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Chapter 13 - "Powerful, He Emerges To Be"

Harry and his friends fell through different dimensions, just like a portkey. When they finally hit ground, they landed up in the junkyard, which also contained a disheveled Percy.

"Aphrodite, huh?" Thalia asked.

"Yes," he still looked disheveled.

"What did she want with you?" Bianca asked.

"She told me not to… well… pick anything from Hephaestus' junkyard."

"Where should we go now?" Harry asked.

"West, the Ursa Major's North," Zoe replied, pointing to a constellation, "so west will be there."

"Okay," said Harry, "guys, do NOT touch anything. It's dangerous."

"Dangerous?" Grover asked, taking a smashed gold crown and biting it. "Delicious!"

"Stop," Zoe ordered. "Everything is thrown here for a reason, don't touch anything."

"I agree…" Harry muttered, calculating all the chances they had in the place. "What did she tell you?" he turned his question towards Percy.

"You don't mind," Percy said gruffly. Harry looked into his eyes. Conveyed… embarrassment? Somewhere in Harry's mind, one word was floating. Annabeth… Annabeth… Annabeth… His mind was fixing parts, like a jigsaw puzzle. Percy… Aphrodite… Annabeth… love… Percy… love… Annabeth? He broke out of his daze. Aphrodite wanted to see whether Percy loved Annabeth. Simple explanation, but it was missing a part.

"Be careful Percy, Aphrodite has led many heroes astray." Zoe was saying.

There it was! The missing part! Aphrodite came to convince Percy to break off from the original quest to find Artemis and go off on his own to find Annabeth. For love. Simple explanation, but powerful. Wait. Since when had he become Sherlock Holmes?

What Harry didn't notice was that Percy had been looking into his eyes the whole time.

Percy was worried. One glance at my eye and he looks like he's figured out what Aphrodite told me. How on earth did he figure that out? Is he a mind-reader? One thing in the back of Percy's mind came in the front. Wizard… Wizard… Wizard…

Harry was looking around when he heard and exclamation. "Hey, look!" Bianca exclaimed. She was holding a hair clip.

"What?" Harry asked.

"It was a bow first and it turned into this hair clip! It's like your sword!"

"Hmm… yeah," Harry agreed, looking at his ring finger. Gryffindor had a knack of disappearing when he needed it. Luckily, it was on his finger. Instincts told him that a battle was going to start any moment.

"Throw it away, Bianca," said Zoe sternly. "It is defective, that's why its thrown here. Put it away."

She started walking, looking at the Ursa Major. They all followed her. They started walking on the junk, throwing things out of their way.

There were a lot of exciting things, like a guitar and a metal tree, but there was not time to check it out.

"There's the road!" Grover yelled.

"Yup, but what the heck is that thing between us and the road?" Thalia asked. Ten-foot metal toes were sticking out of the ground.

"Metal… toes?" Harry asked. Those were just weird. Which person goes and sticks metal toes in the ground? Like… what? "Let's go around it. Around."

"But the road's there!" Percy protested. "If we go over it, we'll reach a lot faster!"

"Around, man," Thalia advised. "Around. Harry's right."

For once, Percy didn't glare at Harry or look disgruntled when someone agreed with Harry or praised him. After walking, they reached the highway, which looked completely black.

"Great, we got out," Zoe let a sigh. But before Harry could sigh too, a rustling noise was heard and they all looked back. Behind them was a huge metal man, basically a skyscraper with arms and legs. Now it was possible for Harry to understand why it looked like toes – they were toes. It was a bronze giant in full Greek armor. He was partially deformed – his left was completely melted.

"Isn't that – Talos?" Harry gasped. Yep, one of Hephaestus' creations. That Greek Mythology book came in use.

"Yes, Harry," Zoe agreed. "But that's not real. It's a defective model."

The metal man didn't like that. He took his rusted hundred-feet sword from his sheath. Harry closed his ears at the horrible sound. It was rusted and dull – it had no power to cut someone. But getting hit with that thing on the head would take your brains out.

