Raizer: Hello everyone and welcome to my first My hero Acdemia story...I know its watch Au but it's the thought that counts. I was inspired to do this from shadow gumball of death's fic 'A view into the worlds beyond!' fic. Also I would like introduce my guest here today, the cinnamon bun of 1-A, A Hero-in-traning and All Might's successor, Izuku Midoriya.

Izuku: Hi everyone.

Fox: Welcome Izuku.

Sonic: Sup dude.

Sly: Nice to meet you.

Kitsune Naruto: Hello.

Judai: Hey, how it going.

Raizer: Izuku we are so glad for you to be here. And I must say you are true inspiration to many out there.

Izuku*Blush*: No, no I'm nothing special. I'm just trying to be the best hero I can be. that's all.

Sonic: Nah dude, Raizer is right. You've inspire many people out there, with your determination, hardwork and your 'never give up' attitude really made a difference for others. Plus, with how cute you are is an added bonus.

Raizer: Amway there is a reason why I separated you from your classmates, teachers girlfriend-

Izuku*Blushes even harder*: Ochaka is not my girlfriend, we are just best friend.

Sly: Oh~. then how did you know he was referring to her hmm~?

Izuku blushes a new shade of red at being caught.

Raizer: Hahaha, in all seriousness the reason why i brought you here is to meet a few people. Come on in guys.

Two figures walked into the room.

Mazin: Hey Izuku, my name is Izuku Z or some of our other selves call me Mazin.

Dekolion: Me everyone here call me Dekolion, this is my Stand [Be The One].

[Be The One]: Hello Izuku.

Kitsune Naruto: Wait i thought Stands can't talk.

[Be The One]: Let's just say I'm one of the special cases and leave it at that okay.

Mazin: Let go Izuku the other versions of us are waiting in the next room.

Izuku: Okay.

the three Izuku's left the room.

Raier: I better get going to. it nearly show time, oh Fox please do the disclaimer.

Raizer left the room.

Fox: *sigh* Fine, Raizer doesn't own JoJo Bizarre adventure or My hero Acdemia. He own Oc's and this Story.

Standing inside, a large room that looked like a theatre room, the room. Inside the room there was young man, in his late teens, he had purple hair in a combination of spiky and curly fashion with dark blue and black tips, he wore a dark ocean blue sleeveless hoodie, grey trousers, black and purple sneakers, he wore a piece of shoulder armour on his right shoulder with an oak tree brown strap across his hoodie, a red piece of cloth wrapped around his left arm, he also wore black fingerless gloves, on his trousers were two yellow belts that cross each other forming an X and a katana with a black and gold handle in its sheath attached to his hip. His eyes were yellow and he had a scar that ran down his left eye.

Beside him was a woman about the same age as the man. She wore a snow-white dress with baby blue accents and markings; she had white long hair that reached her waist done in a ponytail like fashion, her eyes were forest green. Another thing to notice was the small bat wing appendices on her head and goat-like horns on her head and her slightly pointed ears with small yellow ring earrings on them.

The male lifted his right arm up and looked at the watch he held in his right hand.

"They should be here in…3…2…1." He counted down as suddenly a bright flash of light engulf the room before it quickly dispersed. Now in the room were the students of U.A's Class 1-A Hero Course, tier teachers All-Might/Toshinori Yagi, Mindnight, Aizawa, President Mic, the Principle Nezu, the Hero team Pussycats, Kota, Support course student Mei, Power Loader, third year U.A Student Mirio and a young girl named Eri.

"What the?"

"What's going on?"



Several more of the arrivals shouted out their minds, while this happen the young man just gave them a blank look before sighing.


This caused everyone to stop their panic and turned to the young man who whistle, he pulled his left hand away from his mouth and took a in some air. He then put on a lazy smile and spoke to them. "Is everyone done freaking out?" he got nothing in return, he then proceeds to continue on as if they answered his question, "Good, now I know your all probably wondering how you got here, where is here and who am I and my companion here, correct?" to the students, Kota, Mirio and Eri nodded dumbly, the adults gave him a questioning glare.

"Well to answer who I am, my name is darkraizerGx1 but call me Raizer or DRGX1 for short." The now named Raizer said, "And I was the one who brought you all here to-" he was soon caught off as one of the students, Katsuki Bakugo, uses his quirk, Explosion to grab Raizer's attention.


"Wow, rude much, you know brat that temper of yours is gonna land you into big trouble one day," he then a fake surprise expression, "Oh wait it did." Katsuki clenched his teeth in anger, "I mean the one you used to bully is by far a much better hero then you, and to think you called him useless when in truth it was the other way around." The teachers of U.A realized that Raizer was purposely egging Bakugo as if he wanted Bakugo to be enraged. With his temper already reaching its limits, Bakugo launched himself forward with his quirk.


"Young Bakugo, Wait!" All Might cried out. Aizawa inwardly cursed for his student's rash decision. He proceded to glare at Bakugo to erase his quirk but he noticed that Raizer's attention was on someone else.

Raizer turned to his female companion and said "Oh so that is what I forgot to ask you to do." He then flashes an insane smile as he shot forward, grabbed Bakugo's lunging hand and redirected it towards his face and at that moment an explosion erupted form said hand and hit Raizer's face at point black. Bakugo not taking this for granted then blasted the biggest and powerful explosion he could muster.

Some of the student's scream in terror, Mandala covered Kota's eyes, in attempt to shield his eyes from the possible gruesome death of the man that brought them there; Mirio did the same with Eri. The one in most shock was Bakugo himself, as he took in a few seconds to realize what he had done. Before he could get his thoughts in order, suddenly he was punched in the face hard, and then he was lifted into the air by the neck as he was being chocked a bit. As the smoke dispersed, everyone's eyes grew wide as they saw, Raizer was not dead but also unharmed but that not caught their attention, holding Bakugo in the air was some kind of humanoid looking robot that was mostly blue with red and white lines and marks on armor pieces, it had brown joints, its head looked had the mouth guard and eyes of Optimus Prime from transformers, the V-fin of a Gundam and wore a helmet that looked like quills bent downwards. It used its left hand to hold Bakugo in the air.

