Chapter 31/Final: Return to Return

By a cave entrance, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie and Dedenne held a bouquet of flowers. They hoped Ash and Pikachu would come out of there but with the path to both sides closed, they had one conclusion: Ash and Pikachu were lost forever. Bonnie approached the cave with Dedenne on her shoulder. A sniffle from her, Bonnie laid the bouquet by the entrance. Dedenne laid a single flower on top. "Ash, there was so much I wanted to learn from you," she whined. "I was so moved by you that I wanted to have… to have you as a big brother! There wasn't anything you couldn't do! I just wish I spent more time!" She let out a wail which made Serena clutch her chest. Bonnie returned to Serena who embraced in a hug as Clemont had a turn. He laid his own bouquet on top of Bonnie's.

"Ash, it was you who started to bring me out of my shell," he admitted. "Why didn't I meet you years ago? That would've been a moment I needed you when I dealt with… Like when ClemBot had gone out of control… or when I felt down about being a big brother… I wish now you've been with me when Bonnie was born… and then on…" He clapped and bowed with a tear shedding from his eye. Now it was Serena's turn as her face didn't want to believe what happened.

"Ash…" she whimpered. "Why? What happened? Why did you leave me?" She fell to her hands and knees. "There's so much that I wanted to tell you. So… Much… ever since we reunited after so long… I never forgot who you were!" Tears showered the ground.

"Serena?" whined Bonnie.

"For years… For years, I've held that handkerchief that you wrapped my leg around. I wanted to tell you… I wanted to say… I LOVE YOU!" Serena's crying could be heard from within the cave. Suddenly, a rupture from behind got Dedenne's attention.

("What's that?") he squeaked. Bonnie and Clemont turned to find a green rift behind them.

"What in the world!?" gawked Clemont. Inside, Imthor, Ash and Pikachu were at the rift's entrance. Clemont and Bonnie gasped to the side. "It can't be!" Imthor turned to Ash and Pikachu who nodded to the location.

"This is it, Pikachu," Ash agreed. "The Pokémon World… We're finally home."

("And there are our friends!") Pikachu squeaked.

"So, those youths there are your friends, huh?" asked Imthor. "I know you showed the picture around to other players but not Crellan or myself. Not that I would've want to know from the first place." Ash giggled to Imthor's claim. "Anyway, whenever you're ready to come back, Chaotic and the players will welcome you back." Ash knew that Imthor had more and turned to Pikachu.

"Buddy, I'll be a couple more minutes," he excused. "Go say hi to everyone."

("Good idea,") he agreed and rushed off Ash's shoulder. He entered the world to Clemont's and Bonnie's sight. ("I'm back, guys!") Bonnie's face lit up at Pikachu's return.

"Pikachu!" she cheered. She and Pikachu reunited in a hug to know Pikachu's real and back. "It really is you!" Serena turned to see Bonnie holding Pikachu, believing there's hope Ash was returning and ran to Bonnie's side.

"Pikachu?" she called. Pikachu turned to Serena with newfound belief. "You're alive, then Ash must be as well… right?" Pikachu turned to the portal with a wait. Inside, Ash got the last instructions.

"By the time you come back, the upgrades to the scanners will be complete and you'll get a notice about it," Imthor allowed. "Soon, you can travel to locations in the past since the gateway at Dranakis Threshold was destroyed."

"I've wondered about that for awhile," Ash sighed. "Anyway… I gotta return Serena… that." Imthor nodded, not wanting to enter Ash's personal information.

"We will see you soon."

"Thanks for all you could for me." Ash walked from Imthor with his trophy and entered home. He emerged, Paladin armor and cape dressing his torso and back and Perim's medal around his neck. The girls spotted Ash and his new look. They rushed in missed excitement to hug him.

"ASH!" they cried as they tackled him to the ground. They were so overjoyed at Ash's return, they bombarded his face with kisses.

"Bonnie!? Serena!? Stop!" After a few minutes of nonstop plastering of kisses, the girls got Ash to his feet as Dedenne ran around on Ash's armor. Even Clemont wanted to know about the armor he wore.

