Hi and welcome to a random drabble series that is about absolutely random incidents occurring during InterNational Meetings, ranging from between just two Nations, to G8/G-whatever meetings, to World Meetings. Remember that this is meant to be about non-serious events, so serious incidents like 9/11 will not appear here (that one deserves its own one-shot).

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Alright, enough rambling, onto the chapter!

There was this one World Meeting in mid-December when pretty much all the Nations were split into two factions of sorts. One side consisted of India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Seychelles, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Ireland, Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, England and some others. Also on this side, despite the time of the year, Hong Kong had teamed up with Japan. And his rival Singapore, because they do have something in common (a lot of somethings, to be exact, but this isn't important).

On the other side was pretty much everyone else in the World. This included all the other members of the G8, China and Taiwan (who have also teamed up for once), the majority of Central and South America, the Nordics, most (if not all) of the EU, the rest of Africa and…yeah, the majority of the World.

For some reason, someone brought up the topic of the rule of the road, for whatever reasons that no one remembers at all.

"Well, of course, there are the ones that drive on the left side of the road, and the ones that drive on the opposite-of-left side of the road," someone snarked.

"Dude, don't you mean, the right side of the road?" someone asked back. Knowing their phrasing, it's probably Mr. Hyperpower.

The majority of the Left 'faction' rolled their eyes. "Nope!"

This World Meeting ended up with England and France getting into a massive fight (again, as usual) because of course they do (I mean, even the aliens ship it!), the North American Brothers getting into a roast battle with the SAR Brothers (despite their close friendship), Germany trying to get everyone to calm down and ending up joining in on the fighting…and nothing getting actually done, as usual.

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