Heroes fate

By shadowpheonix3214


Earth a place where wonders and mysteries come to life there are always a balance between good and evil but there are some heroes that are very power hungry, but there are villains who just wants to take over the world, or enslaved the human race, or even destroy the world but there are villains who are not from this world and our story begins with a kid with green hair and his name is izuku midoriya but people call him deku he is walking to his school where his best friends but neither deku or his friends were being watched.

Deep in space a ship was floating at the edge of the solar system and inside of the ship a anthropomorphic hedgehog with a scouter on his right eye he reached the command center and knelt on one knee and said.

?:lord Galleon we've found a power source coming from a planet known as earth sir.

Galleon: is that so then we must head to earth this instant and destroy that power source they think they are better than me then let's see about that.

Galleon was half majin and half frieza's race and he was in his first form and galleon's power level is 900,000 and now they are heading to earth where the fun shall begin.