"Ash, what in the world happened to you?" he asked. Ash had a laugh while Serena's tears continued to trickle down her face, overjoyed to have Ash back.

"You wouldn't believe me and Pikachu when we tell you, even by the trophy I brought home," he shrugged. Bonnie looked to the bag Ash dropped when she and Serena tackled him.

"You mean this?" she pointed. "ChaotiCup Champion? And… Wait, are you this... 'Pokéotic' guy?" Ash had a nervous laugh.

"I can tell you, but I wanna tell someone… and it can't wait any longer." This made Clemont and Bonnie curious. When Ash turned to Serena, her mind jumped.

'Wait… to me!?' she gasped. Ash approached Serena as Pikachu leaped onto Clemont's shoulder, concerned to Ash's mentality.

"What's going on?" the Lumiose Gym Leader wondered.

("I'm not sure…") the Mouse Pokémon shrugged. Ash was now face-to-face with the girl he wanted to confess to.

"Wha- What is it?" asked Serena. Ash took a deep breath before he readied himself.

"When I was out for awhile, I had a memory show up on me," he started. "I began to remember Professor Oak's Summer Camp we attended… and how you were afraid of Pokémon like Venonat and Gloom. You bumped into me when you ran from a Dunsparce and we got to meet for the first time. I showed you around and met plenty of Pokémon from Magikarp that we petted, to a Mankey that liked your hat and the stories of Ghost-Type Pokémon that you hugged me on… I remember you shaking like when in an Earthquake. I also remember that one day where you chased an Oddish around and hurt your knee." Serena's eyes blinked to that, a memory still fresh.

"I remember, too! My knee hurt a lot, though being so little… a little bruise would feel like Beedrill's needles jabbing you." Both kids began to laugh. "You came by, used the handkerchief to wrap my knee before picking me up. I guess I really was clingy to you… but Ash, what are you talking about? After your training with Alexa, I gave it back. Not to mention that you didn't need to worry about what happened before. You're so wound up in facing off against Viola at the time that you shouldn't worry about it."

"I'm getting there… Do you remember the day we left the camp? When you and Grace were heading home? Never mind that I didn't know where Vaniville Town was." Serena began to think back.

"I think so, but it's a little-" She suddenly stopped when a thought popped up. "Wait! You don't mean-" Before Serena could finish, Ash approached and in a flash, locked lips with her. Serena's eyes bulged at what just happened. That's when Ash broke away and faced her.

"Now, I've returned what you gave me when you left Pallet." Clemont, Bonnie and the Pokémon gawked to Ash's sudden and rather endearing kiss to Serena who now recalled the moment.

'THAT'S IT! I can't believe he remembered me giving him that farewell kiss… and what I said to him!'


Little boys and girls had reunited with their parents while an aged white-haired man in a lab coat watched. Ash, wearing a red/yellow basketball jersey watched as he saw Serena, in a pink summer dress and hat, with a rather young brunette in black with a zipper-like hair piece wedged on top of her hair. "So, you wanna say goodbye to your friends?" she asked. Serena nervously looked to Ash, her knee wrapped in Ash's handkerchief. "Remember, our flight leaves for home in an hour." Serena looked up to the brunette then to Ash who had a brunette woman in a pink button-down shirt and blue skirt approach him.

"Can I have one, Mommy?" asked Serena. Her mother seemed bemused.

"Just one? You can have a few in the 15 minutes we have."

"No, just one."

"Okay, Serena… Guess you really wanna get home, huh?" Serena made a beeline to Ash. The brunette in pink saw Serena coming.

"Ash, someone wants to say goodbye to you," she warned. Ash turned to Serena who stopped to give Ash a hug.

"I'm gonna miss you, Ash," she whined. That's when she gave Ash a peck to his lips. Ash seemed a little startled but he smiled.

"I wanna give it back to you," he promised. "If I see you again."

"Okay! Bye!" She dashed back to her mother and they left.

The memory of Serena's kiss to Ash back then made her realize that Ash kept his promise. She hugged him despite the armor he wore. "Ash, you don't know what it's like to hear that you remembered all these years!" she cried.

"I know," he acknowledged before pulling her off. "And… I'm sorry for not remembering before when you asked me between my battles with Viola. I was never too good with memories and I was rather dense to the-" Serena's finger shut Ash up.