"The only reason Talos woke up is because some took something – who?" Zoe looked at everyone – except Harry which made his heart take a leap. Gods, a Hunter likes me, a boy. Zoe doesn't even like Percy fully and she likes me? Wow. I am awesome.

"I didn't take anything! Don't look at me!" Percy protested as Zoe looked longer at him.

Harry looked at Bianca in the eyes, as her body language suggested that she was guilty. Her eyes conveyed what he expected – guilt. Nico… Mythomagic… Hades… Bianca took Hades' model for Nico because he didn't have it. Harry shook his head. Sisterly love at the wrong time.

He looked at Bianca. "Bianca, return the model."

The five looked at Harry in fear and in Bianca's case, guilt added.

Percy looked at Harry suspiciously. "She didn't tell any of us that. How did you know?"

Right question. Even Harry had no clue. "No idea. Will tell you later. Now worry about the problem at hand." The giant was approaching them. "Run!"

They all split up. Percy ran around holding his sword, Zoe fired her arrows at the giant (though it did nothing to it) and Grover ran up mountains of junk, braying like a baby goat. Harry and Bianca ended up hiding beside a chariot.

"Put it down!" Harry hissed. "Return it!"

Bianca took Harry's arm. "How did you know? You not only knew that I had taken something, you also knew what I took. Which figurine is it?" She looked straight into Harry's eyes, which made him very uncomfortable.

"Hades," he muttered, looking anywhere but Bianca's eyes.

Her eyes bulged out of her head. "Oh, my gods… you can read others' minds."

"Not exactly in the picture format, it's like first when I look into your eyes, I see the emotion. For you, I saw guilt. Then I get words… glimpses of what is in your mind. I saw three words – Nico, Hades and Mythomagic. That's all I get. I have to piece together the meaning – and I just happen to get the correct meaning all the time."

Before she could say anything, Harry pushed her. "Come on!" A shadow fell on the place they had been hiding and a giant foot smashed the chariot behind which they had been standing.

"Oh, damn," Harry murmured. The giant was following them, and easily overtaking them at the same time. With on backward glance, he saw Percy trying to distract the giant and Grover playing a quick melody. He looked at the downed highway lights and understood what was happening. One of the power lines wrapped around Talos' leg and gave him an electric shock.

"Come on! We got some time! Take the statue and throw it somewhere! The giant might leave us!"

Bianca had tears in her eyes but she took the statue out. It was a miniature figurine of Hades. She reluctantly dropped the figurine. Nothing happened, though.

"Where's Grover?" Bianca asked.

"An avalanche of junk has fallen on him!" Percy yelled.

"No!" Thalia screamed and shot lightning on Talos' leg. He stumbled, but still got up. He raised his foot to stomp and Harry saw there was a hole underneath his foot that said 'For maintenance only'. "Great idea," he muttered under his breath.

"What is it?" Bianca asked.

Harry told her his idea. "There will be switches or something like that. I'll get inside and switch it off."

"No! I'll get in. All that happened is my fault."

"No! You're new –"

"So are you."

"No!" Harry was feeling desperate. He wouldn't let this young girl die – when he, a thirteen-year old was there.

"Give this to Nico. Tell him I'm sorry." She ran towards Talos' leg.

"NO! BIANCA!" Harry ran after her, without a plan, without anything. He started flying, and flew towards her – intending to jump in when the giant raised his leg. "Bianca…"

"Harry, move," she said firmly. "All this is because of me."

"What are you doing?" Zoe screamed.

"Get it to raise its foot!"

Zoe shot an arrow into its nostril, but nothing happened. "Oi, Junk Boy!" Percy shouted and threw Riptide at the monster's toe. Following his example, Harry took Gryffindor and stabbed it at the exact same place where Percy had injured it. Talos looked down – and Harry's plan worked. He raised his leg to stomp him, but before Harry could go in, Bianca went under it. "No –"

But now Harry was its target. He had to run. He stumbled, and fell head-first into a refrigerator. I am a goner – oh, wait. Grover pulled himself out of the junk pile and played one more tune, which caused the whole light to fall on Talos' leg. The giant turned towards him – Harry wanted to signal to Grover – run, run, out of there! Run! – but Grover fell down and didn't wake up.

