Fire Emblem Awakening: Entwined Fates

Prologue: Waking Dreams

POV:? [Tactician]

(Somewhere Outside Portal)

As I fall flat on my face out of the portal I hear a familiar voice.

"Owww..." I finally meet the ground, catching myself before hitting the ground. Rolling over and rubbing the back of my head, I notice my surroundings. A small glade, a pool of clear water in front of me, massive trees shading the formerly unoccupied place. "How interesting..."

"Aaargh! Why the heck am I sore all over? And what's up with the Fire Emblem getup!?" I turn calmly to my incensed twin, Ishmael, who is also looking over our surroundings. I begin to assess our chances, being seperated from the others.

Ishmael's definately not a morning person but our situation is very eye-opening so he is probably not mad about waking up but his surroundings. We have knapsacks filled with supplies but haven't checked ourselves. Now that I notice, there's armored robes on Ishmael, a light gray-black pattern on them. His belt carries an eerie black blade sheathed alongside an array of hand-staves, and he's leaning against a tarnished silver lance.

I then look over my own odd apparel: a white cloak similar to my brother's but with emerald green markings and a bronze dragon-shaped clasp. On my belt is an odd, guardless thin glowing-black blade, a twisted draconic-styled staff in hand, and two tomes in my satchel: one is a tome titled 'Ghenise', the other is a bible with odd-looking circular marks on the last fifty pages.

Pondering our circumstance, I think of the others, specifically a particularly stubborn woman...


POV: ? [? Tactician]

(? Woods of Forlorn)

I'm flung into the marsh by a hulking corpse-like monster, I begin to see my life flash before my eyes: My early childhood, meeting a certain jacket-wearing dark-haired man and all of our adventures leading up to waking in the blue void and being dropped in this hellhole known as Nohr.

"Peri'll catch ya tiny-lady!" The bloodthirsty retainer yells as she jumps off her horse and face-plants instead of catching me. Oh, and finding the noble house, going through a tournament, winning alongside three people who claim that I'm their aunt, and becoming the retainer of the oh-so-innocent, Princess Corrin, oh joy. She's not here by-the-way, we're actually on a 'training mission' to prove we can stay retainers, so none of our bosses are here.

"Oomph!" The deep-blue-haired and flirtatious-to-all-but-me swordsman and dancer, Laslow (Whose real name is Inigo, but we can't say his name aloud.) catches me in a rolling fall, helps me up and then runs into the fight. "Stay back and cover us! Your leg's too injured for you to use Polaris, Aunt Eliza!"

I scoff, pull out my tome, Le Livre Des Miracles, and charge a spell before yelling out the catalyst phrase: "Cataclysm!"

As the shadowy blobs of darkness hit these creatures, which Prince Xander, calls Faceless, I hear the foul-mouthed retainer of Prince Leo, Niles, yell out in pain, cursing; I quickly pull out a Bloom Festal that I bought from a Mokushian trader and heal his wounds.

"Look out!" I hear as a loud rumbling comes and a familiar armored knight with dirty red hair blocks the blow from a Faceless. His name's Charles, one of the few people from home that's here and also the third retainer of Xander.

"Thanks Chuck." As the armored warrior holds off the monster.

"My name's Charles but anythin' fer Isaac's girl an' one o' our tacticians, just keep outta trouble, kay?" He says as he kills the monster with his lance.

POV: Ishmael [Medica]

(? Peaceful Glade) Sometime after...

While Isaac packs our small camp, I plot out our course. Earlier we found a map in our bags detailing the area, but guess what? My first comment of the day was right, unfortunately. We are in freaking Ylisse!

"Hey, Ishmael."

"Yeah, bro?"

"If we're here where is everyone else?"

Previous day

(Outrealm Hub)

The glowing blue light around us pulses as we stand on literally nothing. Nothing!

"Where are we?" Eliza asks. Her oversized jacket replaced with a grey and pastel-pink cloak, a glowing book hanging in a satchel and a holy-white sword on her belt. I also notice a mark on the outside of her right hand: Glowing purple lines crisscrossing and then branching into six glaring eyes in a circular arrangement; the eerie feeling I receive seeing this mark is highly disturbing.

I observe this as Isaac says something I never would have guessed him to say: "I guess we're in the Outrealms."