"Man I was told that you had an 'Explosive' personality but I didn't think it was this bad." Raizer said as he let out a heavy sigh with his eyes closed. He then opens them and gave Bakugo a very serious stare. "Brats like you," he said as he pointed at the hero-in-training to emphasize his point, "give the word 'Hero' a bad name. [Fist Bump] teach this brat some manners." The machine like being now named [Fist Bump] raised its right arm up, formed a fist, pulled it back.

"HIS!" it cried out as it punched Bakugo in the stomach, Hard. This caused him to lose all air in his lungs, but it was not done yet as it reared its left hand and proceeded to deliver a barrage of punches while it gave out its strange battle cry.


"HIS WORLD!" with that, Bakugo was sent crashing straight to the ground, he laid on his stomach and couldn't move due to the pain he was in, Raizer then stepped in his back and in a blink of an eye he drew his katana and held it close to Bakugo's neck.

"This should be a lesson to ya, brat." As he pulled his katana away, "Learn to respect your superiors." He then kicked Bakugo towards his classmates, as he skipped to a stop in front of them. Kirishima ran up to his friend and check if he was okay. He then proceeded to glare at Raizer.

"What the hell man!? That was so unmanly of you to do that!" Raizer gave him a 'really' look. He pinch his nosed and sigh.

"The brat attacked me first. What was I supposed to do let him do what he wants; he should learn that actions have consequences." He then turned his attention to the rest of the class, "This is a lesson that you all should remember." Raizer then got into a more relax posture and [Fist Bump] seems to have faded into Raizer's body.

"Like I said before my name is Raizer and I was the one who brought you all here. Why you may ask? Well I wanted to show you different worlds and realities." He said with a grin, he then turned his head towards his companion and pointed with his thumb towards her, "And the lovely lady beside is Kiyuki, my assistant/girlfriend." The female now named Kiyuki smiled at them.

"Greeting everyone, as Raizer-kun said, my name is Kiyuki." She bowed her head at them.

"Excuse me, Mister darkraizerGx1-san," a tall male student wearing glasses and had engine's on his legs, Tenya Iida, 1-A's class president spoke up. Raizer turned his head towards him.

"I said call me Raizer, and yes?"

"You speak of other worlds, which incense means, the multiverse theory but is just a theory?" he asked as his right arm moved in a robotic manner.

"Say the guy who as engine's in his legs, I mean it not impossible, it was just never been properly studied, I mean image in another reality, all of you swapped genders, Mineta wasn't a pervert or *gasps*" he said, gasping dramatically at the end, "A world were Quirks don't exist."

Raizer internally laughed like a hyena at the shocked expressions on his guests faces when he mentions that last part. Priceless.

"But in all seriousness, there are different worlds out there. They connect through movies, games, comics, books, anime and the sorts like that. For instance your favourite T.V show could exist in another world."

This caused the group to whisper among themselves, the adults discuss about possible ways of their lives being different or key event being changed. The teen and by extension Kota and Eri were excited, to even grasp the idea of their favourite shows, games, books and comics being their own world excited them.

Raizer then suddenly clapped his hands.

"That reminds me, Kiyuki-chan would you please heal the brat now and also activate 'that' for me will you babe." Kiyuki merely smiled as she raise her left hand up, it started to glow green, at that moment Bakugo also glowed green as suddenly a green bell appeared over his head. It rang 3 times before disappearing, Bakugo's eyes grew wider as he sat up properly without Kirishima's help and patted his stomach.

"What the hell?" he said completely surprised, "I don't feel the pain anymore, what the hell kind of quirk is this, it's better than Recovery Girl's quirk."

AS she was done with that, a white magic circle appeared beneath her, it had all kinds of runes and such, and it glowed brightly before disappearing. She had a soft smile on her face as she turn towards Raizer.

"It is done dear." Raizer smiled.

"Thanks Kiyuki-chan." He then turned to Bakugo and gave him a smirk, "Alright brat, try using your quirk on me again." He said.

This piss Bakugo off as he stood up, "You think you're better than me!? I was just caught off guard, now I know that ghost thing was your quirk, all I've got to d-" he cut himself of as he noticed something wrong, he noticed that no explosions were coming out from his hands, his eye grew wider in horror as his quirk won't activate. Raizer saw this and his grin grew bigger.

"So you finally noticed, huh?" He said catching everyone's attention, "What you all just saw was Kiyuki casting a spell call {Absolute Cancelled} which locks a person ability except the user. In other words I had her cancel your quirks."

"WHAT!?" was the general response of everyone. They each tried to activate their quirks but just like he said they found out that their quirks could not be activated, well except a few.

"What kind of quirk do you both have?" Denki asked. Raizer and Kiyuki could not help but chuckle.

"Well the thing is kid. I and Kiyuki here are quirkless." He said.

"Bullshit! Then how the hell did that b!#2h heal me? How she cancelled our quirks? And that ghost thing you have huh!?"

Raizer soon had a dark expression as he slowly released some KI out; he directed it all at Bakugo who started to shake in fear. "Never call my girlfriend a b #!h, I beat you with little to no effort, do you really want to test your luck?" he said coldly. "Do I make myself clear?"

Bakugo did not answer to him being paralyzed in fear; all he could do was grit his teeth together and try to keep his menacing demeanour that was faltering quickly. When he did not answer, Raizer decided to lower his KI just enough for him to answer his question, "I said. Are we clear?" he said it in a much colder tone. As he said this a silhouette of what appeared to be demonic samurai armour appeared around Raizer's body.


And just like that, the KI disappeared, Raizer then noticed that Eri was hiding behind Mirio while Kota tried to put on a brave bravado but that didn't stop him from trembling. Raizer gave them a sheepish smile and scratch the back of his head. "Hehe, sorry about that kids, didn't mean to scare ya. I'm not usually like that but I really don't like it when someone insults my girlfriend."

"I-i-I wasn't s-s-scared." Kota said trying to sound brave despite his clear indication of his fear due to his shacking body.

"Yeah sure you weren't kid," he said with a big goofy smile, "As to answer your untold question on how I and Kiyuki-chan can do what we can is simple, I am a god, and she is my creation."

"A god?" Toshinori said, during his time as a hero, he has come across villains that claimed to be gods but those were just mad men with god-complex.

