066. Complicated



Watanuki finds it somewhat difficult to be lonely after Yuuko's disappearance.

(She'll come home.)

He considers stretching himself out, arms and legs, and then instead dozes, gradually waking to a soft, lulling argument across his chest.

"I want to kiss Watanuki first when he wakes up!" Moro pouts, her straight, cotton-candy pink hair rumpled to Watanuki's face. Maru fumes, scrunching her tiny, pale nose in a cute manner.

"Nuh uh! I'm going to!"

"How about you both kiss me good morning at the same time?" Watanuki mumbles, He's fairly useless without his corrective lens, but manages to identify the twin, girlish blobs made of pink and cotton-candy blue hovering over him.

Maru and Moro peck their lips onto Watanuki's slack, sleep-warm mouth fondly, running their little hands over his sternum exposed by one of Yuuko's butterfly-embroidered kimonos.

They taste like strawberry and creamy white chocolate truffle, which had been Watanuki's recent dessert-themed creation from last evening.

He's about to sit up and announce their morning chores when Maru, snuggling up and lying across Watanuki's left side, nimbly slides her palm and the curl of her fingers over a protruding, now twitching lump in Watanuki's underwear.

She grasps the outline of his hardening cock with a fiendishly impish look, allowing Moro to reach in and free him. They bend over, kissing him at the same time, licking and suckling Watanuki's glistening, spongy cockhead until it trickles whitish fluid onto their opening lips and cheeks.

Watanuki holds back his groans, biting down on his knuckles and squeezing his eyes shut as the strong, needed orgasm takes him, listening to the two girls whisper out about how soft he is, how tasty, about how much Watanuki must love them.

He understands Maru and Moro can eat and drink, can laugh and cry and bring him pleasure — but that they are only spirits holding Yuuko's shop together in this earthly realm.

Regardless… … regardless.

They're his.



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