"Ha! You have to be kidding me! We are not that lucky!" Zach, now a wolf-eared but still scrawny man in an odd mix of roguish robes and a cloak says excitedly. A glowing purple rock is fastened to a collar on his neck, a purple-black book rests in the crook of his arm, and an array of small staves hang from his belt.

"Not lucky, I'd say unlucky." Grunts my friend, Charles, who is wearing bulky, dull-grey Knight's armor, the size almost exaggerated. He is hefting a large lance with a katana-like blade, possibly a killing edge.

"Just keep your hopes up, everyone!" Echo, Zach's, admittedly more mature, younger sister, says excitedly, her new wolf-ears flicking in anticipation and her tail wagging. Her clothes are similar to Zach's being white and a pale blue, a gold-yellow stone hanging from her necklace, a white book in her arms, and similar staves on her belt.

"Yeah, we could actually prevent Emmeryn's death!" Dylan, our resident punster, now wearing tan gauntlets, chain-mail, and ripped, dull mercenary's robe says.

"How naive. It's not gonna happen if we are dropped in say, Nohr instead of Ylisse or worse Begnegon. Keep to the battlefield, Brawn." The fiery-tempered strategist, and a loyal friend, Nichole, says with scolding irritation. Her crimson cloak, archer's harness, glowing red book, and silver lance giving her an aura of intimidation. I also notice a Kinsei roosting behind her; its gaze lingering on one of our less-familiar companions, a young man in a plain black cloak, a gold-hilted sword on his belt and a black tome in hand. He watches silently, notices myself and mutters a greeting: "Name's Gris, nice to meet you." I smile and shake his hand.

"Name's Ishmael. Hope we meet after all this."

"Me too." The argument escalates and we both look back at the others.

"Guys don't fight, please." Shelbi, another familiar face, says with a hint of worry etched on her face. Small horns now peek out of her hair as she shifts between the duo and brandishes her blade-tipped healing staff as incentive. Sage's robes cover her roguish armor, twin daggers hang parallel to her back-up staff-heads, a black book sticks out of her robes, and her deep-violet beast-stone rests in the pendant on her neck.

Her fiancé, Nickola, stays vigilant next to her, magical-looking gun trained on any possible threats, a bow hanging in its quiver on his back, and daggers in quick reach on his belt. I'd describe him as a gun-toting assassin, but he actually prefers direct routes from what I've seen in paintball matches, if military training changed anything, it made him talk a bit less.

Across from them, Luke, our calm, collected, who am I kidding he's just out of it and doesn't care. Luke is waiting to the side, an odd, curved staff that looks like a fusion between a bow and a double-sided lance rests on his back, magical energy coiling across it as he looks through a small manual labeled: Spell-bows for Morons. He is wearing slim half-robes and a classical thief's getup beneath that, three daggers of differing lengths on his belt.

Next to him is our overworked but lovable buddy, 'Captain' Edward. He is wearing a kinder-colored version of a Dread Fighter's gear, but a shield instead of a mask hanging on his person. He seems armed with an Iron sword, a dark-blue book at his waist, and a few small-arms axes crossed on the back of his belt. Ed nods at me and enjoys the show, as this happens a lot more often than we'd like. Oh, well nothing we can do about it until they get over themselves.

Lee, our crafting genius, fiddles with her long multi-colored hair as she yawns and acts uninterested.

"Can't you just hope we survive before playing god? Seriously, if I didn't know any better I'd think you two were siblings!" She says this as she puts away her large pale blue-silver lance and begins fiddling with the scrolls hanging from her bag, small animals made of light rubbing against her cloak. As she says this, Sam, our ever-present shadow, a quiet but wise companion, finally decides to speak up.

"All of you need to just shut up and get over yourselves. I've been listening to the same stupid argument for six years!" Gris and I share a look and, I continue my observation. Sam's clothing resembles a thief's but better kept. Instead of a sword he has daggers and a lance.

Soon a flash of blinding light fills the room, the semi-floor gives away and we fall; a feminine voice cackles and yells: "You can't change Fate! You can only fall to it and reform from the dust it leaves behind! Enjoy your new fates, Terran Outrealmers! Haahahahhhaaaa!"


