Everything hurt, badly enough he almost couldn't feel the additional spike of pain that came with each labored breath. But Jim Kirk did. Still, none of the pain compared to the one coming from the burning mark on his arm. The brand they'd given him shortly before beating him nearly unconscious and dumping him in an alleyway. His "master" didn't want him any more.

They rarely did, once he fought back. He was "aesthetically pleasing" and so each of his previous four masters had tried to bed him. But Jim wouldn't have it. This was the first time he'd just been abandoned. Usually he was sold, often to the highest bidder, and each sale gave him another painful brand mark on his arm.

Slowly Jim shifted, wincing as new aches and pains revealed themselves. He didn't make it more than a few inches before he had to stop as his limbs quivered and his head spun. His stomach was protesting the delay, demanding he get up and find food. But as hungry as he was he couldn't even lift his head, let alone get far enough to get food or help.

As delirious and exhausted as he was he missed the approaching footsteps, but not the gentle distinctly southern voice that reached him as someone knelt near him. "Hey, are you okay?" The voice asked, soothing and concerned.

Slowly Jim twisted his head, just far enough he could see the man speaking to him. A human with blue eyes and dark hair. He was dressed in a thin long sleeved blue top and black pants; both looked relatively nice meaning the man was in a much better position than himself. The man's concerned face held grumpy lines, but Jim doubted anyone who could speak so kindly could be that grumpy all the time.

"Kid, can you hear me?" He asked. Jim managed a tiny nod and he saw the man relax just a little. "Good, that's good." The man looked like he was about to continue when another voice reached them.

"What are you doing?" The voice was sharp and without even looking he knew it belonged to a Vulcan. A particularly rude one. Jim shifted slightly to look at the new arrival; he was dressed very nicely and in formal wear. The Vulcan obviously wasn't hurting for money. Then again that was obvious if he could even afford to dress his 'slave' nicely.

"He'll die if he doesn't get care." The southerner replied. The Vulcan did not look pleased at the sharp response.

"Leave him. He has four brands. Come along." The Vulcan ordered and turned to go but the other man didn't move.

"He needs care! Please, I'll even let you do that. Just let me take care of him." The man begged. The Vulcan stalked over to them and grabbed the southerner by the throat. The man flinched, scrambling to take the weight off his throat and get a breath as the Vulcan lifted him from the ground.

"You don't let me do anything. You are my property, to do with as I please. But since he's aesthetically pleasing enough to make me money I'll allow you to heal him." The Vulcan finally dropped the man who fell to his knees gasping. "But you'll be finding your own way back." He added before he walked away.

The two men simply existed for several seconds, both trying to recover the strength to do anything. Jim managed it first "Hey, you okay?" He croaked. His voice sounded bad, but it wasn't the worst he'd ever heard it.

The man nodded and shifted, moving beside Jim. "I'm fine. This is going to hurt, kid." The man warned before he helped Jim up.

Jim gasped at the pain, but grit his teeth. Almost as soon as he found his feet his knees decided they didn't want to work. The southerner supported most of his weight without arguing and the two started walking. "You're deceptively strong." Jim finally muttered and the man just gave a breathy laugh.

"I'm a doctor. Comes with the job. Especially when I've got to take care of those damn hobgoblins. Names Leonard McCoy, by the way." He added.

"James Kirk, but call me Jim." Jim responded.

"Nice to meet you, Jim." Leonard said and for the first time in a while Jim smiled. A proper one that even hurt his split lip. The sensation didn't last long as his vision started swaying. He wasn't sure if it was the world or him. "Hey, easy there. Hold on just a little longer, Jim. Why don't you tell me about yourself?" Leonard asked.

"What's there to tell? I'm a good looking human whose managed to piss off every one of my so called "masters" and I'll I've got are bruises and brands to show for it." Jim muttered darkly. Much to his surprise Leonard chuckled darkly.

"I won't say I've had it worse, but life on Vulcan as a human is never easy. Course it's not so easy on Earth either." Leonard added.

Jim was taken by surprise. "You lived on Earth?" He asked.

"Yeah, until I decided to become a doctor. Then they shipped me here to study." The doctor explained and Jim nodded.

"Better than why they brought me." He admitted.

There was a small pause. "Want to share? You don't have to. I won't force you." Leonard added and Jim shook his head.

"A Vulcan saw me as a teen, working on a farm on Earth, and decided I was "aestically pleasing" enough to be worth kidnapping and selling. So I got shipped to Vulcan to be a whore." Jim grumbled.

"That's rough. I'm sorry. Was there anyone on Earth?" Leonard asked.

"Not really. I kind of ran away from my family. You?" Jim replied.

"Long story for another time, kid." Leonard said.

