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Ages: Gohi: 16, Goten: 8, Cheena: 8

Chapter 1: Lost and Found

"Cheena, get back here with that cd" Goten yelled as he ran down the stairs. Cheena had a smile on her face as she jumped down the stairs and took off into the living room.

"You'll have to catch me first" Cheena said as she jumped onto of the couch and stuck her tongue out. Goten growled as he jumped on the couch, trying to grab her leg.

"Give it to me now" Goten yelled as he held onto her leg and reached for the cd.

"No" Cheena yelled as she pulled her arm away. Just then footsteps coming down the stairs, caused both of them to turn and look. Gohi stepped off the last step and frowned as he stared at his younger siblings.

"Would you cut it out?" he slightly yelled as he watched them. Goten and Cheena looked at him then at one another before starting their fight again.

"Give that to me" Goten yelled as he managed to grab Cheena's arm.

"Let me go" Cheena yelled as she pulled out of his grip really fast causing her arm to smack into the lamp nearby. The twins watched as the lamp spun around before falling off the table and hit the floor.

"Uh-oh!" Cheena and Goten said together as they looked at the broken pieces on the floor. Gohi had his fists clenched as he looked at the lamp on the floor.

"Cheena!" he yelled. Cheena's mouth flew open as she stared at him. Goten started to laugh as he grabbed the cd out of her hand and ran into the kitchen. Cheena didn't even notice, her concentration on her older brother.

"Why did you call my name? He was the one who caused me to break the lamp" she said. Gohi slowly walked towards her and grabbed her arm.

"Yeah, but if you would of just given him his cd then you wouldn't of broken the lamp and you know you can't stand on the couch with your shoes on" he said as he placed her on the floor.

"But Gohi, he started it! He took something of mine" Cheena said as she looked up at him. Folding his arms across his chest, Gohi looked down at her.

"And did he give it back?" he asked. Cheena sighed as she slowly nodded her head yes.

"Then you should of given him his cd back. With mom and dad away on vacation, I'm in charge and if you break something then I get in trouble" Gohi said.

"Why am I the only one getting yelled at?" Cheena said.

"Just go get the broom and clean this mess up and dust the couch off. Nobody wants to sit on footprints" he said as he walked towards a mirror near the door. Cheena sighed as she went into the kitchen and got the broom. Coming back out, she bent down and started to sweep the broken pieces up.

"I always get in trouble" she said as she carefully picked up the broken pieces and walked towards the garbage pail. Dumping it in, Cheena turned around and dropped her mouth in shock as she saw Goten standing on the couch smiling at her.

"Get off!" she yelled as she ran over to him. Goten started to laugh as he jumped off, revealing his footprints. Cheena growled as she ran over to Gohi. He was on the phone, looking himself over in the mirror.

"Gohi, Goten was on the couch with his shoes on" Cheena yelled as she pulled on his pants. Placing his hand over the phone, Gohi looked down at her.

"Not now Cheena, I'm on the phone" he said.

"But Gohi..." Cheena said as she continued to pull on his pants. Holding onto his pants, Gohi looked at her.

"Listen, go clean up the living room and then get ready. I'm meeting Shampoo at the mall and I guess I have to take you and Goten with me" Gohi said. Cheena had as huge smile on her face as she let go of his pants.

"Can I get a new toy?" she asked. Gohi just nodded his head as he went back to his conversation. Cheena just laughed as she ran back over to the living room and grabbed the broom.

"I can't wait to go" Cheena said as she quickly picked up the pieces of glass and dusted the couch off. Satisfied with her work, she quickly ran upstairs and went to the closet.

"Get out of my room" Goten yelled as he did a handstand on the floor.

"This is my room too" Cheena yelled as she searched through the closet. Pushing Goten's clothes to the side, she smiled as she saw a nice gi outfit.

"I'm going to wear this" she said as she pulled it out and ran in the bathroom. A few minutes she came out and looked herself over. She had on a black gi shirt with the matching pants with a blue shirt underneath, and black and blue boots on her feet. Spinning around, she started to laugh but that soon went away as she looked at Goten.

"Take that off" she yelled as she looked at what he was wearing. He had on a blue gi outfit with the matching pants and a black shirt underneath.

"Why? I can wear what I want" he said as he slid his boots on. Cheena growled as she watched him.

"Guys, lets go!" Gohi yelled from downstairs. Quickly Cheena ran down the stairs and stood in front of Gohi.

"Gohi, tell Goten to change his clothes" she said. Gohi raised his eyebrows as he looked at her then watched as Goten came down the stairs.

"What's wrong with it?' he asked.

"It's the same as mine" Cheena said as she glared over at Gohi. Gohi sighed as he grabbed his coat as well as theirs.