"Grover!" Thalia, Harry and Percy ran towards him – too late – Talos raised his foot to stomp him – then he froze.

The giant started dancing and waving his arms. Then he made a fist and punched himself in the face.

"Go, Bianca!" Harry yelled.

"She is inside?" Zoe asked, horrified. "How will she get out?"

The giant staggered and went towards the power lines.

"WATCH OUT!" Harry yelled.

Electricity was flowing through it and his right hand came off. Talos started running. Harry's team started running, but he went flying. Even with his force, the giant was still ahead of him. Different parts of his body were falling out.

After everything fell out, Harry landed on the ground and started calling Bianca's name with the others. Thalia yelled in anger and pierced the giant's face. Zoe sat down and wept. Percy looked pissed off and was kicking Talos' parts around. Harry was shocked. It was because of him, all because of him. What has he done? He could have gone instead of her. Why? He could have convinced her to stay and he could have gone in. He fingered the figurine in his pocket.

"We'll find her," Percy said, trying to be upbeat.

"No," Grover said miserably. "What was supposed to happen, happened. The prophecy. One shall be lost in the land without rain."

"I should have gone," Harry said angrily. "She told her plan to me! I could have gone! Why didn't I go –?"

"Thee could not have gone. Thee is in the next part – The Son of Lightning shall be engulfed by the Son of the Sea but powerful, he shall emerge to be." Zoe said, looking at him sadly. "Prophecies never go wrong."

Though what Zoe said was correct, Harry couldn't help blaming himself. He looked at the sky. Bianca di Angelo was gone.

Percy found an old tow truck in the dump, and decided to use it to their advantage as it had a full fuel tank. Thalia decided to drive. She wasn't as shocked as Percy, Harry, Zoe or Grover. Harry still looked like he got a shock. His hair was more ruffled as usual, and his bright green eyes looked dim. Grover was sitting alone and looked as if he was lost in his thoughts – and Harry and Percy were sitting face to face.

"So. What about your mind-reading?" Percy asked Harry.

"Uh… I can read people's minds… in word format."

"Word format?" Percy was confused, thoroughly confused. How could anyone read anyone's minds in word format? "How?"

Harry raised his eyes to his. Emerald green met sea green. Percy felt a rush of emotions but in a flash, it went the same way it had come.

"Emotion – confusion. Words – um – word… mind… emerald… reading. So… something like "Harry's reading my mind in word format," but I don't know how "emerald" fits in there."

"Emerald eyes. I was also thinking how similar our eyes are." Percy sheepishly replied. "So you can actually read minds."

"Just words and emotion, nothing else. I have to figure out myself what the person is thinking."

Suddenly, the truck stopped. Harry and Percy had been so engrossed in their conversation that they hadn't seen what was going outside. They had reached a dead-end, and the gas had finished, and Thalia had blown the tires off.

"There's a path," said Grover, pointing at a goat path winding down the cliff face. Percy saw Harry looking at everyone to see how they were taking it. He locked eyes with Thalia, who looked deathly pale. He broke the eye contact and said, "I, uh, think we should go further upstream. A quick walk won't hurt us, would it?"

He looked at Thalia, who looked grateful. He grinned back. What is that about?

They followed the river for some time until they reached a canoe rental operation which was closed for the season. Percy left a note saying 'IOU two canoes' and left three gold drachmas.

"We need to go upstream," said Zoe, sounding as if she had a flu. "The rapids are too swift."

"I'll handle it," Percy replied.

Thalia pulled Harry aside. "Thanks for helping me. How did you know?"

"Mind-reading," said Percy, before Harry could reply. "Know what?"

"Thals is scared of heights. Shall explain later," Harry said quickly. "Can you manipulate the water?"