"Ash, don't apologize," she smiled before laying another kiss into Ash, one which Bonnie could no longer hold her excitement. Serena's tongue wrestled with Ash's, both pinning each other in the cheeks.

"Yay!" she cheered. "We're watching love!" Dedenne cheered along with Bonnie while Clemont and Pikachu still tried to come to reason with this development.

"Something tells me this is what Bonnie wants from me, now," he sighed. Their second kiss done, Ash felt ready to move on.

"Well, I'm ready to get moving," he announced. "Shall we hit the road?" Everyone agreed to the idea when…

"WAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!" shouted someone. This surprised the kids.

"Huh?" they wondered as they turned to the cave entrance. Suddenly, two adults and a dirty white cat emerged, all gasping for air. A crimson redhead had her hair curled at the tip as she stood by the ice-violet-haired man, both wearing white uniforms with a red "R" emblem on each. The redhead had a miniskirt. The cat had brown spots on its toes and ears and had an oval coin wedged in its forehead.

"Finally, we're out!" the redhead gasped.

"Dat place was too freaky!" the cat mewed out of breath.

"I never wanna go back there again!" whined the ice-violet-haired.

"Especially those lookalikes that protected the twerps!" the redhead growled. "It makes me sick!" The kids gawked to the arrival of the threesome.

"Team Rocket?" pondered Clemont. Serena's hand hid her disgusted face.

"Not again…" she moaned.

"You have horrible timing, you three!" scolded Bonnie.

"Wrong, baby twerpette!" the redhead snapped. "Every time is a good time to take Pikachu!" Ash smiled to the group as he approached.

"So, how've you been, Team Rocket?" he started. "Pikachu and I can't be more relieved to see you." Aside from Pikachu, everyone looked to Ash with incredible confusion.

"HUH!?" they gawked.

"It's weird but… Pikachu and I believed we'd run into you three like always."

("We sure were!") confirmed Pikachu. Serena began to wonder about his health.

"Dear?" she called. "Are you… feeling okay?" Ash turned back to his new girlfriend with a smile.

"I'm good, honey," he winked. This left Team Rocket wondering his behavior.

"Alright, twerp," the redhead irked. "What's with you all of a sudden? You're suppose to be upset when we come for Pikachu!"

"Also, what's with that getup?" the ice-violet-haired gawked.

"And da trophy over dere?" wondered the cat. With a smile, Ash sighed to the trio.

"It's a very long story," he huffed. "I do have good news." To the redhead, Ash was throwing his hands up.

"You're surrendering Pikachu?" she started to glee. "I knew you'd mature enough to give it to me."

"Not quite, Jessie. I got something better." The ice-violet-haired blinked to Ash's offer.

"Better?" he repeated. Jessie was also interested with this "better" offer as Ash pulled out the Transport Shards from his pocket that Najarin gave him.

"We still want Pikachu, twerp," she protested. "What could you possibly have that's more valuable that your Pokémon?" Ash approached and handed a shard to each. "There you go, Jessie… and one for James… and you think your paws can hold this, Meowth?" As the Rockets looked, they didn't like what they held.

"Shards?" irked James.

"You've gotta be kidding!" yelled Meowth. "Dese~!?"

"What could we even do with these measly pieces of crystal!?" snapped Jessie. "They're not enough to make a profit off the black market!" Ash snickered and wove a finger, ready to lie about the Transport Shards.

"I'll admit, they're not worth much," he confessed. "However, Pikachu and I realized what they are: Genie Shards!" Everyone but Pikachu gawked to the name Ash gave.

"Genie Shards!?" they shouted.

"What, never heard of a wish-granting genie? Pikachu wished on this and he ended up with a bunch of fruit that we ate, all fresh. So, he showed me where to find them and we gathered some before I wished us back to my friends. I also learned they're a single use for each." Team Rocket became thrilled to the idea.

"So, how does it work?" an eager Jessie urged. "How!?"

"It's real easy. Hold the Genie Shard to your mouths, whisper your wish, and slam it to the ground. With it…" Ash now stood with his arms crossed and chest out before using a deep voice. "Your wish is granted!" To Team Rocket, if it worked for Ash and Pikachu, it'll work for them.

