Chapter 21: J08/F11: Whack-Fu Station/ Remember #10

No matter thickness, brim, or gauge,

A well-done purl will awe the world.

These handmade hats are all the rage!

Owen walked into the final station and gets equipped with a Baller. "This is Agent 8. Calling Cap'n Cuttlefish, M. C. Princess and DJ_Hyperfish. Can you hear me," said Owen, enters the 4th boss arena. "This is Cap'n Cuttlefish. I hear you; loud and clear," Cap'n Cuttlefish transmits. "This is Pearl and Marina, Owen. We heard you. What's the scoop," Marina transmits. "I made it to the final station. Once I'm done with it, the promise land, here we come," said Owen. Then the Sanitized Octo Samurai emerges from the Sanitized Ink. "Get into it, Agent 8! Tackle it head-on," Cap'n Cuttlefish transmits. "Look out-spin attack," Marina transmits. "I see it," said Owen, dodges the attack. "That's pure brute strength right there," Cap'n transmits. When Owen makes the tentacle appear, Pearl transmits, "there's the tentacle, Owen Eight! Give it all you've got!" "You got it, M. C. Princess," said Owen, ends it. When Owen super jumps to safety as the tentacle explodes, the Sanitized Octo Samurai goes into phase 2.

Back with Elliot and his Octoling refugees, they're walking through the forest of Mount Nantai. "The entrance to Inkopolis should be right here," said Elliot. Then everyone sees a huge man hole being blocked by a statue of a Godzilla that's his size and height. "The man hole to Inkopolis is blocked by this statue," said Elliot. "Aw, great. How are we going to move that chunk of rock," said an Octoling boy. "I'm guessing we have to push it out of the way," said an Octoling girl. "WRONG," said a male scary voice. "Who said that," said Elliot. "You must face the guardian of the entrance to Inkopolis to pass." "And that would be, Mr. Big Voice?" "That would be me!" Then everyone noticed the Godzilla statue starts to move. And the voice came from it. "So, all of you wish to go to Inkopolis? The entire Octoling race? How am I not surprised? Only one Octoling by the name of Marina passed me by befriend an Inkling," said the Godzilla Statue. "Marina?! She's alive?! What about our Prince Octavius," said an Octoling boy. "I don't remember the prince coming here. But I remember another Octoling girl come by days ago. Before I let her through, some Inklings came out of nowhere and fought her." "Owen! Please, tell me what happen to her," said Elliot, worried. "You must challenge me to pass, young one." Elliot stared at the statue; eye to eye.

Back with Owen, she is fighting the final phase of the Sanitized Octo Samurai. "Come on, Agent 8! Take the title," Cap'n Cuttlefish transmits as the tentacle emerges. When Owen destroys it, she super jumps to safety. Then the Octo Samurai exploded. Owen jumps back to the entrance and received a knitted hat mem cake. "The final mem cake! It's mine and… oh…. Time to remember the final memory," said Owen, feels tired. "Let's take you in, Owen," said Cap'n Cuttlefish.

Back with Elliot, his Octoling refugees watches him staring at the Godzilla statue. "Well…aren't you going to fight me," said the statue. "No… I don't wish to fight you. Violence never solved anything. I just want my people and I to move on. Restart our lives in peace and happiness. So, I beg you guardian. Please, let us pass….so we can reborn," said Elliot. "A true warrior wished not to fight me with violence. And just like this "Owen", she never fought me. You and your people are worthy to live in Inkopolis." Then the statue reveled the man whole with an escalator; inside. As the Octoling refugees gets on the escalator, Elliot said, "Mr. Guardian, please tell me. Who has taken the last three from here?" "Beware of… Dangerous…. Tartar….is…the Tele-," said the statue, until it went still again. "No! Wait! Who's Tartar?!" "Hey, Elliot! Aren't you coming," said an Octoling boy. "Yes, I'm coming."

Back with Owen, she's in her memory trance. Inside her mind, she flashbacks to…. the time she met and battle Terry (Agent 3). Owen is in her fighting uniform and is allowed to be using the entrance to Inkopolis by the Godzilla statue. Jumping out of the man hole was Terry; wearing her Agent 3 uniform and cape. She shoots at Owen, but Owen dodge the attack. "Hey! What is your problem?! Wait! Are you… an Inkling," said Owen. "Correct. And it's my duty to stop any spies of the Octarian Army from ever entering Inkopolis," said Terry, points her weapon at Owen. "Spy?! I'm not a spy. I'm just-" "Agent 3! Smit that Octoling into oblivion," said Cap'n Cuttlefish, coming out of the manhole. As Owen and Terry battle each other. "I was expecting a group of spies to aid you. Are you seriously alone," said Terry. "Yes! I just want to meet the Squid Sisters," said Owen. "Squid Sisters?! Agents 1 and 2? Why? So, you can kill them?" "No. I'm actually a fan of them. And I got to admit, that's pretty cool cape you got. Very stylish." "Oh! Thank you. An Octoling that's a fan of the Squid Sisters…. Are they more like you?" Then Terry and Owen stop battling and continues to talk. "The Calamari Inkantation really change me. It would be cool to meet them," said Owen. "Yes, it would." Then the two noticed Cap'n Cuttlefish was knocked out and on the ground. "Hey, what's wrong with the old man?" Then Terry gets electric-shocked and passed out. She landed into Owen's arms. "Hey! Cool Inkling girl! What happen?! Who's responsible for this," said Owen, looking around. Then she gets electric-shocked; which made her drop Terry and her to pass out. Before Owen closed her eyes, she saw a shadowy, square, monster figure laughing at her, Terry and Cap'n Cuttlefish. Then Owen gets completely knock out.

When the flashback ends, Owen wakes up and finds herself laying down on her subway seat. "Owen! This is your last memory trance. What did you see," said Marina, from the walkie-talkie. "I was about to enter Inkopolis until Agent 3 or better known as Terry appeared from the entrance and starts to battle me. Then we got electrocuted by some sort of monster; along with Cap'n Cuttlefish," said Owen. "Did you got a look at the monster," said Pearl from the walkie-talkie. "It was blurry. The figure was in the shadows, and shaped like a cube." "Well, I hope we won't run into that thing again. It's time to head back to the central station and then home," said Cap'n Cuttlefish.