"Usually, I'm good at –" Percy stopped abruptly. He had completely forgotten the grudge he had with Harry before the Talos incident. By the looks of it, Harry had forgotten it too. "– it," he finished gruffly.

Harry looked confused. "What happened to –?" He froze. Percy guessed that he too, remembered the almighty grudge.

"What –?" Thalia started, but both of them stared at her and she stopped the question. She turned to Percy. "Will you take Zoe? She's starting to worry me."

Percy wasn't too interested, but agreed. Thalia and Grover got into the other canoe, while he and Zoe boarded the first one. Harry popped himself into the air.

"What are those things?" Harry asked from the sky.

Percy looked down to see where he was looking. A couple of river naiads were looking straight at Harry.

Hey, could you take us upstream? Percy asked, trying to get their attention. Once they stopped looking at Harry, they turned to Percy. They each chose a canoe and started pushing them up the river. Harry had to start flying fast, a few seconds back he was just hovering in the air.

"What happened to Bianca wasn't anyone's fault," Percy tried to shake her out of her depression. "She chose it."

"No, Percy. I shouldn't have pushed her into joining the quest. I thought she could be the next lieutenant."

"But you are the l –"

"Nothing can last forever. For two thousand years I led the Hunt and my wisdom didn't improve. Now Artemis herself is in danger. If I had insisted on going with her…"

Harry flew downwards so that it almost appeared that he was sitting next to Zoe. "Look, you can't blame yourself for that. You couldn't have fought with something strong enough to kidnap Artemis. There is nothing you could have done."

Long shadows fell across the water and a cold breeze went through the water. Harry's eyes widened, and he took out his steel-bronze sword, Gryffindor. Seeing him take it out, Percy took Riptide out. Zoe looked at the sword sadly.

"You made this," Percy said.

"Who told thee?"

"I had a dream about it."

Harry looked at Percy, confused. Percy ignored him. She sighed. "It was a gift. And a mistake."

"Who was the hero?" Percy asked.

Zoe shook her head. "Do not make me say his name. I swore never to speak it again."

"You act like I should know him."

"I am sure you do, hero. Don't all you boys want to be just like him?" Her voice was so bitter, Percy decided not to ask what she meant. He looked down at Riptide, and for the first time, he wondered if it was cursed.

Harry was looking more and more confused.

"Your mother was a water goddess?" Percy asked.

"Yes, Pleione. She had five daughters. My sisters and I. The Hesperides."

"Those were the girls who lived in a garden at the edge of the West. With the golden apple tree and a dragon guarding it."

"Yes," Zoe said wistfully. "Ladon."

"But weren't there only four sisters?"

"There are now. I was exiled. Forgotten. Blotted out as if I never existed."


Zoe pointed to Riptide. "Because I betrayed my family and helped a hero. You won't find that in the legend either. He never spoke of me. After his direct assault on Ladon failed, I gave him the idea of how to steal the apples, how to trick my father, but he took all the credit."


Gurgle, gurgle, the naiad spoke in Percy's mind. The canoe was slowing down. Harry looked ahead, and Percy saw why. This was as far as they could take the five of them. The river was blocked. A dam the size of a football stadium stood in their path.

"Hoover Dam," Harry said. "It's huge. I read about it," he added, to Percy's questioning look.

The naiads left after grumbling.

"Seven hundred feet tall," I said. "Built in the 1930s."

"Five million cubic acres of water," Thalia said.

Grover sighed. "Largest construction project in the United States."

Harry grinned. "Dedicated on September 30, 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt."

"How do you know that?" Zoe stared at them.

"Annabeth, she liked architecture. Was nuts about monuments." Percy said.

"How do you know that?" Zoe asked Harry. "You never knew Annabeth."

"Read about it," Harry shrugged.

"You are perfect for Annabeth," Thalia said, looking awed.

"I know," Grover and Percy agreed.

"We should go up there," Percy said sadly. "For her. To say we've been here."

