Young 11 year old Harry Potter followed the rather hairy giant of a man as he made his way into Gringotts bank. Looking at the two strange looking beings guarding the entrance he asked pointing to the one nearest to him very politely "Excuse me sir but would you tell me what are the odd fellows at the top of the steps?"

The giant who called himself Hagrid gave a small chuckle while he looked down at his rather small charge "They's Goblins Harry, nasty little blighters they is. Right now you be polite while we gets some money ok."

Harry nodded as he looked around the really large room, it looked somewhat like a huge ball room with teller stations lining the walls. He followed Hagrid to the first station that was not busy. He looked up at the Goblin sitting in an unusually high chair while Hagrid introduced him.

"This is Mister Harry Potter; he's here to withdraw some gold from his vault." Hagrid said quietly as if he did not wish anyone else to hear.

The Goblin looked down at Harry and asked politely "Do you have your key Mister Potter?"

"Ah yes knew I was fergetin sme thin," Hagrid mumbled as he began rummaging in his pockets. "Here it is," Hagrid announced after several minutes and placing a small golden key on the Goblins desk.

Before the Goblin could reach for the key Harry who like all kids his age had a 'why' question that needed an answer, he was very inquisitive about this new world he was being introduced to, held up his hand turning to face Hagrid "Hold on a minute! If that is my key for something I know nothing about, why do you have it?"

The Goblin gave Harry a questioning look. "You say you know nothing about your vault Mister Potter?"

"Nothing at all sir, I know nothing of this world at all, but if as he says that is the key to My money vault then he or someone he knows must have stolen it! Because I sir have never had any money to spend in my life. Never seen or even knew about that key." Harry said a little anger showing on his face.

Hagrid looked horrified at being accused of stealing and quickly and rather loudly declared he had the key from headmaster Dumbledore just that morning.

Hagrid's rather loud exclamation caused a bushy haired girl in the next queue along from Harry to comment to the man she was with "Daddy I'm not so sure this world is safe. All the hate filled glares we were getting outside and now hearing the headmaster of their school is a thief, maybe we should forget about opening an account here."

Richard Granger looked at his young daughter "Now Hermione love lets not jump to any conclusions until we have a better picture of things hey?" Richard then stepped up to the teller and not to quietly exchanged a hundred pounds for Galleons before he led his daughter and wife from the bank to finish their shopping.

Meanwhile at the teller station Harry was at, Hagrid found himself arrested by several goblins as soon as the key was proved to belong to Harry. Hagrid was quickly led away to be questioned. Harry then asked the goblin for the same amount of Halleons as the Mr at the next queue had asked for.

"It's Galleons Mr Potter, I would suggest that you withdraw at least five times that amount if you are here in Diagon to buy your school things." The Goblin advised.

Harry did as was suggested and then left the bank alone. The first shop he entered was called Madam Malkins Robes for all occasions. It was mere seconds after entering the shop when he heard several insults from a blond haired boy who was wearing what looked like a dress to Harry. The insults were being directed at the girl he had seen in the bank, as he looked at the blond he glared at him before he turned to the bushy haired girl. "Excuse me miss, I don't know your name but if I was you I would ignore the ponce dressed as a girl over there!"

Hermione turned to look at who spoke and gave him a small smile. "Hello Mr Potter, the boy throwing his insults around is actually wearing the school uniform." She slowly indicated what she was wearing which was identical to the blond boy's dress.

Harry stared at the blond for several seconds before he turned to the girl "Are you sure? Well you won't catch me wearing blooming dresses, school or not. I know that this might sound rather chover… er whatsit… er… 'chauvinistic' but I am most definitely a boy and refuse to dress like a girl."

There was then rather loud screech as the blond hopped from his place on the small round dais he was on and yelled "DO you know who I am? I am Draco Malfoy.!"

Harry once again glared at the blond and said "Look girly I don't care if your name is king kong. you don't go around insulting people or you may get that snobby name shoved right down your throat."

