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She stormed out of the fireplace and slammed the diaper bag onto the table. Harry stepped out, only a little less infuriated, lugging little James in his carrier.

"Wow. I knew your family were competitive, but really?" Harry shook his head as he unstrapped the sleeping baby. "Six hours of total annihilation."

"Come on over for dinner, it'll be great, he said!" Ginny snarled. "Let's play this muggle game, it'll be fun, he said." She took the baby and walked back to the nursery. "You know what would be more fun? A bludger to the head!"

Harry followed her, He too was vexed.

"I could have told him it wasn't a good idea." He mumbled. "Out of all the Muggle games available, he had to choose that one. Families have broken up over it. Wars have been fought over it."

Ginny finished changing the baby and settled into the rocker to nurse him. She remained silent until James settled down.

"If Angelina and George ever invite us over again, tell them I'm dead or something." She started to rock, a little aggressively. James stopped what he was doing and looked up at his mother. She slowed again, and he settled back to his important business.

"I wouldn't be able to, I'd be dead, myself." Harry normally enjoyed this time of night. The last feeding before James went down. Afterwards, Harry and Ginny would talk, catching up on the news of the day. But not tonight, this evening's events messed everything so screwy. He thought back to the events leading up to their aggravation.

George and Angelina had invited them over. A common occurrence. This time, he wanted to introduce them to a new game he was selling in their muggle department. A very early dinner should have been one warning. Ron and Hermione disappearing shortly afterwards should have been another. Percy and Audrey looked like they wanted to go also but were too polite. Bill and Fleur couldn't find a polite way to get up and away - Angelina's sister was watching the kids.

Dinner had been cleared. Harry's heart dropped to his feet when he saw a colorful box set up in its place. Interesting pieces assigned and placed around a board. Cards and play money were dealt. Six hours and a lot of raised voices later, George had wiped everyone out.

"Never again!" Harry promised. "Never again will we allow Monopoly to EVER be played in this family."