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Chapter 10: Happy Ending?

Cheena smirked as she glanced to the left then over to the right. A smirk crossed her face as she eyed each and every cop around her.

"Cheena, are you crazy? You're going to go up against these cops?" Keal asked.

"Yea cause in case you haven't noticed…we're surrounded" Reshine said. Cheena smirked as she looked back at the two.

"Would you two calm down. While I take care of them, you all get out of here" she said.

"We're not going to let you take on all of them by yourself" Reshine said.

"Yea, I mean, I want to have fun too" Keal said. Cheena laughed as she looked at them.

"You think this is going to be fun?" she asked. The guys looked at her and nodded their heads. Cheena smirked as she looked back at the lead cop who was still staring at her.

"Don't be a fool kid and just give yourself up" he said. Cheena smirked as she shook her head from side to side.

"Why don't you just leave cause I'm not giving up" she said. The cop growled as he looked around at the rest of the officers.

"Withdraw your weapons. This little runt should be easy to take out and once we're done with her we'll go after the rest of them" he said. Shampoo looked at the cops then over at Gohi who had a smirk on his face and his arms folded across his chest.

"Aren't you going to do something?" she asked. Gohi looked at her and shook his head no.

"Why should I?" he asked. Shampoo stared at him in disbelief before turning towards Cheena.

"Are you cops going to attack or am I going to have to make the first move?" Cheena asked as she folded her arms across her chest. The cops looked at one another before laughing. Cheena frowned as she looked around and each and every cop.

"I don't think I said anything funny" she said angrily.

"How old are you kid?" one of the cops asked as they tried to control their laughter.

"8! What's it to you?" Cheena snapped as she clenched her fists at her side. A few of the cops stopped laughing including the lead cop and glared at her.

"Do you know who you're catching an attitude with little girl?" one of the cops asked. Cheena smirked as she looked at him.

"Yes I do but do you know who you're picking a fight with?" she said. The lead cop growled as he looked to the side.

"You 3, bring her over here. I want this one the first one to be taken in. She'll be in juvenile hall for the rest of her life" he yelled. Three cops smiled as they advanced towards Cheena.

"Cheena, run" Skier yelled as she looked at her. Cheena laughed as she looked at the cops.

"And miss my chance at having fun? No way Skier" she said as she took her fighting stance.

"Oh, so the little miss bigmouth knows a little karate does she?" one of the cops said as he continued towards Cheena.

"I know more then that" Cheena said with a smile. The cop growled as he ran towards Cheena.

"You are mine!" he yelled as he pulled his fist back. Cheena smirked as she quickly jumped into the air. Bringing her foot back, she quickly brought it forward and kicked the cop in the chin. The cops mouth flew open as he sailed back into the other two cops behind him. Landing on the ground, Cheena bent down and dusted her boot off.

"Now that is what I call fun" she said with a laugh. The lead cops mouth flew open but soon closed as he growled as loud as he could.

"You five, get her now" he yelled as he pointed to a group of cops. They all stared at him before looking at Cheena.

"Yea, come and get me. I mean, I am just a kid after all" Cheena said in a sweet voice. Two of the cops growled as they charged towards her.

"I am not going to be upstaged by some punk" one of them yelled.

"Yea" the second one said. Cheena smiled as she quickly disappeared only to reappear behind the cops.

"Hey" she said. The cops turned around and watched as Cheena quickly leaped into the air. Spinning as quick as she could, she landed a side kick to one cop before punching the other, both in the jaw. Both cops were stunned as they fell in opposite directions, crashing to the ground.

"Unreal" one of the cops said as he stared at Cheena. Looking at what she just did, Cheena laughed.

"Maybe I'm having too much fun" she said as she rubbed her chin. Just then two cops quickly grabbed her by the arm and lifted her off the ground.

'Cheena!" Skier yelled. Keal and Reshine quickly growled as they clenched their fists at their sides. Turning around, the cops smiled as they looked down at Cheena.