"Wait till I tell my father." Draco said as he stepped back a few steps and tripped on the dais ending up sat on his butt with a rather large bruise forming on him in a delicate part of his body that had hit the edge of the dais.

Ignoring the boy called Malfoy Harry then turned to the shop owner. "Excuse me madam but do you sell proper school wear?"

Madam Malkin looked at Harry as if he was crazy, "Mr Malfoy is wearing the correct school uniform young sir."

Harry found it almost unbelievable. "Don't tell me all wizards dress up in girls clothes."

"Let me tell you young man, wizards have always dressed the way they do, so why should they change things now." Madam Malkin growled.

"Well bugger that, I'm off." Harry declared as he turned and left the shop. By the time he had been to all the shops on the list that Hagrid had given him Harry had only bought a small selection of books. He had never had any money to spend before and he was not going waste what he now had. It was as he made his way through the Leaky Cauldron that he bumped into the family of the girl with the bushy hair yet again.

"Did you get all your shopping done already?" Hermione asked as he stopped to talk to her.

"No, No I have decided not to attend such a backward and apparently pathetic school. I feel that as I have been doing what they call accidental magic since I was a toddler. I should be able to teach myself more from these books. Why would I need to attend lessons to be told how to do the magic? I have a house where according to the goblins I can do any magic I wish without the retards dressed as women they call the ministry knowing about it. I mean Quills costing almost ten quid each instead of pens that cost just a few pennies, and ruddy parchment where one sheet costs more than a large A4 pad of writing paper. That rubbish I was told about having to pay for doing the stuff in those school text books. I mean seriously what would I want to learn how to turn something into a pin cushion for? If I really am magical what difference does it make where I read these books. I know I can already do magic, I don't need to spend £15000 a year on some daft old thief in a dress telling me that I have to attend his school and pay him for it. I most definitely don't need to dress as a girl and mix with nasty folk like that blond ponce who was insulting you."

Richard Granger looked thoughtfully at the young boy who it seemed was rather angry and thought about what he was saying. £15000 a year was indeed quite a sum to spend on a school if the boy or his daughter could learn from being self taught.

As Mr Granger was thinking things over Hermione asked Harry if he had bought anything else besides the books. Harry gave her an odd look and asked. "No I didn't think anything was worth what they wanted for it."

"Didn't you get a wand? I got mine on our first trip here. Oh and you could well be right about learning stuff, I've already tried several spells from the text books with no problems, for instance Oculus repairo."

Both Harry and Mr Granger blinked in surprise as Harry's glasses were instantly repaired. "Wow thanks miss, I never even thought of that. Oh and yes I got a wand, but I don't really see why they are needed if we have already been doing magic stuff without one."

"You are quite welcome Mr Potter. My name is Hermione by the way, Hermione Granger and these are my parents, Helen and Richard." Hermione said as they shook hands.

Harry wore a large smile as he answered her while shaking her hand. "Harry, Harry Potter at your service."

As Harry turned and held out his hand to Mr Granger, Richard asked quietly "Might I ask where you live, I am quite interested in what you said about that school and would like to have a word with your folks about it."

Harry looked sadly at the man in front of him and very quietly almost whispering he said "My parents died some years ago sir, I shall be living at the home the goblins told me about, some place called Manor farm, Roman way, near Cowley, Oxfordshire. I'll be living there so those idiots from Hogwarts won't bother me. Being Oxfordshire I feel quite sure there will be plenty of schools around for me to attend and the goblins promised to assist me in relocating if I needed it. Though I don't have anything to relocate."

It was then that Helen spoke up a look of worry on her face "Who will you be living with, it sounds to me as if you intend to live alone and you are far too young to do that."

"According to my goblin account manager I have quite a few elves who live at the manor that will care for me, besides my Uncle Vernon told me not to return to Privet drive until next summer, so I will need to live somewhere Ma,am."

