Two weeks ago...

I wasn't in Tengu City when I came to this new world. I landed to a country known as United States. Funny, there isn't anything like that world, considering it was entirely covered with seithr. It may be harmless, but it had side effects which is why Hierarchy Cities were made. At least there wasn't like that anymore as far as I can tell after I became the new core of the Amaterasu Unit.

In my first day, I saw a building which is named Deus Ex Machina Industries. Judging on the looks of it, it reminded of the NOL which makes me angry about it. Therefore, I have decided to destroy this kind of building. As I rampaged around, I encountered the people known as the DEM Wizards, and they're all girls. They wear suits that go beyond my imagination and using some kind of equipment to stop me.

They should be a great challenge. I hope they're challenging than the NOL officials I encountered.

"Don't move!" one Wizard yelled as she and her teammates start shooting their guns at me. Fortunately for me, I'm fast enough to dodge them, but I can block them as well with my summoned big sword coming from my right arm, which is now upgraded from Azure Grimoire to Azure Flame Grimoire. With it, I can summon any weapon I choose.

Now it's my turn to make my move.

With one slash, I managed to incapacitate them. I tried attacking one, but she managed to use what is called 'territory' to form a shield around herself. However, with one strong swing, I destroyed her shield, and I took her down.

After this, I went to the underground of this building so I could destroy it. In fact, I'm going to destroy this building the same way I destroyed the NOL branches. Afterwards, I left the building, and the people around me looked surprised to see what I just did. If they're going to hate me for what I did, I don't care. All I care about is stopping whoever made this company in the first, and the pamphlet of it is where I get my answer from.

Isaac Ray Peram Westcott...

If he's going to be a Terumi wannabe, might as well don't take him seriously.

Since that day, I've been destroying NOL buildings again and again across the world. Each time I do this, I encountered by what everyone calls the Strongest Wizard in the World.

Her name is Ellen Mira Mathers.

Every time I clash with her, I couldn't help but feel attraction for her and I wonder why.