Hello, this is I4MD347H. As you know, the primary author of the series decided to retire, which is a shame for us fans of the series. Thus, I took it upon myself to continue his legacy the best I could.

On the calm Earth of man, to the inhabitants' unawares, the galaxy's most significant epoch in galactic history commenced at a young and seemingly uneventful night, a calm before the encroaching storm masked in the routine silence.

A robbery at a Mr. Smoothies alerted the Plumbers, a random alien hijacking the cash register in the open night. The crime scene still currently in progress, the Rust Bucket sped through the shadowed street with burning rubber, with Rook driving with Ben at his side.

"I swear if that sleazebag of a lawyer gets in our way again-"

"Keep calm Ben. I'm sure we can sort this out. Even Chadzmuth's skills are limited."

The Galvan in question was the lawyer 'legally' protecting the criminals, those that repeatedly instigated trouble in Bellwood, with extremely irritating efficiency.

The proto-truck skidding to a halt outside their designated Mr. Smoothies, both Plumbers hopped out as Rook aimed his Prototool at the amphibian criminal while Ben hovered his hand above his dial.

But before conflict sparked, Chadzmuth warped in between them in a flash of white particles, standing inside a small green and grey open briefcase retrofitted as his hovercraft.

"Ah, ahh, ahh. You Plumbers have no right to harass my client."

Anger swelled, Chadzmuth's irritating voice and assured confidence nearly popping one of Ben's vein like a needle poking a balloon.

"But he is currently committing a crime!" Rook severely rebuked, unable to tolerate Galvan's mockery of intergalactic justice with his 'superior Galvan logic.'

"'Allegedly' committing a crime," Chadzmuth retorted.

'Even the 'alleged' criminal was caught with a rug sack of Taydens in hand?' Ben and Rook retorted.

Chadzmuth's 'logic' severing the last string of Ben's restraint, Ben's anger erupted in verbal outrage.

"You know? It's sleazebags like you that give lawyers a bad name!" Especially since said lawyer was 'allegedly' supporting the chaos in Bellwood for the sake of monetary gain.

The Galvan lawyer chuckled in response, shaking his head at Ben's naivety.

"Young man, I'll have you know that lawyers always have a bad name. And I provide a necessary service. Everyone is entitled to the best possible defense."

'Even though they're repeated offenders?' Ben mentally retorted.

"That is indeed true," Rook supported his claim to Ben's chagrin, earning his partner's brief sideways glare.

"Who knows? Someday even the great Ben Tennyson will require my assistance," Chadzmuth said with a cocky grin.

"Never. Gonna. Happen," Ben replied with absolute confidence that such a time would never arrive.

But his absolution proved flimsy, his 'confidence' smashed to fragments under the hammering arrival of the creator gods in the next few seconds.


Like thunder, an ominous, stentorian voice bellowed from the starlit night. Like lightning, a spatial tear cleaved thwart the moonlit sky, widening into a yawning void of cosmic night.

Looking up, an erecting obelisk of ancient grey descended from the celestial void, each of its four sides around the peak gilded by stone faces.

Each face resembled a petrified version Bellicus or Serena, stone replicas of the Celestialsapien mind, only three times more imposing than either of the Alien X's dual consciousness.

Upon halting at maximum descent, the obelisk flashed several armored Celestialsapiens in hyperfast succession, each surrounding the grey pillar with ritualistic grace and ancestral reverence.

The four triangular corners of the obelisk's peak unfolded like those of a paper fortune teller, opening to reveal a white, shimmering void within. From the stone pillar, another Celestialsapien descended basked by the pillar's heavenly light, one not only armored like the rest of his kind but also bearing a long, regal beard woven from the most elegant fabric of the cosmic night.

Not only that, two horn-like spikes emerge from both sides of his head, blue-metallic straps around his arms and gladiator sandals for legwear, sturdy metal pads embellished his shoulders, and, in his left hand, a blue-metal grey twin-pronged scepter that held a shining white orb between the spikes.

His mind wandering, Ben mentally labeled that one Starbeard since he stood out with said beard.

"Did you think you could escape our notice when you used your Celestialsapien form, Alien X, to recreate the entire universe?" The Celestialsapien Ben labeled as Starbeard said.

Rook and Chadzmuth looked up in complete, abject shock, their jaws hung and their brains riled into a stupor.

"Aha! Told Ya!" Ben proudly gloated to the dumbfounded Rook, ignoring the severity of his debacle.

"Thus, you are at this moment charged with unauthorized alteration of reality! And for that, you must pay!"

"Uh, what?"

The gravity of the situation finally dawned on him. The Celestialsapiens accused him of violating a multi-universal law, with consequences as dire as their species were omnipotent.