"Yes but not a known one, as while I exist, no one knows who I am," he then gestured to Kiyuki, "I created Kiyuki from the DNA of several women from the various multiverse and combine them to create her, her species is a succubus, she has a lot of magical abilities, yes magic is real, she has the power to shapeshift into different animals and mythical beast like dragons, unicorns and such or partial transformation like gaining wings of a bird and things like that. She also can change into an android version of herself, complete with armour parts, wings, thrusters and all sorts of weapons…and no you cannot take her apart just to examine her Mei."

"Aw man." Mei said in disappointment. Power Loader just shook hi head at Mei's antics.

"So that punching ghost thing was your power?" Sero asked. Razer rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Actually that one is relatively new as I got it while visiting another dimension, it's a long story. But basically I'm still learning to properly use it."

"Raizer-san, you said that our quirks would be cancel correct, kero?" a student with frog like features spoke, Tsuyu Asui, spoked, to which Raizer nodded, "Then why is it that my quirk, along with Tokoyami's Dark Shadow, Ojiro's Tail and Hagakure-san's invisibility seemed to be unaffected by it, kero."

"Hmm, not sure, do you still have your long tongue? Is Dark Shadow as big as he should be?"

Tsuyu tried to stretched her tongue only to see that her tongue had now became shorter, Fumikage noticed that Dark shadow has become much small, as his quirk was literally as big as his palm.

"I can see that they were affected by the spell but that doesn't really explain why we weren't effect by it, Raizer-san." Ojiro said as he flex his tail to emphasize his point.

"Hmm, not sure. I guess for you Ojiro-san is because like Tsuyu that it more or less like a part of your physical structure. As for your girlfriend," this caused Ojiro and Hagakure to blush, with the tail user being visible, "It has been universally known that Hagakure's quirk is infamous for its incapability to be 'turn off' throughout the multiverse."

"I should also mention that the world we'll be watching will focus on someone very specific from you group." This caused them to chatter amongst themselves once again, this time in more excited tone.

"Dude I hope it's me."

"No way it probably me."

"I believe it shall be me, monsieur as I am the one sparkles out of us all."

"I'm unsure what to think of this but I t would be interesting to see another version of myself."

"Shut you secondary extras! Obviously it's gonna be me, after all I'm the best in our class."

"Say who do you think that person is Deku-kun?" a female student name Ochako Uraraka asked to her friend/secret(not) crush.


"Deku?" she called out once more, she looked around and grew surprise as she noticed the green hair, freckled face boy was not with them.

"Where is Deku-kun!?" she exclaimed, this caught everyone in their group's attention.

"Oh shit, she's right!"

"Now that you mention it that would explain why we haven't heard his usual mumbling."

"Maybe he left that useless Deku out on purpose."

"Bakugo, don't speak so lowly of Raizer-san, I'm sure he had a good reason for not bringing Midorya-san with us." A very tall girl, with black hair tied in a spiky ponytail said, her name is Momo Yaoyorozu.

"Yeah, and besides do you really want to piss him off again." Kaminari Denki, a boy with originally black hair dyed yellow spoke. Bakugo glared at him but did not say anything.

"Actually, Momo-san," he then turned his head to said girl, "I can call you that right?" to which he received a nod, "Is not wrong, I did bring Izuku Midorya here as well."

"Then where is young Midoriya then, Young Raizer-san?" All might asked.

"Oh I introduced him to a few versions of himself that also happen to stay here." Raizer answered back. "With that said let's watch the first I picked for you." He then snapped his fingers as several chairs, sofas and beanbags appeared before them, they soon choose their preferred seat with most of the adults taking the chairs while three female member of the Pussycats took a sofa, the Students took up the sofas with Bakugo, Shoto, Shoji and Fumikage choose to sit on chairs, while Mina, Kirishima, Denki, Ojiro and Hagakure sat on the beanbags. Eri and Kota sat on a sofa as they sat between Mirio and Mei. "Alright without further delay, let start. Roll the video!"

"Yes sir." Fuyuki said as she playfully saluted her boyfriend, she pulled out a remote from between her breast, pointed it at the screen and pressed the play button.

Izuku panted heavily as he continued to glare at the man that stood before him, note once in his entire life has he been so angry at a person. The ma that stood in front of him over a few piles of rubble, a man in his 20s with short brownish hair, eyes that were bloodshot, several ear piercing, a green coat with a furry collar, a pair disposable medical gloves and the most eye catching part of his attire was the beak-shaped mask that is reminiscent to the ones worn by plague doctors.

'Overhaul.' The 9th wielder of One for All thought with venom.

Why you may ask? The reason was hang on his back, a young 5-year-old girl with long white hair, about 1 meter tall, wearing a ragged dress, both her arms covered in bandages, a horn on the right side of her forehead, and slight fear fill red eyes. Her name is Eri, and Izuku is now fighting for her freedom.

Everyone were slightly taken back by this version of Izuku's thoughts, not ever expecting their class cinnamon roll to ever feel hatred for someone before. However, that was not what everyone thought as Eri's thought of something different. Her eyes grew wide in fear at the sight of her former tormentor. Raizer noticed this, he frown and gave her a sympathetic look towards her, Mirio noticed the look and turn his attention to Eri.

"Don't worry Eri, he's not going to get you anymore." He said reassuringly. Eri was still not convince.

"Well kiddo I think I've got just the thing to help keep your little nerves down." Raizer said as he snapped his fingers, soon a Chibi doll of Izuku in his Hero with the hood down appear on her lap. Eri could not help but smile as she hug the doll closely as she rubbed her check against the doll's face.

"Thank you." She said softly, despite this Raizer heard her and smiled.

"Your welcome."

"Man now that I think about I never did see the fight between him and Overhaul." Kirishima said.

"I only caught the end of it." Ochaku said. "I wonder how this one will be different."

Toshinori couldn't help but narrow his gaze on Overhaul, the one that cost Sir Nighteye, his old sidekick's his life. He wanted to be angry, he really did but he knew better, it was long over to be angry anyway. The heroes won that battle and Sir Nighteye was at his greatest during his last hour of honor.

"Give it up kid," Overhaul said, his eyes glaring in anger at Izuku, "Your attack are too predictable and I can repair any damage faster than you can dish out. You are out class, so why don't you just hand over Eri like a good brat and I might just give kill you quickly to spare you the hell of dying."

