Shota Aizawa, also known as the hero Eraser Head, called 10 students into his office. "I have a very special assignment for you all," he said in his usual dreary tone. "We are playing host to a handful of visiting students from another specialty school."

"Another hero school?" asked Midoriya, scratching his short green hair. The 18-year-old graduating senior knew there were other schools in other countries in order to train the necessary number of heroes needed around the globe.

"Not exactly," Professor Aizawa made a motion with his hands and from the opposite side of the room came a group of students in typical school uniforms, except they all seemed to dress with their own sense of style. "Please give a warm welcome to the year 4 class of Totsuki Culinary Academy."

"The what academy?" chuckled a blonde boy, Bakugo was making small firecracker-like bursts in the palm of his hands, as if trying to impress the cooking school students.

A girl with long strawberry-blonde hair approached. She grabbed him by the wrist and synched it back causing Bakugo to emit a larger fireball. She opened her hand to reveal a metal ball. "Poof," she said with a sexy smile. Suddenly the ball opened, releasing a buttery fragrance and a single perfect kernel of popcorn.

The boy rolled his eyes. "Cute magic trick."

"It's called molecular gastronomy," the girl explained. "My name is Erina Nakiri, the current headmaster-"

"Headmaster?" asked a smaller boy with a froggy voice. "You look a little young."

"Miss Erina is actually part of the graduating class," Aizawa explained. "Her team has been through quite a lot, and she contacted the school about sending their top representatives to see what they can learn from our class."

"Learn about what?" Asked Shoto Todoroki, the boy with red and white hair also had fire powers but they were more controlled then a single blast.

"Technique," muttered a tall boy with long black hair. His red eyes met Todoroki's.

The intensity was palpable. Erina only chuckled. "Let's get to assigning partners." She took out a clipboard, "Koji Koda?"

A strange looking student who looked like a humanoid squid stepped forward.

The kids from the culinary school looked disturbed, awaiting who would be assigned to this monster. "You will be partnered with Megumi Tadokoro."

A petite girl with long black hair stepped forward. Her face was sweet, like a doll. "Hello, I'm Megumi," she said holding her hand out for a handshake. "I actually grew up in a fishing village, so I really enjoy learning about sea life of all kinds."

Koda nodded and offered a shy smile in return.

Erina moved on to the next name. "Minoru Mineta you are paired with Ikumi Mito."

The short boy with strange black orbs on his head looked to the tall blonde chef with excitement.

Ikumi held out her hand. "My name is Ikumi, I've heard great things about you."

Minoru Mineta smiled so wide he was unable to speak.

"Ok," Erina looked at her list, "next is Izuku Midoriya, you will be paired with my good friend Soma Yukihira." The green haired boy shook hands with the red-haired boy. The two looked like they could be distant cousins.

Erina continued, "Momo Yaoyorozu," a girl with a high ponytail stepped forward, "You're with Alice Nakiri. Shoto Todoroki you're with Ryo Kurokiba."

Ryo bowed his head respectfully.

Erina continued down her list until she reached the end, "and Bakugo," "You're with me."

"You ten will be given the weekend off; no training, no classes, to get to know your new friends and partners."

Shoto and Momo exchanged glances. As the top students in the class, they had been using their free time for training. "We can go up to the lodge," Todoroki suggested with a shrug.

Momo pursed her lips with a smile. "Sure."

As the teams left, each going in different directions, a homeless man was sitting by the fire exit. His face was concealed but as he pulled out a walking talkie his distinctive lips were visible. "The insects are on the move."

The radio crackled, " Rodger that- Dabi."

"Everyone, stick to their targets," the homeless man stood up. "The team firecracker is mine."

"The bus stop is this way," Momo said, walking ahead of the group. "Did you want to change into something more appropriate for a hike?" she asked Alice and Ryo.

"We can do that in our rental car," Alice replied with a sweet smile. "In fact, I have a GPS, we could just take the rental car." Alice motioned to a nearby parking lot where a black SUV was parked.

Shoto shrugged. "Sure, sounds good to me. I can put in the location."

The lodge was one of many training facilities used by U.A. High School, but this was one that Shoto and Momo had made "special." If they truly had a free weekend he figured they could recreate their first time, and leave the cooking school kids to explore the surrounding woods.

Shoto offered to drive but Alice insisted that Ryo drive. Shoto agreed and made himself comfortable in the back seat with Momo. "What's their deal?" he asked Momo in a whisper. It was clear that Ryo was not Alice's boyfriend but rather some kind of man-servant.

Momo stroked Shoto's cheek. "Maybe," she moved her lips to his ear with a soft breath. "They're like us and need to keep things a secret." Her tongue trached his ear in a way that made his body shudder.

"In two hundred meters you will have reached your destination," said the robotic voice of the GPS.

Momo quickly sat up straight. "That was fast."

"Yup." Alice patted Ryo on the shoulder. "My puppy is a very talented driver."

"Puppy?" Shoto said quietly.

Ryo parked the car and began to unload the luggage.

"You're only here for a weekend, right?" Shoto asked Alice.

"That's why I packed the necessities," she replied. The necessities seemed to include travel versions of Sous-vide and other molecular gastronomy machines. "I can show off my skills to Momo while you and Ryo find us some food."

Shoto looked at Momo, he didn't want to leave her alone with the strange girl but Momo nodded at him. "Sure," Shoto said with a sigh. "Have fun."

Ryo grabbed his own duffle bag. "I'm sure you will, babe." He kissed Alice on the cheek. "I'm sure you will."

Shoto glanced at Ryo's new-found smile. It looked strange. He really wanted to get to know this bizarre kid.