"Ben Tennyson! Prepare for your reckoning!" Starbeard declared.

The next moment, all of the Celestialsapiens and the obelisk disappeared in a static flash, the silent, earthly night restored to its tranquil state, almost as if the Gods didn't descend to the mortal Earth in the first place.

A few seconds later, Ben looked around and patted his own body to check for any changes.

"Huh that wasn't so bad-" But then Ben was suddenly transported, now standing on a platform surrounded by violet nebulas dotted by stars and far-distant planets as far as his eyes could see. There were multiple other platforms like the one he stood on. Seeing this, Ben dropped his jaw agape upon realizing the Celestialsapiens brought him to the galactic court without any forewarnings.

"Intergalactic high court case number 1016-058. Universe V Tennyson is now in session," a Highbreed Bailiff stated in a gruff tone. One Ben recognized before the last time he encountered the intergalactic high court when he was still dating Julie.

Ben's mouth was still agape trying to parse his current debacle until he spotted the same bearded Celestialsapien that spoke to him earlier.

"Benjamin Kirby Tennyson. The prosecution states that you did, willfully and deliberately, altered the fabric of reality. In violation of the multiverse preservation act," Judge Domstol, a Sylonnoid judge Ben was acquainted with in the past regarding the case with the Vreedles and the Galvanic Mechmorph that birthed Ship to Julie, Baz-El.

From his shoulders up to his forehead, most of his body constituted of copper. His lips and the outline of his eyes are copper, his eyes small and shifted upwards. His sclera was black, and his pupils white. His brain pokes out of his metal head, protected by a cranial dome of thin, transparent material, displaying his grey matter organ to the world through the looking glass, with a copper circle on the front of his brain.

Unlike last time, Domstol now wore glasses and a periwig donning his dome head. His gloves are now entirely made of copper, his artificial body garbed in an attire very reminiscent to the judges of Earth.

On Domstol's far right, Ben saw the same bearded Celestialsapien descending to his view, seated in the same conic bronze pod representing the seat of the accuser.

"How do ya plead?"

"Innocent," Ben confidently stated.

"I mean, C'mon! You remember me, don't ya, Judge Domstol? Wielder of the Omnitrix? Savior of the universe? Ring a Bell?" Ben attempted to woo the judge into his favor using his standing as a hero.

"I do indeed remember and admire the great Ben Tennyson. However, since this is a massive class-action lawsuit involving the ENTIRE universe and everyone in it, your fate is not just up to me, but to every sentient being in the cosmos," The Judge Domstol stated, causing Ben to frown.

"This trial is being broadcasted to quadrillions of beings bearing the right to vote on your guilt or innocence."

'Oh, crap,' Ben thought.

'What if Mom, Dad, and Gwen see this?'

Ben stifled a gulp, trying to ignore the weight of the fact his fate was in the hands of the entire universe.

"But wait, there's more."

A pendulum-like device of bronze materialized from nowhere in a flash of particles, a futuristic libra scale of sorts, one modeled after the famous Egyptian fulcrum to weight one's actual guilt, with one side bearing a circular screen with a red measure bar while the other was green.

"This device is capable of keeping a 100% accurate tally of every vote in the Universe in real time!" The Highbreed Bailiff stated.

In other words, no time will be wasted in Ben's case, cutting off Ben the chance to delay the trial to a future date.

"You have a lawyer Ben? Or will you defend yourself?" The Judge professionally inquired.

"What? Lawyer? How am I supposed-" Ben then nearly tripped, as Chadzmuth's card found its way into his hands from his pocket. Upon seeing the accursed card of the most irritating lawyer in the galaxy, Ben internally groaned as his gut pained with insurmountable regret. He paused as he stared at the business card, heavily contemplating his options before making a choice.

It was either call upon the sleazebag lawyer and prevent a universal extinction or relinquish the universe to its fate.

"Aww man…" He activated the card knowing the amount of regret his choice will bring, and a hologram of Chadzmuth appeared.

"[You have reached the office of Chadzmuth and intergalactic attorney and law.]" The hologram Chadzmuth said. A part of Ben died once he uttered the next words.

"Look, I'm sorry I called you a sleazebag, okay? I know our relationship is rocky, but I… need your help."

"Please?" Ben groaned, channeling his faith in seemingly vain hope.

To his surprise and relief, the Galvan lawyer materialized right next to Ben, riding within his green vehicular suitcase and all.

"I'll take the case. Lucky for you I never lose," Chadzmuth stated confidently.

Ben thanked the stars that he managed to acquire professional help.

"So how many cases have you argued before the galactic high court?"

Chadzmuth thought for a moment.

"Including this one. One."

