One day Vayne wakes up and the first thing he sees is a giant skull of a monster with no memory of who he was besides his first name with the only hint being a white book and its symbol. He is found by a boy named Asta and brought to an ophanage from their he looks into his book later found out it was a grimoire. Two years later he decides to his best friends join Asta and Yuno to become Magic Knights hoping someone can help him learn more about his grimoire in hopes to finding more about his past.

Vayne has white hair and blue eyes with a mix of magic and physical training

When the Grimoire is active it puts the user in a black Cloak (Organization cloak) you can choose which one they start with and when they unlock the others (or have them start with the Book of Retibution as it will be strange for a grimoire to summon up another grimoire) Each weapon lets you use a spell of that attribute

1st- Interdiction a pair of energy blades Attribute being Nothingness (pure energy manipulation

2nd- Sharpshooters duel arrowguns Attribute being Space

3rd- Lindworm a 6 Lance set Attribute being Wind (you can fly on the lances like a broom if you so choose)

4th- Frozen Pride a Shield Attribute being Ice

5th- Skysplitter an Axesword Attribute being Earth

6th- Book of Retribution lets you use KH spells (only Low and Mid teir of spells not with the elements of the other forms) Attribute being Illusions (with the book out they can sense illusions and if weaker then their magic can see through them)

7th- Lunatic a Claymore its strength depends of the phase of the moon Attribute being Moons

8th- Eternal Flames a set of Twin Chakrams Attribute being Fire

9th- Arpeggio a Sitar Attribute being Water

10th- Fair Game a set of Cards that will work like Sakuya Izayoi's knifes (touhou) that being very sharp and seemingly infinate Attribute being Time

11th- Graceful Dahlia a Scythe Attribute being Shadows/Darkness

12th- Foudre a set of 8 Knives Attribute being Lightning

13th- Two Becomes One a blade in the shape of a key Attribute being Light

Asta's blade doesnt dismiss the weapons when hit the weapons

You can use your own OC mine is just what i though of for this