Another chapter. This chapter has more action in it. I hope at least. Anyways Love you lots and ENJOY!



Scott and Hope put on their suits and were ready to fight thanos' minions. They were upstairs in Hope's old room. Hope was about to exit the room but Scott grabbed her hand and pulled her close.

„Wait." Scott said winking.

„Scott, we don't have much time."

„I know." Scott answered quietly. He kissed her. They went outside and took the hot wheels case with them. They chose the classic van.

„Scott, do you know where to go?" she asked while driving. Scott opened the glove compartment to read the message on the secret phone. He took the phone out and read the message the Avengers left for them.

„Uh, yeah... oh, son of a..." Scott said with a terrified look on his face. Hope looked over and saw the look.


„The address... it's the lab." Scott told hope. He saw that her eyes were filled with fear as she drove faster.

„Dad, dammit." Hope said hitting the steering wheel.

„We're gonna get 'em." He said reassuringly as he reached over and put a hand on her shoulder. Hope said nothing and drove with a serious look on her face. The lab was located in the forest like once before. They arrived near the lab but a little further than they could.

„Why are we stopping?" Scott wondered.

„We have to continue on foot." She said whilst getting out of the car. „They can't see us coming when they... well can't see us." Hope opened the back doors of the van revealing a bunch of 'bad guy defeating stuff' stuff. Like blasters, ant communicators, even some tazers etc. They both put the communicators behind their ears. Just in case. After they were ready, they took deep breaths and headed towards the lab. Scott jumped on a flying ant who was called Ant-onio Vivaldi and Hope was just flying by herself. They approached the lab and stopped at a window to see what was going on inside.

„Oh no, dad." Hope gasped as she saw her dad tied to a chair and three minions surrounding him with deadly weapons in their hands.

„We need to get in there." Hope stated.

Scott nodded and they tried to find a way in as the front door was locked.

„I have an idea! Follow me." He flew on the roof with Hope and found one of the air vents. They flew in the air vent, trying to find a place to get out. They saw a vent grille which was right above Hank.

„Score!" Scott cheered while making a fist and dragging it down in success.

„Don't start getting cocky now." Hope looked at him with a serious face.

„Sorry." Scott apologized. Scott counted down. They both went through the grille at the same time. They went for two different minions. Ant-Man and Wasp quickly enlarged right before they hit them. Sending them back flying. They shrunk again, this time Hope punched the minion's head while Scott punched its stomach. Knocking it out.

„That's three." Scott stated.

„That was too easy." Hope said suspiciously. Hope turned around and saw her dad.

„Dad! It's okay now." Hope said to her beloved father. She used the communicator to make the ants untie him.

„You okay, Hank?" Scott asked.

„Yes, I am fine. Is Janet okay?"

„Mum's fine Dad. She's still at home not suspecting anything." Hope said while smiling a little. Scott helped Hank up from the chair as he had bruises on his face. Hope looked at him closer. She saw more wounds than they thought he had. Including a bullet wound on his thigh.

„Oh my, god. Dad. What did they do? How'd you get the bullet wound?" Hope wondered while looking her dad in the eyes. Scott took Hank's arm and wrapped it around his shoulders, supporting him.

„They took the gun from my emergency drawer... AAGH." Hank yelled out in pain.

Hope looked at his father and then at Scott. „We need to put some pressure on it!" Scott nodded. „I'll take him to the van, alright? You go get something that we could use for pressure."

Without hesitation Hope looked around the lab. She found a towel on one of the chairs in the lab. She took it and ran to the van. Scott put Hank in the back seat. Scott made way for Hope by standing aside. Hope quickly wrapped the towel around his leg. Hank yelled out in pain which broke Hope's heart and even Scott's a little.

„Sorry dad. This is going to hurt, but we have to do this."

Hope put her hand on the towel to put more pressure on it. Hank put his hand on hers.

„I can hold it. Go drive!" Hank said. Hope nodded and climbed to the front with Scott.

„We need to get him to a hospital." Hope began. „He will lose too much blood." Scott looked at her and saw that her eyes were watering. He placed his hand on hers which was located on the shrinking lever. This caused Hope to shed a tear. „It's going to be alright." Scott claimed. Hope looked at him and smiled a little.

„I know." She shrunk the car and quickly drove to the hospital. They got out of the van, they helped Hank out of the van, Scott and Hope on either sides of Hank supporting him.

„We need help!" Hope yelled out. „Someone please!" after a few seconds, some nurses came with a wheelchair to help him. Scott put an arm around her shoulders for comfort. She then got in his arms and hugged him. Scott stroked her hair. Whispering comforting words to her. They pulled away when they realised that the people surrounding them stared at Hope and Scott as they were wearing their suits. They smiled weakly at them. One of the nurses came back and told Scott and Hope that he will be okay and they could visit him tomorrow. Scott and Hope nodded and they went back to the van. They drove back home.


Janet was waiting for the heroes to return. She even made dinner. When the heroes got back and entered the house, Janet was already waiting for them at the front door.

„Hello, darlings!" she said happily. She saw the redness in Hope's eyes and even a little in Scott's. So Scott and Hope sat on the couch holding hands while Janet was sitting on a loveseat opposite them. Hope told her the whole story.

Janet reached over and grabbed Hope's other hand, patting it. Eventually Scott grabbed Janet's hand so it formed a circle.

„Well, this is fun." Scott said with a grin on his face. „Now, let us pray for the wonder that is doctor Hank Pym."

Hope chuckled a little and punched Scott's shoulder gently.

Even when Hope was feeling down Scott is the person that could make her laugh. She hated that. After a few hours they had dinner and were ready for bed. Hope was sitting on a chair next to the bed. Scott was putting on his Pj's. Hope was staring at her phone, trying to hack into the security cameras of the lab to see how the minions got in. She looked over her phone for a second and she saw Scott shirtless. Hope put her phone away and walked up to Scott.

„Scott I need to tell you something." She said slightly smiling.

„I know. I mean why the hell does buggs bunny wear a towel around his waist if he's naked all the time?" He joked. He saw Hope staring at him, one eyebrow raised. „Sorry. Continue."

„Well I want to sa..."

Hope was cut off when Scott's phone started to ring. Scott looked at his phone and then Hope.

„Fine get it" hope said a little disappointed. Scott talked for a while but then ended the call.

„It's Cassie. I need to pick her up." Scott told Hope.

„What, now?"

„Yeah. Apparently Maggie's parents surprised her and Paxton with a trip and they can't take Cassie with her."

Scott was about to take off his pj's when Hope stopped him.

„I'll pick her up. You already changed."