"Cheena, stop complaining and lets go" he said as he opened the door.

"But Gohi, I don't wanna look like him" Cheena wined.

"Then go change" Goten yelled as he marched out the door.

"You go change" Cheena yelled. Gohi growled as he looked down at Cheena.

"Cheena, don't start with him and stay away from him at the mall. I don't want you two arguing in front of Shampoo" he said. Cheena was going to speak but decided not to. Slowly she walked outside and towards Gohi's car. Jumping in the back, she quickly put her seatbelt on. Closing the door, Gohi jumped in his car and quickly took off towards the mall.

Parking the car, everyone climbed out and walked towards the entrance. Cheena had a huge smile on her face as she looked at a few kids doing stunts on their skateboards.

"Cool, Gohi can I go see?" she asked as she looked up at him. Shaking his head no, Gohi placed his hand on her back.

"Maybe later, I told Shampoo we'd meet her here in 10 minutes. You can see them later" he said. Cheena just nodded her head as she continued on. Walking in the mall, the three of them looked around to see that it was packed.

"Everyone is here today" Goten said as he looked around. Gohi sighed as she looked around.

"I should of picked a place to actually meet Shampoo" he said as he grabbed Goten and Cheena's hands and pulled them along. Cheena looked around at all the people who were pushing one another to get into one store or out of another. Just then a man, running at full speed, pushed right into her.

"Hey watch it!" Gohi yelled as she turned and glared at the man. Cheena stuck her tongue out at him before starting to walk along side her brother once again. Gohi continued to look around until her finally spotted Shampoo.

"I see you made it through this madness" she said as Gohi and the twins approached. Gohi just laughed as he looked at her. Shampoo laughed as well before leaning in and giving him a kiss.

"Gross!" Goten and Cheena both said as they looked on. Gohi's cheeks turned a small shade of red as Shampoo just laughed.

"Babysitting?" she asked as she placed her hand on top of Goten's head.

"Yeah, I'm in charge of these two troublemakers" Gohi said. Shampoo just nodded her head as she looked around the mall.

"So where do you want to go first?" she asked. Letting go of Gohi's hand, Cheena quickly pointed to the left.

"Let's go to the toy store" she said.

"Not now Cheena, maybe later" Gohi said as he grabbed Shampoo's hand and started to walk off. Sighing, Cheena ran after them. Holding onto Shampoo's pants pocket, Cheena watched as they past the toy store.

"Gohi, am I going to get a new toy?' Cheena asked as she looked at him. Seeing that Gohi and Shampoo were in a conversation, Cheena closed her mouth. Just then she spotted a cart filled with toys and a man playing with a helicopter.

"WOW! Gohi, can we go see that, please?" Cheena asked. Gohi started to laugh as he continued to talk to Shampoo. Growling, Cheena watched as they walked by the cart.

"Well I wanna see it. I'll be right back" she said as she let go of Shampoo's pants and ran towards the cart. With the cart in her site, Cheena's smile increased on her face. Pushing by the people, she finally reached it.

"Can I play with that?' she asked. The man smiled as he handed her the helicopter. Pulling a cord in the back, Cheena watched as the helicopter flew up into the air before returning to her.

"Cool, how much is it?' she asked as she handed it back.

"$10" the seller said as she went back to playing with the helicopter. Reaching into her pockets, Cheena pulled out nothing but lint.

"I have to get money from my brother. Will you still be here?' she asked him. The man nodded his head as he started the helicopter up again and watched it sail above him. Running into the crowd, Cheena went back to where she last was.

"Gohi! I want that toy!" she yelled as she looked around. Her smile faded as she looked around.

"Gohi? Shampoo? Goten? Where did you guys go?" she asked as she looked around. Seeing a garbage can nearby, Cheena quickly ran towards it and climbed on top of it.

"Gohi!" she yelled as she looked around but all she saw was people pushing to get by. Jumping down, she looked up at all the people.

"Where did they go? I'll go find them" she said as she ran off.

"Aww, aren't those shoes cute Gohi?" Shampoo asked as she stood in front of the mirror modeling off her shoes. Gohi nodded his head then sighed as he sat back in the chair.

*Man, shopping for shoes are so boring* he said to himself.

"Mom has these" Goten said as he picked up a pair of high heeled shoes and waved them back and forth.

"Goten, come sit down and tell Cheena to sit down as well" Gohi said as he yawned. Running over to the chair, Goten sat beside Gohi.

"Cheena's not here" Goten said. Nodding his head, Gohi's eyes slowly started to close before they quickly snapped open.