"Odd as this maybe Harry, we live just a couple of miles from Roman Way, a place called Summertown. Maybe we could give you a ride there. Make sure the place is safe, you know check it out and all that." Richard said while hoping the boy would accept the ride so he could find out more about Harry's family, find out about this Uncle Vernon, who it seemed had simply dumped Harry and told him not to return.

While Harry was talking to her parents Hermione was eager to talk to him about the books she had read and what they said about him. She did not have to wait long as Harry accepted the offer of a ride and then turned to talk to her as they made their way to the Granger car that was parked in the next street.

Harry was right about both the house and the little strange people who lived there. Harry counted eight of the slightly green coloured little ones. The small group were only at the manor for a matter of minutes when one of the elves asked if they would be staying for dinner and would they like a beverage while they looked around. They were all quite surprised that there were six bedrooms all with their own on suite. There was even a spare bathroom at the end of the hall where all the bedrooms were. Harry chuckled as he stepped out of the bedroom he had chosen. "Well there is no doubt about it this room is far bigger than my cupboard under the stairs," he mumbled.

"What?" a female elf almost screamed. "What does you'se mean master Harry? Does you'se mean you'se lived in a cupboard like a house elf?"

Before Harry could hush the little elf he was surrounded by seven rather quiet pop sounds as all the elves appeared in front of him. The Granger family also gathered around the obviously under nourished boy. The elf who was obviously in charge stepped right in front of Harry.

"I'se Betty, Does master Harry mind ifen Betty looks at him."

Harry not understanding what was happening nodded to the elf and watched as she reached up and placed her small hand on his temple. It took but a few seconds before the elf stepped away from him. "We will makes things better for master Harry."

"Excuse me but what just happened?" Richard asked the elf. Betty turned to the tall father of her master's friend and reached up to place her hand on his temple. Harry thinking she was doing the same to Mr Granger as she did to him which seemed a rather pleasant tingle inside his head watched closely the expression on Mr Grangers face.

Meanwhile Richard was watching what the elf had seen of Harry's life at number four privet drive. It took quite some effort not to show his anger at what he was seeing but he managed it and silently swore he would see the Dursley family in prison if it was the last thing he ever did.

Betty the elf in charge placed her hand on each elf and one by one they all popped away. Once the elves were all gathered in a small shed out in the back garden the elves declared war on the evil muggle family. Betty looked at her own daughter and said rather quietly "You know what must be done now we have our master back."

The small female they called Tilda nodded her head "Yes mamma, time to fetch 'The' Evans lady."

With that Tilda popped away only to return several minutes later with a formidable looking slightly over middle aged woman and a younger looking woman who looked like she was the daughter. Both wore rather severe expressions on their faces. Green eyes looked around both pairs filled with anger. "Betty where his my Grandson?" asked the older lady.

"They's in the house sharing dinner mistress Evans." The elf replied while giving a curtsy.

"Lead us to him and introduce us, I need to know where he has been these past few years."

Betty did as asked and lead the two women into the house and then into he dining room. "Master Harry You'se grandmother and aunt here to see you!" she declared before she popped away.

Harry sat staring at the two women who both had eyes just like his. "Gran… Grandmo…ther? He stuttered. But aunt Petunia never said I had a Grandmother… never not once."

"The older lady looked oddly at him for a few moments "Who on earth is this aunt Petunia? You have no aunt Petunia… I am your Grandmother Ivy Evans, this is my daughter Rose, Lily's twin and only sister. Seems we have much to talk about young man. Now why don't you introduce us to your guests and perhaps you could ask Tilda to bring in a fresh pot of tea."

Harry still looked quite shocked as he repeated several times "I have a Grandmother…"

Richard seeing the shocked condition that Harry was in decided to introduce his family. "Excuse me Mrs Evans, the name is Granger, Richard Granger, my wife Helen and my pride and joy our daughter Hermione. We met young Harry earlier today and we are here to talk to Harry about the school he and Hermione have been offered places at." He then went on to tell her about the fees they charged and how Harry had chosen not to attend, and he and his wife were hoping that Harry and Hermione could learn about their magic together at Harry's home.