"This may be the best idea you've come up with, twerp!" cheered Jessie. "And if it works, I… may stop calling you twerp. Let's do it!"

"Yeah!" cheered James and Meowth. They held the Transport Shards to their mouths.

"My wish is to be the supreme queen of the entire world," she whispered. "This queen deserves everything on a whim, millions of suitors and servants on me hand and foot."

"Every bottle cap," James muttered. "Common, rare, super rare, legendary… my bottle cap collection will be complete."

"I want dat Persian outta da boss' cozer," Meowth murmured. "I want ta be da boss' main Pokémon." Ash and Pikachu heard Team Rocket's wishes.

"Sounds like you all have a wish in mind with the Genie Shards," Ash studied. Team Rocket nodded before lifting the Transport Shards above their heads.

"Here goes!" they readied before throwing down the shards. When they smashed on the ground, the area lit up. Ash had his cap on and tilted it down to protect his eyes from the flash. Everyone else shielded themselves from the flash. A few seconds later, the flash dimmed and everyone looked… only to find Team Rocket disappeared from their standing.

"What the-" gawked Bonnie. "What just happened?"

"They're gone!" noticed Serena. To Ash and Pikachu, Najarin's shards worked like a charm.

"And they won't bother us again," he grinned.

("Better off that way,") Pikachu smiled. To the blonds, Ash did something evil.

"Ash, what just happened?" asked Clemont. "Where's Team Rocket?" To Serena, her boyfriend committed a crime.

"They're not… dead," she thought. "Are they?" Ash held a hand out to the group.

"They're fine, everyone. Also, there's no such thing as Genie Shards. They're Transport Shards, and they're in the other world we've returned from. Needless to say that… they won't bother us again, especially Pikachu." The blonds seemed more perplexed than anything.

"The… other world?" repeated Bonnie.

"Ash?" gulped Clemont. "What's going on?" Ash turned to the siblings.

"Like I said, it's a very long story," he huffed. "Come on, let's get going before the sun sets. At dinner, I'll explain everything to you guys. I promise!" Everyone decided to wait and hear the story Ash had. As they headed on their way, Serena reached Ash and clutched his hand.

"To be honest…" she spoke up. "I'm ready to move on in our lives." To Ash as he lifted the bag with the ChaotiCup trophy, he wanted to go on with his life as well.

"You and me, both." They both kissed as Clemont and Bonnie watched with a few giggles. Meanwhile in the Pits, Team Rocket soon found themselves locked up in a cell. They shook the cage as a blue shark-like creature with legs and a dark blue panther with a lot of fur sticking out approached the cage.

"Well, looks like we got some vile humans here, Klesh!" the shark snarled with a glint. The tail whipped at Team Rocket who became scared.

"What's going on!?" screeched Jessie.

"Get me outta here!" cried Meowth. A few minutes later, Chaor emerged to see who wound up in the prison with Najarin.

"Seems we have new… guests in here," Chaor snorted. To James, the sight of Chaor terrified him.

"Satan!" he cried. Jessie stayed defiant through the ordeal.

"Hey, let us outta here!" she stammered. "We did nothing wrong!" Chaor turned to the Overworld Muge who had a good look to them.

"These are the ones that have constantly harassed the Paladin and his Pikachu," Najarin determined. To the Underworld chieftain, Ash had one thorn removed from his life.

"It's a good thing I invited you to join during our moment of truce," Chaor nodded. "Now that you've been verified…" He held a set of keys in his claws. "You'll be here for the rest of your lives. Lavalanche!" A splash of lava squirted from his hand and fell to the ground. Team Rocket shrieked to the act. "Even if you find your way out of here, Perim will be your new… permanent home." Like a terrible two-year-old, Jessie lashed out in a temper tantrum as Chaor and Najarin left.

"Don't assume they'll stay in that cage, Chaor. That… human will do anything to free herself," Najarin warned.

"I'm gonna get my hands on that lying twerp!" bellowed Jessie. Hearing her, Chaor bowed his smiling head.