A wave of worry wash over Ben's heart, doubts of the Galvan's credibility already breaching his faith as said Galvan hovered beside him.

"This will be a walk in the park. All they care about are witnesses. Nothing to worry about," the lawyer assured.

Ben held his head in his hands, his growing anxiety stronger than ever.

"Universe calls to the witness stand Mr. Ignatious Baumann," The Highbreed decreed.

As he stated, Mr. Baumann materialized in a pod, the witness seat next to Judge Domstol.

"Wha-what's going on? Where am I?" Mr. Baumann darted his head left and right in wild confusion like any ordinary abducted human would.

The mere sight of the obese old man forced Ben into a panicked yelp as he ducked lower under his pod, attempting to avoid eye contact from the man he wronged unjustly countless times. His attempts failed.

"Ben? Grrughh, I should've known…" Mr. Baumann grumbled, glowering at the sight of the walking, human catastrophe.

"Please just recall any interactions you've had with the accused," Judge Domstol requested.

"I'm doomed…" Ben whimpered.

As if to worsen his predicament, a holographic screen materialized above Judge Domstol, screening a montage of many Ben's shenanigans and accidents that directly destroyed his private property, his and his alone, in vivid, high definition.

"That boy, he's been driving me crazy with his antics all my life ever since he was a little brat! Always destroying desecrating my property without end!" Mr. Baumann vehemently vented his frustrations regarding Ben, his words carrying the years of pain and suffering he endured under the hands of all manners of misfortunes enacted by Ben.

"Let's see what our viewers have to say about that," The Judge said, pointing at the galactic Libra Scale.

Predictably, the device tipped toward the red on the guilty. Ben's heart, like the red scale, sank even further with accumulating despair.

"Save me," Ben whimpered to his lawyer.

To defend his now pathetic client, Chadzmuth flew his chair over to Mr. Baumann.

"Tell me Mr. Baumann do you honestly believe that my client is capable of creating an exact duplicate of the Universe and everyone in it?"

"Ben… Tennyson is incapable of creating anything other than destruction to my personal property!" Mr. Baumann stated angrily.

"No further questions your honor," Chadzmuth said.

Mr. Baumann then dematerialized in a flash of static black and white, returning to whence he came.

"Huh, that could've gone so much worse," Ben said with relief.

"Your honor the prosecution would like to call its own witness."

To prove him wrong, Starbeard said otherwise, before Rook materialized in another pod in the distance a second later. Two seconds passed before Rook waved to Ben in a friendly gesture.

"Ben, I voted for you earlier! Did I win the grand prize?" Rook asked.

In his bronze pod, Starbeard descended upon Rook, hovering above the witness.

"Rook Blonko, would you regard your partner as someone who blatantly ignores procedure?" Starbeard questioned.

"Absolutely not!" Rook replied, raising Ben's hopes to its zenith.

"To disregard something, one must first be aware of its existence. Ben has frequently demonstrated his ignorance of procedure as well as a countless host of other topics."

But Rook's careless, blunt honesty shattered Ben's peace of mind like a hammer to glassware.

'Rook!' Ben internally screamed.

With a depressing mechanical whir, the fulcrum sank even further towards the red.

"No further questions, your honor," Starbeard said, hovering up away from Rook in satisfaction.

"The defense would like to cross-examine this witness," Chadzmuth said, hovering towards Rook in his multi-purpose suitcase-transport.

While speaking, a steel-grey contraption from the seat behind Rook's head surrounded him, with three octagonal slabs environ his head, one atop his skull and two on each side.

"Now then, please focus your thoughts on the alleged crimes that you allegedly witnessed."

A new screen appeared high above, replaying a memory from Rook's mind regarding the Anihilaarg, displaying Rhomboid crashing chin-first to the concrete along with an onyx-black case clattering the sidewalk, before the Anihilaarg's lid flipped open revealing a big red button within.

"But the anihilaarg turned out to be a dud. So the universe and everything in it was not destroyed," Rook informally stated.

"The universe and everything in it was not destroyed! Your honor, the prosecution has failed to prove that my client committed the crime of which he is being accused. Or that any crime was even committed."

In result, the green on the pendulum increased, returned the Libra Scale to equilibrium.

"Yes! Innocent. Thank you, Universe!" Ben exclaimed, pumping his arms forward with a triumphant, yet goofy smile.


"The prosecution would like to call one last witness to the stand," Starbeard called.

"Benjamin Kirby Tennyson."

Ben's mouth was once again agape. He and Rook then swapped places via particle materialization, though Ben appeared a few meters too high above his seat, resulting in his unsightly fall as he crashed with an unheroic yelp.

"Open record exhibit A. A Mr. Smoothies great smoothie," Starbeard said as a smoothie materialized in front of Ben while he picked himself up.