"Seems you have the right idea Richard. I have wished many times over the years that I had not given in to Lily's wish to go to that awful Hogwarts place. She should have stayed at home like Rose did. Do you know they don't even teach the children anything other than a useless form of magic tricks. Idiots don't seem to understand lessons in magic are not needed. In fact the school was first started during a time of illiteracy to teach young magical's to read and write. Now they learn neither. We learn magic naturally, what they laughingly now call accidental magic. I lost my child to that world and Harry has been missing for almost ten years." Ivy said in anger at the stupidity of the modern magical world.

It was then that Rose spoke for the first time "Harry, who is this Petunia you spoke about?"

Harry looked at the woman who said she was his aunt and wondered why she looked nothing like Petunia Dursley at all. "Aunt Petunia is who I have been living with… I was told she was my mum's sister."

Just as Harry finished Betsy entered and replenished their tea and then stood in front of Rose and Gently placed her hand on her temple just as she had done with Richard. Rose's mouth dropped open and she slumped back in her chair. It was several moments before she spoke again "Mother we need to call a meeting of the clan elders. From the memories I have just seen our Harry has led the life of a slave with the Petunia woman."

While the two women talked Richard was wondering about all this magical stuff. Did he need to really send his daughter off to Hogwarts School and pay the wildly exorbitant fee? Spend his hard earned money on antique equipment or would the two Evans ladies allow Hermione to stay and learn with Harry.

Taking a deep breath he asked Rose "Do we really not need the education offered by Hogwarts?"

Rose looked at him for a moment deep in thought then she called Tilda over. "Tell Mr Granger what school you went to, to learn your magic please Tilda."

The elf looked at Rose as if she were nuts, "Me's not needing school, I knows what I needs and I does it. Just like Gobliny people an sprites an fairies an others."

It seemed odd to Richard he had not already realised Hermione had needed no help to do the magical stuff she had been doing since she was in her cradle. But he could now understand what the younger woman was saying and actually agreed with the elf about schooling.

As they all talked and finished their meal Betty kept giving Harry a sympathetic yet thoughtful look. With a snap of her fingers the dishes began to vanish. If you could please move to the living room? Master Harry sir You'se must accompany Betty to you'se room. Betty will return shortly mistress Evans." with another flick of her fingers Harry found himself lying on his bed quite naked.

As he tried to cover him self he suddenly found himself surrounded by elves. "This might hurt a little master, but you'se need fixing. We will be quick as we can. Now roll over and we will fix you'se back first. Harry had no time to argue as he was flipped over.

Wondering what was going on Harry suddenly felt his back getting warm and his muscles seemed to be squirming uncomfortably. As the heat grew he felt some really strange sensations that were becoming slightly painful. It seemed his entire body was being tortured and he suddenly let out a scream.

Down stairs in the living room Ivy had to use her magic to prevent the Grangers all rushing off to help the young boy who was crying out in a room above them. "Please try to calm your selves Harry will be fine shortly. At the moment the family elves are treating the damage from the injuries Harry has suffered in the past."

"They have a lot of work to do mum. Seems those vile people he lived with enjoyed beating the poor boy. According to the memories Betty showed me Harry has been beaten and whipped quite regularly all the time he was with them." Rose growled. "We should pay those impostors a visit soon."

"Count me in on that visit." Richard said angrily.

Helen who had been listening to them talking nodded her head. "We should find some way of getting them arrested. But first I think we should discover just who or what they are."

Ivy looked at the two Grangers with some surprise. These people had only met her grandson earlier that day and yet were prepared to punish the ones who had hurt the boy.

As the adults were talking and making plans to visit the people who had been pretending to be Harry's relatives and using him as a slave. Hermione stepped out of the room and went in search of her new friend Harry.