"I'm not a kid. I'm almost 30." Jim grumbled and Leonard just laughed.

"Sure, sure. If you say so. Alright, this is the gate." The Vulcan guarding the gate opened it for them. Leonard kept his head down as he passed, while Jim forgot as he was too caught up looking at the mansion they were heading towards. It was only two stories, but the architecture was clearly Vulcan. It looked older than other houses, but no less elegant.

He missed the sharp look he got from the guard, but wouldn't have cared if he had seen it. Leonard just pulled him towards the house, only to swerve away from the main entrance. "We have to go in the back way or we'll get in trouble." Leonard almost whispered.

The change took Jim by surprise. The doctor seemed submissive, almost meak. He led Jim to a side door and into the large house. They got inside and Leonard led Jim through a kitchen, down a hallway, to a room with some basic medical supplies. Once they got inside the doctor relaxed a bit, straightening up. He seemed in his element.

"Alright, Jim, can you strip to your underwear and lie down?" leonard asked as he started gathering supplied. Jim let out a slow breath as his stomach dropped out, but when his eyes met Leonard's he relaxed a bit. Leonard's ears were round and his face was tint slightly pink, both things the Vulcan's who had tried to abuse him didn't have.

Jim got undressed and winced at the bruises over his chest, but when he laid down on the bed he almost groaned. It felt so good to be lying on something comfortable and somewhere relatively safe. Leonard moved over to his side and he quickly went to work. He fixed up Jim's bruises and gave him a few stinging shots of vitamins.

"Alright, so I have bad news. I'm not allowed to heal that brand like I did the bruises cause as you know it has to scar. But I do have to disinfect it which it going to hurt." He warned.

"It's alright. It's my fourth brand, remember? I'm used to it." Jim replied and Leonard gave him a sympathetic look. Though he was gentle Jim couldn't help but wince at the stinging that came as the doctor cleaned and bandaged it. Once he was done Jim started to feel sleepy.

"Don't fall asleep yet, kid. You need to get dressed and eat something first." Leonard ordered. Jim groaned playfully, not really objecting; he was feeling much better now that he could breathe without feeling pain. "Oh hush you." Leonard replied just as light hearted. He backed up and got a set of clothes, which he promptly threw at Jim.

"Hey!" Jim objected when the clothes hit him. He quickly caught them instead and smiled at Leonard as he started to get dressed, earning an eye roll from the doctor. The shirt was long sleeved like the doctor's, except Jim's was gold, and the black pants were just loose enough. Both were soft enough to sleep in comfortably and nicer than anything Jim had before.

Once he had settled back in the bed, now warm from his new clothes, Leonard set a tray of food in front of him. "Alright, if you eat it all then you can sleep." Leonard ordered. Jim looked at the food then back to him.

"All of it?" He asked softly. It was twice as much food as he had eaten at one time in almost three years.

"Yes, all of it. I can tell without running any tests that you are severely underweight and probably malnourished. Drink the whole cup of water too; you're almost certainly dehydrated." Leonard added. "Once you're done you can sleep. I'll lock the door so no one will bother you."

Jim looked up from the food and realized the doctor was getting ready to leave the room. "Are you going somewhere?"

Leonard nodded. "Yeah, I promised my… master... Don't worry. You'll be safe in here. Just eat, drink your water, and get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow." Jim could understand the hesitance before the word 'master' and it took him a moment to recall something Leonard had said earlier, while begging the Vulcan to allow him to help Jim.

"What was the thing you said you'd allow him to do?" He asked and Leonard winced, only to offer Jim a smile. Jim didn't trust it, not the way Leonard's eyes were hurting.

"It's nothing for you to worry about, Jim. Just rest for now. I'll check on you later tonight and I'll talk to you in the morning." Leonard promised before he left the room. Jim heard the door lock behind him and couldn't help the guilt that made his stomach stop growling, making him feel nauseous instead.

There was only one thing he could think of that Leonard could be referencing and as much as he refused to be an unpaid whore for a selfish Vulcan he didn't want someone else to have to do it for him. Especially someone who was doing it just to help him. But he was exhausted, his body still recovering from the abuse it suffered, and currently locked in Leonard's medbay so there wasn't anything he could do. "Sorry, Leonard." He muttered to the air. He decided to do as the doctor ordered, some small way to make it up to him.

Once the actually surprisingly good food was all gone Jim shifted, settling into the comfortable bed. "Lights off." He called and immediately the lights shut off leaving the room mostly black. Normally he feared sleeping in an almost black room, but he was warm, no longer in pain, and had a full stomach for the first time in a while. Almost as soon as his eyes had closed his body pulled him into a deep sleep.