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While Kagome was in her second period class, Inuyasha waited for her outside the door as the teacher began to speak, announcing something of a 'pop quiz'. Whatever it was, he sure was thankful he didn't have to do it, because the whole class groaned.

Before he could hear anything else, footsteps could be heard drawing closer to where he stood.

"Young man," came an aged and quiet voice, "Who are you? Why are you standing in my hallway?"

Inuyasha inwardly snarled. The man smelt strongly of death, illness, and menthol. 'Man....he smells like a graveyard and mint!'

When Inuyasha did not answer, the man only stepped closer. "Are you a foreign exchange student?" he asked, lowering his dimmed glasses slightly.

"I ain't no damn student..."

"Now see here-you are not to use that kind of language in this school." the man began, "But I will give you a chance to explain yourself-either tell me your reason for stresspassing in my halls, or I will have you escorted off the school grounds."

"I ain't gotta-" By that time, he was cut off by the bell ringing. HIs ears flattened as close to his skull as they possibly could. Then the door flew open and students came pouring out.

"Hey, watch- Cut it out- stop that!" Inuyasha said as he tried to dodge the stampeding students who were prodding him, bashing him, and ramming him into others.

"Inuyasha?" came Kagome's sweet voice.

"Miss Higurashi, you know this delinquent? (o.O no dictionary/spellcheck)" he asked as he stared puzzledly at the young girl.

"Hai Mr. Sotou-sama. He's ...."

"He's what?"

"I'm her feancee." 'Whatever the hell that is.'


Both Kagome's and the principal's mouths momentarily gaped. "Fiancee? Miss Higurashi, is this true?"

A deep blush crept upon her face, and she was unable to speak.

"Of course it is! Why else would I say it?"

The man cleared his throat. "Fine then. While you are visiting Miss Higurashi, you will be required to follow the dress code." He turned to Kagome, "See that he goes by the office to obtain a proper gym uniform. Also, make sure he gets a rubber band for his hair...and ..." The man reached up to Inuyasha's head, "Take these things off.." he stated as he tugged on Inuyasha's sensitive ears.

"Hey, what in the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"Mr. Sotou, I wouldn't do that...See, he's from America, and they are quite sensitive about...."

THe principal regained his composure. "I see...Fine. Do not be late for your next class."

Kagome gasped. 'Oh shit!' "Come on Inuyasha, we gotta go."

"Go where?"

"To Home Ec."


Short and.....eh.....never mind.