"I will never hand over Eri to people like you!" Izuku yelled at his, his right arm was behind him keeping Eri close to him. "Cause as long as I live you'll never get your hands on her; I'll protect her with my very life."

"Deku…" Eri said softly, as she tightens her hold around the freckled boy's hero suit as a lifeline.

"Yeah Izuku tell that creep who's boss." Kiminari cheered.

"That's My Junior! Show what a real hero is all about." Mirio cheered.

"Man Aizawa, what do you teach your kids for them to be so damn heroic?" Present Mic asked.

"When I find out I'll tell as when I do I'm going to stop teaching them that." Aizawa said in monotone, "Dang brats getting into trouble like this but I guess he's doing what a hero should so I probably won't punish him to severely…yeah six months of detention would do."

"Kid's got some guts; he would make a great addition to the Wild Pussycats." Pixiebob said.

"Hmm…you think he would consider a trial run with us?" Ragdoll ask.

"I sure Kota would love him to join us, right Kota?" Mandalay asked her nephew. To which Kota blushed in embarrassment as he looked away.

"Man I never seen Midoriya act so cool. So manly!" Kirishima.

"Midoriya-san is a true hero." Shoto said.

"Hehe…I was really hoping to avoid using these new skills I learn since I still haven't mastered them yet but in times like these," Izuku's eye's flash a shine of determination and a smirk of confidence formed on his lips, "I can't afford to hold back, especially on you."

This confused everyone besides Raizer and Kyuki greatly. What was this Izuku talking about?

"What new skill? What can this version of Izuku do that ours can't?" Sero asked with confuse frown.

"Maybe he learn a new method to channel his Quirk output." Midnight suggest.

"Nah that not it as he said a new 'skill' not 'technique' as they two very different thing." Present Mic pointed out with shrug, being an English teacher has it perks.

"Do you know what this Deku-kun is talking about Raizer-san?" Ochaku asked Raizer.

"Well I don't want to spoil the surprise." Raizer as he teasingly made a shushing motion with his hand. Kiyuki just giggled.

"Knowing that useless nerd its probably nothing useful like always." Bakugo said.

"How about we all just continue watching." Toshinori said.

This caused Overhaul to chuckle darkly, "Please, nothing you have done so far can stop me. What makes you think these 'secret skills' of yours can do anything for you now?" Overhaul asked with an annoyed sigh, clearly thinking he was stalking for time.

This time it was Izuku's turn to chuckle. "A lot actually. I mean, there are so many things I can do in five seconds." Izuku said smirking. Then Izuku lean his body forwards slightly, still making sure Eri was in a comfortable position, his left leg in front of him kneeling a bit, his right leg behind him also kneeling a bit, his left hand pointing at Overhaul, "Also, your next lines are 'Five Seconds? You're more of a clueless fool then I first thought' Tooyu." Izuku said smugly still pointing at him, with his best impersonation of Overhaul.

"That won't work. There is no way Izuku can predict his next words like that. I'm pretty sure he can't see the future." Iida said with a slight disbelief expression.

"I agree with Iida-san, as good as Izuku is he's not that good." Momo said.

"But guys it's Deku-kun, he can do amazing things once he gets the drive to do it." Ochaku said this made Iida and Momo think for a moment, if this Izuku is anything like there when he developed his Shoot Style; they nodded in agreement, as she was right about that.

"Five Seconds? You're more of a clueless fool then I first thought." Overhaul said with a narrow stare before his eyes widen and he gasps in shock. Even Eri had a shock expression on her, not expecting her hero to correctly predict Kai's words perfectly. As Overhaul was distracted Izuku secretly took in long breath of air.

"Well Damn. He actually did know his next line to the T." Jiro said in shock and impress tone.

"I know it so cool!" Kimanari said.

"Now THAT is manly!" Kirishima said in awe.

"I think that really cool." Kota said as his eyes sparkle in awe, he wanted to learn how to predict people's next lines too. Aoyama notice the sparkles around Kota and could not help but chuckle despite not being as sparkle-full as his sparkles they had their own unique shine, which he nodded in amazement.

"Well kid, I happen to know someone who can teach you that," Raizer said grinning, "I just need to make a call later."

"It does help physic the enemy out pretty well as this makes them lose focus of their actions in their shock, this also creates an opening to take them down." Momo said with a nod, approving this Izuku's method.

"I see you notice that too. Good work." Midnight said with a smirk.

"Hey did you noticed that Midoriya suddenly took in a lot of air." Sero pointed out.

"Yeah he did. Must be part of his new technique." Sato replied.

'What!? How did he know!?' Overhaul thought.

'So Cool, Deku-nii can predict the future.' Eri thought in awe, as the two were lost in their thoughts Izuku took this as a chance to do what he wanted.

"Stat Platinum! Za Warudo!" Izuku called out as large purple man suddenly phase out from Izuku's body like a ghost, turning the whole world greyish colour with a distorted clock sound and froze time.

Everyone besides Raizer and Kiyuki eyes widen to the size of dinner plate, jaws hit the floor and mind were just blown as what they just witness. Izuku didn't just not only summon a ghost, but he froze time as well.

"HOLY SHIT! THAT'S SO BROKEN!" Sero and Present Mic scream in shock.

"Gah not so loud." Jiro complained.

"G-ghost," Mina said as she pointed her shacking hand at the screen, obviously in fear, "I-I-It's a g-ghost t-that c-c-c-an fr-freeze t-time." She said in fear, Mina has never told her classmates her fear of ghost before, now they knew.

"Don't worry Mina," Kirsihima said as he placed his left hand on her shoulder, "I'll protect you from the ghost." Mina could not help but blush at the red haired boy's words.

Raizer could not help but snicker at this.

"After years much practice I finally got this power to work properly this time. Izuku said with a sigh of relief. At this moment, Izuku took a quick glance at the purple man. He could not help but smile at it.

The ghost was humanoid in appearance resembling a tall, well-built man of similar proportions to All-Might in his old 'Hero' form funny enough, if not just a bit less muscular. It's skin colour was considered bizarre as in its current form being a hue of blue and green. It has long, flowing black hair with a darker shade of blue and green above its eyes and on the front of its nose. The spaces under its eyes and on its cheek are a darker colour of blue and green and are clearly divided from the space around its nose and mouth. It wears a cap on its chin, a metallic headband in three pieces, the central piece being in the shape of a vertical eclipse. A wavy line runs from each arm to the front of its torso, continuing down to its legs. Its clothing or rather lack off as the only piece of clothing it has are, a while short scarf around its neck, shoulder pads with spiral designs, long white fingerless gloves with studs on the back, knee and elbow guards, a loincloth and short white boots.

