Mirror Shards

A "Shattered Skies" Recursive Fanfiction

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SHARD 1 - An Awakening

-VERTEX THREE: 8.333882^0-

Lavinia Town

"What's happening now, Chinami?"

Ever since the aftermath of her operation, Kyoko had grown accustomed to relying on others for visual reference. While she could still hear well enough, there were times - such as this - when it was too loud for her to accurately make out what was happening. Kyoko remembered where she was; sitting outside, on a bleacher, and watch- hearing the school's final expeditionary soccer game. It was to decide on who'd be Captain of the school's soccer team and, after a few games, it was down to just the final two small teams left.

"Miku-chan's really giving it her all." Chinami Nishimura told her over the calls from the other students, sounding nervous. "She's managed to keep the ball out from Marina's team, but-"

"She's not going to score, not this late anyway." Misato Fukuen, her other pair of eyes and also her friend, interrupted with a dulled tone, "Inoue-san's only got to keep the goal clear for just a few more-"

There was a loud cheer from all around her. This could only mean that either Marina-san managed to steal the soccer ball out from Miku-san, like before, or Miku-san was able to score and tied the game with only thirty seconds left. Judging by how loud the other students were, it was probably the latter this time.

'Couldn't they have just split the position?' Kyoko wondered, as the energy died down slightly. 'They both love soccer, and nobody would have thought any less of them.'

But, this was between Miku Nagasawa and Marina Inoue - the two soccer superstars of Lavina Town. Both incredibly gifted players, but neither willing to acquiesce to being the other's inferior (let alone equal) despite being friends.

Her friends too, actually.

This would die down. Even if Marina-san didn't immediately score within twenty-nine seconds, there was only one overtime to serve as a tie-breaker. No matter how this ended, someone was going to be captain of the school's soccer team. Besides, they were all friends, and - despite how bitter about something Marina-san could get and act - everyone knew that both Marina-san and Miku-san deeply respected each other.

'Shame that Kuro-san is missing this,' Kyoko thought as the seconds moved by. 'She picked a rotten day to fall sick-'


The thought would never finish.

It happened right before the referee was able to blow her whistle and declare overtime. Just one second left, and then everything stopped.

All the cheers, all the noises, all that energy around her just stopped dead. Everyone, besides her friends, had stopped moving. She didn't hear so little as a draw of breath, it became so abruptly silent.

However, that was all miniscule to what Kyoko herself was experiencing. She stifled the need to cry out in pain, for there was this -


- hard rush as her mind was forced to process and contain suddenly unbound knowledge. Memories and experience aggressively moved to fill and retake space that they once occupied…


- it was not a painless process. Kyoko had willingly released her past a lifetime ago. That past was no longer apart of her, for it was locked away in order to keep the Shale Wanderer asleep…


- for her to suddenly regain what was given, there could only be one conclusion. For while Kyoko was suffering, her friends worried cries sounding miles away, she saw something.

She saw a girl very much around her her age, holding on tightly to a boy younger than either of them. The girl's dark yellow eyes were afraid and confused, and yet when they looked to Kyoko there was a hint of surprise in them.

Kyoko? The girl seemed to say, even though her lips didn't move. Kyoko herself froze up, despite her mind's distress, because in one moment she didn't know the girl before her. In the next, she suddenly did.

Kyoko remembered everything about the girl and the boy she was with. She knew everything about them, from their names to their unique histories. Kyoko knew entirely who they were and recalled everything she had done with them. Out of pure instinct, despite her mind in knots, she reached out to grab onto them…



-And then they were abruptly gone. She was left standing there in the bleachers, reaching out and grabbing desperately into thin air.

"-Kyoko! Kyoko!" She heard, feeling someone pulling on her arm. "Snap out of it!"

Blinking, Kyoko's eyes adjusted as her mind settled. She looked out and saw the field; everyone was stuck in a suspended state. The players and referee were virtually frozen like a film image caught between frames. Miku-san and Marina-san were looking around, bewildered over what happened.

"Kyoko-chan?" She heard from her right side. Kyoko blinked, turning her head to her right to see Chinami-san's hands on her arm but with a deep concern present.

Blinking again, Kyoko looked to her left to see Misato stunned but not in regards to the frozen. No, her eyes were focused directly on the small, black pieces of glass that-

'Oh.' Kyoko thought, reaching her hand up to remove her broken prescription. The lenses were shattered, so that could see.

Her mind had broken...



"What do you remember?"

...so that she could respond.

"Get the others." Kyoko ordered as she rose out of her seat, Chinami-san having released her hold. Both she and Mistato followed her action, "we need to get to the Knotts Hut; if we're lucky, we'll manage to reach him before he rises."


Once free of the bleachers, the girls went their separate ways. Chinami headed towards the field to get Miku and Marina; they'd get filled in on the way. Mistao would have to find Reiko, Nadeshiko, and Asami; they'd probably be in the library while Asami would be cleaning the school cafeteria. As for Kyoko, she knew exactly where to look for Rie, Hisako, and Yuko; Rie and Yuko would be with Hisako, working on scripts.

'Something's gone wrong.' Kyoko thought as she ran into the school, passing by the still bodies of students and school personnel, 'something's must have gone terribly wrong for me to return.'