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Two months today.

That's what Donna thought to herself as she tiptoed across the moonlit courtyard in a bid to find her husband. Two months since the most exhilarating day of her life so far, one that had started with so much tension between her and Sam, despite his best efforts to put her at ease around him.

No-one could calm her down that morning, especially him; Sam's attempt to tell Donna that he, too, was single and more than willing to help her run the hotel while her daughter left the island for the first time in her life to explore. Donna, however, had shut him down almost immediately, assuming that him announcing his familiarity with children leaving home was nothing more than a boast about his happy family life - how wrong she was. Donna had been apprehensive at first; she was so used to being fiercely independent that she was worried about how she would adjust to sharing every part of her life with someone so suddenly. She needn't have been so concerned. Everything had been running smoothly between her and her husband, falling deeper in love each as they started to get to know one another again, as they had done so intensely all those years ago.

Until tonight.

Donna had thought Sam had been acting somewhat suspicious when they'd sat down for lunch earlier that day, but when she asked what was wrong he'd promised her he was perfectly fine. It was only when Donna was taking the days final load of laundry down from the line and putting it indoors that she had overheard her husband talking to her daughter - their daughter, she now reminded herself - and arranging to send her $2000 without so much as mentioning it to her beforehand. As Sam was still unaware that she knew, Donna decided to suppress her rage until they got a chance to speak properly over dinner, which hadn't gone too well for either of them. Sam had eventually told Donna what he'd done in order to help Sophie pursue her dream of travelling for longer and during the course of their meal, his wife had become more and more upset.

He's rubbing it in, she thought. He knows I couldn't give her that much money, I've tried so hard to give her everything but money's always been so tight. That's why she must've gone to Sam before me, she knows I couldn't help. But he didn't even discuss it with me, not the money nor the fact it would mean going even longer without seeing Soph, not a word.

Sam had tried in vain to calm her down but this had only made their situation worse. Donna had stormed off and told him to leave her alone for the rest of the evening. Eventually making it up the stairs with tears blurring her vision, Donna slammed the bedroom door loud enough for her husband to hear and flopped down onto the bed before letting them cascade down her face.

Over the few hours that followed, Donna began to let her mind wander back to Sam, desperately trying to understand why he would've done something as significant as that without talking to her first. Maybe he's not used to sharing everything either...maybe he was just being a good dad.

Donna smiled weakly to herself; Sophie had gone so long without having a father and now she had three, one of whom Donna loved with all of her heart, despite their current situation. In one way, she was overjoyed that Sam felt comfortable enough in his relationship with Sophie to help her out financially and that Sophie was happy enough to turn to him, however the fear that she may somehow get edged out by her daughter's fathers was more upsetting to Donna than she'd ever dare let on.

Turning her head in the now almost pitch black room, Donna noted how late it was and how Sam hadn't come up to bed. He must be in one of the guestrooms, she mumbled to herself, pulling on her sandals and walking downstairs once more to find her husband and, hopefully, work this out once and for all.

Walking into the building opposite, Donna approached the one guestroom she knew was unoccupied and knocked tentatively. No answer. Donna could feel her heart pounding in her eardrums as she slowly turned the doorknob and allowed her eyes to adjust to the darkness within. As she scanned the room, she found Sam quietly sleeping and her heart began to physically ache. Torn as to whether to leave him in peace or to try and make up with him so that she would be able to sleep later that night, Donna remained frozen in the doorway as she smiled sweetly at the sight before her. Her husband was slightly too tall for the bedframe, his feet dangling over the end as he snored gently. With a deep breath, Donna decided it best to bring their first argument as a married couple to an end as soon as possible, before a night apart potentially made it even worse.

'Sam?' she whispered, as he began to stir slightly.

'Sam? Wake up…' Donna slowly took a step closer to the bed as Sam opened his eyes and sighed gently. The couple stared at one another for a few seconds before he closed his eyes once more.

'What's up?' he asked, silently bracing himself for another argument with his wife.

'Can we talk? About tonight?'

'I thought we already had, Donna. You made yourself quite clear, didn't you?' Sam replied, shuffling further down into the bed and resting his head on the pillow, making it obvious that he wasn't in the mood to talk until the morning. He was fully aware that he should've talked things through with her, however he hadn't expected her to react as angrily as she did. Sam had always made sure to provide for his sons and now he had the opportunity to do the same for his daughter, he felt as though he was making up for lost time with Sophie. He hadn't anticipated how sensitive a subject money was to Donna and therefore hadn't even considered asking her opinion on helping their child out financially as soon as she had asked him if he would do so.

Donna sighed shakily, vowing not to get too upset. 'I'm sorry, I'm just not used to-'

'-I know.' Sam interjected. 'But I was only trying to help her out.' He lifted his head so his gaze met his wife and cleared his throat. 'I'm sorry too.'

Donna nodded solemnly. 'Okay. I'm just going to…' she trailed off, gesturing towards the door as she started to turn before Sam reached out suddenly and grabbed her hand.

'No you're not. Stay here with me.' he said simply, shuffling over to the wall and pulling the sheet back to let his wife lay next to him.

'Sam,' Donna giggled softly, 'it's a single bed, there's nowhere near enough room.'

'Well, we'll just have to cuddle up, won't we?' he whispered, pulling her into his arms and kissing her head gently.

Donna smiled as she felt her whole body start to relax, in contrast to the entire evening when she had been unable to calm herself down without her husband by her side.

'It's been two months since we got married, y'know.' she whispered into his ear as he played with a strand of her hair.

'Already? Wow.' he chuckled, 'Well, here's to many more, hmm?'

As Donna slowly closed her eyes in the darkened guestroom for the final time that night, she found herself unable to suppress the grin that appeared on her face, not that anyone could see it.

'Yeah. To many, many more.'