Why did Chi-Chi let Piccolo stay at the Sons house

Why did Chi-Chi let Piccolo stay at the Sons house?

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Authors note: I wrote this fanfic to the question "Why did Chi-chi let Piccolo, a person she is well known not to have a good opinion of, stay at the house that was inhabited by her husband, of whom Piccolo had tried to kill a number of times?

This fanfic has what I think is the reason .

Chi-chi was not very happy that Goku and Gohan would be training to fight again. She was even less happy when she found out that a certain green-skinned person would be staying with them.

For 3 straight years!

"UH" Chi-chi said as she prepared dinner for the 3 fighters who were currently sparring outside." If that Piccolo says even one cruel thing, he is soooo out of this house. I don't understand why Goku insists on being hospitable towards a man who almost killed him 7 years ago. And Gohan, uhh, what does he see in that monster?"

Her thoughts were interrupted by the silence that overtook the area. Which meant that the fighting had stopped. Which was good.

"Chi-chi, honey, how long until dinners ready"? Goku asked as he and Gohan walked into the kitchen, followed by Piccolo, who had to walk in sideways for the shoulderpads on his cape to fit through the door.

Noticing this, Chi-chi replied "Just a few minutes Goku." Then she pointed a finger at Piccolo." And you. Take of that cape before you make a dent in the wall". Then she tuned back to the stove.

"Mom……", Gohan began, but he was stopped short by his teacher's voice. " It's all right, kid." Piccolo said as he pulled his cape and turban off and tossed them by the door, where they landed with a loud thud. "I am well aware that your mother doesn't have a good opinion of me." Chi-chi glanced back at him, then turned around and said nothing.

The room was silent as they sat down at the table, Chi-chi and Goku on one side, Gohan and Piccolo on the other. Piccolo was amazed at the amount of food Chi-chi put down on the table. It looked like enough to feed ten elephants, and a baby zebra. But then again, Piccolo thought as he wisely took a helping of the food along with Chi-chi before Goku and Gohan grabbed everything within reach, she was feeding one saiyan and one half saiyan. He had had to feed Gohan while they were training together for the arrival of the saiyans Nappa and Vegeta, and if Gohans appitite was half of Goku's, a lot of food was neccesary.

Chi-chi glanced up at Piccolo, and was surprised at the polite way he was eating his food. She had thought that if anything, he would have the same, if not worse eating habits than her husband. Well, she thought, I guess now I am forced to have one good thing to say about him. Then Chi-chi noticed Piccolo had his eyes in her direction.

"I feel sorry for you"

Chi-chi was taken aback by the comment." Why? For what"?, she asked, a bit confused.

Piccolo looked first at Gohan, then at Goku and said "Their table manners"

To everyones surprise, and hers as well, she started laughing. Then she thought, I guess I might just let him stay.

The rest, as we all know, is history.