Black Bullet: Cursed Saiyan

I use my voice to write the story

Our beloved Teenage Saiyan Hybrid (13 years old) is doing some errands for Bulma. He goes to specific places on Earth that are too dangerous for humans to go to, even with the protection of machines. His job is to find rare Earth minerals that can't be found easily by humans. Normally Chichi wouldn't allow her precious baby to do these type of errands, but because Goku is dead and doesn't want to come back knowing Chichi would send him to work, Gohan is the one earning the money for his family.

The teenage Saiyan is now deep under the Ocean finding the final piece that Bulma needs. A pearl that is found inside a massive mean fish. The Saiyan boy kills the massive fish with a "Masenko." He finally retrieved the Pearl inside of it and was quick to swim back up to catch some breath. As soon as the boy shot out of the Ocean, the Saiyan regained his composure and breathed in and out.

Gohan- "Finally! Now I can give these to Bulma and retrieve my payment. Now mom can finally pay for a good school I can go to. I wonder if I will make some friends there."

The boy flies past a Cruise boat so very fast it almost sinks to the bottom of the Ocean.

Gohan- "Oops. My bad."

He can see land but it is very unfamiliar.

Gohan- "That's strange. I could have sworn Capsule Corp was somewhere around here."

He continue his investigation flying across the foreign land. the place was very desolate and depressing. then there were these giant pillars of Varanium surrounding a city.

Gohan- "Tokyo? How did I end up In Tokyo? I do not remember it looking like this."

The Saiyan boy landed in an alleyway so no one would notice him flying down. The boy took his time exiting the area. The first thing he saw after taking a first step to the sidewalk was a half dead man transforming into a monster against his will in front of a little girl.

Gohan- "What is that?!"

the creature resembled a spider.

Enju- "Get out of here boy before you get hurt!"

The Gastrea spit a white sticky substance at the little girl.

Enju- "Ew, what is this?! it's all sticky!"

before the spider monster can attack the girl Gohan kills it with one punch. the creature explodes into a million pieces. Rentarou is quick to arrive at the scene but is baffled at what he saw. A boy had his fist out and in front of the kid is a dead Gastrea, all broken and it's guts splattered everywhere. Another man arrives soon after Rentarou. His reaction is pretty much the same.

Rentarou- "Did, did he kill that? The boy killed a Model Spider Stage One?!"

Cop- "I thought the cursed children are all female!"

Enju- "Hey, kid!"

Gohan- "Hm? Yes, what is it?"

Enju- "Are you also infected with the Gastrea virus?"

Gohan- "Gastrea virus? What is that?"

Enju- "How can you not know what a Gastrea is? Are you an orphan?"

Gohan- "No, I live with my mother in the forest in Mount Paozu."

Rentarou runs up to the boy and grabs his shirt aggressively.

Rentarou- "How can you live outside of the giant Monoliths so casually with those creatures on the loose?!

Gohan- "Oh, it seems I'm far away from home."

Rentarou- "What are you talking about?"

Gohan- "Ah, nothing sir!"

Enju- "He's surprisingly polite for a strong boy. Actually, how did you get so much muscles?"

Rentarou- "What's your name kid?"

Gohan- "I'm Gohan, sir. It's nice to meet you. And can you please let go of me?"

Rentarou- "Sorry."

He lets go of the Saiyan boy.

Gohan- "What's your name sir?"

Rentarou- "I'm Rentarou Satomi, a Civil Sec agent."

Enju- "Aihara Enju's the name! And you'd better remember it! I'm his initiator and partner."

Rentarou- "Now that we have introductions out of the way, I need you to come with me Gohan."

Gohan- "Why?"

Rentarou- "I shouldn't have to explain. It's very important."

Enju- "Wait. Are you going to make it in time for the limited-time sale?"

Rentarou- "Uh? Oh, Shit!"

The Civil Sec agent runs away completely forgetting about Gohan. Enju is quick to follow him.

Cop- "Wait. You are just going to leave the boy?"

