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Act One: Entry point

POV: ?-?

As the sun beat down on the ruins, a group of humans run from the escalating conflict, giants of steel, titans of metal, grappling in a struggle to destroy each other as their leaders fight above near the precipice of the hulking 'pyramids'. I watch this with a calculating gaze, not rooting for one side or the other, for even though I had sided during the war, things do change: the war had been a draw, the Decepticons killing the planet we belonged to, but the Autobots had taken our race's last hope, the Allspark, and told a human to destroy it. I understand the reasoning but this prevents us from restoring our planet without destroying a habitable world; this is not allowable, so our race is now destined to either live with another race or conquer a world ourselves.

As I contemplate this the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, drives off the Decepticons and kills their leader: The Fallen. The humans are heading to their headquarters, I follow and replace one of the military vehicles, one that had been destroyed during the conflict but was unnoticed due to the chaos of the field.


The being known as Optimus is standing, staring at the sea, right in front of me as I struggle to decide whether to reveal myself to him or not.

"I can tell you are here." I cringe inwardly hearing this. "Show yourself or face my judgement." He turns to face towards my direction.

I slowly transform, my form appearing before him: my fluid transformation forming my sleek, deep gray armor. My glowing white eyes look up at his as he stares at me, probably contemplating why I had actually shown myself, and I realize that I'm his height, huh, I thought he'd be taller.

"So, what now, Prime?" He looks slightly surprised that I had started the conversation, meanwhile the humans had trained their weapons on me, not that they could damage me but, I'll give them points for effort. "I don't have all day but take your time, Sir. You are a busy Bot and I get that but my time is Energon and we all know that that is pretty rare on this world."

"Who are you?" He seems very taken aback by my lingo: well unlike most of our kind, I spent most of my cycles on this dustball and I loved it.

"My name is no matter to you just yet, but you can call me Sabe'ri." I look at him, glaring. "My group and I wish to join the Autobots; I'm not happy about it but, my team want in and I can't say no to Elle, either."


"My Spark-mate, Ellize." He looks at me and seems confused by that term, is it not a common term? "Back to business, my group left Cybertron before the war picked up; I on the other hand, fought on both sides and hated it. If we are to work together, I want to know one thing: Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to protect both my family and the humans around you?"