This was heavily inspired by Luigi's Haunted Circus, a Luigi vs FNAF themed DB by Zacmariozero. It plays out more as a fanfic with Luigi trying to survive the Sister Locations game, rather than a straight out battle to the death. I highly recommend it if you're a fan of Mario and FNAF, it's really, really well written.

Indie games, a world of free exploration with horror, action, RPG, etc. Today we got one of the most recent popular vs one of the most popular in last few years, tonight we have got their main characters.

Frisk, the 8th human to fall underground from Undertale.

Baldi, the murderous math teacher of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.

In this scenario we will have a Pacifist!Frisk in the shoes of the Baldi's Basics player and they must complete the game and (potentially) defeat Baldi by any means.

This means that the battle will take place in Baldi's school and he must defeat Frisk and (potentially) overcome their Determination.

I'm the Winged Merchant and today/tonight, It's my job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills, to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.


Frisk (Stats taken from Frisk's DB Bio by Mr-Pepsi-and-Pizza on DA)

Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth, Humans and Monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races, of course because people can't get along with others. Anyway after a long battle, humans were victorious, and sealed the Monsters underground with a magic spell, only breakable with seven human SOULS.

Legends says that those who climb the Mount Ebbot never return. But there are those that don't believe in legends, specifically, children. Seriously how many games have a child that goes out to save the world or something?

After Seven childs fell to the Underground, each one with a especial trait. The first one had DETERMINATION, while the others fell in an unknown order, and had PATIENCE, BRAVERY, INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE, KINDNESS and JUSTICE. And then, another human child fell. The eight. They were another child filled with DETERMINATION, and their name, was Frisk.

Now, like I said, I'm using Frisk from the Pacifist Run, no Genocide feats used in it. This means that they will try and spare Baldi if they can. But considering this is Death Battle, I'd eat my sweater if they somehow managed to get around the DB rules and spared Baldi.

-Was given position as the ambassador of monsters.
-Was the only human that survived the underground to escape.
-Defeated the king of the monsters Asgore Dreemurr.
-Defeated and BEFRIENDED several powerful monsters including some of Asgore's knights, the Royal Guards.
-Survived the Underground without killing a single monster.
-Did however have to hurt Asgore too the brink of death, only because Asgore took away his ability to spare at the beginning of the fight.
-Defeated the Monstrous Omega/Photoshop Flowey.
-Solved several puzzles through out the underground.
-Saved existence itself from being reset by defeating Asriel Dreemurr.
-Asriel at the time had become godlike after absorbing 6 Humans Souls and Countless Monster Souls, including the
powerful individuals Frisk befriended.
-Did this without actually ATTACKING Asriel.
-In the process of saving existence broke the barrier trapping monsters underground.
-Came back from death several times.

Frisk has a done a lot for a genderless silent child protagonist. If these feats weren't enough to tell you. Now I'm just gonna let you see the insanity and sheer power and stats of Frisk. I'd do calcuclations but ̶I̶̶̶'̶̶̶m̶̶̶ ̶̶̶j̶̶̶u̶̶̶s̶̶̶t̶̶̶ ̶̶̶a̶̶̶n̶̶̶o̶̶̶t̶̶̶h̶̶̶e̶̶̶r̶̶̶ ̶̶̶i̶̶̶d̶̶̶i̶̶̶o̶̶̶t̶̶̶ ̶̶̶o̶̶̶n̶̶̶ ̶̶̶t̶̶̶h̶̶̶e̶̶̶ ̶̶̶i̶̶̶n̶̶̶t̶̶̶e̶̶̶r̶̶̶n̶̶̶e̶̶̶t̶̶̶ ̶̶̶ I'm sure I don't need to tell you as most of you can Probally tell how insane that these are without specifics.

