Alternate Dimensions

Prologue – Concentration Failure

By Crow Skywalker


Disclaimer – I don't own Card Captor Sakura or it's characters. End of story.

Author's Notes – This idea came to me while I was watching the first CCS movie. What would have happened if Sakura had lost concentration? Well, I decided to write a story :P And yes, I'm still working on my other CCS fics (Fans of "All That She Is" will be happy to know I actually wrote a bit today) but I just wanted to start my idea off before I leave tomorrow. Going on a little vacation to Saint Pierre! Woo! Expect *lots* of updates when I get back, because I'll be officially on Easter Break :)

Pairings/Warnings – Well, if you know me well enough, you'll know who the pairing will be. Sakura/Syaoran, of course. But it's not gonna come until later on in the story...way later on. Rated PG.

Summary – What if Sakura had lost her concentration during the first movie, and had been sent to a different dimension where she's not the Card Captor? Sakura must now find her way back to her dimension with the help of this one's Card Captor, who's a familiar face in her dimension. But trouble's not too far off!


It was dark as Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero stood in front of the well which Sakura had sensed the aura in the day before. It was the well from the cover of the book that she had opened...the one with the lady sitting upon it so sadly. It was the well she had found while following the two white birds through the city of Hong Kong. The one Syaoran had saved her from, and the one that she had fell into.

Standing in front of that same place, Sakura was dressed in another one of Tomoyo's creations. Her friend loved making her dresses for capturing cards and Clow business, and insisted that Sakura wear a different one each time. This time was no different, as Sakura stared down at the pink and purplish outfit. She had to smile, despite the circumstances. Even though they were far from home, Tomoyo had remembered to bring a dress just in case.

Her sealing wand in hand, Sakura looked up at the well with determination in her eyes. This was it. She was going to go back to that watery place again...the place she had lost all her friends. Closing her eyes, she remembered it clearly. It had been her fault...she had opened the book, which poured water that had swallowed them. They had ended up in the same watery place that Sakura had been dreaming of for weeks, and the same lady was still calling for her. But the lady had been looking for Clow Reed for some reason, and had attacked Sakura and her friends. Touya, Yukito, Meiling and Syaoran...she had to leave them behind. She hoped they were okay.

Opening her eyes, she looked at Kero, who sat on her shoulder. He smiled in encouragement, and Sakura nodded in response. Taking a step foreword, she put her wand in front of her, ready for anything. However, her wand hit off something, and a glow formed around the well. Sakura blinked, confused.

"What happened?"

"It's a spiritual boundary!" Kero answered, flying off her shoulder to get a look. By now the whole well was surrounded, and there was no way to get in. The barrier blocked off every bit of it. "A spiritual boundary has been created around the well."

Tomoyo, who stood behind the two, spoke up, "What can we do?"

Kero groaned in frustration, "This is frustrating! With the powers I got now, there's nothing I can do!"

"No way!" Cried Sakura, looking at her two friends. She had to get in there! She had to save her friends!

Kero's face suddenly went blank, and his eyes widened. Tomoyo was the first to notice.

"What's the matter?"

"I can sense someone coming," He replied in a lowered voice.

Grabbing Kero, Tomoyo stuck him in one of the bows on Sakura's dress so that he couldn't be seen. Their attention on the alleyway, they noticed a figure making their way towards them. Sakura gasped as the figure stepped into the dim light.

"Li's mother!"

"Stand back," Li's mother, Yelan, said as she joined them where she stood. She stared hard at the barrier before her.

"How come..?" Sakura started, wondering why Yelan would be there.

"Syaoran's energy has disappeared." Yelan answered simply, still studying the barrier.

Sakura looked down at her feet, ashamed. "That's my.. "

"No, that is not true." Said Yelan, looking at the young girl. "It was only because his power was called upon." With that, she took out a fan, which seemed to glow with power. Using her magic, she transferred her strength into it.

"She has incredible power." Kero observed from where he hid.

Bringing the fan down on the barrier, it sliced through the pink light, forming a long cut wide enough for Sakura to fit through.

"Go." She said, and Sakura nodded.

"Okay!" She turned to Tomoyo, "Stay here." She stepped through the barrier and into the boundary it was supposed to protect – the well.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo shouted from behind her, "Be careful!"

"This costume is very easy to move about in," Sakura smiled at her friend, and Tomoyo smiled back.

"It's made of completely water resistant materials, so it'll keep you dry in water."

Sakura's smile widened. Tomoyo always seemed to know what kind of costume to make.

Behind her the barrier closed, leaving her and Kero standing in front of the well. Stepping up, she soon disappeared, leaving Tomoyo and Yelan staring after her. Yelan, having used much of her power, began to faint, but was caught by Tomoyo.

"Sakura..." Looking back up at the empty well, Tomoyo frowned. She had a bad feeling about this.