Rentarou- "Bean sprouts are 6 Yen a bag!"

Enju- "Rentarou, are you trying to leave me behind again?!"

Rentarou- "I didn't mean to earlier!"

Enju- "You're so rude!"

The Cop looks at where Gohan was standing earlier but the Saiyan boy is gone too.

Cop- "Hm?.. Not my problem."

He walks up to the of the Spider Gastrea corpse.

Cop- "All it took was one punch huh? What's even more surprising is that a boy did this. I didn't know the cursed children could be male."

A random man walks by.

"Did you say a boy did this?"

Cop- "Yes. I'm just as surprised as you."

"I thought the cursed children were female!"

Civil Security office

Kisara- "Before you die, do you have any last words, Satomi?"

Rentarou- "Th-There's nothing we can do about it now."

Kisara tried to punch Rentarou but he dodged her.

Kisara- "You idiot! Why did you run away?! You're so infuriating!"

Rentarou- "Don't be ridiculous!"

Kisara- "So you were in a rush to buy something that had a limited-time sale, and then realized later that you forgot to get your check from the police."

Rentarou nods in agreement

Kisara- "You then tried contacting them, but they refused to pay you."

Rentarou- "Mhm."

Kisara- "And yet you still bought two bags of bean sprouts."

Rentarou- "Oh, I almost forgot about something."

Kisara- "Don't change the subject, Satomi!"

Rentarou- "No! It's serious! I found a cursed child who happens to be a boy. He said his name is Gohan, he also said that he lives in Mount Paozu outside of the Tokyo Monoliths."

Kisara- "And where is this boy? How do you expect me to believe you if he's not here? Did you bring him?"

Rentarou- "I kind of forgot after going to the limited-time sale."

Kisara- "You're useless! A weakling! An idiot! I can't believe you actually gave the sale priority over reporting to your boss! A male cursed child is a ground breaking discovery! And furthermore... Why didn't you tell me about the limited-time sale?!"

A growl can be heard from Kisara's stomach.

Rentarou- "?"

Kisara- "I can't go on... I want steak..."

Rentarou- "Me too."

Kisara- "Running a company is harder than I thought. It's all because you're such a useless idiot Satomi..."

Rentarou- "Wouldn't you say our location is a bit crappy?"

Kisara- "Location doesn't matter if you're good at what you do!"

Rentarou- "oh, I know!"

Kisara- "No! You shut up! Go find that Cursed child you are talking about! If the higher-ups notice we discovered a male cursed child then maybe we would get a reward, or maybe get payed more! Maybe we won't be in this mess of a place anymore!"

Rentarou- "How am I supposed to find him? He can be anywhere!"

Kisara- "If you don't find him then I'll report your failure!"

Rentarou- "You wouldn't!"

She smiles

Kisara- "While you're at it I'll be in the hospital."

Rentarou- "Why, what Happened?"

Kisara- "I have a Hemodialysis appointment today, so I've gotta go to the hospital."

Rentarou- "Oh, all right."


Gohan was flying across the planet in search of power levels. He couldn't sense Piccolo, neither could he sense Vegeta. He can't find anyone's energy at all.

Gohan- "Oh no! If I don't get home soon I'm going to starve! Mom is probably dumping all the cooked food away, all because I'm not home early! I can't let her do that!

He turns Super Saiyan and circles the entire globe. He considers the thought of accidentally entering an alternate version of Earth.

Gohan- "Maybe if I retrace my steps... I'm going back to the ocean!"

The Super Saiyan flew to the ocean at high speeds and pierced into the water like a cannonball almost causing a tsunami in the process. He retraced his steps and went back to the corpse of the massive fish. After nothing happened he shot right out of the Ocean.

Gohan- "Now, let's see if I can find capsule Corp."

The boy is disappointed after ending up in Japan again. In frustration he pulls his hair.

Gohan- "I can't find my way back home, this doesn't make sense to me! Am I in a different world? If I can't find my way back home then I'll need to survive in the woods."

