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Chapter 1 – The Prophecy

"Bring it on, Pinecone Face!"

Percy raised Riptide, but before he could defend himself, Thalia yelled, and a blast of lightning came down from the sky, hit her spear like a lightning rod, and slammed into his chest.

He sat down hard. There was a burning smell; It was his clothes.

"Thalia!" Chiron said. "That is enough!"

He got to his feet and the entire creek rose. It swirled up, hundreds of gallons of water in a massive icy funnel cloud.

"Percy!" Chiron pleaded.

He was about to hurl it at Thalia when something appeared in the woods. The water splashed back into the creek-bed. Thalia turned back.

Something was approaching. It was shrouded in a murky green mist, but as it got closer, the campers and Hunters gasped.

"This is impossible," Chiron said. He sounded nervous. "It . . . she has never left the attic. Never."

And yet, the withered mummy that held the Oracle shuffled forward until she stood in the center of the group. Mist curled around everyone's feet, turning the snow a sickly shade of green.

No one dared move. Then her voice hissed inside his head. Apparently everyone could hear it, because several people clutched their hands over their ears.

I am the spirit of Delphi, the voice said. Speaker of the prophecies of Phoebus Apollo, slayer of the mighty Python.

The Oracle regarded Percy with its cold, dead eyes. Then she turned unmistakably toward Zoë Nightshade. Approach, Seeker, and ask.

Zoë swallowed. "What must I do to help my goddess?"

The Oracle's mouth opened, and green mist poured out. Percy saw the vague image of a mountain, and a girl standing at the barren peak. It was Artemis, but she was wrapped in chains, fettered to the rocks. She was kneeling, her hands raised as if to fend off an attacker, and it looked like she was in pain. The Oracle spoke:

Six shall go west to the goddess in chains,

One shall be lost in the land without rain,

The Son of Lightning will be engulfed by the Son of the Sea,

Though powerful, he will emerge to be.

The bane of Olympus shows the trail,

Campers and Hunters combined prevail,

The Titan's curse must one withstand,

And one shall perish by a parent's hand.

Then, as they were watching, the mist swirled and retreated like a great green serpent into the mummy's mouth. The Oracle sat down on a rock and became as still as she'd been in the attic, as if she might sit by the creek for a hundred years.

Zoe started the meeting on a positive note. "This is pointless. There is no time for talk. The hunters must leave immediately."

"West," said Bianca. "Six shall go west to the goddess in chains. We'll take six Hunters and go."

"Yes," Zoe agreed. "Artemis is held hostage. We must find her and save her."

"Two spots are already reserved," said Chiron.

"Huh?" asked Zoe.

"You heard the Oracle. The Son of Lightning, the Son of the Sea." Chiron replied.

"Yeah," said Percy. "I am the Son of the Sea. I should go on this Quest. Anyway, the dreams about Annabeth came to me. I should go, and I will go with this Son of Lightning."

"You are forgetting something, Percy." Thalia said. "A Son of Lightning doesn't exist. Did the Oracle make a mistake? Daughter of Lightning? That's me?"

"No. Mostly we'll get a new camper who," said Chiron, emphasizing 'who', "is a Son of Lord Zeus."

"Wait," said Thalia. "What about the Great Prophecy? Could this boy be the one of the Prophecy?"

Percy felt weird. The Prophecy was always rumored to be his, but now there was a chance that the Prophecy could be someone else's. Should he give it to this guy, or take it himself? But, he reminded himself, I don't have the power to give or take it.

"Okay," said Chiron. "As I said, two spots are reserved, that is four spots left. Three Hunters can go, along with a camper."

"I'll go!" Thalia exclaimed. "Me!"

"But…" Grover murmured. "Pan…"

"Sorry, Grover." Chiron said. "Thalia, you can go. But you and Percy together is a disastrous thing. I need both of you to promise me on the River Styx that you wouldn't fight, or do anything like what you did today, on the creek."

"I promise on the River Styx." Thalia and Percy said at the same time. There was a distant rumble.

"Who are you taking, Zoe?" Chiron asked.

"I will go, along with Bianca and Phoebe," Zoe replied.

"Me?" Bianca asked, surprised. "I'm new, Zoe! I won't be any good."

"You will be fine," Zoe insisted. "There is no better way to prove thyself."

"Okay, fine." Bianca murmured.

"But… two males?" Zoe asked. "I can't have Hunters travelling in the company of two boys."

"You can't resist the prophecy, Zoe, even if I exclude those two you will still land up with them," Chiron replied resignedly. "You will have to travel with two boys. You have no choice."

"Okay. Two boys. Ugh."

"So be it," said Chiron. "Thalia, Percy, and one more person will accompany Zoë, Bianca, and Phoebe. You shall leave at dawn, the second day after the son of Zeus arrives. And may the gods"—he glanced at Dionysus — "present company included, we hope— be with you."


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