"Mr. Tennyson. Will you taste Exhibit A for the court?" Starbeard asked, raising Ben's anxiety to higher levels.

'Crap, he knew!' Starbeard was aware of the only flaw in Ben's recreational copy. The Mr. Smoothies' iconic beverages, their iconic smoothies. Nervousness taking hold and his body perspiring, Ben furtively pulled the scruff of his shirt to air out the metaphorical rise of temperature emanating from his guilt.

"Actually, I'm not very thirsty," Ben nervously declined, but then Domstol's image appeared before the small, holographic display in front of Ben.

"Just drink the smoothie, Mr. Tennyson," Domstol groaned, not willing to allow further excuses from the Universe's greatest troublemaker.

With dramatic tension, Ben stared down the smoothie for a moment, sweat trickling his neck as he gulped with nervousness. Slowly with a shaking hand, he trepidatiously wrapped his fingers around the plastic cup with palpable tension, and hesitantly placed his lips on the straw. Ben waited for a few seconds before he started noisily slurping the contents.

"Do you notice anything... 'peculiar' about this smoothie?" Starbeard asked with unhidden insinuations laced in his words.

Ben looked around nervously as he gulped, tasting the flawed flavor he never could correct.

"Anything different?" He taunted, almost as if confident in his absolute victory.

Hearing this, after one suspenseful minute, Ben finally reached his mental limit, unable to repress his guilt and shame. Then he broke, unable to handle the pressure anymore.

"Alright, I admit it! It doesn't taste the same I was too late to save the universe and everything in it from being destroyed. So I used Alien X to make an exact duplicate!" Ben confessed. "But I just couldn't get the great flavor riiiiiiight!"

Ben then started sobbing, laying his soul bare for the entire universe in the form of a pathetic crybaby and not the greatest hero of the Universe.

"Your honor, I rest my case."

Ben reappeared right next to Rook and the Galvan lawyer.

"Don't worry kid, the worst case scenario you'll have to make restitution," Chadzmuth assured.

"But that means that the universe and everything in it will be destroyed. Again!" Ben shrieked.

With one last stand, Chadzmuth flew over to face the judge and the universe, preparing his speech for all the souls that bared witness.

"Your honor and beings throughout the universe. We all know that Celestialsapiens change the universe as often as my client changes his shirt," Chadzmuth paused for a moment.

"Okay, bad example, but my point and I do have one, is that Celestialsapiens change the universe all the time! For instance, first thinker Azmuth's voice and appearance have changed on at least three occasions. For all we know, Celestialsapiens are out there changing the universe at this very moment. I put it to you ladies and gentle aliens, and not so gentle aliens. Is it right to hold one scrawny little human-"

"Hey!" Ben objected.

"...responsible for the misdeeds of an entire species of omnipotent beings? I say nay! NAY, I SAY!" Chadzmuth ranted.

The court remained silence from Chadzmuth well-constructed argument regarding the fact that Ben was being held on trial by a race of omnipotent species, his words did more than move the court.

Rook slowly clapped his hands in praise, respecting Chadzmuth's speech.

"And now this is where the magic happens," the Galvan whispered to Ben leaning forward.

"Has the universe reached a verdict?" Domstol asked.

One side of the pendulum reached about three-quarters green. However, the opposite end completely red. One. Hundred. Percent.


Ben's heart sank into his stomach while loud, annoying screams of terror filled the air.

"The universe has spoken. And it finds you, Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, as guilty as you can be!"

Hearing this, Ben now reached the verge of fainting and abject despair.

"And you, Zax Tan'a'see of Helioplex Seven, have just won! A new star!" Domstol added as two holograms appeared, one displaying a pink, triclops worm alien while the other presented the star he won. The pink alien smiled, apparently surprised that he won a natural sun — a joy that was not shared by Ben.

"I have 'em right where I want em, all part of the plan," Chadzmuth said more confident than ever before, although Ben looked at the Galvan as if questioning the state of his sanity.

"Letting the universe find me guilty was part of your plan!?" Ben seethed his retort with a near-shout.

"My client would like to invoke the Tetramand trial of combat!" Chadzmuth said.

'The what?'

What's the Tetramand Trial of Combat? Never was he well-versed in law, even worse in extraterrestrial laws.

The judge simply nodded his head in agreement as all eyes pointed at Ben.

"Now's your cue, kid," Chadzmuth whispered.

"Yeah, see, it's like this. I can't control what the Omnitrix is going to turn me into."

His explanation riled Chadzmuth's composure, the Galvan turning to Ben with abject shock and a tinge of anger.

"Well, you could've told me that before I hinged your entire case on it!" Chadzmuth quietly shrieked.