Rentarou's Point of view

He entered a dark and messy Laboratory.

Rentarou- "Hey Doc, where are you?

"Over here!"

The Voice came from behind some curtains. As he opened the curtains he got frightened by a corpse.

Rentarou- "Woah!"

Sumire- "Hehe, Boo!"

Rentarou- "Don't scare me like that, Doc."

Sumire- "Well. Hello. Rentarou. Welcome to the abyss. Corpses are great, don't you think? They don't waste time with idle chat."

She pets the dead body as if it were some mascot.

Rentarou- "so, who is that?"

Sumire- "This is Charlie. He's my boyfriend."

Rentarou- "What happened to that Susan woman?"

Sumire- "Nevermind that, the Gastrea you defeated earlier was brought into our lab not too long ago."

Rentarou- "Ah, I'm not the one who defeated it."

Sumire- "Enju, then?"

Rentarou- "Neither."

Sumire- "Then how dare you take the credit for it? Hehe... So then, who was it? Who could have broken the Gastrea so badly that I couldn't even count each body part?"

Rentarou- "It was a boy, he killed it with one punch. I didn't know there were male cursed children too. He calls himself Gohan."

Sumire- "A boy you say? Normally the cursed children are female. He must have been a freak of nature. Have you brought the boy with you?"

Rentarou- "No I didn't okay! You aren't going to yell at me too are you?"

Sumire- "I see. It's too bad. I would have liked to dissect him."

Rentarou- "Seriously? Then I'm glad I didn't bring him here."

Sumire- "Aw, don't be like that."

She hands Rentarou a plate of nasty purple stuff. Is he eating that? The Doc sits next to her computer monitors to look at stuff. (I don't know)

Sumire- "Let's get down to business. You didn't come here to ask about the autopsy, did you?"

Rentarou- "Doc, there aren't any reports of eliminating or even spotting the Gastrea responsible for the infection. At this rate, there'll be more victims."

Sumire- "An investigation, huh? I would like to investigate that boy you found."

Rentarou- "Not this again. I'm not bringing him here if that's what you want to do to him."

Sumire- "A male cursed child is completely new to me. It's only natural that I get excited. The fact that you let the kid go just doesn't make sense. Who knows what this Gohan person is capable of. If I could find a way to allow cursed children to be born male, we could create a race of super humans strong enough to fight the Gastrea."

Rentarou- "You know cursed children don't reach adulthood. The Gastrea virus just won't allow it."

Sumire- "I know. We just need some more research, that's all."

Gohan's point of view (night)

The young saiyan boy made himself a tree house. With his super speed he managed to finish it in 10 minutes.

Gohan- "That should be good enough for now."

The Saiyan hybrid can feel the presence of several monsters. They were spying on him for a few minutes.

Gohan- "I know you are there. Come out, now."

several gastrea bounce on to Gohan but explode into a million pieces at making contact with his fists.

Gohan- "Darn it. now I need to shower, I'm covered in this purple stuff!"

More Gastrea arrive, some of them can fly, they have the body structure of an insect, other Gastrea take on the form of disfigured dinosaurs and other animals. The tree house Gohan worked so hard to build collapses after being knocked over by a Giant lizard Gastrea.

Gohan- "My house! You're going to pay for that!"

The hybrid Saiyan boy goes on a mass murder spree punching everything in sight. The massive Gastrea monsters don't even stand a chance against this teenage boy. Gohan stands alone in the forest. So many dead monsters surrounding him.

Gohan- "If I have to deal with this every day, then I'd rather live in the city. But the problem is, I don't know anyone. Hmm... I know! I'll find that Rentarou person! Maybe he knows where I can stay!"

The hybrid Saiyan boy flies back to Tokyo in search of Rentarou Satomi's energy.

Rentarou's home (night)

Both Rentarou and Enju sit at their dining table. (Japanese style)

Enju- "Wow! Stir-fried bean sprouts, chilled bean sprouts and soy sauce, and bean sprout miso soup! it all looks so delicious! this is amazing, Rentarou."

