Prompt from Z-King: ow about one where Ursula has won and has hypnotized Ariel and her sisters into being her harem (Nothing sexual mind you) where they adore her and Ursula is making Triton polyp watch as his beautiful and kind daughters show affection and love to his most vile foe.

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They all look so pretty.

Works of art swooning over her, their eyes blank and vacant, their smiles unfeeling.

Attina, with her auburn curls, those lush red lips and sly smile.

Alana, weak-willed who barely needed any effort to be caught under Ursula's spell.

Adella wasn't much better, but her grin was the widest, and her giggle the purest.

She liked to watch Aquata dance, despite how bad the poor girl was at it. A little bit of guidance from Arista made it an entertaining show to watch.

Andrina was still sweet and eager to please, always ready with a joke, which Ursula took pride in encouraging. Someone had to make her laugh around here… except for the look on Triton's face of course.

And then of course, there was the youngest, Ariel. Young, tempestuous and beautiful, with a voice that sounded magnificent when in song.

"Aren't they pretty Triton." She hissed one evening, as the seven princesses all danced and sang for her entertainment, "Aren't they more suited to this? Don't they look freer like this, unbound by the rules of your kingdom and how to be a princesses?"

The shrivelled thing that had once been the king, just looked at her sadly and turned away, not willing to see his little girl reduced to this any longer.

Ursula chuckled and leaned back in her throne.

It was good to be Queen.