-Even without absorbing monster souls and becoming more powerful was capable of overpowering Asgore to the brink of death.
-Progressively powered through Omega Flowey's monstrous defenses.
-Progressively beat Flowey out of his monstrous form back into a lowly flower.
-Can push rocks slightly smaller then them.
-Extremely reflexive.
-Capable of dodging a variety of different attacks.
-Giant axes.
-Powerful blade swings from Asgore and Asriel.
-Energy blasts from multiple characters, which do include Asriel and Asgore.
-Attacks with slight homing.
-All of Flowey's attacks which were basically the hardest bullet hell levels.
-Towering bone structures, while they were restrained to moving only while jumping.
-Several names in a Special Thanks credits scene, all of which were coming at varying speeds and angles.
-Asriel's lightning.
-Was capable of keeping up with Flowey's attacks whilst Flowey was constantly saving the game and loading it so Frisk would be pulled back into an attack seconds before it happens.
-Even their regular movement speed can react to spears appearing from the ground
-Even without absorbing monster souls to become more powerful, can take several powerful hits before dying
-Their soul will become revealed from his body, and hits to his soul will bring Frisk closer to death
-Even before any of his battles survived a fall that would kill any normal child
-Apparently their fall was broken by a small flower patch so take that how you will.
-Also survived being dropped into a junkyard after getting caught in a bridge collapse
-Survived hits Asgore's most powerful knight Undyne
-Survived attacks from Asgore himself the King of Monsters
-Took hits from Flower who had become a powerful monster by absorbing 6 human souls (Which would have made him capable of wiping out all monsters and humans)
-These attacks included, several thorny tendrils hitting them all at once, a storm of plus shaped bullets, a storm of large explosives falling on top of them, rings of bullets surrounding them, flamethrowers, and a storm of flies

-The strongest attack Frisk has ever survived were from the god like Asriel
-Including storms of laser blasts, powerful lightning strikes, blasts from a laser cannon, a storm of stars which exploded into smaller stars, and blade swings
-Will become briefly invincible after being hit with an attack of any strength
-Won't be damaged by blue attacks if he doesn't move
-Won't be damaged by orange attacks if he keeps moving

Weapons and Equipment

While it would be normally meaningless as they are a pacifist, which literally means in Latin "peace-making", but I think it would be fair to give Frisk their entire weaponry, besides, they do have some passive effects so if I'm gonna give them some, might as well go all out right? The 2nd weapons and armor onwards are (presumably) the weapons and armor of the 7 other fallen children and all come in a set that aren't too far from each other.

-Gives no damage bonus'
-If something is equipped in it's place it cannot be re-equipped
Toy Knife
-Boosts Frisks attack by 3
-Made of plastic
Tough Glove
-Boosts Frisks attack by 5
-Allows Frisk to perform multi-hit combos (Numbers will vary)
Ballet Shoes
-Boosts Frisks attack by 7
-Allows for 4 hit combos
-Makes Frisk feel dangerous
Torn Notebook
-Boosts Frisks attacks by 2
-Can perform 2 hit combos
-Boosts Frisks invincibility by 6
Burnt Pan
-Boosts Frisks attack by 10
-Boosts healing items effectiveness by 4
-Allows for 4 hit combos
Empty Gun
-Antique revolver with no ammo
-Can perform a fast 5 hit combo
-Boosts Frisks attack by 12
-Requires precise timing during attacks or damage will be low
Worn Dagger
-Boosts Frisks attack by 15
-Can't perform critical hits
-Can't perform combos

While their weaponry, and subsequently their ATK in general, is mostly meaningless in a pacifist run, their armor isn't. As they can do certain things other than boost DEF.

-Gives no defense bonus
-If another item is equipped in its place it cannot be re-equipped
Faded Ribbon
-Boosts Frisks defense by 3
Manly Bandana
-Has abs drawn on it
-Boosts Frisks defense by 7
Old Tutu
-Considered the first protective piece of armor by Frisk
-Boosts Frisks defense by 10
Cloudy Glasses
-Boosts Frisks defense by 6
-Boosts Frisks invincibility by 9
Stained Apron
-Boosts Frisks defense by 11
-Heals Frisk by 1 occasional
Cowboy Hat
-Boosts Frisks attack by 5
-Boosts Frisks defense by 12
Heart Locket
-A Best Friends Forever Locket
-Boosts Frisks defense by 15

What's an RPG without healing items? Usually A bad one, a hardcore one, or just a game of Pokémon by your own choice because you're not using them because that's a lame way to play it. Anyway, Frisk will only be carrying certain healing items on hand in this scenario. We will give them a slice of the Butterscotch Pie, the Abandoned Quiche, the Instant Noodles, the Mettaton Steak and finally, 2 Legendary Heroes and 2 Sea Teas, which increase their ATK and SPD respectively. Basically the best healing items from the pacifist route. They also do have access to their Last Dreams, since that's something Frisk can make on their own because Logic was thrown out the window long ago. The weapons and armor (see below) will be stored in the Cell Phone's dimensional boxes.

