When Tony's vision finally returned, he realized that he was shivering. Everything was cold, and sore. He wearily looked around, and saw that he was still in the cold, unforgiving blizzard of Siberia. As if he wasn't already freezing enough, his heart iced over with shock.

Rogers and Barnes… They left me here.

The genius felt a burning hatred fill his gut. Why would they do that?! Why would they leave him to freeze to death!?

Tony took several large, deep breaths and watched the air in front of him cloud up. He pushed the thoughts of those two bastards away, he needed to focus on getting away from the damned HYDRA base.

"Friday-" He began, before cutting himself off. His chocolate eyes widened, shifting to look at the vibranium shield next to him. I can't call Friday… My suit is broken.

Tony started breathing faster, his heart constricted with panic. "I… I need to get out," He croaked,"I need to leave! I have to get home!"

He pushed his hands against the ground, forcing himself up into a sitting position. He groaned at all the weight the suit was putting on him, and felt another surge of panic explode through him. His suit was broken and heavy, he was in the middle of a blizzard, and had no means to call for help.

I have to get out of the suit! Tony told himself, reaching up to his emergency release button by his neck. When he pressed it, however, nothing happened.. His heart sped up even more, as he irrationally slammed his finger down on the button several more times. Still, nothing happened. It didn't even feel like it was pressing down all the way..

Tony released a strangled noise, grabbing at the neck of his suit and desperately trying to rip it open. But his weakened body could barely even stay sitting up, let alone open up his suit.

The brunnette let out an angry cry, falling back down onto the ground, shivering violently. His fingers were growing numb underneath the cold metal, he knew he needed to get out fast. If the emergency release button was broken, he needed something sharp to force his suit open.

He looked over to the nearby wall, noticing a broken steel rod in the wall of the crumbling hideout. If he could reach it.. Maybe it would be enough to force the button to work.

Tony tried to force himself to a stand, but his shivering body wasn't cooperating. Just how long was I unconscious to already be this cold?! But he knew he had no way to answer that question. If he didn't hurry, it would only get worse.

The genius tried to pull himself closer to the sharp rod, to the shield, to anything that might be able to help. His arms screamed at the attempt, and he dropped to the ground once more. Panic started to rise within him once more, what was he going to do?

In one last desperate attempt, Tony stretched out his hand towards the steel rod. Please! Please! I don't want to die here! He begged the world, heart pounding in utter terror.

Suddenly, something powerful flowed through Tony's body.

Then the steel rod shuddered, and flew right towards the genius. The shocked genius let out a cry of surprise, but somehow managed to catch it. HIs wide eyes stared at the rod for almost a full minute, confusion ringing through him. "Did.. Did I do that?" He whispered.

That does matter right now! His mind snapped. Get out of the suit and call for help!

Tony snapped out of his trance, pushing the sharp end of the rod against the emergency release button. It still didn't budge. He growled, and carefully pressed harder on the button. Finally, he heard a click, and the suit opened with a hiss of air. Several pieces instantly broke off the suit, clattering to the ground sadly.

Tony dropped the rod, yanking himself out of what was left from the broken suit. Now free of its confines, Tony quickly reached for his phone, his fingers shaking badly as he dialed for the only person he could think of; his best friend.

After a few rings, he heard Rhodey's calm voice. "Hey Tony, what's going on? Pepper said she hadn't seen you," He asked casually.

"R-Rhodey… Please s-send for help," He croaked,"I'm in a HYDRA base in Siberia… The s-suit is shut d-down... I'm s-stuck.."

He heard the other man gasp frantically. "What?!" He exclaimed,"Hang on Tony! I'll have Ross send someone right away! Hang on!"

The dial tone reached Tony's ears next, and he shuddered as the wind slammed into him once more. Tony frantically dragged his shaking body into the corner that was furthest away from the open hole in the wall.

He pulled his legs up to his chest, hugging them close, and shivering violently. It was so cold… He wished that it would all just go away…

Tony waited there for what felt like hours before he noticed that there hadn't been any harsh, cold winds recently. He slowly opened his eyes, and gasped in shock.

The snow wasn't hitting him, and instead was piling up in a perfect circle around him, almost as if it was being kept away something. Although it still felt cold, there was no wind. He saw the snow in the wind go near him, but then suddenly hit against something and drop to the ground.

Curiosity finally got the better of the genius, and he reached out a shaking hand towards the open air. To his shock, his hand connected with something solid, and the strange barrier began to glow blue. Tony pulled his hand away, watching the dome that surrounded him fade back into invisibility.

The genius' wide brown eyes stared towards what he had just seen, and he found himself panicking even more. "What… What is going on?!" He exclaimed,"None of this is making sense!"

Tony buried his face in his hands, completely overwhelmed with everything. After everything that had happened, was all too much for the genius. He felt a sudden blast of cold air hit him, the world started spinning, and then everything faded to black.