"Well, how was I supposed to know you were gonna-"

"Is there a problem, gentlemen?" The judge asked, interrupting their secluded bickering.

"Ye-" "No!" Ben and Chadzmuth shouted.

The Galvan motioned Ben to transform. Seeing no other choice but to take the gamble, Ben started dialing his desired alien and slammed the primed device. After a flash of emerald, Four Arms stood in Ben's place to his relief.

"Uh, eh, no. I'm all Tetramand up and ready to…. what do I do exactly?" Four Arms asked his lawyer utterly clueless to his current role.

"As Ben, you had your day in the court and lost. But Tetramands get to fight their accusers," Chadzmuth explained.

"And if the victor wins, he or she passes the trial acquitted of any crimes accused."

Chadzmuth's plan reignited Ben's hopes of legal victory, but Ben's omnipotent accuser won't let that hope burn freely.

"Very well. Then the prosecution summons the Galactic Gladiator."

In an explosion of white nova, another Celestialsapien appeared in the center of the court, hovering in the emptiness of the void. Unlike the other Celestialsapiens, while garbed with pieces of gray armor from Greek design, his helmed head burned like a torch of midnight flame.

"Let the Tetramand trial of combat commence!" The Judge announced immediately after that.

In commencement, the court teleported Four Arms from his pod to the arena, hovering in the emptiness with the Gladiator athwart him.

Without wasting even a second, Four Arms warily braced his guard for combat, but the Galactic Gladiator's inactivity slowly defused his tension. Realizing the critical weakness to Celestialsapiens, and wanting to confirm it, Four Arms drifted closer to the alien, inspecting him with little to no retaliation from the gladiator.

"Hmmm, this is good. Already easy enough to hit a nonmoving target," Four Arms bragged with confidence in his current knowledge of Alien X's weaknesses.

"By the time this is over, the two voices in his head will still be arguing over which way to fall!"

With a cocky smirk, Four Arms then threw a punch at the Gladiator, but his foe teleported directly behind him at the last second. Taken by surprise, Four arms reacted by throwing another punch just for the Gladiator to teleport once again, appearing directly behind Four arms once more. This time, he pounced forward and enwrapped the Tetramand with his own body, letting the mortal struggle for a few seconds before releasing him, then flip-kicked Four Arms up in the air. Following his combo, he warped next to Four Arms once again and punched him, sending him crashing down into the Pod with Rook and Chadzmuth.

Four Arm's head rang with headaches like a blaring siren and his chest pulsing in pain from his wounded pride.

"Aghhhh, man. How am I supposed to fight a guy that can change into anything?" Four arms complained upon realizing he's severely outmatched in his current form the hard way.

"There's nothing in the rules that says you have to stay a Tetramand," Chadzmuth advised.

"Heh, now that changes things."

Four arms slapped the Omnitrix dial and changed into Eye Guy in a green flash.

"I (Eye) am taking you down!" The Opticoid flew up to face the Galactic Gladiator and fired lasers out of every one of his eyes, but then Celestialsapien effortlessly dodged them with casual grace in his flight.

In his desperation for a lifeline, Eye Guy's eyes converged toward his chest, forming a gestalt, giant eye, and channeled all of his energy into the strongest yellow emerald beam he can muster, the beam flying directly at his foe.

However, Galactic Gladiator vanished, rendering Eye Guy's desperate act to waste, teleporting behind Eye Guy and smacked him away, only to appear in Eye Guy's flight trajectory and smacked him again before Ben returned to human form in a flash, irritated and frustrated.

"Not cool, Galactic Gladiator," Ben quipped as he rubbed his back a little from the pain.

"Ben now would be a perfect time to turn into Alien X," Rook urgingly advised in his pod from afar.

"Don't you think I know that?" Ben hit the Omnitrix again. "I would if I could so I-" In a flash of emerald, Atomix stood in Ben's place, unfortunately not the desired solution to this debacle. Much to the disappointment of Rook.

"Ben! Atomix is a formidable alien. But he is no match for a Celestialsapien."

Before Atomix could respond, the Galactic Gladiator appeared before him and punched him so hard that he flew out of court's boundary and into the void beyond.

"Fission firecrackers!"

With a heroic cry, Atomix launched multiple lime-green spheres of energy. Few of the payload made contact with their target, exploding in a scattered show brilliant emerald lights, but after the lights dimmed, the mark appeared unfazed, undamaged.

In an instant, beyond Atomix's scale of perception, the Galactic gladiator choked Atomix by the neck faster than his eyes could see.

"Cease your tomfoolery and fight with honor, child."

"Huh?" Caught off guard, Atomix blinked at The Gladiator's words. Was that condescending irritation he just felt? This guy completely shattered what Ben envisioned of the Gladiator, his visions of him as a calm, stoic warrior.