Sakura opened her eyes, staring at her surroundings. She seemed to be floating in mid air, and was briefly scared that she might fall. But that fear soon passed as she realized she wasn't falling, and moving around was easy. The next thing that registered in her mind was the bright light of the room, and the mirrors that hung suspended in space just as she was.

"This is it?" She asked out loud, not expecting an answer. She jumped as someone answered her.

"You're between dimensions!" Said Kero, who floated close to her. She had forgotten all about him. "Look around you!" He indicated to the mirrors, "These are all different dimensions floating around. If we get lost in here, we'll never be able to get out!"

"What should I do?" Sakura asked, afraid. What if they got lost? She'd never be able to see her friends again! She'd never get to save them!

"Thank hard!" Kero answered, but Sakura was caught up in her thoughts.

It's my fault...

"If you think hard, it should take you there!"

Sakura hadn't cried before when she had first escaped the watery depths, but the tears came now. It suddenly hit her how things would be so much better if it weren't for the cards, and she wouldn't be saving people all the time. She wouldn't be putting her friends and family in danger. She'd be an ordinary girl living an ordinary life, just like the rest of them. Oh how she longed to be normal sometimes, especially in bad situations like these. This was nothing a young girl should be doing! If only Meiling...Syaoran...either of them had been the one to open the book...

The world around her began to spin, and Sakura felt sick.

It's my fault...

My fault...



It's my fault they got captured...if only I hadn't of opened that book...or come to Hong Kong in the first place. Touya and Yukito would be safe...Meiling...Syaoran...She closed her eyes, tears glistening. I have to save's my fault! If only...if only...if I wasn't a card captor then none of this would have happened! If only someone had found the Cards! Li would have been such a better Card Captor than me!

There was a flash that caused her to clench her eyes tight, and her dizziness gave way to unconsciousness as the world around her continued to spin. The last thing she saw was Kero shouting her name, a look of fear upon his face.

Then the world exploded into white.


It was late afternoon when she awoke, the bright sun settling across her pretty face. Sakura moaned, hauling the covers over her head as she turned over. She hated mornings...she liked to sleep in. But there was something bothering her in the back of her sleep filled thoughts, and cuddling into the sheets, her eyes soon widened in shock. She was in bed....

She sat up straight, startling the woman who sat next to her bed. But Sakura paid no attention to her as she quickly looked around the room, trying to remember where she was.

"What...what happened? Where am I?" She asked herself, her memories flooding back.

The woman smiled at her, and for the first time, Sakura laid her eyes on her. The woman had long flowing black hair, held up in a familiar hair style that was not japanese style, nor were her clothes. Sakura blinked, remembering her. "Yelan...? What are you doing here?"

"I was afraid you weren't going to wake up," Yelan spoke, a small smile on her face, "The accident really was a tragic one...I came to Japan as fast as I could. I'll be taking care of you for a while."

Sakura could only stare at her confused. "But...why? Where are Syaoran and the others? Are they okay?"

Yelan looked at her like she had three heads, and put her hand on the young girl's forehead. "No temperature. It's finally broken after three weeks. Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine," Sakura insisted, "But where are the others?"

Yelan gave her that same funny look. "Sakura dear, I think you need to lie down and get some more sleep."

But Sakura would have none of this. "Kero? Kero where are you??" Kero would be able to explain this!

"Sakura...please," Yelan gently pushed her back so she was lying down "You hit your head really hard in the accident. You're're not in the right mind right now..."

"Why won't you tell me where the others are??" Sakura asked, tears running down her face. She didn't know where she was, or what was going on.

"I don't know who you are talking about, Sakura.." The woman admitted, sitting back.

"Syaoran...he's your son...don't you remember?" Sakura asked, wiping her tears away. How could a mother forget her own son?

"Sakura..." Yelan started, "I don't have a son. I have five daughters, remember?"

"Five?" Sakura blinked, causing more tears to run down her face.

"Yes," The older woman replied, "Four back in Hong Kong,, Sakura."

"I...I don't understand, Yelan.."

"Please Sakura," The woman's eyes watered, "Please stop calling me that. Don't you remember? I'm your mother, we live in Hong Kong with your other four sisters and we study the art of magic. I sent you here to get the Clow Cards...don't you remember anything?"

Sakura's eyes hazed over as she let this information sink in. How...what..? WHAT WAS GOING ON???

The mirrors...the mirrors to different dimensions...had her thoughts caused her to change dimensions? Was this what had happened? would she get home, and just how different was this dimension?

If only someone had found the Cards!

Sakura's eyes widened.

Li would have been such a better Card Captor than me!

She...she had thought that, right before it had all happened. Before she had fell unconscious...But...was it really true, had she really switched places with Li?

"Yel...Mother..." She looked at the crying woman before her, her eyes wide, "What...What is my name?"

"Sakura Li," The woman sobbed before hugging Sakura closely, "Sakura Li."

To Be Continued...