-Heals 10 HP
-One of a Kind
Monster Candy
-Heals 10 HP
Spider Donut
-Made with Spider Cider
-Heals 12 HP
Spider Cider
-Heals 24 HP
Butterscotch Pie
-Given to by Toriel
-Only has 1 Slice
-Fully Heals
Nice Cream
-Heals 15 HP
-A two sided popsicle that can be eaten twice
-Heals 11 HP both times
Cinnomon Bunny
-A bunny shaped cinnomon roll
-Heals 22 HP
Astronaut Food
-Heals 21 HP
Crab Apple
-A fruit shaped like a crab
-Heals 18 HP
Sea Tea
-Heals 10 HP
-Boosts Frisks speed for the rest of the battle
Abandoned Quiche
-Heals 34 HP
Temmie Flakes
-Heals 2 HP
-Very Cheap
-Made from construction paper
Instant Noodles
-Healing can vary
-Heals 4 HP in battle
-Heals 15 HP outside of battle
-And on rare occasion heals 90 HP
-Will always heal 90 HP in Serious mode
Hot Dog . . . ?
-Made from water sausage
-Heals 20 HP
Hot Cat
-A hot dog with little cat ears on the end
-Heals 21 HP
Junk Food
-Might have been taken from a trash can
-Heals 17 HP
-Heals 14 HP
-Heals 27 HP
Legendary Hero
-Increases attack damage when eaten
-Heals 40 HP
Mettaton Steak
-A steak shaped like Mettatons face
-Might be processed
-Heals 60 HP
-Boosts a shows ratings when eaten on camera
Papato Chisps
-Heals 13 HP
Last Dreams
-Heals 17 HP
-A manifestation of Frisks dreams
-Can be created by Frisk to fill empty slots in their inventory
-Can only create one at time
-However can carry as many as his inventory will hold

-Given to by Toriel
-Upgraded by Dr. Alphys
-Has a jetpack function
-Works as a regular cellphone with texting capabilities
-Also connects to the internet
-The yellow button on the phone will allow Frisks soul to become a Yellow Soul
-Connected to two dimensional storage boxes

Skills and Abilities

Frisk's dodging ability is rather unique and they are quite versatile in how they dodge attacks. They have a few SOUL modes that, while activated from outside help (which is forbidden in a Death Battle) are still quite useful. They will only have access to Red Heart Mode, which is their normal default mode, and Yellow Heart Mode, which is obtained from their Upgraded Phone, in this scenario. Also, while not a SOUL mode, Frisk also has a serious mode where they stop joking around. This does not many noticeable things to the game, but it's worth mentioning. Other than that you can read exactly what Determination means in this game.

Red Heart Mode
-The form Frisks soul always takes
-Gives Frisk free movement
-Has no special qualities aside from that
Green Heart Mode
-Achieved after being hit with Undyne's special ability
-Makes Frisk immobile
-Gives Frisk an invincible shield
Yellow Heart Mode
-Achieved by pressing the yellow button on their phone
-Turns Frisks soul into a small yellow blaster
-Shoots small energy blasts
-The blasts are not effective on powerful foes, they're more effective on small projectiles and objects
Purple Heart Mode
-Achieved when exposed to Muffets tea
-Restrains Frisk to several purple strings
-Frisk can now only move between those strings
Blue Heart Mode
-Frisk can now only move in the air while jumping
-Frisks jumping capabilities are increased massively
-Capable of controlling his movement in air (even while falling) with expert precision
-Can also control the height of his jumping
Serious Mode
-Makes Frisk a lot more serious
-Makes instant noodles always heal 90 HP
-Has no other helpful qualities other then those

-Is what keeps Frisk constantly fighting
-Was so powerful that during their fight with Asriel was able to revive them self repeatedly
-It's what allows them to use the save feature in game
-Allows Frisk to manifest Last Dreams
-Even remembers dying as well

-By holding onto all of their hopes can reduce the damage Frisk takes
-Can be built up during battle

-Is basically the pacifistic way of fighting, and Frisks most preferred method of "fighting"
-Allows Frisk to check their opponents stats and quirks
-Allows Frisk to interact with their opponent in certain ways
-The most common act they're capable of is Talking
-His most efficient acts are extremely friendly
-By using acts will allow Frisk to spare them and win the battle

-Allows Frisk to flee from battle
-Allows Frisk to spare opponents
-Sparing an opponent after acting appropriately gives Frisk the win
-Sparing can also be used to stall fights out to a decisive point

-Used to reach into Asriel and save the souls of his friends, and eventually Asriel himself

While they are quite powerful and won't stay down long, even in death. They do have their fair share of shortcomings.

