Before reading this story, I HIGHLY recommend you watch the video: Pinky and the Brain: The Brainstem Song (1995) on YouTube.


Hannibal walked into the beach house, his arms loaded with groceries. He set the paper bags down in the kitchen, then continued on into the living room and stared at the unusual sight that greeted him.

B. A. was staring morosely down at the prone form of their unconscious pilot stretched across the living room floor, his guitar in pieces around him. Apparently, he had been beaned in the head with said instrument. Rather effectively.

Face, on the other hand was most definitely conscious. He stood stiffly on the other side of the room, his arms folded, his eyes murderous.

Hannibal frowned and looked at B. A. "What the hell happened?"

B. A. looked at Hannibal. "Fool finally pushed his luck too far. He was watchin' that stupid cartoon he likes,* and after it was over, he grabbed his guitar and started singin' some fool song 'bout the parts of the brain or somethin'. To the tune of "Camptown Races." Kept repeatin' it over and over again and chasin' Faceman all over the house." Bosco chuckled. "Guess Face finally reached his limit, cos he grabbed Murdock's guitar and clobbered him with it."

Hannibal looked at the still unconscious captain, wondering if they should be getting worried. He went into the kitchen and pulled a pitcher of iced water out of the refrigerator. He eyed it regretfully. He'd been looking forward to a tall cold glass. Ah well, sacrifices came in all forms… He dumped the water on Murdock's head.

Murdock sat up, rubbing his head and spluttering at the shock of the icy water bath he had received. He frowned at Face, who glowered back.

Hannibal intervened before either one could say a word. "Face, you owe Murdock a new guitar. You take him out this afternoon…and you will get him a good one. Murdock, you need to stop annoying Face by chasing him around singing." Both men started to open their mouths, and Hannibal held up one hand. "Are we clear, boys?" And now Hannibal's arms were crossed.

The two younger men nodded sullenly.

Hannibal went back into the kitchen. In moments, they all heard him begin swearing loudly. "Dammit, because of you clowns, my butter pecan ice cream melted all over the inside of the bag!"

Face looked at Murdock. "You feel up to going to look for that guitar buddy?"

Murdock nodded. "Right behind you!"

B. A. had to laugh as the two of them sailed out the door. It was a good thing they were taking the 'vette. He figured Murdock's hair and tee-shirt would dry out on the way.

~The End~

A/N: * Of any of the shows Murdock could watch that would annoy Face...I have a suspicion "Pinky and the Brain" (Steven Spielberg) might top the list. The episode mentioned is called "Brainstem." Season 1, Episode 3.