Chapter 1 "The Man In the Mask"

In a small dusty old office, Sasuke Uchiha was sitting in the chair adjacent to an old man going by the name of Gerald Gredwood but was preferably called: principle Gredwood. He was a man in the late 50's and showed his wisdom by his small grey beard. His small hazel eyes were glaring at the young boy that was sitting improper on the dark wooden chair. One of Sasuke's leg was raised on the seating area as his chin was leaning on his knee. His dark eyes were staring at the carpeted floor. His nose was slightly drooping due to the dust in the office; it had gotten a small shade of pink on it from all the sneezing.

The office was small, and it almost seemed more like a closet meant for custodians to store their equipment.

A knock was heard from the door and the old man had a sadistic grin on his face as he stood up from his chair.

"Come in," he said, seeing the boy finally look up from the floor. The big dark eyes were not looking at the principle. They were staring almost unaware at the small window right behind Gerald Gredwood.

"Don't you dare to escape me, you, foolish brat." The old man hissed, assuming the child was looking for a way to flee.

The door opened, revealing Obito Uchiha, wearing his usual police uniform. He stepped inside the room and his eyes immediately focused on the child sitting on the wooden chair. The boy's tie was wrapped around his hand; he was biting its end nervously. The boy didn't look up, but his eyes were forced to stare at the ground this time. Out of shame.


Obito stepped closer to the boy and kneeled next to him.

"What have you done..." He whispered. His voice sounded disappointed.

Sasuke franticly turned his head to Obito, his eyes widened as he seemed mad. However, he didn't speak up at first and looked back down again.

"Mr Uchiha," The principle said, "please take a seat."

He indicated to the chair next to Sasuke's.

"As you know, an incident has occurred on school grounds. I am fortunate enough to say that nobody is badly injured," the man spoke as he sat back down.

"However, due to the circumstances, I cannot allow... Sasuke..." he said the name in despise, "to further attend this school as he has proven to be unsafe and a hazard to his environment."

"I didn't do anything!" Sasuke hissed under his breath. Both men looked at the young boy, neither saying a word.

"Yes, as you have said before. The glass suddenly disappeared, and Mr. Alberton fell through it," the man mocked the young boy.

"It did...He did," Sasuke repeated in a soft voice as he finally turned his head to his legal

guardian. Whom didn't say anything, but didn't look at the boy either.

"We won't press charges due to the scene it will cost the school. Mr Alberton however, does not want to see this boy near the school ever again, and I completely support him with these current circumstances."

The old man stood up and for a moment his eyes met with those of Sasuke's. The principle didn't look away as he stared back in the bottomless dark pits. He could see nothing but pure hatred, pure devilish hatred.


A strange noise was heard, and the old man turned his head around to look at the window behind his desk. The once dusty and dirty glass had now a big crack in it.

The principle looked worried as he approached the glass.

That hadn't been there a second ago. How could this glass suddenly crack without any sort of indication? Perhaps it was the weather even though it did not make any sense to him.

"I do...However," The man spoke softly as he was still looking at the crack, "recommend a special school" Gredwood finally turned around and looked at Sasuke.

"They will set him straight" The man said, looking all too amused.

The glass suddenly burst, and the principle yelped as he shielded his head from the shattered glass.

"Are you alright?" The police officer stood up from his chair.

Gredwood didn't speak as he slowly moved his hand away from over his head, but to his greatest fear. He could see the young boy giving him a cocky smirk.

"Get out," the principle whispered.

The police officer looked confused.

"Get out!" He shouted at the young boy.

Sasuke stood up from his chair that fell on the floor. He grabbed his bag and felt his guardian hold his hand as they left the office.

"Can you believe that, Obito? Is he going to blame me for the shattered window now too?"

Sasuke had a mocking expression on his face as he felt his guardian pull his arm slightly. It caused Sasuke to stare at Obito in confusion before looking around the halls. He could see his fellow middle-school students looking at him. All of them were staring, some were whispering to one another.

"Say cheese, Uchiha."