"Well?" Isaac asks, squinting ahead as we begin our walk towards the open field ahead.

"I think we'll find them eventually."

POV: Nichole [Aerial Strategist]

(Nohr: Woods of Forlorn)

"Where are those morons, Odin?" I ask to the arcane fencer and fellow retainer, who somehow, managed to convince me to take him, Camilla's retainer Beruka, Elise's retainers Effie and Arthur. 'Gods I hate that guy.'

"Further north, Lady Nichole. If we continue on this path, our bound power shall be unleashed on those our liege deems enemies!" He says, his left hand nearing his sword, Mistletain, and his Nosferatu tome; I simply roll my eyes and thank him. Then a voice I abhor decided to grace us with its presence.

"Good tactician, might we join our comrades on their quest?" I nod vaguely. "For justice!" The bumbling wannebe hero exclaims in response, earning a scowl from my direction.

"Augh! Arthur! Just die!" I exclaim just as he trips and falls.

POV: Zach [Dark-Beast]

(Ylisse: Somewhere near Southtown)

"Hey, Big Bro?" My overly excited sibling says, her tail flipping about her, and skips on the road. "Do you think anyone else is on their way to Southtown?"

"Probably, Creampuff." She stops, puffs up her cheeks and harrumphs.

"Don't call me Creampuff! I'm way more mature than you when I want to be!"

"Then why are you having a tantrum, huh?" I cross my arms and smirk, facing her as her ears go flat and she bares her fangs at me.

"Because I don't like that nickname!" She then abruptly looks happy and runs ahead squealing. "Hey look! There's Southtown and it's not on fire! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

"*Sigh* Oh well, might as well keep her out of trouble. Maybe we'll get in a fight and someone can face my fury..." I trail off as I follow her, my hands resting in the folds of my cloaks.

POV: Luke [Spell-shot]

(Hoshido: Great Wall of Suzanoh)

"Tell me Nohrian, do you regret your attempt at espionage yet!?" The crazy pineapple-haired archer holding his glow-y bow in front of me.

"Man, I have no idea what you're talking 'bout. I just woke up after being puked out of a blue hole in the sky." He scowls and the purple-haired lady next to him moves her pointy stick in my direction.

"You will respect Prince Takumi and answer his questions before you die, Nohrian scum!"

"Lady, I don't know anything about your country or whatever this 'Nohr' is, but I know you probably won't kill me. Also, do I even look like I'm form what'cha call it?" I point at myself, then slowly stumble to a sitting position.

"He does have a point, brother." A guy in a metal lobster suit walks up, a glowing sword with lightening on his belt.

"Brother! /Lord Ryoma!" Both of these hard cases bow and move out of the way.

Lobster-guy walks up and pulls me to my feet. "So where are you from? How did you find yourself on our defensive walls?"

"I fell out of a blue hole in the sky. Is nobody listening today?"

POV: Lee [Shaman]

(Hoshido): (Hoshidan Village)

"Thank you, miss." I say as the kind older woman in front of me hands me a cup of tea.

"You don't have to thank me, Yasuko Li, you did save my daughter from those horrible creatures the Nohrians send across the border. You weren't even bound to our country, which is why our village is thankful for your saving it."

"You still don't have to be so generous Miss Amatsu. It was really nothing." I bow my head and gently pet the spectral fox sitting on my shoulder.

"Nonsense! Please call me Amu, it's what everyone calls me nowadays anyway, missy. Mozu!" The girl I saved runs into the room, slightly ruffled but still fine.

"Yes, mother?"

"Why don't you show Miss Li around the village?" The girl shyly looks up, blushing and looking guarded.

"Yes, Ma'am." I get up as Amu walks over to her dresser and pulls out a small bag.

"Now Mozu, get yourself something nice; you have been working hard all these years and your father and I decided that you deserved a reward after all these years." The girl, if possible, seems even shyer after this statement; is the normally this shy or is it because there's a guest present while she's getting rewarded?

"Yes mother, is there anything you need in town while I am there?" She nearly whispers out.

The older woman looks contemplative for a brief moment. "Yes, your father's old war-spear needs repairs, even with the new magic-maintained weapons out there, he thinks it's best to have a reliable weapon; how about you get yourself a bow, too?" Soon afterward, we head to the market.