After reading fics like this for years, I'm excited to embark on this fic of my own.

Chris is a favorite character of mine, and I love the girls and Leo just as much. I JUST WANT THEM TO LOVE EACH OTHER

This fanfiction will be set after Prince Charmed, when the sisters and Leo all completely distrust and dislike Chris (my HEART), and only gets AU from there.

Also ignores Bianca. Not because I particularly dislike Bianca, I just… gay relationships make me so HAPPY, so I decided Chris needs to be gay? Sorry for the Bianca lovers, nothing personal, I'm just gay trash!

OOC Chris, again, not for any particular reason, I just imagine Chris having this potential, you know?

I do not own Charmed, I just love it.

Chris Halliwell doesn't have the best luck. Or the best decision making skills, apparently. To be fair, with desperation comes desperate decisions, naturally, and if anyone is desperate, it's Christopher Perry Halliwell. Or, as everyone in this time knows him, Chris Perry. Desperate might be putting it lightly.

Chris had been desperate when his mom died. He had been desperate when he could see his brother drifting, giving into something that had been deep in himself his entire life. He had been desperate when his brother declared himself Lord Wyatt, Emperor of the World. He had been desperate when he formed the Resistance against Wyatt. He had been desperate as he watched every last cousin die. He had been desperate when he realized he was the strongest witch in the world, beside his brother. He would be expected to kill- or try to kill- Wyatt… Chris can't do that. No matter who he is now, who he's hurt or killed, that was Wyatt. That was the person who comforted him when his dad was absent, who stuck up for him, who laughed, played, and loved with him. That's his brother, his best friend. He can't kill him- but he could hail Mary.

Thinking of all the damage that had been done in his life, Chris realized that if he chose to try to save his brother, he could also save everyone else- in saving Wyatt, the entire world, his cousins, aunts, uncles, his mother would get their live back. Desperate for this vision of peace and happiness, Chris makes a plan on the skin of his teeth, checking over his shoulder every second for Wyatt's demonic minions. He makes plans with the remainder of the Resistance, ensuring their survival in his absence, hoping he'll succeed so they'll truly be safe,

When he arrived in the past, Chris almost couldn't contain himself when he found his aunts and mom. They were so young and alive. He opened his mouth to shout in joy, but stopped himself- if he told them who he was and why he was in the past, he couldn't be sure they would believe him. They could immediately shut him out, all but completely eliminating any chances of saving Wyatt. Or worse- they could believe him, but so much would change that the future would be completely unrecognizable. With this thought racing through his mind, Chris stuck with his original plan and told them he was a whitelighter from the future here to save Wyatt from a demon attack.

Their suspicion and dislike for him hurt him immensely, but they didn't know he was their little boy. Trying to be fair to them, he could concede to himself that he was, indeed, lying to them. He couldn't tell them the truth about the future- that could risk throwing everything into an even worse alternate reality than the current dark future. That didn't matter though. He was lying to his family. That makes him untrustworthy, by definition, no matter how pure his intentions are. Knowing this doesn't make it hurt any less. Even Leo's behavior is troubling to Chris. His father might have ignored him growing up, but he had never beaten him or been so scornful and angry at him.

The only thing that keeps him sane is his mantra that these women aren't his family yet and this is for a better future and for my older brother. As he endured his family member's disdain and unwillingness to help him, he vanquished demon after demon. The less the sisters trusted him, the more he threw himself into vanquishing. He hardly slept or ate anymore, not that his family noticed or cared. Demons upon demons, he vanquished. Each demon vanquished that didn't change Wyatt's future made him more desperate. Finally, when his mom's birthday came, he had reached his breaking point.

Chris needed the future to be okay w. If he can't save Wyatt from evil, he can convince the sisters to bind his powers. Or manipulate them into it- he didn't even care anymore. His desperation led him down the wrong path.

When he was caught, he had to tell the sisters the truth. That didn't go well, either. Now, on top of his constant mantra, he heard his mother screaming that she never wanted to see him again constantly. With nowhere to go, Chris now both resides and works in the underworld. He keeps his belongings in a strategically placed cave and vanquishes demons nearly constantly. Every few days, he stumbles into the cave to check his belongings, scarf whatever food he finds, and sleep for a few hours before roaring back to consciousness to repeat the cycle. His already bad condition worsened.

After a couple months of this schedule, Chris nearly looked like a skeleton and couldn't help but shake like a leaf constantly. His magic, though suffering through his abuse, was still stronger than the sisters' magic. His magic was the only thing keeping him alive. His dulled senses, however, did nothing for him.

A week back, he had pursued a demon after his longest stint without sleep ever. He hadn't eaten in days, or slept in more. This demon was Upper level, smarter than most. He tricked Chris's dulled brain and has been torturing him for information on the Charmed Ones and the Twice Blessed.

"Why do you defend them so? They've been nothing but horrible to you," the demon, Zorjiuut, croons, getting close to Chris's frail body, now covered in bruises, cuts, and scars.

"I'll always defend them. They could kill me, torture me worse than you have, spit on my grave, and I'd still defend them," Chris groans out, grunting in pain when Zorjiuut shoves his thumb in a cut on his shoulder.

"A pity," the demon sighs, "you're so beautiful… you'd look so pretty as my queen," he sighs again, throwing an energy ball at Chris's chest.

"One problem with that, Zorjy, I'm not evil and would make a horribly contradicting queen," Chris huffs out, not willing to give the demon the satisfaction of his anger or pain.

"We've been at this for a week, whitelighter," the demon grinds out, done with the back and forth. "I know not how you haven't already died from injury, but if I can't get answers out of you ,maybe you're worth enough to those witches to be bait, hmm?"

Chris chokes out a bitter chuckle. "Not likely- they hate me. Maybe you should just let me go? If you think I'm pretty now, just wait until you see me with some food in my body or sleep in my brain!"

Before Zorjiuut can seeth out an answer, Chris disappears in a swirl of white lights.

Oh my god, did he actually let me go?

Chris groans when he slams to a carpeted floor, finally collapsing after the months of abuse to his body and recent torture.

"What the hell?!" he hears just before black floods his vision.