A small cloud of steam rose out of the ceramic cup of tea clutched in Janet Van Dyne's hand, causing the pleasant scent of chamomile to fill the air. In Janet's other hand was a paperback book depicting a well dressed Victorian man wrapping his arms around a beautiful woman dressed in an extravagant ball gown.

Janet sat comfortably in a plush armchair with diamond patterned mauve upholstery, which matched with the other accents of mauve sprinkled throughout the room. Located in the living room of Avengers' Mansion, Janet's room could be reached through a seven inch tall door right beside the fireplace. The room was a lot like a studio apartment for some five inches tall. It was complete with a fully stocked kitchenette, a quaint sitting area, and even a full bathroom through a door near the back of the room. All of it was made possible by Hank Pym, who had used his patented shrinking technology to make everything appropriately sized for her.

Janet knew Hank did it all to make up for what he'd done, she could often catch glimpses of regret and guilt in his eyes. It had been Hank who had made Janet into the Wasp, at her request of course. After her father's death at the hands of an alien entity unleashed during one of his experiments, Janet went to her father's colleague, Dr. Hank Pym. Jan knew of the things Dr. Pym had done with his so called Pym particles, and she knew she could use it to avenge her father's death. She convinced Hank to help her, but instead of creating something for her like his Ant-Man gear, he decided to try to genetically edit her with Pym particles, foregoing the need for the equipment. However the procedure went wrong, and instead of being able to shift her size, Jan ended up stuck small permanently.

In an attempt to make up for what he saw as his worst mistake, Hank genetically modified Janet to be able to grow translucent insect wings on her back, as well as harness her body's natural bioelectricity to be released in powerful electric bursts from her hands. An ability Jan had grown to lovingly call her 'stingers'.

After all of it, Janet did manage to get her revenge with the help of Ant-Man. They defeated the horrible creature called Pilai, sending it off to some distant prison, to be forgotten about.

While being several feet smaller than a normal human wasn't the easiest thing in life to deal with, Janet never regretted her decision. Afterall, had it not been for what Hank had done, Jan never would have been able to join the Avengers.

Sure, constantly being five inches tall made life living around the much taller Avengers a bit uncomfortable at times, but she always had her little room to go to, and Hank could always shrink down to her size. Although Hank continued to punish himself even after two years, despite the fact that Jan refused to blame him, and in fact had grown to care for him strongly.

Jan and Hank's relationship was a strange one, they had never officially become an item, and yet they were more than just friends. Honestly, Janet couldn't help but think sometimes that Hank was more interested in his science than he was in her. He wasn't nearly as crazy about the Avengers as Jan was, and he had even tried quitting the team several times.

Just then, Jan heard the loud and slightly earth shaking footsteps that announced that someone was out in the living room. She knew it could have been any of the Avengers, but she jumped to her feet and peeked out the door just in case. To her pleasure, she had been right, the footsteps did in fact belong to Hank Pym. Jan couldn't help but smile at the sight of the tall blonde.

Janet stepped out of her little room and flew up to eye level. Unfortunately, the Ant-Man gear had been seriously damaged by an especially powerful magic blast from Loki back in Asgard, meaning he couldn't currently change to Jan's size. Hank had promised to fix it, and that had been the only reason Janet had given him a pass on missing the past few 'Avengers Assembles'. She hoped he'd have gotten the gear up and running again, it would be nice to have someone her own size to hang around for a little bit.

"Hey, you're back." Jan said cheerfully, flying beside Hank's head as he walked. "I knew you'd come back, this is where we belong." She said, following Hank as he headed to the lab. "I know you're not sure about this, but after what we did in Asgard, I think we can really make this work." She continued, not yet taking note of how one-sided the conversation was and how less than excited Hank looked.

"Jan-" Hank finally said as he walked into the lab.

"You know, I was thinking maybe we could upgrade my stingers, add a little more punch to them." Jan chattered as she landed on one of the various clutter covered tables in the lab. "Do you think there's a way to make me fly faster, because that would be-wait, what are you doing?" She asked, finally realizing what was going on as Hank began to fill a cardboard box with his lab stuff.

Hank let out a long sigh as he placed a shrinking disk onto the now full box, causing the box as well as its contents to shrink to a pocket size. "Jan, I know you find it difficult to accept this, but I'm done." He said, tossing another shrinking disk onto his portable dome shaped laboratory.

After pocketing the dome lab, Hank turned and began to make his way out of the lab, forcing Janet to fly after him.

"I know you don't really like all the fighting and stuff, but maybe you could help in other ways or something." Janet said, the once cheery tone gone.

As he walked into the foyer, Hank let out another exasperated sigh, his eyes down on his feet with a solemn expression on his face. "The Avengers just isn't for me, maybe it is for you-"

"What about Ant Man, we're supposed to be a team, Hank!" Janet cried, now flying directly in front of Hank's face with her arms crossed over her chest.

"I can't fix the Ant Man gear." Hank said sharply, avoiding Janet's eyes.

"What do you mean you can't fix-" Janet began but was quickly cut off.

"I just can't!" Hank suddenly yelled, causing Janet to jump back a few inches in the air.

For once in her life, Janet was rendered speechless. Hank hardly ever yelled, he just wasn't the kind of person to raise his voice, especially against Janet. She simply stared at Hank with eyes full of hurt shock.

"I'm sorry Janet, but I'm leaving." Hank said darkly, then stepped around Janet and went out the door.