"Not so tough now are you?" one of them asked. Cheena glared at up at him before watching a third cop walk over to her.

"Hold her still. I'm going to knock some sense into her" he said as he pulled back his hand. Cheena smirked as she looked at him.

"How bout I knock some sense into all three of you" she said as she quickly flipped into the air, kicking the cop in front of her in the chin. As he sailed back, the two cops who previously held Cheena in place now let her go. Cheena smiled as she flipped behind the cops.

"How bout a meeting of the minds?" she asked. Before the two cops could say a word, Cheena placed her hand on the side of their heads and brought them together, knocking the two cops completely out. Landing on the ground, Cheena looked over at the lead cop and smiled.

"Are you going to leave now or am I going to have to take all of you out the same way?" she said. The cop growled as he looked at the rest of the cops.

"Don't just stand there, shoot her!" he said. The cops all smirked as they withdrew their weapons. Cheena smirked as she looked around herself. Shampoo growled as she looked at Gohi.

"How can you just stand here? Your sister is about to die" she yelled. Gohi laughed as he looked at her.

"No she's not. If I know Cheena, and I do, she will take care of this" he said. Shampoo just stared at him before turning towards Cheena.

"Cheena's going to get shot" Keal yelled as he looked at Dayton.

"We have to do something" Reshine asked.

"But what can we do? If we go near her, they might start shooting and hit us as well. We'll be no help to her if we get shot" Dayton said.

"But what kind of help will we be if she gets shot?" Keal asked. Dayton sighed as he looked at him.

"You're right, let's help her' he said as he set Skier down. Kneeling down, he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I want you to get out of here now" he said. Skier quickly shook her head no before hugging him.

"I'm not going to leave you here alone" she said. Dayton was about to speak when Cheena cut him off.

"Don't worry Skier since I don't need your brother or anyone's help" she said.

"Cheena, this is no time to play hero" Keal said. Cheena rolled her eyes as she looked at him.

"Do you see a mask on my face and a cape on my back?" she snapped. Skier laughed as she looked at Keal.

"Well I see where she gets her attitude from" Reshine whispered as he glanced over at Gohi. Cheena smirked as she looked around at the cops once again.

"Last chance, give up girl" the lead cop said.

"And its your last chance to get out of here" Cheena said. The cop laughed as he looked at his men.

'Take her out" he yelled. Dayton and the gang quickly got down as the cops opened fire on Cheena. With a smile on her face, Cheena quickly disappeared. Before any words could be said, 5 cops were on the ground.

"How did she? Where is she?" a cop asked as he stopped shooting and looked around. Cheena smirked as she quickly reappeared in front of that same cop.

"I'm right here silly" she said as she quickly gave him a uppercut to the face. As the cop fell backwards, Cheena disappeared again. One by one, she took the cops out until it was just her and the lead cop, standing face to face.

"So…what's it going to be, partner? I'm sorry, I saw that on t.v before. Goten was watching this western show and he wanted me to watch it with him" Cheena said with a laugh. The lead cop frowned as he pointed his gun towards Cheena.

"Ok, if you want to play hard ball…sorry again with the tv" Cheena said with a laugh before she disappeared. Appearing behind the cop, she quickly grabbed him by the back of his shirt and slammed him into the ground. Landing beside him, Cheena dusted her hands off.

"And that's all folks" she said with a smile.

"Looney Tunes!" Skier yelled. Cheena nodded her head as she gave her a thumbs up. Gohi smirked as he started to clap causing everyone to look at him.

"And what are you clapping for?" Shampoo asked as she placed her hands on her hips.

"That was great. Best show I've seen in a long time" he said.

"Well it was no thanks to you" Shampoo said. Gohi just laughed as he looked at her.

"Cheena never needed my help and I know she wanted to do this on her own anyway" he said.

"No she didn't" Shampoo said. Cheena cleared her throat getting Gohi and Shampoo's attention.

"Uh, yes I did. It was the best thing ever. I can't wait to tell Goten" she said.