"WHAT!!!" he yelled as he jumped out of the chair. Looking around the store, he went over to Shampoo.

"Have you seen Cheena?" he asked. Shampoo looked around herself then around the store.

"I thought she was holding onto my pants as we came in here?" Shampoo said.

"Oh man!" Gohi yelled as he ran towards the door. Looking out, he saw nothing but people walking back and forth. Looking at Shampoo, he spoke.

"Stay here and watch Goten. I'm going to go look for Cheena" he said as he ran out of the store. Pushing past all the people he quickly ran back the way they came.

"Where can she be?' he said as he looked around. Seeing the same seller from before, he quickly ran over to him.

"Excuse me? Have to seen a little girl about this high with a black and blue outfit on?" Gohi asked. Nodding his head, the seller pointed to the garbage can.

"She ran over there. She said she was going to come back once she got some money" he said. Thanking the man, Gohi ran towards the garbage can. Looking around, he sighed.

"Where did she go? She knows she shouldn't be walking around here when its this crowded" Gohi said as he ran towards the escalators and ran down to the lower level.

"Gohi! Goten! Shampoo!" Cheena yelled as she continued to walk around. All she saw was people pushing by to get to their own destination.

"Man, these people are so pushy" Cheena said as she walked on. Soon a smell caught her nose. Stopping dead in her tracks, Cheena looked to see a small shop that sold fresh cookies.

"I'm hungry! I'll go find Gohi after I eat" she said as she pushed by the people and walked into the store.

"Cheena!" Gohi yelled as she looked around, seeing nothing.

"Excuse me..." Gohi tried to say to a young woman but she just continued walking. Growling, Gohi continued to walk on.

"Where is she? She can be anywhere! Wait a minute! Why am I searching for her? She can come to me" Gohi yelled to himself. Standing to the side, he quickly closed his eyes and started to raise his ki.

In the shop, Cheena was eyeing all the varieties of cookies. Soon the cashier walked over to her.

"See anything you like?" she asked. Cheena just nodded her head as she continued to stare at the cookies.

"Well tell me what you want and I'll give it to you" the lady said. Cheena slowly looked at her and frowned.

"I don't have any money and I don't know where my brother is" she said. The lady looked at Cheena then the case.

"Here!" she said as she handed Cheena a chocolate chip cookie. Smiling Cheena took a bite out of it.

"Thank you!" she said as she continued to eat the cookie. The woman smiled but soon frowned.

"Are you lost little girl?' she asked. Before Cheena could respond, she quickly turned her head to the side.

"GOHI!" she yelled as she ran out the store.

"Wait!" the lady yelled but Cheena was already gone. Running as fast as she could, Cheena laughed all the way.

"I found him!" she said as she looked ahead and saw Gohi standing there. Sensing Cheena coming close, Gohi opened his eyes and looked at her.

"Gohi!' Cheena yelled as she ran over to him. Gohi frowned as he looked down at her.

'There's this store that sells these good cookies. You should get one. The lady gave it to me for free" Cheena said as she smiled at him. Gohi remained quiet as he stared at her. Dropping her smile, Cheena just stared at him.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked. Growling, Gohi grabbed her arm and pulled her along.

"What did I do?" Cheena asked as Gohi pulled her along.

"What didn't you do?" Gohi slightly yelled as he pulled her back towards the shoe store where Shampoo and Goten awaited their arrival. Standing in front of the store, Shampoo smiled as she saw Gohi and Cheena coming towards them.

"He found her" she said as he waved to them. Gohi didn't wave back as he walked over and grabbed Goten's hand.

"I think we should go" he said as he looked at Shampoo. Shampoo nodded her head as she looked at Cheena. Bending down, she touched the side of her mouth.

"What's this around her mouth?" she asked as she stood up and looked at Gohi.

"Apparently, she was eating a cookie" Gohi said as he glared down at Cheena.

"I want a cookie too" Goten said as he looked up at Gohi.

"No, we're leaving. Its too crowded" he said. Goten growled as he looked at Cheena.

"Nice going" he said. Cheena looked at him then over at Gohi.

"I'm sorry" she said. Gohi didn't even look at her as he stared at Shampoo.

"Sorry I'm going to have to cut our date short" he said. Shampoo nodded her head as she gave him a quick kiss.

"Its ok! Mind if I catch a ride back though?' she asked. Gohi nodded his head before looking down at Cheena.

"Let's go" he said as he pulled her along as well as Goten.

"But what about my toy?" Cheena asked. Quickly Gohi stopped and looked at her. Looking into his eyes, Cheena quickly looked down at the ground.

"Forget it!" she said quickly. Sighing, Gohi walked on towards the entrance of the mall with Shampoo following close behind.

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