Sasuke eyes blinked a couple of times, unaware of the student snapping a picture of him with his flip-phone.

"This one is for when you go to prison. A before and after picture," The boy said mockingly.

Sasuke had hardly the time to snap at him, since Obito pulled slightly harder as he almost dragged him out of the school. Sasuke however did manage to turn around and use his free hand to stick

his middle finger up, proudly.

He turned around and looked at Obito, who kept a neutral face as he walked outside of the school to the car.

"You...You believe me, right?" Sasuke asked carefully as they had reached the vehicle.

"Sasuke, I..." The man sighed and sat inside of the car. Sasuke followed him and put his seatbelt on.

"Tell me you don't believe that I pushed him out of the window. The guy probably weighed a hundred kilograms! It is physically impossible for me to do that."

Obito sniggered.

"It is also physically impossible for a window to suddenly disappear when the teacher was leaning against it."

Sasuke frowned.

"I am telling you what I saw. Why would I make it up?"

"Sasuke," Obito said exhaustedly, "I don't know. What I do know is that you have been kicked out of school and you are barley eleven years old."

He started the engine of the car and drove off from the parking lot to the road. An uncomfortable silence filled the air and Sasuke could do nothing but stare out of the window and back to his legal guardian.

A part of him wanted to scream, shout, kick, punch the man next to him, but it all seemed useless. A waste of effort.

"Are you going to send me to that school?" Sasuke asked. His voice did not betray the fear he had for the possible answer.

"No..." Obito said softly, stopping in front of a traffic light. "You said you didn't push him."

His dark brown eyes looked at the young boy as he gave him a trusting smile. He could see a small smile lighten up Sasuke's face.

"Besides, I am pretty sure that school is haunted. What glass suddenly shatters out of nowhere?" Obito scoffed.

"Yeah, I always felt the presence of evil in that school" Sasuke commented jokingly.

The light turned green and Obito drove ahead, wanting to make a left turn, and for a small moment...Everything seemed to slow down. Sasuke looked out of his window, seeing a car heading right towards them, driving up to twice the speed limit. His expression turned shocked at the sight of the driver's face coming nearer. As he turned his head to Obito, he could see his legal guardian noticing the car too, but it was too late to dodge. Sasuke felt Obito's arm grab him by the shoulder as he tried to pull him away with some hope that he could save the boy.

The next thing he knew everything went black; he was pressed very hard from all directions; he could not breathe, there were iron bands tightening around his chest; his eyeballs were being forced back into his head. It felt like his ear-drums were being pushed deeper into his skull.

Sasuke gasped as he put both hands on the dashboard, keeping him from falling forward. He was panting loudly as he looked around him. The car was located right next to the convenient store, as if it was parked there all along. He could see the speeder make his way down the crossing point. It forced some cars to quickly step on the break as they honked and cursed at the reckless driver that was being chased by two police cars.

"Obito..." Sasuke spoke as he just remembered the man. He turned his head seeing his legal guardian looking as white as a ghost. He stared right in front of him, his hand lifelessly on each side of his body.

"Obito," Sasuke spoke.

He grabbed the man's shoulder and shook him slightly.

"Obito, please..." He said.

The man finally turned his head to look at the boy.

"What happened?" He whispered.

"I have no idea" Sasuke answered truthfully, looking back at the spot their car was in less than a second ago.

"Did we… see into the future?" Obito whispered as he stared at his hands and then into the rear-view mirror.

"I don't think we have fortune-telling powers" Sasuke said mockingly. He stared at the side of Obito's face. A question popped up in his head, but he was unsure if it was the time to ask… but it couldn't hurt, right?

"Do you believe me now?" Sasuke whispered softly, feeling a smack on the back of his head by the man.

Apparently, it was not the right time ask.


The night came fast, unfortunately not fast enough for Obito. He stared at the digital clock next to his bed.

"2:03 A.M," he muttered to himself.

