Chapter 10 "The Boggart"

Sasuke was staring at the dark ceiling in the third year's dormitory. He had his hands behind his head and took a deep breath through his nose. The only sounds in the dormitory was the lapping of the water in the loch and Suigetsu's loud snoring. Sasuke couldn't bring himself to fall asleep, he felt too bothered by the recent event that had played out during the day. However, first and far most, he couldn't get the thought of Naruto's face so close near his own out of his head. It felt like the moron was going to kiss him. Sasuke had never kissed anybody before in his life; not a girl let along a boy. Yet, his body didn't pull away from Naruto, in fact…It reacted to him. Like a bumblebee attracted to a flower, Sasuke was being drawn towards Naruto. He wanted to kiss him. He wanted Naruto to kiss him. His heart had skipped faster dan Electronic Dance Music and his body starting feeling warm while there was this light, tingling, feeling in his stomach. But, Naruto ended up just ruffling his up his hair …All Sasuke could feel was shame and doubt.

Did he read the signs right? Was Naruto actually trying to kiss him? Was he absolutely sure he was? Perhaps it could have been something else?

Sasuke pulled the thick white and green blankets off him and sat up, shaking his head forcefully to push the thoughts away. He swallowed loudly and moved his fingers over his lips, thinking about Naruto's lips. He started to feel embarrassed again. Naruto backed away so quickly and practically ran away. Did he make a fool out of himself? Did he manage to make the most social and outgoing student in Hogwarts feel awkward? Sasuke hugged his knees, pulling the blankets now completely off him. He tried to recall the situation that happened earlier today, step by step.

There was Naruto and he sitting down in the hallway; Binky had been there too. Sasuke's back was against the brick wall while Naruto sat in front of him. Naruto buttoned his the self-made button on Sasuke's shirt. They both looked up and stared in each other's eyes. Naruto's face slightly leaned to the right, his lips slightly parting away. His face moved forwards, it was so close to Sasuke's . Sasuke looked up from Naruto's lips to his eyes. He could feel the warmth of Naruto's lips almost on his own. Then the Gryffindor boy suddenly stood up, ruffled up the Uchiha's hair before running off.

Sasuke hid his face behind his hands. That moron ruffled up his hair like he was some little kid. His face was flushing red by the embarrassing thought and slight frustration he felt towards Naruto Uzumaki. He wondered if the Gryffindor boy was now sound a sleep while he couldn't even get his head to take a break from thinking about that moment. He groaned, pulling his hair slightly, out of frustration.

He picked up his wand, that was lying next to him. He whispered a spell, causing the tip of the wand to lighting up and allow Sasuke to see his surroundings. He pulled the curtains away from his canopy bed before stepping out of it. He opened the thick green ones from Suigetsu, who was sleeping in the bed next to Sasuke's.

He immediately woke his friend up with the light of his wand, but before he could scream, Sasuke covered his mouth with his hand. He climbed in his bed and shut the draped, sitting in an Indian sit on Suigetu's foot end.

"I think Naruto Uzumaki almost kissed me in the hallway," Sasuke whispered.

Suigetsu moved his hand over his eyes, rubbing them slightly before looking back at Sasuke.

"I'm sorry, it sounded like you said Naruto Uzumaki tried to kiss you."

Suigetsui had a little smile on his face, he thought what he had made out of Sasuke's words was funny and most likely completely untrue. Sasuke's expression didn't change and he looked at Suigetsu with the same intense expression.

"…You are joking, right?" Suigetsu whispered, waiting for some sort of confirmation that never came. "That is Karin's cousin?!"

Sasuke covered Suigetsu's mouth with his hand, indicating for him to be quiet.

"I said almost…" Sasuke murmured, crawling next to Suigetsu.

"I am not sure…It was weird. He ended up petting my head and running away." Sasuke didn't look at Suigetsu as his eyes were fixated on the green cover on top the blanket.

"Why are you coming to me with this? I haven't even snogged a girl, let along a guy!"

Sasuke remained quiet.

"Because my parents are gay, isn't it?" Suigetsu seemed to have read his mind. "Yeah so? That doesn't make me an expert on gay stuff. Frankly, I find that to be very narrow minded from a wizard living in the muggle world."

"Come on…" Sasuke sighed. He ran his hand through his hair, shoving his bangs out of his face.

"Fine….What happened between you two…" He exhaled deeply, feeling defeated.

Sasuke started explaining how they went to the study hall and how enchanted Naruto's buttons. How he had sat down on the table and leaned in. How Naruto seemed pretty amused when their faces were only inches apart before some other students walked in. How later at the hallway a similar thing happened, only this time he could legit see Naruto's lip part. How close their lips had gotten before Naruto jumped up and ran off.

"He ruffled up your hair?" Suigetsu asked, squinting his eyes as he looked into the debts of the night. "What the hell…?"

"Right!" Sasuke hissed. "He totally freaked out, didn't he?"

"Maybe he…Maybe he doesn't swing that way?" Suigetsu pulled his shoulders up in a not knowing way, "Maybe he made a bet with Kiba but got too scared to follow through?"

He said his last theory with so much passion, it bumped Sasuke out completely.

"He doesn't seem like that type of person…" Sasuke whispered.

"Maybe he wants Karin to get super angry" Suigetsu tapped his index finger on his chin, thinking deeply.

"Why would he want that? Besides he mentioned he was happy Karin finally had some people to hang out with."

"Sasuke, I don't know what to tell you. Although…I did think it was weird when he wrapped that arm around us after duelling club….I barley know that guy. It felt like he just wanted to seem casual wrapping his arm around you maybe? I mean now that you mention you think he tried to almost kiss you twice today?"

"What if he didn't. What if it was something else?" Sasuke looked down the fluffy green cover, stroking it so all the tiny hairs were pointed at one direction. Suigetsu stared at his friend wondering why he seemed to be so bothered by the entire situation. He figured Sasuke should feel honoured having girls and apparently boys queuing up to snog him. However, after a few seconds an imaginary light-bulb appeared above Suigetsu's white hair and turned on.

"Sasuke Uchiha, do you fancy Karin's cousin?" Suigetsu blurred out.

"No!" Sasuke hissed back almost immediately.

A silence emerged between them, but didn't last too long as Suigetsu broke it.

"Then why do you care?"

"I don't know! Forget it!" Sasuke hissed, throwing the pillow behind him in Suigetsu's face before crawling out of his bed and back into his own. He stepped back out and got up, pulling Suigetu's curtains once again.

"I will curse you if you even mention what happened to Karin."

Sasuke glared at him, his wand still in his hand, lighting everything between him and Suigetsu.

"Whatever, bro" Suigetsu turned his back at Sasuke as he went back to sleep. Sasuke closed the curtains again before going back to his own bed. He laid back down, and stared at the dark ceiling once again.

Suigetsu was no help at all.

The next morning was almost gruesome. Sasuke felt like a complete mess. He couldn't recall sleeping at all that night and he felt his eye lids being heavier than ever. They almost fell shut for the second time on the breakfast table. He leaned his chin on the palm of his hand, closing his eyes. He could feel himself drift off to a dreamless sleep, but he could hear a snapping sound of fingers causing his eyes to widen right away.

"Are you alright?" Karin asked who just sat down in front of him and Suigetsu.

"Totally…" Sasuke put his thumb up in a casual way. "Pass the coffee…" He demanded, receiving it right away from the second year girl sitting next to Karin. Sasuke opened the lid from the coffee can and just started to chuck it down. Karin looked in a disapproving way while Suigetsu looked rather impressed and started to push his fist in the air while chanting "Chuck. Chuck. Chuck. Chuck!"

Sasuke put the can down, whipping his mouth with his sleeve.

"Totally fine!" He said, high fiving Suigetsu and also the blond kid next to Karin.

"Disgusting…" Karin rolled her eyes and put some scrambled eggs on her plate. She took a bite, taking her time chewing before indicating she wasn't done talking. She put her elbow on the table and looked Sasuke dead in the eye.

"Also, that was caffeine free coffee." She spoke with a satisfied grin on her face.

"Ugh…What is the point of coffee even!" Sasuke hissed rather disgusted and pushed the now empty can away from him. Karin didn't seem to care as she was focussed on eating her breakfast. Sasuke sighed, losing his appetite. He looked around the Great Hall and for a mere second his heart stopped beating when he saw Naruto and Kiba walk towards the Gryffindor table. Naruto looked a little worried if not sad. Kiba was saying something rather passionately as he seemed a bit angry. Neither one of them even eyed the Slytherin table when they sat down. Shikmaru lips started moving, but Sasuke couldn't hear what he had to say. Shikamaru turned in his seat and made direct eye contact with Sasuke.

Sasuke felt like he was put in a tight spot and had no idea what the acceptable way of behaviour was. Just keep staring…Look away? Kill yourself with the butter-knife?

Shikamaru finally turned back to the Naruto and Kiba, but he pointed with his thumb at the Slytherin table, specifically at Sasuke, Suigetu and Karin. At this particular moment, he wished Itachi Uchiha had killed him with his parents so he did not have to deal problems like these.

He looked down at his empty plate before excusing himself off the table. He headed to the Slytherin Dungeons to grab a so called forgotten book, but he actually wanted to lay down for about thirty minutes before heading to D.A.D.A. Right when he was about to walk around the corner and bumped right into Haku Yuki. Both of them falling on the grounds.

"I'm sorry" Haku said.

"Look out" Sasuke hissed.

Both Sasuke and Haku looked up and a Haku gave Sasuke an apologetic smile. Not so much for bumping against him, more for not recognising him right away. Sasuke got up from the ground, dusting himself off before offering Haku a hand.

"I didn't see you there…" Haku spoke, accepting Sasuke's and allowing the Slytherin boy to pull him up. "It is a very unfortunate corner. One doesn't really see what is on he other side."

"Yeah, whatever" Sasuke rolled his eyes at Haku's words and wanted to continue his way to the dungeons, but was stopped by Haku grabbing the boy by his wrist.

"Is something bugging you, dear?" He asked. He used his free hand to tuck his straight, beautiful hair behind his ear. Sasuke wished his hair would be more like Haku's. His was standing up from the back and even he had to admit when he brushed it, it still looked messy.

"Yeah, don't call me dear."

"Really? That is it?" Haku let go of Sasuke's wrist and just gave a small nod and took a maximum of two steps before Sasuke called out for him to stop. Haku smiled, his hands on his back as he turned his head over his shoulder. For a Hufflepuff he knew how to play people.

"There might be something bugging me…" Saske admitted in defeat.

They headed to the boy's bathroom and hid inside of one of the stalls. Sasuke quickly examined if the bathroom was empty and to his relieve it was. He closed the stall behind him and looked at Haku who had lowered the toilet seat and sat on it like it was a chair.

"Something bad?" He raised a questionable eyebrow from all the security measure to have a simple conversation.

"I think…Naruto tried to kiss me?" Sasuke said, a bit unsure. Haku's dark brown eyes widened for less than a second before looking back in his neutral way.

"I did always get a vibe from him that he wasn't a 100% straight," Haku folded his legs. "It actually doesn't sound very surprising to me, now that you mention it."

"You think?" Sasuke looked a little hopeful, even though he didn't mean to seem that way. Haku chuckled.

"I have known Naruto for four years now. I noticed him looking over at the Slytherin table, but I always thought he kept an eye out for his cousin-"

"That doesn't say much at all!" Sasuke hissed annoyed.

"Well, I am not a love-expert."

"You should be! You have Zabuza, if you are capable of making a guy like him fall for you, then you are pretty much a love expert."

Haku knitted his eyebrows.

"That makes a Zabubza expert now, doesn't it?" He said, still sounding calm.

"Not my point!" Sasuke hissed in defeat. He started to feel if a guy like Haku couldn't help him. Nobody could.

"Sasuke, if you fancy Naruto. I think you should speak up and tell him how you feel. He is a very kind and honest men. If he returns the feelings, great for you. If he doesn't…Well, he doesn't strike me as the type to be freaked out by it and break your friendship over it."

"Pff..Stupid." Sasuke folded his arms and leaned against the stall door. "Who the hell tells somebody they fancy them. Be real, wait for your deathbed and confess your feeling then and die before they are capable of rejecting you."

Haku remained quiet and slowly shook his head.

"If you aren't really to tell him…That is fine too," he sighed and got up. "I am actually hungry, Sasuke. I would like to have some breakfast now." He put his hand on the Uchiha's shoulder before opening the stall door and walking out.

"W-wait!"Sasuke looked over his shoulder at Haku, "When did you figure out you actually…Liked…Zabubza?"

Haku chuckled.

"The moment he kissed me in the library last year."

With those words, Haku headed for the Great Hall and left Sasuke behind in the bathroom. For a moment Sasuke considered maybe he should be the one to kiss Naruo, but he rejected the idea almost immediately.

The first lesson of the day was about the start and Sasuke just made it in time. He rushed to his usual table next to Suigetsu and in front of Karin.

"You got what you needed?" Karin asked him a bit suspicious.

"Yeah, I got my potions book."

"Hmm…You said it was D.A.D.A you were getting…" Karin narrowed her eyes suspiciously, but Sasuke shook it off.

"Hey, Naruto was looking for you in the Great Hall. He didn't seem too happy." Suigetsu said.

"…Wasn't he…" Sasuke wasn't sure how to respond.

"My stupid cousin probably got himself in some trouble again and wants us to help him clean it up." Karin rolled her eyes. "He asked if we could meet him at the seventh floor after our last lesson."

"Are we sure he isn't just going to prank us?" Suigetu asked, looking over his shoulder at Karin.

"If he does, aunty Kushina will beat the shit out of him. He is no longer allowed to prank me!" Karin said behind gritted teeth. "Last summer he transfigured my pillow in a giant spider in the middle of the night. I screamed my lungs out and it jumped in my mouth."

Both Suigetsu and Sasuke shared a look of disgust.

"Uncle Minato was very hard on him. He deserved that." Karin folded her arms and sat back in her table. Kakashi entered the classroom, five minutes too late, but that was normal for him. He moved his wand and all the tables flew to the side. The students got up from their chairs that then followed the desks towards the edges of the classroom.

"Practical lesson," Kakashi said. "One might say a small test to see how good you guys have been doing your individual reading." He turned around ones he reached a locker closet. He knocked on it and something inside it starting banging loudly, even make the closet move.

"What could possibly be in here? Anybody had any idea?" Kakashi asked.

"Assuming it is in the closet…Your gayness?" A Gryffindor boy whispered to his friends, getting a few chuckles from his friends. Sasuke looked at them; if eyes could kill…The boy's body would have been the thing hidden inside that very closet now. He didn't know what made him so angry at these gay jokes. He didn't particularly care about Kakashi Hatake…Or…Did he now?

"Karin, enlighten us," Kakashi spoke.

"A Boggart, professor Hatake," Karin spoke. Kakashi nodded satisfied by her answer.

"Take ten points for Slytherin for your excellent observation, Ms Uzumaki" He said.

"Now can anybody tell me what a Boggart looks like."

Sasuke raised his hand in the air and yet again Kakashi looked pleased. He gave Sasuke a small nod.

"A boggart is an amortal shape-shifting non-being that takes on the form of the viewer's worst fear. Because of their shape-shifting ability, no one knows what a boggart looks like when it is alone, as it instantly changes into one's worst fears when one first sees it."

"Very well, Mr Uchiha." He looked at the other students in his class. Some of the Gryffindor boys looked at the floor, muttering among themselves but Kakashi couldn't hear what they were saying.

"And what do you do when you face a Boggart?" He asked, looking at the other students in the class. Nobody seem to rise their hands.

"The charm that combats a boggart is Riddikulus. The charm requires a strong mind and good concentration. The incantation and wand movement alone will not affect a boggart. The spell can be tricky, because it involves making the creature into a figure of fun, so that fear can be dispelled in amusement. If the caster is able to laugh aloud at the boggart, it will disappear at once. The intention is to force the boggart to assume a less-threatening and hopefully comical form" Sasuke answered.

"Fantastic, Sasuke." Kakashi said. "There is a second method too. Do you happen to know that one?" Kakashi asked.

Sasuke remained quiet for a second.

"Well…I guess a boggart can only look like one person's biggest fear and not more. So…Having more than one people confronting a Boggart could confuse it?" Sasuke guessed.

Kakashi smiled and nodded.

"Another ten points to Slytherin." He said. He indicated for his students to make a line and so they did. The first and by far the one who wanted to run outside of the classroom the most was Hinata Hyuuga. Kakashi grabbed her by her shoulder before she could try going to the back of the class.

"Ms Hyuuga," Kakashi spoke. Her face turned red and her body started slowly trembling.

"P-professor..I..I don't think…I could…I don't.." She put her hands in front of her face.

"That is alright, Hinata. We are all afraid. Facing our fears is the hardest thing each of us will have to do. If we don't…We will never overcome them. So, tell me Ms. Hyuuga. What do you fear most?" Kakashi asked.

Hinata lowered her hands and held her wand with both hands now.

"I…I'm…Afraid of… S-Snakes." She shut her eyes in embarrassment.

"Oh yeah, they can be nasty animals," Kakashi said.

"He is the head of Slytherin…" Sasuke whispered to Suigetsu who just shook his head.

"Now…Imagine a snake…a snake…With a funny hat? Perhaps your grandmother's clothes on? Or tied in a big knot!" Kakashi said, seeing Hinata chuckle.

"Do you remember the spell, Ms Hyuuga?"

"Yes…Reddikulus," she said reassured.

"Good pronunciation. Now, I will release the Boggart and it will probably turn into a snake. You think of a snake wearing a…Funny hat. Don't be too scared; I will be right here when you panic." Kakashi spoke. Hinata nodded, trusting the professor completely. Kakashi walked towards the closet looked over his shoulder at Hinata.

"Now, grab your wand, be alert." He said and counted down from three before releasing the boggart. Just as expected it turned into a big snake with huge fangs. Hinata trembled when she looked at it, but she didn't run away or cry. She pointed her wand at the snake.

"R..R..Red-dikulus…Reddikulus!" She shouted. The snake suddenly wore a big flower hat, making it look like the centre of a sun flower. Hinata laughed as did other people standing behind her.

"Very well, ms Hyuuga. Take ten points for Hufflepuff. Now the next one!" Kakashi said. The boggart changed a couple of times. Turning into big spiders, clowns, Jason from Friday the 13th and one time it turned into Freddy Krueger…Which Sasuke did enjoy seeing on the list of fears.

It was Sasuke's turn next and he thought of some scary things he had seen in the muggle word. Most of them came from horror movies he secretly watched even though Obito told him not to. The Boggart shape-shifted from a Sea Serpent wearing a ballerina outfit to a sudden dark void. A dead body suddenly lied on the floor. The body of a man with short dark grey hair. It then turned into a woman that strongly resembled Sasuke. She had beautiful raven hair and wore fancy dark blue robes and a silver head chain with diamond pieces in it. The bodies shifted between the two.

Sasuke froze on the spot, looking at the lifeless body on the floor. He lowered his wand, dropping it on the floor. He felt terrible; He felt scared. Tears were welling up in his eyes and all he could do was stare blankly at the bodies of the two people he recognised from the mirror of Erised as his parents. The parents he never knew and yet his body was reacting like they meant his whole life. Even though he had no memory of them whatsoever. He fell down on his knees. He couldn't hear anything. There was a faint voice in his head of a woman calling his name. It repeated over and over again.

"Sasuke, snap out of it!" Kakashi suddenly appeared in front of him, covering Sasuke from the Boggart. The Boggart suddenly shifted into a different shape again and now everybody gasped by the sight of a man, resembling an older Kakashi, hanging from a rope. Kakashi grabbed his wand and said 'Ridikulus' it turned into a balloon flying across the classroom and falling inside of the closet again that closed itself again and then locked.

A silence emerged in the classroom and everybody was staring at the Uchiha.

"Sasuke…" Karin knelt next to him, her hand on his shoulder. Sasuke didn't move he was staring at the spot where the bodies just were.

"Sasuke…." She repeated in a even softer voice.

Sasuke finally reacted to her, he turned his head towards Karin and she could now clearly see the big tears sliding down his cheeks.

"Uchiha is crying"

"Protégé my ass."

"Can't even defeat a Boggart"

"Ey, shut up!" Suigetsu shouted at some of the student. "I will fucking jinx you if you speak one more word!"

Sasuke moved his hand to his face, feeling the wetness on his cheeks. He looked at his hand before turning his head to Kakashi.

"It is alright. You are alright…" Kakashi tried to comfort him. Sasuke looked at the closet and suddenly it all came back to him. The boggart. The lesson. The spell.

"Why don't you two escort him to Lady Shizune." Kakashi said, helping Sasuke up from the floor. His legs still didn't seem to work with him. Suigetsu grabbed Sasuke's arm and wrapped it around him as he supported him outside of the classroom.

They both remained quiet on the way to the infirmary. Lady Shizune was quite surprised by Sasuke's visitation, but didn't question it after having talked to Karin. She had a pitiful expression in her eyes as she gave the boy some Pumpkin juice in hope to get some colour back in his cheek.

"Are you…Alright?" Suigetsu asked after an awkward silence that lasted far too long.

"No…No I am not…" Sasuke whispered. His hands were still trembling. "I don't know what happened there."

"It is alright, Sasuke. There is nothing to be ashamed of. These things happen-"

"I wasn't until now…" Sasuke looked at Karin with a concerned look. "How bad was I there?"

"Well…It sort of looked like you were affected by a dementor's kiss," Suigetsu said honestly, getting a punch in the arm from Karin.

"That is…Bad…" Sasuke said, putting his glass down with shaking hands.

"It was not!" She said determined, "Everybody would have been like that if they had gone through what you had been put through. To be so cruelly reminded of it… Of course it would trigger something"

"Karin….I have amnesia. I don't remember anything about my parents...About the Uchihas or my childhood." Sasuke admitted, "My body just…Just reacted on its own and all I could hear…Was this woman calling my name...Over and over again."

"Karin did call out a few times when you were in your trance" Suigetsu said. Sasuke looked down on the bed.

"It wasn't Karin…It was a whole other voice."

"Maybe…You heard your mother's voice?" Karin questioned.

Shizune pulled the white curtain away that gave the three some privacy.

" I don't see a reason why you two should miss out on your potion lesson. Now go. Taking care of students is my job." Shizune said guiding the two out of the infirmary before walking back to Sasuke's bed side.

"How are you feeling, dear?" She put the back of her hand on Sasuke's forehead. Sasuke just slowly nodded. "Why don't you take your rest a bit longer and return to the lessons after lunch." Shizune suggested.

"I don't mind missing potions…" Sasuke agreed with her before lying his head on the pillow. Maybe a nap would do him a bit better.

Lunch was about to start and Sasuke saw his friends already sit there. He walked towards them, seeing a few people look at him and whisper. He decided to ignore it and sit down. He was feeling quite hungry by now and all he wanted was to eat.

"How are you feeling?" Karin asked.

"I am feeling a lot better," Sasuke said, filling his plate with a bit of everything he could get his hands on.

"How was potions? Did I miss a lot?" Suigetsu suddenly straightened his back and filled his mouth with food. That could only mean he was hiding something.

"Well…The news about what happened during D.A.D.A sort of…Spread around the entire school."

Sasuke shook his head.

"How bad is it. You said it yourself…Most people would-"

"I know what I said. I stand by it!" Karin immediately defended herself.

"However," she took a deep breath, "rumours…They tend to drift away from the original story."

"I am going to ask one more time…How…Bad?"

"They say you peed your pants during D.A.D.A and your boggart took the shake of…A female version of you?" Suigetsu finally answered.

"That wasn't a female version of me!" Sasuke hissed, "that was my mother."

"You take strongly after her." Suigetsu tried to change the topic.

"I heard that before."

Karin and Suigetsu shared a quick look before looking back at Sasuke.

"Yeah some guy in a mask said I looked just like my mot-" Sasuke stopped talking before he realised that person was just a figment of his subconscious as he had been dreaming. "Nevermind."

"Tobirama did ask about you," Suigetsu said. "He seemed to genuine when he said he hoped you would feel better soon."

"He did?" Sasuke asked surprised.

"He might have not worded it that way…But he did mean it tho !"Suigetsu tried to cheer him up. Sasuke sighed, suddenly his appetite was gone again. He pushed his plate away and his hid face in his hands. This day couldn't get worse.

But he was wrong.

"Oi, Uchiha!" Kiba walked past the Slytherin table and was now standing behind Karin. "Heard you peed your pants. Ha! Didn't your diaper contained the pee?"

Sasuke glared up at the Gryffindor Beater.

"You seem to know an awful lot about diapers. Speaking of experience I see, Dog Breath," Karin looked over her shoulder at him and Kiba gritted his teeth, wanting to say something back at her, but stopped himself.

"You're lucky your cousin is my best friend or I would have told you right in your face-"

"What?" Karin got up, putting one hand on her hip as she looked over her glasses at him. "Call me a what?" She leaned in, causing Kiba to back off.


Naruto walked in the great hall and immediately made eye contact with his best friend. He waved and Kiba proceeded to ignore the Slytherins and wave back at his friend.

"Hey," Kiba gave Naruto a box before Naruto turned his head to the Slytherin table.

"Sasuke, how are you doing?" Naruto asked, noting Sasuke's pale face. He proceeded to sit down next to his cousin on the currently, almost, empty table.

Sasuke didn't answer as he looked down at the table again.

"It depends on what you have heard so far" Suigetsu said, he put his hand on Sasuke's shoulder, but Sasuke pulled away. "I'm going to take some fresh air."

"Right behind you." Suigetsu said as Sasuke already walked away from the great hall, leaving his two friends behind.

"He doesn't seem to do so well. Did something happen?" Naruto asked Karin, leaning his arm on her shoulder.

"Yeah, Sasuke, from the powerful Uchiha clan, Hogwarts Protégé and last of his name. Peed himself when encountering a boggart. A boggart!" Kiba laughed, sitting on Karin's other side. He regretted it right away when Karin pushed her elbow right in his ribs. Kiba hissed and gave Naruto a warning look which Naruto ignored.

"That is not what happened!" Suigetsu shouted.

"Sasuke's boggart turned into the dead bodies of his parents and…He wasn't prepared for such confrontation. He sort of got into a state of shock and was then send to Lady Shizune by professor Hatake." Karin informed her cousin. "I think he still feels a bit shocked."

Kiba suddenly remained quiet and looked away. He suddenly felt like a jerk now that he knew the true story.

"Now I feel terrible…" Kiba said.

"You should." Suigetsu glared at him from across the table.

"That is horrible…" Naruto sighed, looking at the door of the great hall.

Sasuke was heading towards the lake. Right when he was about to walk outside of the castle he felt somebody grabbing his shoulder gently. He immediately turned around and was about to grab his wand and attack if he hadn't recognised his D.A.D.A teacher right away.

"A word, Mr Uchiha." He tried to give Sasuke a kind smile, but it felt a bit creepy instead. Sasuke didn't argue when he followed his teacher to his classroom. Kakashi walked to his desk and opened one of the drawers. He grabbed a biscuit tin and put it on his desk.

"Would you like some tea?" Kakashi asked.

"I am not setting you up with Obito," Sasuke immediately said. Kakashi laughed. Only Sasuke couldn't tell if he was just casually laughing or if it was one of those evil ones that said that the topic would come back.

"Not my current intentions," Kakashi said. A tea pot flew in from behind him with two little cups that were all matching. Porcelain with a dog on it. When the cups were filled with it placed itself in front of Sasuke.

"Why?" Sasuke asked, he looked sceptically at the tea before taking it. It felt rude to just let it stand there. He could already hear Obito's nagging in his ears for occasionally doing so when they visited their neighbour that was almost a hundred year and not looking so young as the Senjus did.

"I wanted to talk to you about what happened today." Kakashi expression turned serious. Sasuke looked down at his cup of tea, he now noticed the dogs on the cups moved.

"I don't know why I lost it out there…" Sasuke whispered. He remembered the boggart taking the dead form of his parents. Suddenly he remembered how Kakashi covered him from the boggart when he realised Sasuke wasn't going to be able to cast the charm.

He looked up at Kakashi.

"…Your boggart?" Sasuke whispered remembering the old man that was hanging from a rope. Kakashi didn't say anything as he put some sugar in his tea…Or better said, put tea in his sugar.

"My father," Kakashi finally answered, "He had taken his own life when I was six years old."

Sasuke lowered his eyes again. He had no idea how to react to something as horrible as that.

"That…Must have been awful, professor" he finally spoke. He could only imagine a six years old walking in his father's room and seeing his lifeless body hang there. How much it must have damaged the man in front of him.

"I have resented him for it, but I learned to make my peace with it," Kakashi said.

Suddenly the reason behind this conversation became clear for Sasuke. He met the dark eyes of his professor.

"A boggart takes the shape of one's greatest fear. But…If I don't remember it…Then why does it affect me? Why did he take that shape? How could I ever learn to make my peace with it?" Sasuke was eagerly asking question, expecting the man in front of him to know every answer, but he silence made Sasuke lose hope.

"You know before I became a teacher, I was an auror. Before I became an auror I…Dropped out of Hogwarts and travelled the world."

Sasuke's was surprised by hearing this. He didn't pick his Defence Against the Dark Arts professor for somebody who dropped out of school.

" I was always very good at Defence Against the Dark Arts and I got my money from doing some freelancing work around old wizarding villages. Getting rid of dark creatures. It is then when I realised that everything I have been taught by books and only books were wrong. Boggarts are no exception. I don't think we truly understand them, not till this day."

"I get it…" Sasuke said, not sure what else to say.

"But I have learned to understand some of the dark creatures we must understand the type of person they attack."

"Blame it on the victim." Sasuke sat back in his chair, some of his tea spilling on his pants, but he didn't seem to care too much. It had gotten cold anyway.

"Not what I am saying." Kakashi gave him a small smile, "I am saying that perhaps…You remember more than you think? Maybe your greatest fear is to remember the memories of the massacre? "

"I don't know!?" Sasuke hissed. "I woke up in a hospital with amnesia. That is all I know about the oh-so-great Uchiha clan."

Sasuke put the cup down and folded his arms.

"Besides I was pretty sure I was afraid of Chucky. I was nine, Obito told me not to watch it. I didn't listen…And I had nightmares for months." Sasuke said.

"What is a Chucky?" Kakashi frowned.

"Worst thing in the world!" Sasuke hissed. A silence fell between them. Although uncomfortable for Sasuke..Kakashi just seem to enjoy his biscuit quite well.

"Maybe I am glad I don't remember anything. I just know living with Obito is something that made me feel generally safe and happy. If those memories would ever return…I doubt I be the same." Sasuke thought of Binky and the horrible things he had done to her as a child of the Uchiha clan.

"It could have been fate?" Sasuke sighed. He finished his cup of tea.

"Would you like to try it…Again?" Kakashi pointed at the closet the boggart was in.

Sasuke looked at the closet. There was nobody to watch him if he redeemed himself by casting the perfect charm. There was a big chance the same thing would happen again and he would be back in lady Shizune's care. But somehow…Kakashi's speech of acceptance popped in his head. The old teacher had really his way of leaving an impact.

"Yes…" Sasuke sighed, getting up from the chair and grabbing his wand.

"I will be right here if you panic" Kakashi said as he approached the closet. Sasuke walking in front of it.

"I know…" Sasuke had a small smile on his face. He held his wand up and closed his eyes.

"Breath in….And out…Focus.."

Kakashi opened the closet and the boggart headed straight for Sasuke, just like before it turned into the body of his mother before turning in to his father's.

Sasuke grabbed his wand tightly.



The boggart turned into one of the Kakashi's dog mugs.

Sasuke chuckled and the boggart returned to the closet which Kakashi closed. He looked at Sasuke. The Uchiha expected some sort of smile or perhaps even a compliment. But he didn't get any.

"So you don't like my mugs? You didn't need to hurt my feelings with it!" Kakashi seemed pretty upset.

Sasuke looked cluelessly at him. Did he expect people to genuinely appreciate his mugs? He thought he had bought them precisely because they were lame.

"Get out!" Kakashi pointed at the door. Sasuke bolted the moment he got the change. He ran out of the classroom and down the hall. He bumped into somebody and almost felt backwards if that person hadn't quickly grabbed him by his arm.

"Sasuke, we were all looking for you!" Naruto seemed concerned. He could see Sasuke smiling as he looked over his shoulder.

"I turned a boggart into Kakashi's porcelain tea cup, the one with the moving dogs, and he took great offense in it. He got so mad he basically screamed at me to get out!" Sasuke laughed, causing Naruto to laugh too.

"You never say anything about professor Hatake's cups and tea pot. He is really sensitive about that, dattebayo!" Naruto laughed. He was glad to see Sasuke had finally gotten some colour back in his face and seeing him laugh like he did at the moment. Naruto just knew whatever issues he had before were gone.

"Oi, you found him!" Kiba ran towards their direction and raised an eyebrow when seeing Naruto holding Sasuke's arm.

Naruto immediately let go, pulling his arm back like he had gotten burned.

"Right..Uhm..Kiba has something to say to you" Naruto said, giving his friend an encouraging nod. Kiba swallowed.

"Uhm..Sorry..About…Before. I shouldn't have…" Kiba said, not even looking at Sasuke when he said it. Those words tasted bitter.

"Good boy," Naruto joked, patting Kiba on the head like he was some sort of dog.

"Cut it out!" Kiba barked at him. "Come we are going to be late for transfiguration."

Naruto sighed before looking at Sasuke.

"See you, Sasuke" He said, he was waving eagerly as he got pulled away by Kiba.