Shaking off his thoughts, Atomix attempted to heat himself to nuclear-level degrees, hoping to burn his opponent's hand off, but his attempt failed despite heating up to a million degrees.

In response, The Gladiator struck Atomix's solar plexus with a spirit-crushing left uppercut, forcing Atomix to throw his head, his legs, and his arms forward while his body bent in a dangerously acute angle by the stomach.

This day was the first Atomix spilled blood, and it will not be the last. Radioactive green coughed out his lips, his armor cracked with webs from the stomach to spine, and his mind on the verge of blacking out as the darkness already crept the corners of his sight.

As if to demonstrate his distaste, The Gladiator threw Atomix to a small rust-dyed planet, watching Atomix crash into the earth and splash his radioactive lifeblood over the rounded bowl that was the crater.

"Uggghhhh… Not quite potent enough….." He groaned weakly.

Having no choice, gambling all his hopes, Atomix slapped the dial on his chest, praying for the right alien to come in his darkest hour, of which was granted by the hands of fate within the verdant flare.

Upon transformation, Ben appeared floating within the familiar starlit night, the black veil dotted by the lights of creations extending farther than Ben's eyes could see. Along with two familiar green faces greeting his sight, one representing Alien X's Yin, and the other his Yang. Both representing the dualistic nature of the Celestialsapien mind.

"Ben Tennyson, back so soon?" Serena asked with disappointment.

"Too soon if you ask me," Bellicus chimed.

No matter how many times Ben came here, these two were still as irritating as ever.

"No time for banter I'm fighting for my life….. your lives too! If Alien X loses, the whole universe is lost!" Ben exclaimed with grave panic.

Before any of the two could reply, Ben could hear and see the Galactic Gladiator repeatedly punching his unmoving body.

From within their private realm, Ben could feel the pain accumulating from Alien X, a first for Ben in his strongest form. The pain was just as alien as his chosen form, like tormenting echoes vibrating through waters, lingering like ripples in a still pond, instead of the usual swift bruise and creaking bones followed by the dulling sensation of adrenaline.

"That is the most decisive Celestialsapien I've ever seen," Serena commented after observing her fellow race pounding at them.

"Seconded," Bellicus agreed.

"Are you even listening to me? Right now our lives and the entire universe's lives depend on you two being a little bit decisive."

However, the two personalities of Alien X continued to ignore Ben, shrugging off his voice of reason even in this dire time, while Serena and Bellicus stared at The Galactic Gladiator with curiosity.

"Can one of you just please help me out here…" Ben pleaded before Alien X took another hit that caused Ben to double over and incited the two faces to shudder.

"That actually hurt," Serena said.

"Seconded. I don't like this."

"Then can one of you help me out here? Here's an idea you two can keep on having fun arguing. While I have the keys to Alien X," Ben advised with sarcasm.

"I suppose when you put it that way, it works out. Seconded," Serena said as Bellicus grunted.

"Motion carried."

However, upon gaining full control of Alien X, the Galactic Gladiator threw a white lance of pure transcendent energy at him. At the last moment, Ben crossed his arms, but it speared through his guard, penetrating past his arm and digging into Alien X's chest through the back.

The force alone shattered the planet obstructing Ben's trajectory into pebbles and dust before plowing Alien X into a nearby planetoid, lying back down in a crater formed from his aching body.

"Ahhhh!" Ben as Alien X cried in pain. He now knew how it felt to receive a lance hotter than the hottest of suns stabbed into his chest.

'Crap, gotta move!' Ben quickly rose up after absorbing the white pike in his body.

The Galactic Gladiator warped before his eyes and followed with another flurry of punches, of which not only did each strike broke the metaphorical bones of Alien X's body without giving even him a chance to retaliate, but also buried Ben deeper and deeper into the grey crust of the second planet supporting his back.

"What's wrong, Hero? Can't handle a little pain!? Where's your valor?!"

Following his taunt, The Galactic Gladiator swung at Ben's jaw with his left, smashed his nose with his right, and his jaw again from below with a high jump kick, launching Ben through the crust. Alien X's body drilled through the earth, leaving a shadowed scar widening to the point any onlooker could see the black line drawn across the planet's equator from the outer realms of space via telescope, or, in this case, the holographic screen in the Galactic Court.

Not wanting to endure more punishment, Alien X teleported, reappearing face to face with his foe and countered with an amateur right hook.


As if mocking Ben's experience, The Gladiator casually backed away with expert finesse, wasting no movement as Ben's flying fist barely brushed his cheek.

"Allow me to show you how a Hero should endure."