"You are mad," Zoe decided. "But that's where the road is." She pointed to a huge parking garage next to the top of the dam. "And so, sightseeing it is."

Thalia walked in the middle of the road, far away from the edges. Grover kept sniffing the wind and looking nervous. He didn't say anything, but Percy knew he smelled monsters.

"How close are they?" Harry asked him.

He shook his head. "Maybe not close. The wind on the dam, the desert all around us . . . the scent can probably carry for miles. But it's coming from several directions. I don't like that."

Percy didn't either, and by the look on Harry's face, he didn't too. It was already Wednesday, only two days until winter solstice, and they still had a long way to go. None of them needed any more monsters.

"There's a snack bar in the visitor center," Thalia said.

"You've been here before?" Percy asked.

"Once. To see the guardians." She pointed to the far end of the dam. Carved into the side of the cliff was a little plaza with two big bronze statues. They looked kind of like Oscar statues with wings.

"They were dedicated to Zeus when the dam was built," Thalia said. "A gift from Athena."

Tourists were clustered all around them. They seemed to be looking at the statues' feet.

"What are they doing?" Harry asked.

"Rubbing the toes," Thalia said. "They think it's good luck."


She shook her head. "Mortals get crazy ideas. They don't know the statues are sacred to Zeus, but they know there's something special about them."

"When you were here last, did they talk to you or anything?"

Thalia's expression darkened. Percy could tell that she'd come here before hoping for exactly that—some kind of sign from her dad. Some connection. "No. They don't do anything. They're just big metal statues."

Harry's face turned green. Percy could tell that he was thinking about the last big metal statue that the team had run into. That hadn't gone so well. But both of them decided not to bring it up.

"Let us find the dam snack bar," Zoë said. "We should eat while we can."

Grover cracked a smile. "The dam snack bar?"

Zoë blinked. "Yes. What is funny?"

"Nothing," Grover said, trying to keep a straight face. "I could use some dam french fries."

Even Thalia smiled at that. "And I need to use the dam restroom."

Maybe it was the fact that they were so tired and strung out emotionally, but Percy started cracking up, and Thalia, Harry and Grover joined in, while Zoë just looked at them. "I do not understand."

"I want to use the dam water fountain," Harry said.

"And . . ." Grover tried to catch his breath. "I want to buy a dam T-shirt."

Percy busted up, and he probably would've kept laughing all day, but seeing Harry laughing, he was filled with a strong sense to make fun of him, owing to their fight in which Harry had walked out on him.

"Man, you know, your only power is to fly?"

Harry stopped, and emerald eyes drilled into his. "What the heck?"

"I have more power! You possess only flying!" Percy shouted.

"NO!" Harry yelled. "Don't show your great powers to me now! The mortals might see! And, for your effing information, don't do anything stupid!"

"The Mist is there. I can raise many gallons –" Percy started. He had raised his hands, controlling the water. It was rising.

Harry looked at him as though he had got an extra head. "STOP! THIS IS NOT THE TIME!"

"Oh, right," Percy said sheepishly. It seemed as though their friendship had somewhat returned, as they were talking to each other without grumbling, or being rude. Percy liked it. Time to get our friendship back on track. A yell cut through his thoughts.


Percy looked at the person who screamed. Thalia, Grover and Zoe were looking in horror in the direction of the dam. He looked back, and gasped. A cyclone had formed with the water, and was swirling like a tornado. And one person was flying inside it. Harry.

"HARRY! Oh my gods!" He put his hands down, to stop the water. But the water wasn't in his control any more. He waved and motioned his hands downwards, to command the water to stop. Nothing happened, though.

"Percy!" Grover yelled desperately. "Help him! Do something! You are the son of Poseidon!"

"Dad!" Percy screamed, looking up. "Dad! Are you listening to me? Are you controlling the water? Why isn't it under my command? Dad –!"

"Percy, look up!"

Percy looked at the swirling cyclone. Harry had stopped flying around in circles. His eyes were closed, and his arms extended. Lightning was flying out of them in blasts. Suddenly, the water fell back into the dam, and Harry floated down on the ground.