MERCY'S can be taken way from them
-Although it took a powerful monster such as Asgore to do it
-Sparing will also sometimes not do anything except stall
Their highest boosting Armor and Weapons have no special qualities
Healing items are limited
Dimensional Storage boxes are not infinite
-Each hold up to 8 Items
Only has 20 HP
-Compensated by his durability and invincibility
Most of his Soul Modes limit his movement in some way
His SOUL (Weakpoint) Is constantly exposed
-Again compensated by his durability, invincibility, and speed
-Frisk will not kill anyone
-Even after rending Flowey (Who had killed Asgore right after he was spared, took 6 human souls in order to kill everything, AND used saving as a way to repeatedly kill Frisk, he was still forgiven, even after saying he would come back and kill everything, he was still forgiven)
-They prefer using ACTS and MERCY over actually fighting
-Will however fight if their ability to MERCY is either useless (or are taken away from them), and their ACTS are rendered useless
-Even if they get their opponent on the brink of Death will still find a way to spare them

Despite these weaknesses, they still are a good kid who will be determined to do the right thing, even if that's sparing a flower that done multiple evil things to them and to others before their very eyes. God, Flowey is a true asshat.

Chara(?): *You are filled with Determination.

Frisk: ...

Baldi's Basics. (Note: We are using the most recent Baldi there is at the time of writing, V1.3. Any later updates will not be used. Also Baldi's Basics - Field Trip's demo will not be considered because it's A, not finished and only a demo at the time of writing, and B, doesn't really show Baldi doing anything different than before. Sorry if this is an inconvenience.)

Welcome to Here School where School is out, but there's a problem, your friend has left their notebooks at the school and if he were to go get them, he'd be late for eating practice...? Ok then. So it's up to you to get them back. But there's one problem, and his name is Baldi.

Now then since their isn't a real DB bio online for me to use at the time of writing. I'll be using my own research from YouTube and the Wikia pages to the best of my ability.

In this scenario we will be giving Baldi the home field advantage due to how the scenario must play out. I honestly can't see Frisk running around the Underground trying to find 7 notebooks. Anyway other than that Baldi will be given his allies from his game. I know, I know, It's kinda breaking the rules since Frisk's friends can't give Frisk the other SOUL Modes, but they technically can be labeled Baldi's weapons as they are all 2 Dimensional to the point where they're just idiots when taken as real characters. Anyway before I get into all that, let's start with Baldi himself.

Baldi is a simple Math Teacher who's obsessed with Math, to the point where he thinks everyone shares his love of Algebra. He comes off as a nice teacher willing to help you out, even explaining problems and giving you a quarter for getting all 3 problems right on the first notebook. But then at the third question of Notebook 2, which is a glitchy mess, or if you get one wrong in general. He then frowns and becomes very angry at you as the game truly begins.

The game then turns into Slender where, with each wrong answer that you give, the faster and angrier Baldi gets as he walks at you with some sort of teleportation leap forwards every time he smacks his ruler against his hand, basically becoming the math teacher version of your worst nightmares. If he catches you, it's game over as he punishes you, most likely killing the player if we take his personality into account.

Baldi otherwise doesn't have physical feats and little feats to go off of. we can use. If we want to be fair, I'd say peak human at best.


-Can possibly kill what is potentially a child with only a ruler(?)


-None, Peak human if we want an educated (HA!) guess.

-I'd say a bit faster than the peak human being if we want to be fair. (If we were using any Baldi from Pre V1.3 then I'd say his fastest is 3-5 seconds to navigate the school with 12 questions wrong and find you and kill you instantaneously, but that has been patched as of now.)

-Apparently has hearing so good he can tell where a sound was made and who made it. Hearing every door you open. But a distracting sound can throw him off course fairly easily.

Baldi, would be a fairly easily challenge to get away from if it was only him, but that's where his weapons, equipment and the school itself along with his allies come into play. I'll do my best to explain them all as best as I can.

Weapons and Equipment


-Just a wooden ruler.

-Should be 12 in or 30 cm in length.

-Always on his person.

School items


-Can be used for purchasing BSoda or Zesty Bars from their respective vending machines, Bribing It's a Bully to open the path he's blocking, teleporting him to a new location to block a new path, and using the Noise Phone to bait Baldi to the source of the noise.

-Can be found in one of the Faculty Rooms, the hallways, and next to Baldi after completing the first notebook successfully.


-A blue soda can drink.

-Fires a projectile that can push almost all of the characthers. It's a Bully is the only exception.

-Found in Cafeteria and BSODA Machines.

Energy Flavored Zesty Bar

-Gives the eater a Stamina Boost for a short period of time, as well as refilling the stamina bar.

-Found in Cafeteria and Zesty Machines.

Principal's Keys

-A single use set of keys that can let you out of detention early.

-Found in one of the Faculty Rooms.


-Prevents Baldi from hearing a door open or close four times.

-Found in Faculty Rooms and Janitor Closet.

Alarm Clock

-The clock will be put down on the floor and after a few seconds, it will start making noise. This will interrupt Baldi's hearing. When placed, it makes a ticking noise until it starts distracting Baldi, distracting him as he goes to destroy it.

