To the tune of the little song Frodo sings to Quasimodo before Quasi sings out there.


(In Leonard's room)


The world is ruthless, the world is erroneous

It's I alone who you can trust in this whole city

I am your only friend

I, who keep you, stock you, feed you, dress you

I who encourage your ideas

How can I protect you, man, unless you always stay in here?

Away in here.

Remember what life was like Leonard.

You are a genius (Leonard): I am a genius

And you are brilliant (Leonard): And I am brilliant

And these are crimes for which the Disc shows little pity

You do not comprehend (Leonard): You are my one protector

Out there, they'll revile you as insane (Leonard): I am not insane

Out there, they will hate and disapprove and criticize (Leonard): Not insane

Why invite their slander and alarm, stay in here

Be faithful to me (Leonard): I'm faithful

Grateful to me (Leonard): I'm grateful

Do as I say, obey, (Leonard): I'll stay

(Both): In here.