Percy, Thalia and Grover ran to Harry. He was breathing, steadily. Percy concentrated on Harry and made his hand into a fist, to get the water out of him.

"Got any?" Grover asked, seeing what Percy was doing.

"No. If I put more power, I might take his body fluids out."

"That's both disgusting and scary," said Zoe, wrinkling her nose.

"But no water?" Thalia asked. "The guy was trapped in an effing cyclone of all things and no water went inside him?"

"I have a feeling that this was a set-up," Percy said, thinking hard. "The water didn't respond to my command, and Harry didn't swallow any water – and this is the first time that happened to me. Some god – or titan – is playing tricks with us."

"Splash some water on his face and get him to wake up! Those skeletons might be approaching us." Thalia said looking around.

Percy cupped his hand and held it out to the dam. A little water splashed out and fell into his hand. He sprayed the water on Harry. He woke up with a jolt.

"Oi!" He yelled at Percy. "You were trying to kill me! What the heck?"

"The water wasn't in my command. I'm so sorry." Percy apologized. He didn't care if his voice sounded genuine or not, all he knew was that he was genuine in his emotions. It seemed like he sounded genuine – cause Harry's angry expression had morphed into a merely disgruntled one.

"Where is that cyclone? If the water wasn't in your command, how did the water go?" He looked around, and looked surprised that the ground wasn't wet at all.

"Um," said Zoe, trying to interrupt. "Harry, thee should know that thee was set-up."

"Set up?"

"The water wasn't in Percy's command. That means some god or Titan is playing with you. And I lean on either Hades or a Titan." Thalia looked angry when she said Hades' name. Seeing Harry's confused look, she elaborated. "Hades had sent monsters after me because Zeus broke the oath. I sacrificed my life to save my friends who were with me at that time – Annabeth and Luke. To save my life, Zeus turned me into a pine tree –" Harry looked flabbergasted, "– and Percy bought me back because of the Golden Fleece, which he had retrieved last year with Annabeth, Grover and Clarisse. He attacked me just because Zeus broke the oath – which is no fault of mine. Percy, too. Hades sent furies after him because he thought Percy stole his Helm of Darkness and Poseidon broke his oath – which is again no fault of Percy's. Who knows, Hades might be doing the same thing to you."

"You actually did a quest with Clarisse? I need to give you a world record." Harry looked surprised. Then, his surprised look faded and he looked angry again. "Just because our dads broke the oath, putting out his anger on us, it seems."

Percy laughed bitterly. "He can't do a single thing to either of our dads. They are just too powerful. But he can do whatever he wants to us. We are half-mortal, aren't we? We can die."

"Stop this." Harry stood up. He didn't look like a person who had been trapped in a cyclone and fainted lesser than five minutes ago. He took a finger and put it on Percy's nose –


"You just – you just – flashed me with lightning!"

"Wow," Thalia whispered. "Harry point at the dam with all the force you can, will you? With all your will power?"

"Um –" He pointed severely. Everyone gasped. A huge bolt of lightning, as strong as Thalia's spear bolts, came out of his hand and hit the water.

"Wow… Harry, lightning's in your blood."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked Thalia.

"When I blast lightning, I take it from the air. I am able to use it because I am a daughter of Zeus. But you… after that cyclone, you acquired your godly powers of Zeus. In blood."

"I guess a part of the prophecy just got fulfilled." Zoe said thoughtfully. "The Son of Lightning shall be engulfed by the Son of the Sea, though powerful, he will emerge to be."

"Yes… I engulfed Harry with my cyclone and he got his final Zeus-powers…" Percy murmured. "Yes. That makes sense." He looked at the others. "So, are you saying that Zeus of all people made this cyclone?"

"Wow, he should get dad of the year award," Thalia muttered under her breath.