Rentarou- "Hey, before you eat..."

Enju- "What? I've already passed along the neighborhood Bulletin."

Rentarou- "that's not what I'm talking about."

Enju- "Oh, I get it, Rentarou. You want me to do that thing! Would you like dinner first, or perhaps a bath? or maybe..."

Rentarou- "Hurry up and put some pants on!"

Gohan stands on top of Rentarou's house. He can smell the food being eaten. This makes him very hungry.

Gohan- "Will it be weird? That I somehow know where they live? I need to come up with an excuse they will understand... I should knock on their door right now."

"Knock, knock, Knock, knock"

Rentarou- "I'll answer the door, you should put on clothes."

Enju runs to her room doing a playful ninja dash.

Rentarou- "Who would be knocking at a time like this?"

He opens the front door. To his surprise, Gohan is there.

Rentarou- "How?! How did you find me?!"

Gohan- "I can explain."

Several minutes later

Gohan eats the food given to him faster than Enju could finish getting dressed.

Rentarou- "So let me get this straight. you are lost, even though you know where you live, but you can't find your home, so you are lost... I don't get it. Are you pretending to be stupid just so you can eat my food?"

Gohan- "Can I have more?"

Rentarou- "Answer my questions!"

Gohan- "Sorry. But I really am lost."

Rentarou- "Sigh, but you can't stay here. you'll make me go bankrupt with the way you eat."

Gohan- "It's okay, I won't stay here. I just need a place to spend the night."

Rentarou- "I'm glad you aren't as dumb as Enju."

The girl heard his statement all the way from her room.

Enju- "I heard that!"

Enju shows up to the kitchen with a cute angry face. Her expression changed at seeing Gohan again.

Enju- "Gohan? How did you find us?"

Gohan- "Well... I can track the presence of living beings."

Enju- "Wah?! That's so cool!"

Rentarou- "Enju."

Enju- "Hm?"

Rentarou- "It's time for your shot."

Rentarou pulls out a box of needles. Enju flinched at receiving the injection.

Rentarou- "All done."

Enju- "Sigh, our daily routine is all done, now that our bellies are filled there's only one thing left to do, Rentarou."

She opens her arms hoping to receive a hug, but Rentarou doesn't want Chris Hansen at his front door. (Look it up.) So he goes to his room to sleep.

Rentarou- "Ah, and Gohan can sleep on the couch."

Gohan- "Thank you mister."

Enju went to Rentarou's room with an adorable angry face.

Enju- "You insolent pig! How dare you ignore me?!"

Rentarou keeps ignoring her. She then pounced on him to kick his ass.

Gohan- "Are they always like this? Oh well, goodnight everyone."

His words weren't heard because of the fighting in Rentarou's bedroom.


The trio eat their breakfast together on the Japanese dinning table. However, Enju and Rentarou continue to argue about last night.

Enju- "Good grief. What kind of man passes up an offer from a lady?"

Gohan- "Are both of you always like this?"

Rentarou- "Not at all. It was just last night."

Enju- "Yeah right. I hear there are lots of unfortunate people like you who can't love a mature woman."

Gohan- "I think you are lying to me Rentarou."

Rentarou- "Can we forget about this pointless conversation? Please don't lead me down the road to hell. Anyway, eat your breakfast."

Enju- "Kay!"

Gohan- "Can I have more?"

Rentarou- "No."

From the Tv, an audience is heard cheering on live Television.

Reporter- "Look! It's lady Seitenshi! Lady Seitenshi has appeared on the balcony! She's here alongside her advisor, Tendou Kikunojou."

Enju takes a close look at Tendou Kikunojou who is on the Television.

Enju- "Hey, isn't that your..."

Rentarou- "Hurry up and stuff your mouth. We're going, Enju. You stay here Gohan, I need to introduce you to someone."

Gohan- "Okay mister."

The rest of the episode plays out like in the anime. Rentarou brings Enju to School.

Black Bullet: Cursed Saiyan