Prince of Tennis disclaimer by Konomi Takeshi-sensei

Sweet Habits by Rin Shouta
Rate : T
Genre : F
riendship, Romance, Fluffy, Family

Pair : Adorable Pair (Atobe Keigo x Akutagawa Jirou)

Warning : Same universe, OOC, typos, etc. Let's see our Adorable Pair closer! Especially my baby, Jirou! XD Don't like, don't read. I've warned you, 'kay?

#1 Sweet habit in breakfast time

Sunlight shone the earth slowly. The voice of birds chirped to each other from outside window. The curtain was opened by its room owner. He yawned with left hand covering his mouth while the right hand stretched up. His eyes seemed a half open, but the person chose to wake forcefully.

"Jirou! Let's have breakfast!" His mother's voice reached his ears.

"Haaaaai..." replied the boy named Jirou.

His feet stepped and took his tennis bag on the desk before went out. When he wanted to close the door, suddenly his back was slapped. Jirou startled and shrieked in surprise, followed by the other's laugh voice.

"It's hurt, Yashirou-niichan!" protested him while rubbing his back against the wall.

The adult guy who looked alike Jirou but has a bit longer hair than him, crossed his hands in front of his chest. "Every day I do that, it always makes you full-awake, huh? Seriously this little bro of mine..." His head shook while sighing hopeless.

Jirou's lips pouted. "Say sorry, Niichan! It's still hurt, ugh!"

"You should thanks me instead, Otoutou," said Yashirou as he pinched his otoutou's nose. Slowly he turned around.

The expression on Jirou's face lit up. Without a word, his hands hugged Yashirou's neck and let his body was carried on the back. This was one of his favourite routines since he was child. Although Jirou had been in last year of junior high, but his brother still wanted to spoil him.

"I already forgive you, arigatou." Jirou smiled and his nose rubbed to his neck.

"Don't sleep on the bus, 'kay? Okaasan worried about you." Yashirou reminded.

His head nodded. "Does Rui get better?" asked him.

"I checked her before, it seems her fever already down."

Truth to be true, Jirou felt guilty because he made his family worried, especially when his sister, Rui, was sick. Yesterday he passed his terminal stop while sleeping, so it made his family thinking him was lost. Even though it wasn't the first, even it had happened many times.

He was told by his parents after checked up a while ago that he has narcolepsy illness. It was from his mother's family. Almost every day Jirou slept all of sudden at many places. Different from him, Yashirou and Rui didn't get it and lived like normal people. Of course he was envy but it couldn't be helped. Yashirou promised to help him so it was fine for now.

If he thought about it again, actually he could wake when he did whatever he liked. Example was playing tennis with the strong player like Atobe Keigo. Ah, or Rikkaidai's Marui Bunta!

Maybe he would visit Rikkaidai before going home today?

"Ohayou, my sweet children," greeted their mother cheerfully.

His brother let him down and Jirou replied, "Ohayou, Kaachan."

"Ohayou..." greeted the head of Akutagawa's family as he yawned and sat beside Jirou. The smile on his face widened because he felt something poked his cheek. He looked over, trying to bite that forefinger before the owner hid it on his back.

Giggle voice from Jirou invited the others to laugh.

"Let's start the breakfast~" The mother persuaded them.

Jirou ate his sandwich and interrupted by his father's voice.

"Today let your Otousan takes you two to the school."

"Do it to Jirou, Otousan. I'm fine since I've been adult," rejected Yashirou proudly.

"You're still senior high schooler, how could you say that?" replied their mother, joking.

"M-maa, I'm going to start part time job today, right?"

"SUGEEEEE! Niichan become like Touchan and Kaachan!?" admired Jirou. His eyes looked sparkle as if the stars were there. "Can I take a part time job too!?" He asked.

"No," replied his members' family in the same time.

"Eeeeeh!? Why!?" protested Jirou.

"You have to wait until you graduate from junior high. After that, we will consider it," answered his father firmly. They couldn't say that his illness made them worried. Even when Jirou asked their permission to join tennis club, they doubted. In the end, they gave in with some agreements, like he should at home before 8 o'clock.

On other side, Jirou who lost argument only frowned then he shrugged. The topic of part time job had forgotten quickly. He remembered something for a moment.

"Ah, maybe I'll go home late tonight," said Jirou.

His mother looked worried. "Is there group's assignment?"

Jirou's head shook. "I want to play tennis with Marui-kun!"

If they heard that name, they'd known. What made Jirou late wasn't only playing tennis. He was often invited going to some cafes to eat sweet foods by that friend until he forgot the time.

"I see, if anything happen, call me or your Okaasan, 'kay?" His father gave the permission.

Jirou nodded. "May I buy some puddings for Rui?"

"Sure. Rui will be happy," replied the mother.

"Want me to fetch at the station?" His brother asked.

Wide smile came back to his face. "Un!"

His routines in the morning always could make his mood up. Even every day they did it, he never felt bored. In many times, Jirou claimed happily.

"I really love you!"

~ Breakfast time ended! ~

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