A/N: The comics mention that Dick Grayson gave up being Batman to go back to being Nightwing, but there isn't any mention of Damian reacted to that decision. After all, Damian was Dick's partner long before he was Bruce's, so I thought I'd write my thoughts about how Damian handled the news about Dick quitting as Batman. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to review.

"I can't believe you're doing this," Damian cried out, "after everything I've done, everything we've been through together, you're just going to abandon me."

Dick was a little shocked at Damian's reaction, sure the kid's always had a habit of berating people for even the tiniest of faults, but Dick never would have expected him to make such of fuss about his returning to his Nightwing persona.

"Take it easy Damian. I'll still be in Gotham, my apartment is just downtown, and it's not like we won't be seeing each other again. Besides, I thought you wanted to be your dad's Robin, that's what you've been complaining about since you came here."

Damian was silent for a moment. Dick wasn't wrong: for as long as he could remember, all he wanted was to stand by his side as Robin. But things were different now: he was Grayson's Robin, and he liked it, much to his surprise. Sure, they had a rocky start, but they had earned each other's respect, each other's trust, they had become true partners.

He couldn't believe that Grayson was just going to throw all that away, but he wasn't going to admit the way he felt. He instead replied, "Father doesn't seem to have much trust in me. Our first case together, he berated in me for everything I did wrong."

"I hate to break it to you, but he's pretty much like that with everyone."

"Well, I'm not everyone," he cried back, "I'm his son."

Damian had done everything he could to prove to his father that he had changed, but pleasing him seemed next to impossible. Damian was raised to be the perfect assassin, but anything he did was far from perfect in his father's eyes.

Dick gave Damian a little pat on the head. "Just give it some time Damian, he still hasn't gotten the chance to know you yet."

Damian skeptically raised a brow. "Did any other Robin have these kinds of problems with father?"

"Well…," Dick started, "Okay, maybe the rest of us have had an easier time with him than you, but you haven't exactly given him the best first impression. I think he's just getting used to dealing with someone like you."

Damian sneered. "-Tt-. I'll be lucky if he ever lets me drive the Batmobile."

"I wouldn't push your luck with that, especially since you're not old enough to own a license."

Damian may have looked like a typical ten year old, but he had the mindset of any man twice his age, if it weren't for his temper tantrums, you would almost think him a miniature adult…Almost.

But, despite his mature demeanor, he was still a child…A child who yearned for his father's approval.

"Look Damian, your dad's a great guy…most of the time. Just give it some time and I'm sure you two will be playing catch on the lawn in no time."

Damian rolled his eyes. "-Tt-. As if I'd ever do something so mundane."

Dick placed a comforting hand on his old protégé's shoulder. "Just give your dad some time; I'm sure he wants to get the chance to know you just as much as you do."

Damian had his doubts. During his miraculous return from the dead, his father has spent even less time with him then before. And honestly, if he had a choice between partnering up with Dick Grayson and his father, he would chose Dick. Dick was the one who accepted him regardless of his past, Dick was the one who stood by him regardless of his bloodline and Dick was the one who respected him when others would not. There was a time where Damian wouldn't have given his first partner a second thought, now he just can't picture a partnership with anyone else.

Dick took off on his bike. Damian watched as his former mentor faded into the warm skyline of the bright orange sunset. Now, it was just him, the butler, his father and a big empty mansion with nothing but the cold for company.

Damian returned to his room that night, with dreams of flying across rooftops with his favorite partner.

His father may be the original Batman but Dick Grayson was the better one.

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