrying a tray containing two tubs of ice cream, a stack of bowls and some spoons.

"Ta da!" he said proudly.

"Peanut butter!?" Alex let out. "Marc, you're my hero!"

Marc beamed, and the two of them started a lively debate about different brands and crunchiness of their favourite spread.

Alice took some of the kiwi, and sighed blissfully. "My mom used to make her own ice cream until she read somewhere that dairy is evil," she mused. "After that, my dad, my sister and I used to sneak out on the fourth of July to get ice cream from the shop that sold the fireworks."

Kurt smiled. "I think the first few years after my mom died, we ate nothing but ice cream on the fourth of July."

Steph watched her friends a little wearily. To distract herself, she asked: "What about you, Seb? Did you celebrate it at all, or did your family save the celebrations for the fourteenth?"

"What's the fourteenth?" Alex asked under his breath.

"Their national holiday. Bastille day. Seb told you a million times!"

Sebastian smiled at them. "We did both," he explained. "We celebrated Fourth of July as a family - if it was a school day we'd just do it in the evening as it's not a national holiday in France. And then on the fourteenth we threw a massive party for all the neighbours and our friends."

"What about you Steph?" Paul asked. "How does your family celebrate?"

Alex lowered his spoon and swallowed, getting ready to speak, but Steph shook her head.

"My mom has this thing against today..." She shrugged. "But she'd let me and my sister go to the neighbours and join their bbq, so I didn't miss out." Steph looked a little torn.

"Look, its not a fun story, okay? I don't want to drag this party down," she added.

Alex gave her a sympathetic look and pushed his bowl of icecream towards her, offering her his spoon. She took it and scooped some into her mouth, chewing thoughtfully.

"I'm sorry," Paul said, "I didn't mean to-"

Steph shook her head. "It's ok, you couldn't know." She looked at her friends. "I told Alex last year, but..." She took a deep breath and let it out.

"When I was about 9, my mom was pregnant again. She was due on the fourth of July, but she miscarried a few months before. She and my dad had been having problems and this was the thing that finally broke them apart. He packed up his stuff and left. After that, whenever the fourth of July came around, my mom wasn't exactly feeling festive, so we stopped celebrating it in the house."

Steph shook her head. "I didn't know about it, about the baby. My mom hadn't told us she was pregnant yet. Apparently she'd had several miscarriages, one before Caroline came and other one in between her and me, and it was still very early. She only told us when Caroline had Bonnie. So...as a kid, all I knew was that my mom didn't like the fourth of July, and my dad didn't like us anymore."

Kurt sat listening with a hand over his mouth, his ice cream forgotten. "I'm so sorry," he whispered.

Steph shrugged awkwardly and wrapped her arms around herself.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Alice asked quietly. She kinda got it...she didn't know if she could willingly divulge that kind of information. But she still wished she'd known, so she could have been more sensitive around the subject.

"I only found out when Bonnie was born...and..."

"It's okay Steph," Sebastian said quietly. "We understand. We're all here for you though! Whatever you need."

Steph smiled thinly. "Actually, there is something..." she started. "I was gonna tell you guys later, but..." She sat up straight. "It's my dad. He wants to see us. Me and Caroline...and his granddaughter. At first Caroline said she wasn't gonna go, but last week she changed her mind. And now she wants me to come, too."

She pulled up her shoulders. "I don't know what to do."

"If I may?" Paul asked carefully. Steph nodded and he continued. "The way I see it, uh- you're an adult, and you don't have to go. No one can make you. But you can also try going, and if you feel too estranged from him, you can always leave. At least you'll have given yourself the opportunity to get closure."

"Yeah," Alex agreed. "We could be out of there like that-" he snapped his fingers, "and back home before he knows it."

Steph bit her lip. "Well, yeah, but… Not really. He lives in Canada. It's not exactly around the corner."

"Wait…Canada?" Alex repeated, dumbfoundedly. "He wants you to come all that way...after he left? Why doesn't he come to New York?"

Steph shrugged. "He said he has this really big place and he wants all of us to stay at his house, like...a family."

Sebastian bit his lip and looked at Alice, who nodded. "Maybe...we could all go with you?"

"Yeah, we're your family too," Alice added.

"Roadtrip!" Alex let out eagerly, nearly knocking over his bowl of ice cream.

Steph looked close to tears. "You'd do that?" she asked timidly.

"Of course," Brody assured her, taking Alice's hand. "We can stay in a hotel nearby and we'll be there as soon as you need us.

"Actually, you might be able to stay at the house too. If I tell him it's all of us or no one..." Steph already looked a little more sure of herself.

"I'd love to meet your sister and her husband, too," Kurt added. "And little Bonnie." He hesitated. "I'm just not sure how much time we can take off work..." He glanced at Sebastian. They had already taken a weekend off to go to Ohio.

"Don't worry about that Kurt," Marc cut in before Sebastian could. "Joe always hires summer staff - college kids who moved out of the city for school, who want some work over the vacation. It means that us full timers can take a break without the bar suffering."

Sebastian nodded. "But if any of the main staff want more hours, we get preference over the temps."

"I guess it still not completely registered that Joe is not like Gunther," Kurt said. "He'd never let two of us take a break at the same time, summer or no summer.

"Joe's awesome," Marc agreed, helping himself to more peanut butter ice cream. "And he'd totally get it if you tell him it's a family thing."

Steph busied herself eating Alex' ice cream, and for once, he didn't protest. She looked relieved that the conversation was continuing without her in the middle focus.

"That's settled then," Alice said kindly. "We're all coming with you."

Steph half-smiled and nodded.

Marc cocked his head. "Speaking of family things...has Joe asked you about the benefit yet?"

Kurt looked at Sebastian for a moment. Then they both turned to Marc. "No?" Kurt said.

Marc nodded. "Okay, then I'm sure he will. He's planning to hold a benefit night at Satire this year. A fundraiser for HIV/AIDS research. It's the 30th anniversary of his brother's death."

"Wow…" Kurt let out quietly.

Marc glanced at his husband for a moment and took his hand. Then he turned back to Kurt and Sebastian. "I think he's planning to ask the two of you to do something special for your routines. You know, the bigger the crowd the better the fundraiser." He offered them a smile.

Kurt already knew without asking that he'd do it. One look at his boyfriend told him that Sebastian felt the same.

"Anyone fancy a dip in the pool?" Paul asked, standing up to start clearing the table. "We have it booked..."

Alex looked to Steph, not wanting to show his enthusiasm at the suggestion without her say so. "How about it?

Steph smiled. "Sure."

Alex enthusiastically kissed her cheek, and once again, Kurt could not repress the memories of his brother. He looked at Sebastian and took his hand.

"We're in too, right?" Brody asked.

"I got a new bikini just for today," Alice said cheerfully. "With stars and stripes."

"God bless America," Brody joked.

Paul smiled. "Marc and I will clean up here. Seb can show you the way."

"We need to be back up by 9 though," Kurt reminded them. "Because when Macy's starts firing up their show, I want to be sitting out here on a picnic blanket under the fireworks, and kiss my boyfriend. It's on my bucket list."

Sebastian returned his smile and kissed the back of Kurt's hand.

He'd seen couples kiss under the fireworks and had always thought it was a tired cliché. But since he had started dating Kurt, he had realised that maybe it was okay to have some clichées in his life.