This man has watched over him ever since he recovered from a fever he had when he was younger, he was the physical embodiment of his fighting spirit and soul, that would always stand beside him. This was his Stand, and his name is Star Platinum.

"A Stand?" Tokoyami said both confuse and intrigued by it, "It does looks similar to my Quirk Dark Shadow."

"Yeah but it feel completely different." Dark Shadow added.

"Raizer-san," Tsuyu spoke up, "That thing acts quite similar to the ghost thing that you use to beat Bakugo with. Is that a Stand as well or specifically your Stand?"

"Oh so you noticed it huh?" Raizer said as he stood up from his seat, "Indeed, that was my Stand, as mention in the video, a Stand is the manifestation of a person's soul and this," he then pulled his right leg back and kneel back a bit, his left leg stretched forwards keeping it straight, his left foot was raise until only the tip of his shoes were touching the ground, his torso leaned to the left a bit, his left hand was on his hip, pulling down his pants a bit and his right hand was pulling the collar of his hoodie out, just then his Stand phase into existence in a similar stance as Raizer just opposite legs, his torso was turning away, he had his left hand in a fist placed on its side and right was in an open palm pointing towards the floor and out stretched a bit. "Is my Stand [Fist Bump]."

"Young Raizer, may I ask what those a Stand do exactly?" Toshinori asked. Kiyuki decided to answer that.

"Mr. Yagi, as Raizer said a Stand is a manifestation of a person's fighting spirit or soul, each Stand is different shapes and sizes, each with their own abilities, Raizer-kun's Stand [Fist Bump] lets him create constructs of actions he or his Stand have done before, you may have realized that that Mr. Katsuki was being pummel more then he should have as [Fist Bump] only has two arms, too put it simply he merely created constructs of a previous barrage of punches he has done before."

"If I swung my katana or fired a handgun, he will copy that as well." He then dismiss [Fist Bump] and returned to his seat, "However each Stand has there limit, my Stand is no exception, as I can only repeat actions I've done within the last 9 hours and I can only copy them a few times plus the action must be done by me or my stand."

"That those seem to balance out your Stand's abilities." Iida said.

"Man I wish I had one of those." Sero said, "Then people won't think I'm to plain anymore."

"Sero-san, I would highly not recommend that," Kiyuki said, "As the methods to gain a Stand are very difficult."

"Oh yeah how bad can they f! #ing be? I mean the useless nerd mention was that he got sick to get it." Bakugou said.

"Well one method to gain a Stand is to be born with it, another is to be in a life or death situation and last method that I am willing to list out is considered the dangerous one."

"Kiyuki-san what is the last method?" Tooru asked.

"Getting a cut or stab by a golden arrow called a Stand Arrow." Raizer said, "And I'll tell you it is not fun."

"What you f^#!er can't handle a little cut?" Bakugo said before he laughed at him.

"When you get stab in eye by a semi-sentient arrow that can move at 80km/per hour then we can compare notes." Raizer said flatly, this made Bakugo to shut up and made everyone got pale. "Thank goodness I have a powerful healing factor or else I would have died. In addition, three out 10 people who get stab by the arrow may get a Stand, the other 7 die. So I highly suggest to not get a Stand that way."

"But seriously Star Platinum? Did Izuku really named his Stand after a Mike Oldfield song?" Jiro ask in surprise of the Stand's name and tried to lighten the mood.

"Mike Oldfiled? I believe Izuku listens to his work whenever he working out and studding sometimes I walk past by." Iida said, recalling the time he would either pass by or study with Izuku.

"Awesome." Present Mic said happily, as he just found someone who love the oldies like him.

"I see Izuku is a man of culture. I will need to befriend him, and then show him some of my collection later. Do you happen to know any other songs he has by chance?" Jiro asked.

"Yep, Deku-kun showed us his collection a few times. Let's see, he has Blink-182, Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blink, Green Day, Smash mouth, Oasis, White Album, Moody Blue, Stone Free, Survivor, The Offsprings, 311 and King Crimson." Ochaku said as she listed the songs that she could remember.

"Uraraka-san don't forget, Crazy Diamond, The Hand, Bad Company, Purple Haze, Gold Experience, The World, Gun'N Roses, Sticky Finggers, Metalica, Kiss and Dirty Deed's Done Dirt Cheap. There were so much more but those were the only ones we could remember." Iida added.

Jiro jaw was drop, Kaminari let out a whistle and Present Mic could not help but smile broadly.

'I think I just found a new best friend.' Jiro thought happily.

"As interesting as now knowing his taste of music we need to continue watching." Aizawa said with a sigh.

"Sorry Sensei." Iida said with a bow.

"Is he…always like this?" Raizer ask with a sweat-drop.

"Hehehe, yeah he is." Sero answered with a nervous chuckle.

"Wow I've seen many version of him but to see it in person still is suprising."

Izuku then turn his attention back to Overhaul with a fire in his eyes, he turn his head towards Eri, who had a frozen mixture of shock and slight fear expression, the shock he could guess was him predicting Overhaul's next words the fear though…that what angered him. He turned his head back to Overhaul with scowl on his face.

"Star Platinum…Ready?" Izuku said, Star Platinum nodded as he launched himself at Overhaul, he raised his right arm high, his finger slowly closing together forming a fist. As that was happening Izuku suddenly had yellow lighting and the green lightning of his Full Cowling surround his arms. The same happened with Star Platinum.

"Sunlight Yellow Full Cowling Overdrive!" Izuku scream.

Star Platinum then threw a powerful punch while crying out a battle cry.

"ORA!" His fist connected with Overhaul's right cheek, soon a shockwave was soon followed after it.

"ORA!" He cried again as it threw another punch with its left hand, this time punching the man's stomach.

"ORA!" then he punch Overhaul's chest.

"ORA!" and then he when for the face again.