"Even if, where can she go?" he retorted. They exited the Pits where outside the gate was a statue of Ash in his Paladin armor. It wasn't the only place. There was one outside the gates of Kiru City, one erected in Jade Pillar, one in the Mipedim Oasis and one more on Kaizeph. Meanwhile, Ash and his Pokémon continued throughout Kalos stopping by a camp where Ash shipped his armor, the medal and the trophy as he wore a black t-shirt with the Chaotic symbol on it. He hadn't beaten Korrina until after a time at another summer camp. Along the way, he had defeated Ramos on Coumarine City and during that time, he prepared for his battle with Clemont at Lumiose City. After defeating his friend, they continued on with Ash coming back to Chaotic after his stint away. Thanks to Imthor, the upgrades were complete as Ash now had an avatar to use for the game. Whenever Ash came back to Chaotic, his Pokémon would be with him to show off. Once, he visited the Pits where Team Rocket weren't happy with Ash committing "false imprisonment" on them.

Months have passed since Ash's return from Chaotic where he and Serena slept in a bedroom. Serena's hair had been cut from lower-back length to shoulder length. His Paladin armor, the ChaotiCup trophy, the medal from Perim… and a trophy which had a Pokéball in gold on the same dresser. There were newspaper clippings around the hardware like one which Serena, in a black gown with pink frills and pink dress shoes, wore a crown by a rather large yellow fox with red fur out of its ears and standing like a human with a rotund bushy tail holding a stick, a panda cub with sunglasses on its forehead and a pink fox with a ribbon on one rabbit-like ear and feelers around the neck. She wore a crown with a ponytail redhead woman wearing a while ballgown and high-heeled boots.


"Vaniville Rookie, Serena, becomes the Kalos Princess after tough Master Class."

Another clip had a black dragon with flames coming out of the tail and flames for fangs battling a large blue frog like creature with what seemed to be a pink scarf and moving like a ninja holding a giant shuriken.


"Pallet Town Trainer's unusual Counter Shield technique baffles Alain, wins Lumiose Conference."

Last was a picture of Ash and Serena with a horde of different Pokémon going after a redhead man in black who had hair that made him look like a lion.


"Trainers team up to snuff Team Flare's conquest."

The adventures of Kalos and Chaotic have given Ash and his Pokémon a lot to remember. As Ash and Serena slept with Serena's head nuzzled on Ash's shoulder, Pikachu and the panda cub borrowed Ash's scanner and wore the earbuds given by Eddie.

Buddy, you're a young man, hard man;
Shouting in the street, gonna take on the world some day!
You got blood on your face;
You big disgrace;
Wavin' your Banner all over the place;
Singing we will, we will rock you!
We will, we will rock you!"

The two bobbed their heads to the song. The scanner showed "We Will Rock You – Queen" with a circle traveling down a line. In the kitchen, the yellow fox was with the pink creature and a clown-like creature with sticks as arms and legs and large gloved hands and feet. The brunette that was with Ash in the flashback came to see the yellow fox ready to light the stove as the clown grabbed something out of the fridge.

"Braixen, do you want to help make breakfast?" she asked.

("I do,") it barked. The brunette smiled.

"I can tell, you were anxious to help instead of letting me make it myself and Mimey." Braixen smiled as the other fox headed for the front door. The clown-like creature saw this.

("Checking in on Pikachu and Pancham?") it asked. The pink fox turned and nodded as it used a feeler to open the door. It saw the two Pokémon who looked up the scanner.

("So, what do you wanna hear now?") asked Pikachu. Going through the list of bands, the panda cub, Pancham, pawed the screen upward. Band names scrolled like REO Speedwagon, Imagine Dragons, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns 'n' Roses and Eddie and the Conflagration.

("They all look good to listen to,") Pancham admitted. One band caught the fox-like Pokémon's attention and pressed a feeler to KISS. Pancham and Pikachu turned their heads to the creature who showed up.


("You wanna listen to KISS?") Sylveon blinked to the surprised looks.

("It's not a song?") it questioned.

("No, they're a band like Smashing Pumpkins, Aerosmith, Tsunami Bomb…") Pikachu listed. ("I like Thunderstruck by AC/DC.")