And as if to demonstrate the difference between them, he lunged forward with his upper half bent low, striking Alien X's torso with unbelievable might.

Not only that, inside Alien X, The Galactic Gladiator's fist breached the personal realm of Bellicus and Serena and struck Ben in the torso, forcing the boy to double over in immense pain as his bones and organs almost broke from the reverberating impact.

"Huh... didn't know he can do that," Bellicus commented, impressed with the feat of breaching their realm.

"I didn't know we can do that," Serena agreed as they watched Ben keel over with blood spilling from his mouth, clutching his stomach in great pain.

'They can do that!?'

Furious at the duo for not assisting him in his most dire need, Ben coughing blood in his difficult travail to stand his feet, to return to battle.

However, the Galactic Gladiator would not allow the luxury of recovery. Axially spinning his body with overwhelming torque, the celestial warrior generated a black hole with his power, dragging Alien X into the pitch-black void with its gravitational might like a helpless moth to a flame.

Once the gravitating abyss caught Ben in its immaterial grasp, The Gladiator proceeded to give Ben the beating of a lifetime, pain that only the strong can endure. And Ben was not one of them.

Back to the Galactic Court, Rook watched the Galactic Gladiator overwhelming the helpless Ben in close combat through the big screen. Fist by fist, Alien X cried in pain, strike by strike, the blood of twilit night spilled. It was no longer a fight, but an execution, each attack chipping away Rook's hope for Ben's victory.

His hopes finally crumbled when Alien X finally returned to human form, the human Ben held by the throat through the screen, blood trickling from nose and lips and purpled contuses adorning the rest of his body.

The two then warped back into the center of the Galactic Court, presenting Ben raised high to the entire Universe, to display the defeat of the universe's greatest hero to all sentient eyes.

The Galactic Gladiator dropped Ben back to the platform before he raised his right arm in his victory over the Universe's Greatest Hero in fair combat.

"Ben…" Rook uttered with despondent horror.

"I… I lost a case! This can NOT be happening! NOOOOOO!" While Chadzmuth shouted in denial, on the other hand, grabbing his head in pure outrage.

Ben materialized next to Rook bloody and bruised, coughing out blood as Rook helped him to his feet.

"Order! Order in the court. The victor in the Tetramand trial of Combat is The Galactic Gladiator on behalf of the Universe," The Judge said silencing the chaotic chatter in the court via banging of his majestic gavel.

"From what we all just witnessed, Ben was the one who motivated Alien X to recreate the Universe. Therefore, Ben Tennyson is guilty of unauthorized alteration of reality. With Bellicus and Serena guilty by association. Therefore Ben Tennyson is to be banished from this universe as punishment!" Banging his golden gavel, Judge Domstol declared his unexpected yet severe ultimatum.

"What!?" Ben and Rook shouted simultaneously.

"This is unacceptable. I lost my first case!" Chadzmuth shouted at his first loss in his history as a top-tier lawyer while the Galactic Gladiator floated over to Ben and Rook, and looked down on Ben's defeated, bloodied form.

"Human. The fight was below my expectations. You have failed me as a warrior, no, as a hero. You have much to learn if you wish to face me again," he lectured with harsh disdain, breaking apart Ben's already wounded pride and self-esteem.

Ben merely gritted his teeth in response, unable to object to his claims.

The Celestialsapien leaned down to face Ben, face to face.

"You are no Hero. And if you ever use Alien X again, I will make sure you will never play hero again."

For the first time in months, fear struck in Ben's soul. Not casual concern for his safety and well-being, pure, genuine fear, as if gazing into the face of death himself.

"Now it i-"


A familiar voice intervened, cutting off Domstol. Turning to face the source, Ben widened his blackened eyes at the sight of the owner.

"A-Azimuth?" Ben croaked at seeing Azmuth standing on the panel of Starbeard's pod, staring up at the more massive omnipotent being. Azimuth must have teleported here, Ben thought.

"Before you send him off, I wish to speak with Ben in private," Azimuth requested Starbeard with his small hands behind his back.

"Hmmm…" the Celestialsapien looked down at Azimuth for a moment, contemplating his request.

"Very well, Galvan. But make it swift," Starbeard agreed with conditions.

Before he knew it, Azimuth teleported Ben and himself teleported to Galvan Prime, outside of The First Thinker's laboratory.

"Come," Azimuth ordered as Ben gulped from the tension.

'I'm in soo much trouble…' Ben thought.

"So what-"

"No questions, just keep moving," Azimuth interrupted, surprising Ben with his direct order.

Unable to argue, Ben quietly limped behind Azimuth into his private lab, holding his arm with pain stinging from his brutal wounds. The Galactic Gladiator didn't spare Ben a modicum of mercy in his violence, bestowing Ben broken bones, a bleeding nose, a slightly dislocated jaw, etc. Even attempted breathing added fuel to his pain. The best he could do was talk generally in a conversation at this point, the second best being walking.