Izuku made to had Star Platinum hold back its strength in order to not accidently kill Overhaul but he did wanted it to make it hurt, for all the time he hurt Eri, all the time he made her cry and made her life a living hell. He willing to let Star Platinum to go so far as to paralyzing the man for life so he would never lay a finger on Eri again.

"Let it be known now that in many other versions of Izuku are very protective of Eri, some going to lengths of being her new adopted father." Raizer said. Eri could not help but blush at the thought of Deku being a father to her.

"But Damn I would hate to be in Overhaul's shoes right now but then again the guy deserves it." Sero said with a gulp. Many of them agreed with him.

"Okay let's all agree to not piss off Izuku if he has that thing with him." Minate said with a shiver, to which most of 1-A nodded their head in agreement.

"Tch, Pussies." Bakugo snarled. Raizer just shook his head so did his teachers.

"That kid need to get his ego in check." Raizer said to the teachers.

"We know." They answered back.

"If you can beat a time stopping Stand that looks as strong as All Might and can moved at super speed, then go ahead be my guest. But if you can't, shut up." Todoroki said with a deadpan expression.

"What Did you say Half and Half b# &tard!?" Bakugo yelled as he rose from his seat, he raised his hand up and tried to activate his quirk, only to remember that he could not. Todoroki rose from his spot as well.

"Settle down before I make you." Aizawa said with a glare.

"And I'll be more than willing to help." Raizer said with a smug grin as [Fist Bump] appeared beside him with his fist raised. This prompted both boys to sit back down, as no one piss off Aizawa and gets away with it.


That and they really don't want to be beaten up by Raizer's Stand, Bakugo already having a first-hand experience and he doesn't want to go a second round especially now without his Quirk.

'Wow, Izuku is kind to children to a fault. He would make a perfect father for any future kids he may have, since Kota and Eri are happier now. Oh if only he were slightly older then I might have tried to make him my boyfriend' Pixie thought to herself. In her eyes, Izuku was perfect. What she did not know was that a similar thought was going through her comrade.

"I have a question," Ojiro spoke as he pointed to the screen, "What is up with that yellow lightning was it related to him breathing in earlier."

"Why in fact yes it does," Raizer said, "What he did was asorb the power of sunlight within the air and channel it through his body. This is known as Hamon. I myself am not a user of this technique nor have the full knowledge of it but from what I could gather it a specific skill that ancient warriors used to fight vampires."

"Wait vampires! Really?" Jirou asked. Clearly not believing him. Raizer just shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey don't look at me I know very little but the basic use for Hamon."

"That's enough now, don't want to go overboard now." Izuku said as he called Star Platinum back.

'Hmm, two seconds left. I wander what can I do?' he thought to himself, he then noticed from the corner of his eyes, one of Overhaul's henchmen appeared to be trying to sneak to take the unconscious form of Aizawa away, he also noticed that the man held in his hand a gun loaded with those Quirk destroying bullets.

"Not Today! Star Finger!" he yelled as he turned around to face the man, Star Platinum pointed his left index and middle finger at the henchmen's gun, then the two fingers stretched forward at unbelievable speed and reach as it swiped it's finger at the gun smashing it. While that was happening Izuku gave a solid kick to the man's junk with a 3% of his Fowl Cowling.

All the guys wince at that and covered their crotch area at the thought of getting their manhood 'smash' by Izuku's super strength. Even Raizer was effected by this.

The girls either chuckled at Izuku's dirty move or face-palm but they won't disagree that it wasn't funny.

"Dude not cool." Raizer chocked out.

"Though it was manly how his Stand could extend his finger like that." Kirshima said.

He turns back towards Overhaul and smirks.

"And time resumes once more." Izuku said as the world's colour returns to normal and time resumes as the sound of clock can be heard.

Overhaul blinked a few times as a second ago, Izuku was in front of him, now he was suddenly next to one of his pawn. Suddenly his eyes grew wide as his body finally registered something. Pain.

His body shock violently as his feet were lifted off the ground, he felt lots of pain, it was surging through his body so fast that he couldn't break apart and fix the damage! He felt like the receiving end of a thousand punches in seconds and they were knocking the wind out of his lungs.

The man who was trying to take Aizawa away voice broke as he scream in a high pitched voice in pain as he held his crotch, he tip over and fell to ground with foam coming out from his mouth. Both he and Overhaul passed out from pain as Izuku stood over them with a smirk. Eri had an amazed and shock expression plastered all over her face.

"And that's why you don't mess with us heroes. We have more power and conviction for justice then you can ever dream of." Izuku said while striking a rather bizarre yet rather clean pose. His legs spread a little and he had his left hand in front of his face with the fingers spread wide to allow him to see and his right arm was behind him. Star Platinum appeared behind him, it head was turned to the left, its right left hand was also pointing in the same direction, it body appeared to be moving towards the right. (Jojo Fan will recognize these poses, if not Izuku is in Jonathan Joestars pose while Star Platinum is in the pose where he was pointing to his Tarot card in the anime.)

"…What the f&^k?" Bakugo ask dumbly.

Ochaku was trying and failing to hold her laughter in at the pose Izuku was doing. Everyone else were not sure whether to laugh or be in awe. Well except Kota and Eri who were in awe. It was a ridiculous pose yes but it was pretty clean and epic pose.

"I like it. It's got class." Mina said with a large smile, "I might try that too."

"But it's so bizarre." Sero said.

"Stopping time and hitting a person is strange. Overhaul didn't even felt it until after a few seconds of it happening. Now THAT is bizarre." Jiro said with a shrug.


"That speech was very inspiring though." Mirio said with smile.

"I agree Young Mirio, truly Young Midoriya has a heart of a true Hero." Toshinori said in an agreement.

"Deku, how did you do that?" Eri finally spoke. Izuku nearly forgot she was there. She turned her head and face Star Platinum, "And how did he do that?" this caused Izuku to freeze, his eyes wideing to the size of dinner plate.

"E-eri y-you can see him!?" he asked shockingly, nearly yelling at the girl's face. To which she nodded.

'But how!?' he thought in shock, 'Only a Stand User can a see Stand. How can Eri see Stand!?'

"Hmm? I don't understand. Is she not supposed to see his Stand?" Tokoyami asked, since Stand's look similar to his Quirk.