"But if you didn't want his help, why did you ask?" Shampoo asked.

"Simple, I had to ask him to help. I didn't want to seem like I can take care of everything. I saw on t.v. that its always the younger person asking the older brother to help. I knew Gohi would say no so I did what I had to do on my own and it felt good" Cheena said with a huge smile on her face. Gohi smirked while Shampoo just sighed.

"I think you watch too much t.v" she said. Cheena laughed before she turned to the side to see some of the cops starting to stir.

"We better get out of here" Gohi said as he walked out the door. Cheena nodded her head as she looked back at her friends.

"Let's go" she said. They nodded their heads as they ran towards the front door and left along with Cheena and Shampoo.

Standing in an alley way, Cheena stood in front of her friends.

"So where are you guys going now?" she asked. Dayton shrugged his shoulders as he looked at her.

"Somewhere far from here but aren't you afraid of the cops finding you and putting you in jail?" he asked. Cheena shook her head no as she smiled.

"They won't do anything to me" she said.

"How can you be so sure?" Keal asked.

"Well, would you even come after an 8 year old girl who beat your butt until you fell unconscious?" Cheena asked with a smile. Keal laughed as he shook his head no.

"I wouldn't even tell anyone about it" he said. Reshine smirked as he placed his hand on Keal's shoulder.

"Then you better keep your mouth shut since she already beat your butt before" he said. Keal growled as he tackled Reshine to the ground.

"And I'm about to beat your butt right now" he said as the two wrestled on the floor. Cheena laughed as she felt tugging on her pants leg. Looking down, she smiled as Skier looked up at her.

"You coming with us right?" she asked. Cheena shook her head no as she knelt down in front of her.

"I'm going to go back home and work out some of these problems with my air head brothers" she said. Gohi growled as he glared at Cheena. Shampoo laughed as she elbowed him in his side. Skier smiled as she hugged Cheena.

"I'm going to miss you" she said. Cheena hugged her back before pulling away and standing up.

"Same here, I'm going to miss all of you" she said. Dayton smiled as he picked Skier up. Ryoe walked over to Cheena and extended his hand.

'Maybe we'll meet again" he said. Everyone's mouth dropped open as they looked at him. Keal and Reshine even stopped wrestling on the floor and stared at Ryoe in shock.

"Ryoe, you spoke" Cheena finally said. Ryoe nodded his head as he smiled at Cheena. Smiling back, Cheena shook his hand. Nodding his head, Ryoe turned and looked at Dayton.

"We better get going" he said. Dayton laughed as he nodded his head.

"Let's go guys" he said as he quickly took off with Skier. Ryoe was right behind him with Reshine and Keal, still arguing as they ran after them. Cheena waved goodbye before sighing.

"Well I've had a good day" she said as she turned towards Shampoo and Gohi.

"Good to hear, now move your butt and lets go home" Gohi said. Cheena frowned as she folded her arms across her chest.

"Not until you apologize" she said. Gohi growled as he prepared to say something when Shampoo cut him off.

"Just say it cause you know you were wrong" she said. Glaring at her, Gohi sighed as he folded his arms across his chest and looked to the side with his eyes narrowed.

"Sorry" he said quickly. Cheena smirked as she inched closer to him and placed her hand behind her ear.

"For what?" she asked. Gohi glared at her before frowning.

"You know why runt now lets go home" he said. Cheena laughed as she wrapped her arms around his leg.

"Its not a whole apology but I know that's the best I'm going to get out of you so I'll take it" Cheena said.

"All right, let me go and lets get out of here. Its really late" he said. Looking at her watch, Shampoo looked at him.

"Its 12 am" she said. Gohi sighed as he picked Shampoo up.

"We drop you off then we're going home" he said as he took off. Glancing down, he frowned.

"Cheena…GET OFF!" he yelled as he looked down to see Cheena still clinging to his leg. Smiling, Cheena let go and flew beside him towards Shampoo's house.

Dropping Shampoo off, Gohi and Cheena flew on home.

