Title: Angelus' Child and Childe

Author: Platypus

Rating: PG-13 for language. Likely to be R later on.

Summery: Connor meets Buffy, and things don't go well. B/Aus. Trust me, you'll see.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. All characters are property of BtVS, Angel, and the creators of both shows.

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PART 1: The Fight and Revalations

********* The figure's arm shot out, sweeping Connor's hand, and knife, off to its side. The figure then proceeded to block blows and, of course, send some of its own. Ignoring the small knife wound and thin line of blood trickling down her side, Buffy lost herself in the adrenaline rush. She didn't even bother to look at who her attacker was, and by the careless haste of his blows, she assumed he hadn't either. She threw a right hook, and her opponent ducked, coming back with spin kick. Connor watched his kick knock her to the ground. Suddenly, he realized that he had dropped his knife at some point during the fight, and he began to panic. Whatever the creature was, she was strong. Without a sharp weapon, how could he kill it? The weapons cabinet was on the other end of the room. The figure shot up from the floor with a backwards flip. She rushed him. Connor had been somewhat puzzled by the demon's frail, seemingly-human, and female form. Shape-shifters were always male in gender, and most of the time they took a masculine form. Other demons were gooey and dripping blue...stuff. And then there were always the horns on the more normal looking demons. He would have suggested she was a vampire, but that thought never reached his mind. It was stopped by his sub-conscious mind, which could clearly hear her faint heart beat. Human? Impossible. He didn't know much about girl's strength, but from what he had seen of Fred and Cordelia, he knew she was not normal. Hearing heart beats wasn't his only talent. He could also faintly smell blood where his knife must have struck. Something about the blood was off though: strange somehow. Demon's blood varied in it's aroma, but this blood had innocence and tranquility in it somehow. He wasn't sure how he knew what either smelt like, but he could oddly identify it. When he realized that he could smell the blood, Connor's anger grew: not towards the girl specifically, but to his own insecurities about being a demon himself. It was the innocence and tranquility that really got to him though. He began to associate it with Cordy. And THAT is what started it all. A strange impulse hit him, and in his anger, he gave in. He struck the girl and grabbed her harshly. With something akin to a growl, he bit the girl and started to drink, not even realizing what he was doing until he heard footsteps and whistling approaching the hotel.