Now because I'd know I'd never hear the end of it from you Undertale Fanatics, here's the Genocide version. Don't even take this seriously at all.

When they came too the two partners found themselves outside a school building, with a yellow glow nearby the school's doors.

Frisk ignored it and simplify went to the door. Checking their inventory over real quick.

They had an assortment of healing items from the Underground, they were equipped with their Real Knife and Locket as they stopped by a familiar yellow star outside the building as they went to it. It seemed to be a school, but it looked a bit off.

This whole situation didn't faze them at all so they went for the SAVE point, a familiar voice rang in their head.


Frisk made their way to the next inside as they saw what resembled a poorly made CGI Game with a badly animated wave and a "Oh, hi! Welcome to my Schoolhouse." from the man, his mouth not synching up to the voice.



Before the teacher could register what had just happened, he was on the ground with a large red gash though his body.

The child's knife dripped with blood as the human showed a menacing grin.

"Wh-what?" Baldi asked confused. The light then faded from his eyes.

They then turned to a man with grey clothing. "No stabbing teachers in the hall!"


The same happened to The Principle of The Thing.

*Looks like a Free EXP farm.

Frisk nodded as they cut down a sentient broom, a girl with a jump rope, a large orange bully, a Sock Puppet, and a robot.

They then save outside the building.

*1 Left.

They then search the School until they find a room labelled Baldi's office.

The partners were met with a strange figure in a red shirt in a T pose.

"Oh jeepers, you found me. Good job, I'm actually glad that you found me, because I have something kind of important to say. *Beep* It's about th-this game... Don't, *Beep* Uh, Eh. Don't *Beep* Don't, just, *Laughter* this is.. This is probably looking pretty ridiculous *beep* I only just want to say *Beep* and that you're not getting out of this game, you've fled your own after you left it *Beep* So I've *Beep* decided to lock you in mine. *Laughter* Kill me if you *Beep* but you're not getting out. *Beep*" Filename2 said.

*This will be easy to reverse.

Frisk then began to try and load their SAVE, only for nothing to happen.


"Oh yeah, don't go thinking you can cheat the system. *Beep* I made sure your power can't work here. *Beep* If I die, at least *Beep* you'll be trapped here, FOREVER!" Filename2 explained, his voice glitching out quite a lot at the FOREVER word.

Frisk stared at the odd figure.

*This could be take a while.

Frisk then rushed at Filename2 as their eyes open to reveal two soulless blood red eyes and smiled menacingly at the figure.


Hope you enjoyed this so don't complain that I forgot Geno Frisk.