It's been a week since Donna returned. On this day, there was a lot of work in the hotel, new guests came in from time to time. Donna was at the reception. Virtually no one had a break. Sam thought that his wife needed a moment of breath

- Donna. We're going for a walk on the beach. And not "But ..."

Donna had no choice, so she went.

- Donna, close your eyes.

Sam took Donna to the table.

- You did it?

- With a little help.

- Table? Our place on the beach? Did you do something?

- Where did this idea come from? I just thought it was worth having a break. Away from the hotel, children, grandchildren, and above all from parents.

- Well. I have two more questions.

- Ask what you want!

- Do you rejoice that I came back? And if you like it ... Did you really miss it?

- I think you should know the answers to these questions ... but if you want to hear it ... I am the happiest man in the world because we have another chance and for two years I lived with the knowledge that I will never again hold you in my arms. Thank God, I was wrong. And believe me, I've missed you the way I did for twenty-one years.

Donna had tears in her eyes.

- Sam. Let's leave it behind and let's start living as if I've never ...

Donna did not finish because Sam kissed her passionately.

- Do you think about what I'm up to? - Donna asked.

Sam did not answer but put Donna on the sand and ...