At the top of the stairs and first door to the left she spotted an elf standing as if on guard. Walking up to the elf she very politely asked if he knew where Harry was. The elf looked at the young miss who had arrived with his master and asked her to wait one minute. The elf turned around and entered the room he was guarding, just a few moments later he reappeared and said "Miss may enter shortly," then snapped his fingers and a chair appeared which he offered to Hermione.

Hermione had only been sitting for five minutes when an elf popped her head from behind the door and invited the girl in to the room. Harry was sleeping quite peacefully on his bed though there were several bruises beginning to show around his shoulders and what she could see of his legs.

"Master will soon be well again," Betty said quietly with tears in her eyes.

Hermione looked at the elf slightly shocked, "What did you do to him, why has he got all those bruises?" she demanded.

"We has fixed masters damage, bruises are from before, will soon be gone. Master will need new clothes very soon tomorrow. Little miss stay, look after master. Potter elves go see council of elders with Miss Rose and 'The' Lady Evans."

With those words still lingering in the air the elves all vanished with simultaneous pops. Hermione not quite sure what to do pushed a comfy looking chair to the bedside and got comfortable. Having already decided to be at his bed side when he woke so that they could have a conversation about their future she lifted a book and started to read quietly.

Albus Dumbledore paced across his office repeating the same move over and over. It was dark outside and he should have heard from Hagrid several hours ago. He had just returned from Diagon alley after a second futile search but there was no word at all, and he had not been able to find the giant of a man or the boy he was sent to fetch. He'd even been to visit privet drive but the boy was not there.

Albus was getting angry about things not going his way so early in his master plan, and he felt helpless as there was nothing he could do till he heard what had happened.

Hagrid the keeper of keys for Hogwarts School was sitting in a rather small cell for someone his size and wondering what on earth was going on. He had absolutely no idea that anyone other than the vault owner possessing a vault key had broken the law both Goblin and wizarding. He just wanted to return to Hogwarts so he could tell Albus about what had happened to him.

Harry woke slowly and groaned when he tried to move. Feeling someone stroke his forehead he opened his eyes and saw the pretty face of his new friend Hermione. "Hello Hermione, ohh I ache all over, any idea what happened?" he asked quietly.

Hermione looked up from the book she was reading and was a little surprised to see that most of his visible bruising was almost gone already. "Hello Harry… It seems that your little people spent time healing all your past injuries. Or as they said they were fixing you, I don't know just how bad you were hurt but you did quite bit of screaming before you passed out. Oh yeah I was asked to look after you while the little folk and your aunt and Gran went to talk to some council."

As soon as she finished speaking she stood up and moved to his bedside table and poured out a glass of water and offered it to him.

Harry after a short struggle managed to sit up and carefully took the glass from her small hand. "Thanks Hermione… it's awful good of you to stay and take care of me, especially since you barely know me." He said between sips of water.

"Well, it seems both my mum and dad trust you and your family, that and we are going to be learning together remember. That and I like you and I never had a friend before."

"Really? I've never been allowed to have any friends before either, my cousin… or perhaps he's not my cousin… anyway he beat up anyone who even talked to me at school.

Harry and his new friend Hermione talked for quite some time. They talked about their past and their future and how they were going to learn about magic and this new world they found them selves in. It was almost dawn when they finally fell asleep on the bed. Hermione slept beside him on top of the covers.

Ivy Evans was not in a good mood as she entered the large stone circle of Stonehenge surrounded by the druid council of the old ones. After she informed them of her reason for calling the council she allowed the elves to describe what they had discovered about the treatment of their young master and the injuries they had had to heal.

After the elves had finished talking the old ones all turned and silently they stepped forward and vanished into the stones as if stepping through a door. Several long minutes passed as the two Evans women and the elves waited. Almost ten minutes had passed before a tall old one stepped out of the centre stone and spoke. "The council has decided. Both the boy and girl be brought here on the seventh sunrise from today. You young lady will be their escort, prepare them well." As he finished talking he turned and vanished back into the centre stone.