("And Queen's 'We Will Rock You' is really moving!") added Pancham. Looking through the songs list, Sylveon saw another Queen song.

("'We are the Champions',") it barked. ("A good reminder.")

("Tell me about it!") laughed Pikachu. As he began to climb onto Sylveon's head to insert the earbud, a voice caught Pikachu's ear.

"Yeah, no wonder this place is called a town," sounded… Peyton?

"Hey, respect who's here," replied… Sarah?

("Peyton?") believed Pikachu. ("And Sarah?") Pancham and Sylveon blinked to the names. Instead of getting a clarification, Pikachu ran off with the other Pokémon trailing. That's when Pikachu saw the four friends from Chaotic. They also had Pokémon: Tom had a black lion cub with orange hair and a blue jackal pup with small spikes protruding from its wrists. Sarah had a metallic ant and a fuchsia long-legged spider. Peyton had a bipedal chameleon and a giant green snake that looked to be blossoming out of a vine and horn-like ears. Kaz had a large black dog with ribs sticking out of its back and devil horns and a giant purple scorpion with pincers on the arms and tail.

"We should be nearing Ash's scanner since we learned this is his hometown," Tom believed.

"It's nice…" Sarah observed. "Tranquil…" The Pokémon saw the Chaotic Quartet and Pikachu welcomed them.

("Sarah!") he cheered. Hearing the Pokémon, the Chaotic players turned to Pikachu who leaped into Sarah's arms.

"Pikachu!" She hugged with tears running down her face. "How are you doing?"

("Just great!") This made the boys realized how close they were.

"Well, Ash-bro's close by, huh?" grinned Peyton. "How else did Pikachu come so fast?" Kaz understood Peyton's point.

"I know what you mean," he acknowledged. "We're wondering where he's been in the past week." Sylveon realized who they're after and raced back. Sarah saw Sylveon's behavior, a little confused.

"Whose Sylveon's that?" she asked. "She ran off as if Durant would've been after it." The steel ant buzzed, denying the case. Sylveon ran up the stairs to the bedroom and began barking up a storm.

("Ash, come quick!") it frantically pleaded. ("Some trainers are here for you!") Ash groaned to Sylveon's barking.

"Sylveon, five more minutes…" he snored.

"Fifteen for me…" moaned Serena. Sylveon seemed eager to get them up as the Quartet reached the gate to the house. The brunette stepped outside to see.

"Good morning!" she greeted. Seeing the brunette, Tom decided to greet her back.

"Morning, Mrs. Ketchum," he welcomed. "We came to see how Ash is doing." Mrs. Ketchum smiled to the acknowledgment.

"He'll be awake when I get done making breakfast. Were you from Kalos and wanted to come to see him?" The Quartet giggled to her guess.

"Not quite..." corrected Sarah. "It's a little farther away than Kalos." Ash heard the conversation from outside and woke up.

"They sound familiar…" he mumbled as he rolled out of bed only boxers as his clothing. Serena opened her eyes and lifted herself, a pink nightgown dooned on her. Ash looked outside and his eyes bulged. "No wonder they sound familiar! It's my Chaotic friends!" This woke Serena completely as she also wore shorts. Ash quickly jumped into black jogger pants before rushing outside. "Tom! Kaz!" The Quartet spotted Ash and exchanged fist bumps with Sarah giving him a hug.

"We've been wondering what you've been up to in the past two weeks," Kaz explained. "I knew you wouldn't have quit Chaotic."

"Yeah, sorry…" When Serena came out to see the action, she also saw some of the Pokémon and came out.

"Are they yours?" she asked. Looking down, Peyton assured Sarah of who they had.

"Chaotic players becoming Pokémon Trainers, right?" he joked. "I've got Kecleon and Seperior, Kaz has Houndoom and Drapion, Sarah's got Durant and Ariados and Tom's got Riolu and Litleo." Serena huddled to Tom's Litleo who sniffed her hand.

"See, Serena's friendly," Tom assured. Litleo barked before licking Serena's hand, tickling her.

"Tom's got a new friend, but he's already been taken," Kaz shrugged. Ash heard this and since he's fallen for someone himself, he became curious.