Galvan II's sun shone through the lime-green glass of the faceted dome ceiling, tinting the room with the same glass color. Their feet stepped on the chrome grey floor, tapping the steel without sound, as Ben perused the lab for one last time, taking in the various machinery and high-tech gadgets and tools strewn around the First Thinker's abode.

Stopping in the center of his lab, Azimuth turned behind and craned his head, facing Ben eye to eye.

"The Omnitrix. Give it to me."

"Wha, why?"

"Just give it to me."

Ben frowned and extended his bruised arm to Azimuth. Teleporting onto Ben's Omnitrix in a brief green flash, Azimuth, with practiced skill, opened the faceplate, revealing the watch's internal circuitry to the creator.

"What are you doing?" Ben asked.

"Originally, I wish to bide my time, but after the recent turn of events, and with some convincing to cull my reluctance, I've decided to reinstate the evolutionary function in your Omnitrix," Azimuth explained.

His revelation both shocked and relieved Ben of his worries, his fears of Azimuth confiscating his watch annulled.

Tinkering with the device, a component warped into Azimuth's hand. He placed it inside the Omnitrix's faceplate; the segment merged with the alien circuitry like ice melting into a towel.

"W-why are you doing this for me?" Ben asked, never before seeing Azimuth this magnanimous.

Azimuth merely looked up from Ben's wrist.

"Because the Omnitrix is safe only in your hands. With that in mind, I cannot permit your exile with full knowledge of the dangers within the new universe. So I deemed you in need of a decent handicap," Azimuth chuckled.

"Th-Thanks... I don't know what to say," Ben thanked awkwardly, inspecting the upgraded Omnitrix.

The Omnitrix was the same as before, except its circuit lines evolved in complexity along with a more refined lumen verdant gleam.

"N-Now that you mention it, where am I heading anyways?"

Azimuth rubbed his chin, pondering on how to answer.

"All I'm allowed to say is, a world like Earth, summarily put in the words of Professor Paradox."

The name of the infamous Time Traveler widened Ben's eyes.

"What? Like a different timeline?"

"No. Not exactly. There are humans, yes, but don't expect the natives to be like you."


But before Ben could utter another word, Starbeard than appeared directly behind Ben.

"Ben Tennyson. The time has come."

Hearing the mighty Celestialsapien, Ben turned around and hung his head low, sighing in abject reluctance.

"Alright, I won't resist. Go ahead and get this over with."

"Ben," Azimuth called. Ben turned around to see the little Galvan give him a small smile.

"May fortune guide your path."

Ben smiled back at his words, but he then frowned knowing that he may never see those he loved again. Then Ben and Starbeard vanished, rematerializing inside a random alleyway.

The stonework was akin to that of earth's, red bricks stacked and stuck together by cement, the odorous stench of acrid urine and trash, along with the foreboding shadows creeping the corners under the afternoon sun.

After moving his body around a little, Ben realized that the Omnipotent Alien had healed his wounds. His breath now clean and stable, the bitter taste and coppery stench of crimson iron no longer present along with the pulsing pain plaguing his muscles.

"Can you at least tell me what I'm in for here?" Ben meekly asked, not wanting to incur the being's wrath.

"Great challenges and rewards await you, Ben Tennyson. Lessons long overdue in a place like home, but not home." Starbeard cryptically answered.

Before Ben could ask any more questions, the Celestialsapien vanished.

"Hey, wait!" He barely moved a few steps before he stopped, all energy drained from his spirit once the silence settled. Along with the burdening realization that he was now truly alone, lost and without direction and purpose, without any way to contact his friends and family back on Earth. His Earth.

Downcast, Ben pressed his back against the moss-infected wall, letting gravity take hold as he slowly slid to his rear.

What should he do, Ben wondered, trapped in an unknown realm, with no food, no money, nothing. How should he even start? What can he do?

Ben's self-deprecating thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of people screaming, causing him to look down the alleyway. He ran out into the street to see a quadrupedal creature about the size of Humungousaur constituted of concrete.

"...it does look like another Earth," Ben mumbled, taking in his surroundings in his attempt to quell his growing unease.



That was one of the dumbest names Ben ever heard. But that was beside the point. The real question was, what in God's name was happening before him?

Civilians scattering like frightened mice and devastation spreading in the thing's wake, the scene reminded Ben of the usual villains causing mayhem in Bellwood, but three times dumber.

"And I thought Ben 23's names were bad," Ben muttered to himself.

"My universe or not, IT'S HERO TIME!" Ben shouted.

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