"Yeah here's the thing with Stand user. One: Normal people can't see Stands, in other words, only a Stand User can see Stands, that a common rule but in some universe this rule is ignored. Two: Only a Stand can harm another Stand, there is no other way to hurt a Stand. However, the same cannot be said if a Stand attacks a normal person. They will feel the full force of the attack and can't do anything about it, Quirk or not." Raizer said.

"But how can we see your Stand Raizer-san?" Hagakure asked.

"Well I am a god, and this is my personal dimension so I make the rules. Besides it's not like its affecting my Stand in anyway."

"So basically we would have no way of actually hurting a Stand, meaning we would be helpless." Shoto said.

"Not quite, as you can still attack the user as another rule that if a Stand takes any damage, it is reflected on the user and if the user is killed, the Stand will disappear forever along with its user. So there are way to beat a Stand user but most of would revolve around knocking the user out or kill them, and that's not considering the Stand type."

"Stand type? From that alone I guess Stands are divided into different categories." Shoji, the Dupil-arm Quirk user said.

"Yeah, Stand are mostly divided into three categories, Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Range." Raizer then turned back to the screen and pointed at Star Platinum, "And this Izuku's Stand is a Semi-Automatic type Stand." Raizer then snapped his fingers. "In fact one of the Izuku's here has a stand that can be seen by none Stand-users."

Izuku decided to push his thoughts aside, gently set Eri down and they both went to check on Aizawa, to make sure he was okay but stopped when they heard movement behind him. His and Eri's eyes grew wide in shock, not expecting Overhaul to gain consciousness so quickly.

'No way! Ha couldn't have come around that fast!' Izuku thought as he turned around to see Overhaul fusing himself with the henchmen he kicked earlier and was growing into a giant monster.

"OH MY GOD!" Denki scream in horror as he clapped his face. Which oddly enough reminded Raizer of a certain old aged Joestar.

"HOLY SHIT!" Present Mic shouted in shock.

"Ow. My ears." Jiro said as she rub her ears in pain.

"Whoops, hehe sorry about that." Denki said with a sheepish smile.

"Oh my GOD!" Izuku shouted as he clapped his hands on his face.

"DIE!" Overhaul shouted as he raised his now gigantic fist and tried to crush Izuku.

"Deku!" Eri shouted in concern.

"One for All: Full Cowl 100% Smash!" Izuku shouted as he punched the giant fist with his left fist, making Overhaul crash through the ceilings and into the streets.

"GAAAAHHHH!" Screamed in pain as he double over as he blew out his left arm this time. 'Thank goodness I used my left arm on instinct; it would have been bad if I used my right arm.'

"That was smart of him to use his other arm. If he had use his right arm, he may have never seen it function again." Iida said with a sigh.

"Oh god, don't remind me of that Iida-san." Ochaku said sadly, she was sadden when he heard about Deku-kun's arm and was worried that he may have to use it again soon. He may not have a choice to do so and may end up giving up his Hero career to his injuries.

And leave her alon-I mean leave her and the other behind.

"Deku!" Eri shouted as she hurried to his side, she watched as he clutched his now broken arm, gritting his teeth as he endures the pain.

"It's alright Eri, this is nothing more than a scratch." He said as he put on a smile, he was about to get up but was stopped when Eri clutched on to his clothes.

"Let me fix it." She said, this confused Izuku, he knows that her quirk could potentially heal his arm but even he knew she scared to do it.

"Eri I do-" he was caught off as his eyes grew wide in show, as now appearing behind Eri was humanoid machine looking Stand with female body frame, it was roughly the height of an average female adult, it had long white hair like Eri, she had two horns on her forehead, she had an outline of a mouth and two ruby oval eyes, it wore a clothing that was a mix between a shrine kimono and an elegant dress. However, the dress had no sleeves, as the arms of the stand weren't attached to the body, in fact Eri's Stand had six mannequin like arms that floated beside the body.

"Please heal him [I'm OK You're OK]." Eri said to her now named Stand.

"Yes my mistress." She spoke as her its six arm flew to Izuku's limp arm, each arm grabbing a different part of Izuku's left arm, each limb started to glow a green aura, as that happen the black skin of Izuku's arm started to returned back to normal, Izuku could literally feel his bones and muscles being put back together. Soon the six arm let go of Izuku's arm and he was shocked to see that it was no longer broken.

"Dude that was so cool." Denki said.

"So that's why she could see Star Platinum, this Eri is a Stand User and I would presume that that is her Stand." Momo said.

"Yep." Razier said.

"Wow I've got to get my hands on that, just imagine the kind of 'babies' I could make." Mei said.

"That won't work as 1: It still a Stand even if it looks like a machine meaning you can't touch it. 2: if you do somehow take it apart that would also hurt Eri in the proses."

"Wow, Eri Thank you." He said as he smiles at her, Eri smile softly before closing her eyes and stared to fall forwards, Izuku gasp and quickly scramble to his feet to catch only to stop when [I'm OK You're Okay] caught her with one of her right arms. She then wrapped the other two around her and lift her off the ground and held her close to her chest. [I'm OK You're Okay] then looked directly into Izuku's eyes.

"I shall protect my mistress, please take down Kai." [I'm OK You're Okay] then looked down at Eri and has a soft smile, "I wish her to be free from that monster."

Izuku stared at the Stand, surprise that Eri's Stand is not only a Semi-automatic type like his but she's also sentient and independent, getting over his shock he smiles and nods towards her. "Alright, just keep her safe." With that he ran out to face Overhaul once more only to stop in his track. "Wha?"

Izuku raised his head as he stares at Overhaul who was growing bigger and was towering over him.

"…You are SO compensating for something." Izuku said with a blank face after a few second of staring.

Mina and Denki burst out laughing at that. Leave it to Izuku to say something like that in the face of danger.

Everyone else facepalm at Izuku's choice of words.

"…I don't get it." Kota said with a head tilt.

"Me nether." Eri said with a head tilt of her own.

"It probably best that you both don't." Tiger said with a sigh. Mirio chuckled nervously.

"DIE YOU BRAT!" Overhaul shouted in pure anger as he swung his fist down at Izuku again trying to crush him, this time with two fist.

"Star Platinum!" Izuku shouted as his stand appeared before him once more however there was a slight change in his appearance as his entire body skin was now purely purple, his glovers and boots were now black and its scarf has changed from white to red.

"ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!" Star Platinum shouted as he manages to stop Overhaul's attack with a barrage of punches.

"Man, Star Platinum is so strong." Todoroki said in surprise.

"And fast. He threw so many punches to stop those giant fists, it's unbelievable." Momo added.

"Based on what Izuku said earlier, I guess he had years to practice his Stand." Midnight said.

'He probably had it long before we meet.' Toshinori thought.

"Star Platinum! Za Wardo!" Izuku shouted as time froze once more as he saw despite Star Platinum's raw power in stopping the fists attack; he knew he couldn't keep doing it for long.

"Alright, five seconds before time moves again. Now let's see what I can do." He said as he looked around and saw a tanker truck filled with gas, he could not help but grin as an idea formed in his head.

"So there is a limit to his power. I can understand that." Momo said.

"But five seconds? Doesn't that feel a little too short of a time limit for a time stopping power?" Tooru asked. This caused Raizer to giggle.

"Nah kid, when you take a step back and think about it, you realize that it actually more than enough time as this Izuku could have 5 minutes for him as he moves faster than everyone else. Like take for example a hostage situation, Izuku could save the hostage, beat the villain and have them cuffed all in a blink of an eye, not only lowering the risk of potentially harming the hostage but also not giving the villain time to even react."

The adults nodded at this as they too saw the benefits of this power.

"Perfect." Izuku said as he made his way to the truck, he had Star Platinum pick the truck up and hurl it at Overhaul. The truck his Overhaul directly at his chest, Star Platinum then started beating it down to increase the force of the attack.

"That should do it." Izuku said as he had two more seconds left on his time.

"Okay not gonna lie, for some strange and possibly bizarre reason, I was hoping he would use a steam roller for some reason." Mina said with a pout.

"I did too for some reason." Mandalay said with a pout of her own.

Raizer and Kiyuki sweat-drop at this. 'They didn't realize the reference they just made.' The two thought.

Izuku sight in disappointed though, "For some bizarre reason I wish I used a steam roller. Weird." Izuku then saw the other heroes that were called on fighting one of Overhaul's henchmen, a giant of man that could give Mount Lady a run for her money (If she had any.) he charged One for All into his legs and shot towards the big guy.

When he got the big guy in his range, Izuku summon Star Platinum and channel his Hamon and Full Cowling into his stand once more, he wailed on the big guy HARD and came back to Izuku. At that moment, Izuku used the large henchmen body as a springboard as shot back to his original spot. He skidded to a halt, he had a grin.

"And Time has begun once again." he said with snapped of a finger, time resume.

The big guy fellow while coughing up some blood and the truck had exploded in a mighty explosion that engulf Overhaul.

"Holy shit! He did all that in just five seconds!? So manly!" Kirishima exclaimed. The other students had similar thought as they watch what happen.

"This is bullshit, that F $^ing nerd is a useless Deku this proves nothing!" Bakugo screamed in anger.

"Shut Up!" Raizer yelled at him, he messaged his forehead with his right hand, "God dammit, you yelling is so annoying, I rather listen to Church's rambling on how his team sucks."

"I want to do that too." Kota said with stars in his eyes. Eri said nothing but also had the same stars in her eyes as well, clearly showing that she had the same idea.

The Wild Pussycats and Mirio sweat-drop at the thought of the two kids gaining 'The World' Stands of their own as it is called. Oh the damages and mayhem that could be done.

"DEKU!" Overhaul shouted in pain and anger and somehow in his mind, he knew that the green haired hero was the cause for the explosion he was engulfed in. he scans the area, searching for him, unaware that his target was standing right behind not knowing that it was too late.

"ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!" Star Platinum shouted as he started another barrage of punches at Overhaul. However, this time he wasn't holding back as he punched with full power and the fact that Izuku is generating One for All 50% into Star Platinum's punches made the pain much more severe.

Once Star Platinum finished, Izuku called back his Stand and pointed to the falling Overhaul.

"Your last line will be 'Damn you Deku! DAMN YOU!' Tooyu." Izuku said.

"Damn you Deku! DAMN YOU!" Overhaul shouted as his eyes finally rolled into the back of his head, his body and mind no longer able to handle the pain, he drop to the floor face first as he was finally defeated.

"Wow. Way to add insult to injury Midoriya. I never expected him to be the savage type." Mineta said with a sweat-drop.

"But then again the dude was part of the Yakuza, made those quirk destroying bullets and tortured Eri nearly her whole life. So I'm pretty sure the guy deserves it." Sero said.

"Agreed, he did deserved it." Tsu said with a happy face.

Izuku landed beside Overhaul's body and let out a lose breath. He was having a hard time breathing as continuously using Star Platinum's 'Time stop' ability took a lot a mental and physical energy to be used. He barely manages to make it look easy for the fight. Izuku raised his head and lifted his right arm in the air.

"Eri, you no longer have to be scared now. Why? Beause I am HERE! I've won you your freedom!" Izuku closed his eyes and fell on his back as he passed out from exhaustion.

"Well everyone that was the first world I wanted to show you." Raizer said as he stood up, "So what do you think?"

"It was so cool. Never thought I would see Izuku fight like that." Kiminari said.

"Yeah. My respect towards him grew now." Shoji said.

"Mine as well." Tokayami said, Dark Shadow nodded.

"Man Izuku was so manly on how he took on Overhaul." Kirishima said.

"That Stand of his surprise me, with the power to stop time." Toru said.

"ANd that Hamon abilities seems interesting. I wonder if i can learn it." Ojiro said.

"Well better in the hands of a hero then a villain right? I mean imagine all the damage that could be done with that kind of power." Raizer said.

This made everyone besides Kota and Eri, to shiver at the mere thought of that, a villain that can do anything he wants and get away with it, the worst part of it all was that no Hero could counter it unless that have a time related Quirk. All Might thought of his nemesis All for One with that kind of power, his face paled a bit as he knew that would the end of the world.

"Young Raizer, please don't say things like that." Toshinori said, slightly shaken at the thought.

"Hehehe, sorry about that didn't mean to give ya a frightful thought." Raizer said sheepishly. "Well if you all thought that was different, just wait for this next world. Also A little heads up, Mineta will be very jealous of this next Izuku."