I made that mind-reading thing on a whim, as I just finished reading A Study In Scarlet for the millionth time. I'd like to see some Detective!Harry stuff. Harry got his final powers, too! Yay! Inform me if you think Percy's being too OOC in his final fight with Harry. Anyway, I have decided that hints of HarryxAnnabeth will be in this story (asked my besties - they decided that my slash-writing ability is dumb so I can't write HarryxPercy). Also, I have put on a poll for Percy's girl. Lots of the chapter were copy-paste, but it was needed. Also, Harry's kinda bookish in this fic.

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Please, I need this to be a Harry/Percy story. It's just perfect!

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Guest chapter 12 . Sep 20

Annabeth is just like Hermione and Ginny super bossy b*tches. Luna, Susan, Hannah, Daphne, Tracy, and Rachel.

I take it that you are the guest who insisted on HarryxPercy. Reason is in the AN why I can't write it. People like you are pretty rare. Before I thought that half the Potterhead population preferred Harmione and the other half preferred Hinny and Romione. Well, you hate both of them so yes. And also, I guess that you have listed candidates for Harry, so let me tell you the reason I can't put them in this story. Luna Lovegood - I love Luna, and Haruna/Huna is a ship I like. But, well, I prefer Harmione over Huna. Susan Bones - she is a minor character, who I barely know anything about. She has played a nice enough person in the minor parts in which I have sen her, probably the most developed in this list. Hannah Abbott - Lesser known than Susan. 'Nuff said. Daphne Greengrass - Yup. The King of Gryffindor for the Queen of Slytherin. Good one. I know NOTHING about her other than the fact that she is Astoria Greengrass' elder sister. Tracey Davis - Lesser known than Daphne. Rachel Dare - PJO! She won't even be in this story.

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All this being said, I have read and enjoyed stories with Harry paired up with girls other than Ginny. Some of my favorites have been Harry paired off with Daphne Greengrass, Luna Lovegood, or Susan Bones. Yes, any story I wrote would probably either stick to Harry and Ginny or Harry and Luna, but as long as the story is well written and the justification is more than it can't be Ginny because he's marrying/in love with his mother, I can read and enjoy virtually any other pairing...except Harry/Voldemort...No, just no. :D

Appearance is everything! Nah, just joking.

Hinny is a ship which, according to me, doesn't make any sense. How the heck did Harry suddenly fall for Ginny just like that? Like, how? She was a tertiary character in PS, CoS, PoA, GoF, and OotP. She rose to secondary in HBP and DH. She almost didn't exist in PS (that can be excused as she wasn't a student of Hogwarts), CoS - the only thing she did was get possessed by Tom Riddle, PoA - didn't exist, GoF - didn't exist, OotP - can be respected as a student of Hogwarts, HBP - BOOM. She is suddenly the hottest girl of the entire SCHOOL (so hot that even Slytherins started looking at her) and DH she became Harry's girl and also did a good deal of fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts.

In my previous answer to Guest, it can be easily understood that I am NOT a fan of any Harry-pairing in which the girl/boy is virtually nonexistent (Ginny is not nonexistent, but you get the gist of it). Ginny's character never got much consideration on JKR's part. She could have written Ginny as having PTSD, never trusts people much, and stuff like that. But new Ginny is just old Ginny, which is weird.

Hermione is a highly developed character (except for the mishap that her parents names are never revealed XD) and Luna, too, I feel is more developed than Ginny.

I too am not a very ardent fan of Harmione (such that I only read Harmione). I too enjoy other stories with HarryxLuna, HarryxDraco (only the really developed ones), HarryxGinny (from Ginny's point of view? Stories which develop Ginny's character), HarryxLavender/Parvati, and fics in which all characters like Daphne and the like are more developed. In a nutshell, the reason why I don't like Hinny is that she is very underdeveloped. Not only because of the Lily/Ginny problem.

Sorry for the rant, I talk a bit too much when it comes to topics like this XD!


Please, no more reviews about ships. I am tired of them. You like your ship, I'll like mine!


A. I don't. At all. The filmmakers changed the story a bit too much.

Q. Who is your favourite character from the Seven of the Prophecy?