-Found in Faculty Rooms.

Yellow Door Lock

-A lock designed for the yellow doors, preventing any character, including the player, from entering the door from either side. The lock can only stay on the door for around 10 seconds.

-Found in Faculty Room in the hallway with two notebooks.

Safety Scissors

-Just a pair of pink safety scissors.

-Perfect for cutting paper, jump ropes, homework, and wires.

-Just a pair of Safety Scissors.

-Found in Classrooms.

Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape

-It can be used to deter Baldi away from you for a short period of time. The item will disappear from the inventory once you inject the tape into the Tape Player, which is located in the Principal's Office. Afterwards, the player will be unable to use the tape recorder.

-Found in Faculty Rooms.

Noise Phone

-Giant stationary Landline phone that costs $0.25.

-It only appears at the end of the hallway by the cafeteria.

-Similar to Clock and BAHaDT, can distract Baldi.


-The main collectable of the game.

-7 in total.

-Activates the "You Can Think! Pad™" when you touch it and you must do all 3 math problems.

You Can Think! Pad™

-Basic Green Tablet used to answer 3 math problems given to you by Baldi.

-2nd Notebook onwards, the 3rd question becomes a garbled mess of unanswerable garbage.

-Every wrong answer gets Baldi angrier and angrier, and subsequently faster and faster.

-Activated every time you touch a Notebook.

-Might be able to stop time? (Baldi or anyone else doesn't attack you while you use it.)


It's a Bully

-You're standard School Bully

-Steals items that you hold in you inventory.

-Can be avoided if you find a way around him if you change your route.

-Can be sent to detention by The Principal of the Thing when seen by him.

Principal of the Thing

-The apparent principal despite Baldi calling it HIS school.

-Wanders the halls aimlessly and quickly.

-Passes by the player unless they break the school rules in front of him.

-Teleports the rule breaker to Detention for 15 seconds and adds to that the more times that they get caught. Any Detentions past 60 will go up to 99.

-However, there is an item called the Principal's Keys that are found in one of the school's Faculty Rooms. When the player is in detention, they can use them to escape.

-However, the longer the detention time is, the riskier it is to do, because if the principal catches the player outside while detention is still being held, he will send them back to detention with an increase of waiting time.


-Playtime will randomly roam the hallways in unspecified directions, playing her signature jingle until the Player is close enough to her, in which she will immediately approach the Player at high speed and stop them in their track upon contact.

-She will force the player to jump over a skipping rope five times without fault, otherwise, the player will restart the first skip.

-Upon jumping for the fifth time, she will leave and the player will be free to walk again. She will not attack the player again for a couple of seconds after leaving.

-Her rope can be cut, and she will no longer play with you. This is considered bullying, and if The Principal of the Thing is near when you do this, you will be sent to detention.

Gotta Sweep

-A talking broom.

-Doesn't do much at first, but after a while it will get up and sweep.

-Pushed the player and other characters in his path around. With the exception of It's a Bully.

1st Prize

-A hugging robot.

-Turns really slowly.

-Like Gotta Sweep can push the player and others around.

-Chases the player.

-Cut its wires, and it will slow down and spin around for 15 seconds before returning to its normal, working state.

Arts and Crafters

-When the player begins the game, Arts and Crafters can rarely be seen, disappearing around corners when the player steps into view and will have no influence in the game until you collect all 7 Notebooks.

-Arts and Crafters will become jealous of the player and become a threat. If seen, he will rush at the Player with his mouth open and then teleport them and Baldi to the starting point of the game.

Baldi must be a pretty smart guy if he's a math teacher, but I still see he's got a few screws loose. He's got his fair share of weaknesses.


-Most of the items are things that can be used to put him at a disadvantage.

-Some of his allies can be used against him if the player knows what they are doing.

-Is still human and can likely be killed just as easily.

-Killing kids isn't exactly a good show of how strong you are, not to mention we don't know if he's killing them at all.

-His hearing can be disoriented by sound distractions.

-If he loses sight of the player and they aren't opening a door, can't locate them and will walk around until he finds them or hears them.

-Usually relies on his allies and the School's mechanics for success and not used to catching people on his own.

-Often pretty slow to move around at first.

-Faster and Smarter people can Probally outrun him and are less likely to get problems wrong, making him slower than he can due to how the game works.

Despite his shortcomings, Baldi and his friends still are a force to be reckoned with.

Baldi: Congratulations! You've found all seven notebooks! Now all you need to do is... GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! ...Heh-Heh Hehhh!

Alright, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once for all! It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEEE!