Time for some Disney one-shots!

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Maybe it was the number of beers that he'd drunk…. Or the fact that the sun was an hour away from rising in the sky, but Stanley was struck by a sudden epiphany as he stretched out on his bed, where Tom and Dick and left him earlier.

4am was not the best time to realise you were in love.

Not with a man… especially not with a man who had his eyes on someone else.

Wearily, he covered his face with his hands and groaned. "Shit."


Unsurprisingly, he woke up the next morning with a splitting headache, and late to work at the seamstress's store. After downing a cup of water, he dragged himself up and out of the door, slowly making his way to the store.

Thankfully, the store owner simply shook her head and told him not to do it again, giving him some work in the back of the store, where it was a lot quieter.

The triplets could be very loud after all, their voices very unpleasant if you were suffering from the effects of too much alcohol.

Focusing on his work, Stanley watched the needle go in and out, in an almost hypnotising manner…. he was at a loss of what to do.

He couldn't tell LeFou, not in this village and especially not with Gaston hanging around. Yes, Stanley was relatively happy to agree with the man, him being a decorated soldier after all, but it would be stupid of him to deny that Gaston had a vicious, cruel side to him.

One that wouldn't hesitate to manipulate the situation to benefit him.

No… it was best to remain quiet.


"Is Stanley acting a little funny to you?"

Tom glanced over at the youngest in their trio, frowning at the distant look in the man's eyes, focused on something unknown, his mug still full.

They'd known the kid since he was thirteen, watching as he'd helped his mother with all the materials needed for her store, carrying them through the streets and avoiding the many loose cobblestones and puddles.

They'd never seen him like this before.

"It's probably just all the beer he drunk last night." Tom grumbled, unwilling to think about it any further, "That'll teach him not to start a competition with his betters."

Dick nodded in agreement, turning his attention back to his beer as the door to the tavern opened up again, and LeFou strode in.

And Stanley lit up.


Stanley wanted to scream out of frustration.

He'd tried to give subtle hints to the other man, not wanting to be too obvious in public…. But LeFou remained completely oblivious. Short of dragging the man into his home, removing his clothes and climbing onto the man's lap, he couldn't think of anything else to do.

Maybe… maybe it was best to be direct.

"Ummmmm…." LeFou tilted his head in confusion at the unfamiliar sight in his rooms, "…. Stanley? What are you doing?"

Nervously, Stanley nibbled at his bottom lip, hands twisting in his shirt. "I…. I need to talk to you."

LeFou blinked owlishly at him, "You do?"

"Yes…" As though preparing to go off into battle, Stanley got to his feet and took a deep breath, "… I-I have feelings for you. Now I know that you would never leave Gaston, and I-I don't care about that… I just needed to tell you. If you want, I can stop going to the tavern and leave you alone, I promise!"

LeFou stared at him as his brain ground to a sudden halt. "Oh," was all he could say.

Clearly disappointed, Stanley turned to his attention to the floor for a moment, "O-okay, I'll leave you alone then… but can you please not mention this to anyone?"

Still not meeting LeFou's eyes, a worried flush on his face, Stanley practically raced towards the door.

Coming back to his senses, LeFou grabbed the younger man's arm before he could leave, "Wait!" he begged, "Please, you just surprised me, give me a chance to speak!"

"S-surprised you?" Stanley stuttered, a slight frown on his face.

"… Nobody's ever really paid any attention to me like that." LeFou confessed, "Especially not someone like you."

This was the wrong thing to say.

A hurt look flashed across Stanley's face, prompting LeFou to wince and place his other hand on Stanley's arm. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that! It's just, you're so nice, everyone likes you and- "

Words were failing him.

Slowly, he pulled Stanley closer, risking a quick glance at the window in case anyone was peeking through (they weren't, thank god), before leaning up and kissing the other man.

Stanley almost went limp in his arms, letting out a quiet, relieved moan before digging his fingers into LeFou's shoulders as he forcefully kissed him back.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you…" Stanley whispered gratefully when they drew apart, a soft smile on his face, "… thank you, thank you, thank you."

"No… thank you Stanley."