"Where is Goten? Did you leave him with Gohan?" Cheena asked as she looked at Gohi.

"No, he's over at Bulma's. He can stay there and I'll get him in the morning…oh and Cheena, you are grounded" he said. Cheena quickly stopped flying as she looked at Gohi.

"I'm what!" she yelled. Gohi stopped flying and looked at her.

"You heard me. No one told you to run away and stay out all night" he said.

"But you're the one who made me run away and if you ground me, I'll tell mom and dad and you'll get in trouble" Cheena said. Glaring at her, Gohi quickly took off once again.

"So does that mean I'm ungrounded?" she asked. Gohi rolled his eyes as he continued on. Cheena laughed as she followed after him. Landing in front of their house, the two walked in to see Goku, Chi-Chi and Gohan standing in front of the door with their arms folded across their chest.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" Chi-Chi yelled. Gohi and Cheena looked at each other before looking at their mom.

"And Gohi, why is Cheena not in bed where she should be?" Gohan asked as he glared at Gohi. Before Gohi could answer, Cheena spoke up.

"He went on a date with Shampoo this afternoon and I tagged along. We saw a few movies and went to eat and we ran late. Sorry" Cheena said as she pouted.

"When I saw Gohi and Shampoo early, you were no where to be found" Gohan said. Cheena bit her bottom lip as she looked at Gohan.

"She was with me but she ran ahead so she could check out a store that was nearby. I know its late and I shouldn't of kept her out this late but she wanted to eat and you know how she can act like a pig once in awhile" Gohi said. Cheena glared at Gohi before glancing over at Gohan and smiling. Gohan looked at Gohi then over at Cheena.

"Cheena, go to bed. It's way past your bed time. Goten already in bed" Chi-Chi said.

"I thought Goten wanted to stay over at Bulma's?" Cheena asked.

"Well, we came home early and we wanted to tell you that we were back but no one was home so we went over to Capsule Corps. Bulma told me that Gohi dropped Goten off early then left. We figured that you must of took Cheena with you somewhere. Why didn't you take Goten with you?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Well, he said he wanted to play Trunks new video game so I took him over there. I figured he could stay over there for the night" Gohi said.

"Well we might as well go to bed, especially you Cheena" Chi-Chi said. Before Cheena could speak, Goten slowly walked down the stairs. Rubbing his eyes, Goten smiled as he looked at Cheena.

'Gohi, you found Cheena" he said. Cheena and Gohi both looked at him.

"What do you mean he found her, Goten?" Goku asked.

"Yes Goten, what are you talking about?" Gohi asked as he glared at Goten.

"You know what I'm talking about Gohi. Cheena ran away and you went to get her back" Goten said. Chi-Chi's eyes went wide as she glanced over at Gohi.

"WHAT!" she yelled. Cheena looked at the watch on her hand then yawned.

"I think its time I went to bed" she said as she scratched her head. Goten looked at her then at the watch.

"And Bulma wants her watch back Cheena. She's also mad that you stole the remote and destroyed it" he said. Cheena froze as she looked over at her parents and brother.

"CHEENA!" Chi-Chi yelled. Glancing at Gohi, Cheena laughed nervously as she scratched the back of her head.

"Well, I think I'm going to go for a walk. Whose with me?" she asked as she inched backwards out the door.

"Count me in" Gohi said as he backed up as well.

"OH NO YOU TWO DON"T. GET BACK IN HERE!" Chi-Chi yelled. Looking at one another, Gohi and Cheena quickly took off.

"GOHI! CHEENA! GET BACK IN THIS HOUSE!" Chi-Chi yelled as she stood outside. Flying as fast as they could, Cheena glanced at Gohi.

"So, where are we going to stay for the night?" she asked.

"Well seeing as how we can't go home at the moment, let's go to Shampoo's. I'm sure she has room for the two of us" Gohi said. Nodding her head, Cheena quickly took off with Gohi beside her towards Shampoo's house, glad that a long day was finally over.

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