He laid on his back with both his arms behind his head. He stared at the ceiling, thinking about everything that happened today. How Sasuke got into trouble in school; how he was kicked out and how they were forced to look for a new one that would be kind enough to accept him. Something that is not as harsh as a military boarding school.

He turned to his side, thinking about the almost car accident. How strange it was for the car to suddenly be in a whole other place. Was it even real? Was it his imagination? Did he fall asleep behind the wheel? How was all of this even possible?

Annoyed, he grunted and hid his head in his pillow.

It wasn't odd for strange things to happen in this town, especially when it involved Sasuke. Strange thing happened ever since he met the boy.

Obito rolled back onto his back and kicked the blankets off him. It seemed so long ago when he had met Sasuke for the very first time. How the hospital had called the police station about a boy with no identification. He was slightly injured. A few bruises and small cuts. He had no record; no family members. They assumed he was an orphan that ran away from a whole other city, if not country. Obito had checked around, he couldn't find a single thing on the child.

They knew his name because it was written in the label of his clothes.

"Sasuke Uchiha" - it was slightly faded, but readable.

He woke up that morning, not knowing anything. He was diagnosed with amnesia.

Obito didn't know what made him do it. Perhaps it was the coincidental fact that they had the same surname or that his colleague made a joke about how they could have been family. Or perhaps he had gotten lonely after his wife had passed away.

He had adopted the kid, treated him like he was his own. It felt like the child had always been a part of Obito's life. Even though it had only been four years.

Obito suddenly sat up, hearing the faint sound of fire cracking from the living room. He hadn't used that fire place in ages. Frowning, he wondered if he could have imagined the sound. He heard the hardwood floor creaking. There was no doubt this time; somebody was inside the house.

He stood up, grabbed the handgun from the top drawer of his nightstand and slowly tiptoed towards the living room. His back was pressed against the wall as his arm reached for the light switch.

He turned the lights on and immediately pointed the gun at the cloaked man standing in the middle of the room.

"Hands on the back of your head, right now!"

"Oh wait," the man said calmly.

The man didn't even look up as he reached for something inside his cloak. Without a second thought Obito shot straight in the man's moving arm.

The cloaked guy hissed in pain and grabbed his injured arm with his good one, falling on a knee.

"Obito…?" A sleeping voice came from behind him.

The officer didn't look back, his eyes were fixated on the cloaked man.

"Sasuke, get behind me," Obito said with a stern voice. Sasuke obeyed his order and stood behind him.

"You bloody muggle" The man sounded rather pissed.

"I aimed for your arm. Don't be fooled, I can get a bullet in your heart in less than a second," Obito warned.

"Yeah, I believe you will do that with that muggle item? What is that called? I have never encountered one in my life before," the man mumbled he let go of his injured arm. He quickly reached inside his cloak, causing Obito to fire the gun again.

The man grabbed a stick from his mantle and pointed it in front of him.

"Protego," the man said.

Obito's expression turned shocked at the sight of his bullet stopping right in front of the stick and then dropping to the floor.

"Obito..." Sasuke whispered, looking at the scene.

"Listen, I am only here to talk," the man assured, putting his hands up, but ironically still holding the stick.

"You come into my house dressed in a black cloak and mask and expect to be making demands?" Obito dropped the gun next to him.

"Smart muggle," the man responded as he took a step towards them.

"I don't think so."

Obito grabbed the rug and pulled it hard so the man fell backwards, the back of his head hitting the bricks of the fireplace, causing him to be knocked out at once.

"Is he... dead?" Sasuke whispered the last word.

"Well, I hope not!" Obito approached the man and looked over him. "He is breathing" Obito noted.

"What do we do now?" Sasuke asked, "call your colleagues?"

"No..." Obito muttered as he picked up the stick from the man, "Not before I get some answers"


"What in Merlin's beard!" The man panted as a bucket of water was thrown over him. He gasped when he felt somebody grab his throat and he stared right in dark brown eyes that looked awfully relaxed, given the situation.

"Name," Obito demanded as he squeezed the man's throat, tighter and tighter.


Obito let go of him and the man tried to catch his breath.

"You are one wild muggle, aren't you?" He looked up, wincing in pain.

"What is a muggle?" Sasuke asked.

"I told you to go to your room!" Obito turned around to look at the young boy.

"What am I supposed to do in my room?" Sasuke asked, playing with the stick the man was holding earlier.

"Ey, Sasuke, that is not a toy!" Kakashi shouted.

Obito grabbed the man by his hair and pulled his head back.

"How do you know his name? Who sent you here?" He whispered.

"Oh wow...You are a feisty one" Kakashi smirked.

"And how did you stop a bullet with a stick..." Sasuke muttered, neither one of the adults could hear him. He swung the stick, like he saw the man do.

The vase in the middle of the room flew to the wall and shattered.

"Chips!" Sasuke looked at the stick and then at Obito.

"What the hell is going on-"

Kakashi suddenly disappeared from the chair. Obito could feel his hair slip from his fingers into thin air.

"Let's give this back."

Kakashi appeared behind Sasuke, gently grabbing the stick back before disappearing and reappearing in front of Obito.

"Petrificus Totalus"

Obito froze and just stood there, staring at Kakashi.

"Please, I am not here to hurt anybody"

Kakashi grabbed his cloak from the couch and wrapped it around his shoulders, pushed his wet bangs back and took a breath.

"Oh, this is painful," he complained, pointing the stick to his injured arm and whispering something in what sounds like latin, causing the wound to close.

"Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Kakashi Hatake. I am a professor at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. I was sent here to not only help, but also escort Sasuke personally to Hogwarts."

A silence filled the room, causing Kakashi to look at Obito and then back at Sasuke.

"So...Will you behave if I take that spell off?" Kakashi leaned closer to Obito's face. He smirked.

"Right...Right..." He seemed too amused as he undid the spell, causing the man to be able to move again.

Kakashi came to regret his decision immediately when a leg kicked him right in the crotch. He grabbed at his abdomen and hissed in pain.

"What do you mean 'witches and wizards?'" Obito folded his arms as he stared down at the so-called professor.

"Well, after all that happened these past ten minutes...You tell me you don't believe in magic?" Kakashi raised an eyebrow but couldn't hold the face up for long. He was still in a lot of pain from the gut kick.

"Is Obito a ...Magician?" Sasuke asked, looking at the legal guardian who shook his head.

"No. You are." Kakashi spoke.

"I would have known if I were a magician." Sasuke said doubtfully.

"No, not a magician...A wizard. Sasuke, you are a wizard" Kakashi said impassionedly.

"I'm...a what?"

"A lizard, Sasuke!" Kakashi put a hand in front of his eyes, shaking his head. "Wizard!" He corrected himself. "I am getting too old for this shit."

"Obito..." Sasuke looked at Obito who didn't seem to be to surprised or shocked.

"I am not an expert but… It does explain all these weird things that happened. The accident in school, the window...the car."

"Well, I wouldn't give him the credits for the car. That was all me" Kakashi said, "I couldn't have you guys dying on me."

"So you and your sorry ass show up in the middle of the night instead of knocking on the door in the afternoon?" Obito was pissed.

"Weirdly enough, this muggle world is far more fascinating than I thought" Kakashi got up from his chair. "I am a night-owl, I sometimes forget that some people are not up at this hour."

"Excuse me, are you telling me...There are more like me...Us...Out there?" Sasuke sat down on the rocking chair, looking rather shocked. All these years he felt so out of place...It all finally made sense.

"A whole world," Kakashi said. "Your entire family were wizards-"

Kakashi stopped talking right away. He could see both Obito and Sasuke look at him in great surprise.

"You...You don't remember...Do you?" Kakashi asked carefully as he approached Sasuke, kneeling in front of the chair.

"No...I don't remember anything...I remember waking up in a hospital."

"So, it is true... Your memories were erased after the massacre," Kakashi lowered his eyes to the floor. Now he understood why the headmaster and the vice headmaster both did not do this job themselves.