"I doubt it's Shinwan," he guessed.

"It's not," Sarah grinned before she linked hands with Tom. Ash and Serena saw the hands together. Serena had an idea.

"Could you give us you hands?" she requested. Sarah lifted hers and Tom's hands to give Ash and Serena's. All four linked together like a team vow before breaking the huddle. Serena's hand was on Ash's, which was on top of Sarah's, which was on top of Tom's.

"Let this all be part of destiny for all of us." They broke away, feeling proud of the link among all of them. Tom decided to ask a question to Ash.

"So what happened in the past two weeks?" he brought back up again.

"It was the Lumiose Conference which I'm the champion, then Team Flare tried to devastate the world, we stopped them, then I had to say goodbye to Goodra and Greninja-"

"WHAT!?" gawked Peyton. "Not Goodra! Not Greninja! Why!?" Kecleon patted Peyton on the side to calm him down.

"So what happened to Goodra and Greninja?" asked Kaz. "Certainly not the same as Tangath Toborn, right?" Serena blinked in confusion.

"They're now defending their lands and called them homes," Ash concluded. "After that, Serena and I told Grace that we're heading back here to Pallet Town and we said farewell to Clemont and Bonnie as they're back in Lumiose City." To Sarah, Ash had been preoccupied with his friends and the Pokémon.

"It's no wonder we sought the Codemasters to see if there's a way to come to your world to find you," Tom pointed out. "And for this chance to work, all the scanners needed to be upgraded again. When you left, they did it so we could go to past locations without using Dranakis Threshold and now this."

"And those Chaotic players have found new life in Pokémon Training," Sarah added. Ash snickered to the outcome. Serena sensed the reason.

"That tells me he's got new competition to try out," she grinned.

"I'm not one who turns it down, honey," Ash reasoned. They reached the road to where Pikachu stood by Ash's side. "And after this, we can all go see the Pokémon at Professor Oak's Ranch. How's that sound?"

"Hey, I wanna see who you do have!" cheered Peyton.

"Same with me!" added Sarah. Tom stepped to the plate.

"Alright, Ash…" he sneered. "You may have bested me and Kaz in the ChaotiCup… but let's see how we do in a Pokémon battle."

"Bring it!" he insisted. Sarah turned to Tom with a request.

"Be careful, Tom," she advised before the two had a quick peck to the lips. She reached the fence as Pancham brought Ash's scanner to her. Seeing what was on the scanner, Sarah believed Pancham wanted to listen to more music. "You know, I've wondered about who Tsunami Bomb is," she pondered. "How about… 'Not Forever'?" Pancham accepted. Looking through the artist list, and seeing the songs in each one, she smiled. "Eddie finds some interesting interests." Tom chose his Pokémon.

"How about a one-on-one?" he requested. "I'll use Riolu." Tom's Riolu flashed a few stances.

"And I'll use Pikachu," Ash countered. Pikachu stood up. Peyton took the stand on the other side of the fence.

"This will be a one-on-one battle between MajorTom and Pokéotic!" he announced. Ash and Tom gawked and got a little steamed.

"THIS ISN'T CHAOTIC, PEYTON!" they snapped. Serena and Ash's mother seemed a little frightened.

"Tom's a… little young to be a Major of a military force, right?" the brunette shuttered.

"No, his name's Tom Majors," Kaz corrected. "It's like Sarah Lawrence, the ChaotiKween; Peyton Touhey, the PeytonicMaster and me, Kaz Kalinkas, or KidChaor. Chaotic has usernames instead of real ones." Peyton cleared his throat again.

"This will be a one-on-one battle between Tom Majors and Ash Ketchum!" he announced again. "Let the Pokémon battle… BEGIN!"

"Let's get in there, Riolu!" commanded Tom.

"Let's show Tom how Chaotic Pokémon can get!" teased Ash. Pikachu raced in. For one Pokémon Trainer, the transition of playing a new game gave him the tools to rise above everyone else… above everything else. He became a Conference Champion, a ChaotiCup Champion, a Paladin of the world of Perim… Overall, Ash Ketchum became a hero to all. Whenever things got Chaotic, Ash would be there to quell the war among all.

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